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Original Article

    1. R Distinguished Lecture: Archeology and Anthropology
      1. Albert C. Spaulding
    2. R "The Importance of a Rose": Evaluating the Cultural Significance of Plants in Thompson and Lillooet Interior Salish
      1. Nancy J. Turner
    3. R Marriage Transactions: Labor, Property, Status
      1. Alice Schlegel
        Rohn Eloul
    4. R Faunal Remains from Paloma, An Archaic Site in Peru
      1. Elizabeth J. Reitz
    5. R Multiple Stable States of Disease Occurrence: A Note on the Implications for the Anthropological Study of Human Disease
      1. Janet W. McGrath
    6. R Addressing Prehistoric Hunting Practices Through Stone Tool Analysis
      1. George H. Odell
    7. R Some Thoughts on the Black Skull: An Archeologist's Assessment of WT-17000 (A. boisei) and Systematics in Human Paleontology
      1. G. A. Clark
    8. R Rituals of Gender: A Study of Etiquette, Public Symbols, and Cognition
      1. Seymour Parker
    9. R Ritual Wailing in Amerindian Brazil
      1. Greg Urban

Research Reports

    1. R Voyaging Against the Direction of the Trades: A Report of an Experimental Canoe Voyage from Samoa to Tahiti
      1. Ben Finney
    2. R Anthropophagy in Post-Renaissance Europe: The Tradition of Medicinal Cannibalism
      1. Karen Gordon-Grube


    1. R David G. Mandelbaum (1911–1987)
      1. Gerald D. Berreman
        Elizabeth Colson
        Milton Singer
    2. R Harold K. Schneider (1925–1987)
      1. Edgar V. Winans


    1. R A Response to a Review of My Book, Persistent Pastoralists: Nomadic Societies in Transition
      1. Peter Rigby
    2. R Response to Robarchek and Dentan
      1. Robert A. Paul
    3. R Reply to Paul
      1. R. K. Dentan
    4. R False Images
      1. Donald E. Brown
    5. R Rejoinder to Brown
      1. R. K. Dentan
    6. R More Dialogue on the "Bloodthirsty" Semai
      1. Serena Nanda
    7. R Rejoinder to Nanda
      1. R. K. Dentan
    8. R Lexical Coding and Culture Loss: The Case of Quechua
      1. Paul Proulx

Book Reviews

    1. R Applied Anthropology: An Introduction: An INtroduction. John van Willigen
      1. John Peterson
    2. R Applied Anthropology: Business Development in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Ben R. Finney
      1. Nancy Mcdowell
    3. R Applied Anthropology: Collaborative Research and Social Change: Applied Anthropology in Action. Donald D. Stull and Jean J. Schensul, eds
      1. Roy Roper
    4. R Applied Anthropology: Ethnicity and Ethnic Group Persistence in an Acadian Village in Maritime Canada. Nanciellen Davis
      1. M. Margaret Overbey
    5. R Applied Anthropology: Psychotherapy and Culture. Theodora M. Abel, Rhoda Metraux, and Samuel Roll
      1. Helen B. Schwartzman
    6. R Applied Anthropology: Treaties on Trial: The Continuing Controversy over Northwest Indian Fishing Rights. Fay G. Cohen with contributions by Joan La France and Vivian L. Bowden
      1. George Roth
    7. R Linguistic Anthropology: Diglossia: A Study of the Theory with Application to Tamil. Francis Britto
      1. Alan Hudson-Edwards
    8. R Linguistic Anthropology: Foundations of Cognitive Grammar, Volume 1: Theoretical Prerequisites. Ronald W. Langacker: Linguistic Anthropology: Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal About the Mind. George Lakoff
      1. David Kronenfeld
    9. R Linguistic Anthropology: International News Reporting: Metaprag-matic Metaphors and the U-2. Jef Ver-schueren
      1. Carol M. Eastman
    10. R Linguistic Anthropology: Language, Gender, and Sex in Comparative Perspective. Susan U. Phillips, Susan Steele, and Christine Tanz, eds
      1. Karen L. Adams
    11. R Linguistic Anthropology: Language in the Americas. Joseph H. Green-berg
      1. Victor Golla
    12. R Linguistic Anthropology: Talking Straight: Dugri Speech in Israeli Sabra Culture. Tamar Katriel
      1. Muriel Dimen
    13. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Combat Sports in the Ancient World: Competition, Violence, and Culture. Michael B. Poliakoff: General/Theoretical Anthropology: Sport in Africa: Essays in Social History. William J. Baker and James A. Mangan
      1. Kendall Blanchard
    14. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Cracking Jokes: Studies of Sick Humor Cycles and Stereotypes. Alan Dundes
      1. Mahadev L. Apte
    15. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Death, Sex, and Fertility: Population Regulation in Preindustrial and Developing Societies. Marvin Harris and Eric B. Ross
      1. Richard E. Blanton
    16. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Discourse and the Social Life of Meaning. Phyllis Pease Chock and June R. Wyman, eds
      1. James Fernandez
    17. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Dwellings: The House Across the World. Paul Oliver
      1. Miles Richardson
    18. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Explaining Religion: Criticism and Theory from Bodin to Freud. J. Samuel Preus
      1. James V. Spickard
    19. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Introduction to the Work of Marcel Mauss. Claude Levi-Strauss (Felicity Baker, transl.)
      1. Paula G. Rubel
    20. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Lewis Henry Morgan and the Invention of Kinship. Thomas R. Trautmann
      1. Elman Service
    21. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Principles of Social Evolution. C. R. Hallpike
      1. Keith F. Otterbein
    22. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Reflections: The Anthropological Muse. J. Iain Prattis, ed
      1. J. David Sapir
    23. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Ultimate Coercive Sanction: A Cross-Cultural Study of Capital Punishment. Keith F. Otterbein
      1. Carole Case
    24. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Edward R. Tufte
      1. Clifford A. Behrens
    25. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Waymarks: The Notre Dame Inaugural Lectures in Anthropology. Kenneth Moore, ed
      1. L. L. Langness
    26. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: From Working Daughters to Working Mothers: Immigrant Women in a New England Community. Louise Lamphere
      1. M. Estellie Smith
    27. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Wolves of Heaven: Cheyenne Shamanism, Ceremonies, and Prehistoric Origins. Karl H. Schlesier
      1. John H. Moore
    28. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Native American Religious Action: A Performance Approach to Religion. Sam Gill
      1. Raymond Demallie
    29. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Historic Indian Tribes of Louisiana: From 1542 to the Present. Fred B. Kniffen, Hiram F. Gregory, and George A. Stokes
      1. John Peterson
    30. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Hasinais: Southern Caddoans as Seen by the Earliest Europeans. Herbert Eugene Bolton (Russell M. Magnaghi, ed.)
      1. Kathleen Gilmore
    31. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Beyond Yiddishkeit: The Struggle for Jewish Identity in a Reform Synagogue. Frida Kerner Furman
      1. David Kertzer
    32. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Renunciation and Reformulation: A Study of Conversion in an American Sect. Harriet Whitehead
      1. Riv-Ellen Prell
    33. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Intervillage Conffict in Oaxaca. Philip A. Dennis
      1. Stephen B. Brush
    34. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Food and Culture Among Bolivian Ay-mara: Symbolic Expressions of Social Relations. Mick Johnsson
      1. Hans Buechler
    35. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Peruvian Contexts of Change. William W. Stein, ed
      1. Thomas Love
    36. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Minorities and Power in a Black Society: The Jewish Community of Jamaica. Carol S. Holzberg
      1. William E. Mitchell
    37. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Reciprocity and Interdependence: The Rise and Fall of the Kololo Empire in Southern Africa in the 19th Century. Ka-bunda Kayongo
      1. Jan Vansina
    38. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Horn and Crescent: Cultural Change and Traditional Islam on the East African Coast, 800–1900. Randall L. Pouwels
      1. Marc J. Swartz
    39. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Islamic Law and Society in the Sudan. Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban
      1. Amal Rassam
    40. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Studies on the Tihamah: The Report of the Tihämah Expedition 1982 and Related Papers. Francine Stone
      1. Norman Whalen
    41. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Blood Disputes Among Bedouin and Rural Arabs in Israel: Revenge, Mediation, Outcasting and Family Honor. Joseph Ginat
      1. Victor Ayoub
    42. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Nan: The Life of an Irish Travelling Woman. Sharon Gmelch
      1. Miriam Lee Kaprow
    43. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: A South Indian Subcaste: Social Organization and Religion of the Pramalai Kallar. Louis Dumont
      1. Pauline Kolenda
    44. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Asian Peoples and Their Cultures: Continuity and Change. Sang-Bok Han
      1. Mario D. Zamora
    45. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: On Understanding Japanese Religion. Joseph M. Kitagawa
      1. H. Neill McFarland
    46. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Indonesian Religions in Transition. Rita Smith Kipp and Susan Rodgers, eds
      1. James L. Peacock
    47. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Javanese Shadow Plays, Javanese Selves. Ward Keeler
      1. Robert W. Hefner
    48. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Tatulingga: Tradition and Continuity. Danker Schaareman
      1. J. Stephen Lansing
    49. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: From British to Bumiputera Rule: Local Politics and Rural Development in Peninsular Malaysia. A. B. Shamsul
      1. Manning Nash
    50. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Cultural Uniformity and Diversity in Micronesia. Iwao Ushijima and Ken-ichi Sudo, eds
      1. James G. Peoples
    51. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: First Contact. Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson
      1. Paula Brown
    52. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Fame of Gawa: A Symbolic Study of Value Transformation in a Massim (Papua New Guinea) Society. Nancy D. Munn
      1. Miriam Kahn
    53. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: What Gifts Engender: Social Relations and Politics in Mendi, Highlands Papua New Guinea. Rena Lederman
      1. L. L. Langness
    54. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Wokmani: Work, Money and Discontent in Melanesia. Michael Stevenson
      1. Ben Finney
    55. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Hunter-Gatherers Today: An Aboriginal Economy in North Australia. J. C. Altman
      1. Marco Bicchieri
    56. R Archeology: Chiefdoms in the Americas. Robert D. Drennan and Carlos A. Uribe, eds
      1. Stephen A. Kowalewski
    57. R Archeology: Early Woodland Archeology. Kenneth B. Farnsworth and Thomas E. Emerson, eds
      1. Christopher S. Peebles
    58. R Archeology: La Riera Cave: Stone Age Hunter-Gatherer Adaptations in Northern Spain. Lawrence G. Straus and Geoffrey A. Clark, eds
      1. Jan F. Simek
    59. R Archeology: Lithic Studies Among the Contemporary Highland Maya. Brian Hayden, ed
      1. Thomas R. Hester
    60. R Book Reviews
      1. Carole L. Crumley
    61. R Archeology: Polities and Partitions: Human Boundaries and the Growth of Complex Societies. Kathryn Maurer Trinkaus, ed
      1. Laura Finsten
    62. R Archeology: Prehistoric Adaptation in the American Southwest. Rosalind L. Hunter-Anderson
      1. Stephen A. Leblang
    63. R Archeology: The Szeletian and the Transition from Middle to Upper Palaeolithic in Central Europe. P. Allsworth-Jones: Archeology: The Palaeolithic Settlement of Europe. Clive Gamble
      1. Philip G. Chase
    64. R Biological Anthropology: Apes of the World: Their Social Behavior, Communication, Mentality, and Ecology. Russell H. Tuttle
      1. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh
    65. R Biological Anthropology: Essays in Human Sociobiology, Volume 2. Jan Wind and Vernon Reynolds, eds
      1. Laura L. Betzig
    66. R Biological Anthropology: Parenting Across the Life Span: Biosocial Dimensions. Jane B. Lancaster, Jeanne Altmann, Alice S. Rossi, and Lonnie R. Sherrod, eds
      1. Linda M. Fedigan
    67. R Biological Anthropology: Personal Identification from Human Remains. Spencer L. Rogers
      1. Ted A. Rathbun
    68. R Biological Anthropology: Racial Theories. Michael Banton
      1. Kenneth A. R. Kennedy

Film Reviews

    1. R Živeli: Medicine for the Heart. 1987. Produced by Andrei Simić, Vikram Jayanti, and Edward Levine; filmed and directed by Les Blank
      1. G.James Patterson
    2. R A Weave of Time: The Story of a Navajo Family, 1938–1986. 1986. Produced by Susan Fanshel, Deborah Gordon, and John Adair, and directed by Susan Fanshel
      1. Margot Schevill
    3. R Choquela: Only Interpretation. 1986. A film by John Cohen
      1. Margot Schevill
    4. R Raoni. 1979. A film by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux: Reclaiming the Forest. 1986. Produced by the National Film and Television School and the Royal Anthropological Institute; directed by Paul Henley
      1. Nancy M. Flowers
    5. R Macumba, Trance and Spirit Healing. 1984. Produced by Madeleine Richeport: Ngoma Therapy in an Urban South African Setting. 1984. Produced by Sue Schuessler and John M. Janzen
      1. Stephen D. Glazier
    6. R My Family and Me. 1986. A film by Colette Piault
      1. Jane K. Cowan
    7. R About the Jews of Yemen: A Vanishing Culture. 1986. Produced and directed by Jo-hanna Spector
      1. Najwa Adra
    8. R India Cabaret. 1986. A film by Mira Nair
      1. Serena Nanda
    9. R Iramudun. 1985. Produced by Barrie Machin
      1. Ákos Östör