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Original Article

    1. R Capitalist Philanthropy and Russian Revolutionaries: The Jesup North Pacific Expedition (1897-1902)
      1. Stanley A. Freed
        Ruth S. Freed
        Laila Williamson
    2. R A Glimpse into the Demography of the Ainu
      1. E. A. Hammel
    3. R Informal Exchange Networks in Formal Systems: A Theoretical Model
      1. Larissa Adler Lomnitz
    4. R Relativism and the Search for Human Rights
      1. Alison Dundes Renteln
    5. R The Rashomon Effect: When Ethnographers Disagree
      1. Karl G. Heider
    6. R Human Settlements, Demographic Pattern, and Epidemiology in Lowland Amazonia: The Case of Chagas's Disease
      1. Carlos E. A. Coimbra
    7. R Knowledge, Power, and the Individual in Subarctic Hunting Societies
      1. Robin Ridington

Research Report

    1. R Adoption by Rank on Ifaluk
      1. Laura L. Betzig
    2. R Aspects of Mesopotamian Land Sales
      1. Norman Yoffee
    3. R Optimal Foraging and the Division of Labor
      1. Michael A. Jochim
    4. R Conceptions of Parentage and Kinship Among Children of Divorce
      1. Colleen Leahy Johnson
        Linnea Klee
        Catherine Schmidt


    1. R J. Lawrence Angel (1915–1986)
      1. Donald J. Ortner
        Jennifer O. Kelley
    2. R Morton Herbert Fried (1923-1986)
      1. Elman R. Service


    1. R Savagery in General Anthropology
      1. Norman E. Whitten
    2. R Political Implications of Kula Exchange: A Reply to Hage, Harary, and James
      1. Johnny Persson
    3. R Reply to Romney, Weller, and Batchelder
      1. David H. Price
    4. R Interpreting Consensus: A Reply to Price
      1. A. Kimball Romney
        Susan C. Weller
        William H. Batchelder
    5. R Interpreting Blood Pressure and "Modernization" in Brazil
      1. Stanley M. Garn
        Timothy V. Sullivan
        Thomas R. Ten Have
    6. R A Reply to Garn, Sullivan, and Ten Have
      1. William W. Dressler
        José Ernesto Dos Santos
        Philip N. Gallagher
        Fernando E. Viteri
    7. R Reply to Hanifi
      1. Akbar S. Ahmed
    8. R Reply to Ahmed
      1. M. Jamil Hanifi

Book Review

    1. R Biological Anthropology: Ecce Homo: An Annotated Bibliographic History of Physical Anthropology. Frank Spencer, comp
      1. C. Loring Brace
    2. R Biological Anthropology: Human Birth: An Evolutionary Perspective. Wenda R. Trevathan
      1. Jane B. Lancaster
    3. R Biological Anthropology: The Piltdown Inquest. Charles Blinderman
      1. Frederick P. Thieme
    4. R Biological Anthropology: Primate Conservation in the Tropical Rain Forest. Clive W. Marsh and Russell A. Mittermeier
      1. Margaret R. Clarke
    5. R Biological Anthropology: Theories of Human Evolution: A Century of Debate, 1844–1944. Peter J. Bowler
      1. Alice Brues
    6. R Biological Anthropology: West Indian Green Monkeys: Problems in Historical Biogeography. Woodrow W. Denham
      1. Warren G. Kinzey
    7. R Archeology: The Archaeology of Carrier Mills: 10,000 Years in the Saline Valley of Illinois. Richard W. Jefferies
      1. R. Bruce McMillan
    8. R Book Review
      1. Dennis Stanford
    9. R Archeology: The Geoarchaeology of Whitewater Draw, Arizona. Michael R. Waters
      1. Karl W. Butzer
    10. R Archeology: Method and Theory for Activity Area Research: An Ethnoarchaeological Approach. Susan Kent
      1. W. Fredrick Limp
    11. R Book Review
      1. Shereen Lerner
    12. R Archeology: Prehistoric Life of the Mississippi Flood-plain: Stone Tool Use, Settlement Organization, and Subsistence Practices at the Labras Lake Site, Illinois. Richard W. Yerkes
      1. Paul D. Welch
    13. R Archeology: The Prehistoric Native American Art of Mud Glyph Cave. Charles H. Faulkner
      1. James A. Brown
    14. R Archeology: Reading the Past: Current Approaches to Interpretation in Archaeology. Ian Hodder
      1. Barbara J. Little
    15. R Book Review
      1. Cory Dale Breternitz
    16. R Applied Anthropology: Anthropology and Epidemiology: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Health and Disease. Craig R. Janes, Ron Stall, and Sandra M. Gifford
      1. Henry F. Dobyns
    17. R Applied Anthropology: Coping with Hunger: Hazard and Experiment in an African Rice-Farming System. Paul Richards
      1. Anita Spring
    18. R Applied Anthropology: Current Health Policy Issues and Alternatives: An Applied Social Science Perspective. Carole E. Hill
      1. Mary Jo Schneider
    19. R Applied Anthropology: Educational Evaluation: Ethnography in Theory, Practice, and Politics. David M. Fetterman and Mary Anne Pitman
      1. Ralph J. Bishop
    20. R Applied Anthropology: Promoting Racial Harmony. Michael Banton
      1. Bernard Magubane
    21. R Applied Anthropology: Stewart Island: Anthropological Perspectives on a New Zealand Fishing Community. Hal B. Levine and Marlene Wolfzahn Levine
      1. Bonnie J. McCay
    22. R Applied Anthropology: Therapy, Ideology, and Social Change: Mental Healing in Urban Ghana. Leith Mullings. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1984. 263 pp. n.p. (cloth)
      1. Mary Anna Thornton
    23. R Applied Anthropology: Training Manual in Nutritional Anthropology. Sara A. Quandt and Cheryl Ritenbaugh
      1. Amy K. Wolfe
    24. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Indian-European Trade Relations in the Lower Saskatchewan River Region to 1840. Paul C. Thistle
      1. Raymond J. DeMallie
    25. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Parole et Pouvoir: Figure du Chef Amérindien en Nouvelle-France. Jean-Marie Therrien
      1. François Trudel
    26. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Massacre on the Gila: An Account of the Last Major Battle Between American Indians, with Reflections on the Origin of War. Clifton B. Kroeber and Bernard L. Fontana
      1. Chris White
    27. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: We Shall Live Again: The 1870 and 1890 Ghost Dance Movements as Demographic Revitalization. Russell Thornton
      1. Alice B. Kehoe
    28. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Open Country Iowa: Rural Women, Tradition and Change. Deborah Fink
      1. Sue-Ellen Jacobs
    29. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Apples on the Flood: The Southern Mountain Experience. Rodger Cunningham
      1. Benita J. Howell
    30. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Growing Up and Growing Old in Italian-American Families. Colleen Leahy Johnson
      1. Andrei Simic
    31. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Familia: Migration and Adaptation in Baja and Alta California, 1800–1975. Robert R. Alvarez, Jr
      1. Leo R. Chavez
    32. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Ejidos and Regions of Refuge in Northwestern Mexico. N. Ross Crumrine and Phil C. Weigand
      1. Norman B. Schwartz
    33. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Princes of Naranja: An Essay in Anthrohistorical Method. Paul Friedrich
      1. Henry Selby
    34. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: La Heterodoxia Recuperada: En Torno a Ángel Palerm. Susana Glantz
      1. John V. Murra
    35. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Indian Survival in Colonial Nicaragua. Linda A. Newson
      1. Mary W. Helms
    36. R Book Review
      1. William P. Mitchell
    37. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: No Longer Nomads: The Sirionó Revisited. Allyn MacLean Stearman
      1. Joseph Bastien
    38. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Le Fils et le Neveu: Jeux et Enjeux de la Parenté Touarègue. S. Bernus, P. Bonte, L. Brock, and H. Claudot
      1. Pierre Bettez Gravel
    39. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Peasants Against the State: The Politics of Market Control in Bugisu, Uganda, 1900–1983. Stephen G. Bunker
      1. Michael Watts
    40. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Man Called Deng Majok: A Biography of Power, Polygyny, and Change. Francis Mading Deng
      1. John W. Burton
    41. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Sheep and Land: The Economics of Power in a Tribal Society. Jacob Black-Michaud
      1. Daniel Bradburd
    42. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Aggression and Community: Paradoxes of Andalusian Culture. David D. Gilmore
      1. Michael Dean Murphy
    43. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Men Who Migrate, Women Who Wait: Population and History in a Portuguese Parish. Caroline B. Brettell
      1. Elizabeth Leeds
    44. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Culture Builders: A Historical Anthropology of Middle-Class Life. Jonas Frykman and Orvar Löfgren
      1. Fredric M. Roberts
    45. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Serfdom and Social Control in Russia: Petrovskoe, a Village in Tambov. Steven L. Hoch
      1. Joel M. Halpern
    46. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Determinants of Social Status in India. S. C. Malik
      1. Stanley A. Freed
    47. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Man and Land in Chinese History: An Economic Analysis. Kang Chao
      1. Chung-min Chen
    48. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Urban Japanese Housewives: At Home and in the Community. Anne E. Imamura
      1. Takie Sugiyama Lebra
    49. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Thailand: Buddhist Kingdom as Modern Nation-State. Charles F. Keyes
      1. Ben J. Wallace
    50. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Cosmology and Social Life: Ritual Exchange Among the Mambai of East Timor. Elizabeth G. Traube
      1. David Hicks
    51. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Anthropology in the High Valleys: Essays on the New Guinea Highlands in Honor of Kenneth E. Read. L. L. Langness and Terence E, Hays
      1. Rena Lederman
    52. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Gender and Society in the New Guinea Highlands: An Anthropological Perspective on Antagonism Toward Women. Marilyn G. Gelber
      1. L. L. Langness
    53. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Huli Response to Illness. Stephen Frankel
      1. Terence E. Hays
    54. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Sorcerer and Witch in Melanesia. Michele Stephen
      1. Bruce M. Knauft
    55. R Linguistic Anthropology: Culture Contact and Language Convergence. A. Kemp Pallesen
      1. Charles O. Frake
    56. R Linguistic Anthropology: Evidentiality: The Linguistic Coding of Epistemology. Wallace Chafe and Johanna Nichols
      1. Ellen Basso
    57. R Linguistic Anthropology: Language Contact in a Plantation Environment: A Sociolinguistic History of Fiji. Jeff Siegel
      1. Donald Brenneis
    58. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Languages of China. S. Robert Ramsey
      1. Charles N. Li
    59. R Linguistic Anthropology: New Perspectives in Language, Culture, and Personality: Proceedings of the Edward Sapir Centenary Conference (Ottawa, 1–3 October 1984). William Cowan, Michael K. Foster, and Konrad Koerner
      1. Philip K. Bock
    60. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Spoken Word and the Work of Interpretation. Dennis Tedlock
      1. Allan Burns
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      1. John R. Eidson
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      1. Ruth H. Munroe
        Robert L. Munroe
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      1. Robert A. Paul
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      1. Jjames Sspickard
    67. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Initiation. J. S. La Fontaine
      1. Judith K. Brown
    68. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Judaism Viewed from Within and from Without: Anthropological Studies. Harvey E. Goldberg
      1. Hannah Kliger
    69. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Legacies of Literacy: Continuities and Contradictions in Western Culture and Society. Harvey J. Graff
      1. Thomas James
    70. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Other Nomads: Peripatetic Minorities in Cross-Cultural Perspective. Aparna Rao
      1. Rena C. Gropper
    71. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Parent-Child Interaction in Transition. George Kurian
      1. Carolyn P. Edwards
    72. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Reindeer Moon. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
      1. Megan Biesele
    73. R Book Review
      1. Carole M. Counihan
    74. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Victorian Anthropology. George W. Stocking, Jr
      1. Robert L. Carneiro

Film Review

    1. R Film Review
      1. William A. Turnbaugh
        Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh
    2. R Film Review
      1. Robert L. Bee
    3. R In Her Own Time. 1985. A film directed by Lynne Littman
      1. Faye Ginsburg
    4. R "Dance Like a River": Odadaa! Drumming and Dancing in the U.S. 1986. Directed by Barry Dornfeld and Tom Rankin
      1. Brenda Dixon-Stowell
    5. R Chuck Davis, Dancing Through West Africa. 1985. Directed by Gorham Kindem
      1. Brenda Dixon-Stowell
    6. R Maya in Exile. 1985. Produced by Allan Burns and Alan Saperstein
      1. Lauris McKee
    7. R Adliye: The Ethnography of a Turkish Rural Law Court. 1985. A video by June Starr
      1. Maurie Sacks
    8. R Songs of the Badius. 1986. Produced and directed by Gei Zantzinger
      1. Marilyn Halter
    9. R El Sebou': Egyptian Birth Ritual. 1986. A film by Fadwa El Guindi
      1. Richard A. Lobban
    10. R To Taste a Hundred Herbs: Gods, Ancestors and Medicine in a Chinese Village. 1986. Produced by Richard Gordon and Kathy Kline, directed by Carma Hinton and Richard Gordon
      1. William Graves
    11. R Film Review
      1. Karl G. Heider
    12. R Cycle. 1986. A film by Robert Ascher
      1. Fred Myers