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    1. R Distinguished Lecture: What Kind of Science Is Anthropology?
      1. David F. Aberle
    2. R Organizational Change and Adaptation: Community Cooperatives and Capital Control in the Western Isles of Scotland
      1. J. Iain Prattis
    3. R Population Density, Land Tenure, and Law in the New Guinea Highlands: Reflections on Legal Evolution
      1. Aaron Podolefsky
    4. R Risk and Agricultural Intensification During the Formative Period in the Northern Basin of Mexico
      1. Deborah L. Nichols
    5. R On Cultural and Reproductive Success: Kipsigis Evidence
      1. Monique Borgerhoff Mulder
    6. R Statistical Analysis in Iconographic Interpretation: The Function of Mudras at Tapho, A Tibetan Buddhist Monastery
      1. Chandra L. Reedy
        Terry J. Reedy

Research Reports

    1. R The Game of Choice: Patterns of Indian and Colonist Hunting in the Neotropics
      1. Kent H. Redford
        John G. Robinson
    2. R Age, Abstract Thinking, and the American Concept of Person
      1. Jay Smith Noricks
        L. Helen Agler
        Margaret Bartholomew
        Susan Howarth-Smith
        David Martin
        Steve Pyles
        William Shapiro
    3. R Consumption and Politics at Aztec Huexotla
      1. Elizabeth M. Brumfiel
    4. R The Partition of Energy by Social Systems: A Possible Anthropological Tool
      1. John A. Whitehead


    1. R Homer Garner Barnett (1906–1985)
      1. Theodore Stern


    1. R The Introduction of Smallpox in the Greater Southwest
      1. Daniel T. Reff
    2. R Understanding the Disease History of the Southwest: A Reply to Reff
      1. Steadman Upham
    3. R Hunting for Evidence of Plio-Pleistocene Hominid Scavengers
      1. R. Lee Lyman
    4. R Response to R. Lee Lyman
      1. Pat Shipman

Book Reviews

    1. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Acquisition of Literacy: Ethnographic Perspectives. Bambi B. Schieffelin and Perry Gilmore, eds
      1. Beverly Seckinger
    2. R Book Reviews
      1. Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo
    3. R Book Reviews
      1. Rachel Mayberry
    4. R Guaman Poma: Writing and Resistance in Colonial Peru. Rolena Adorno.
      1. Frank Salomon
    5. R Learning How to Ask: A Sociolinguistic Appraisal of the Role of the Interview in Social Science Research. Charles L. Briggs.
      1. Jane H. Hill
    6. R Native South American Discourse. Joel Sherzer and Greg Urban, eds
      1. Robert E. Longacre
    7. R Promoting Native Writing Systems in Canada. Barbara Burnaby, ed
      1. Elizabeth A. Brandt
    8. R Solo in the New Order: Language and Hierarchy in an Indonesian City. James T. Siegel.
      1. J. Joseph Errington
    9. R Speaking Mexicano: Dynamics of Syncretic Language in Central Mexico. Jane H. Hill and Kenneth C. Hill.
      1. R. Joe Campbell
    10. R Typology, Relationship and Time: A Collection of Papers on Language Change and Relationship by Soviet Linguists. Vitalij V. Shevoroshkin and T. L. Markey, eds
      1. Robert K. Herbert
    11. R Biological Anthropology: The Chimpanzees of Gombe: Patterns of Behavior. Jane Goodall.
      1. Adrienne Zihlman
    12. R Ecology and Tropical Biology. Ian Deshmukh.
      1. Stanley H. Ambrose
    13. R Evolution Through Group Selection. V. C. Wynne-Edwards.
      1. Mark V. Flinn
    14. R Book Reviews
      1. J. Michael Hoffman
    15. R The Human Skeleton. Pat Shipman, Alan Walker, and David Bichell.
      1. Charles F. Merbs
    16. R The Illustrated Naked Ape: A Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal. Desmond Morris.
      1. Janet Dunaif-Hattis
    17. R The Sickled Cell: From Myths to Molecules. Stuart J. Edelstein.
      1. Melbourne Tapper
    18. R Understanding Human Evolution. Frank E. Poirier.
      1. Henry M. McHenry
    19. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Independents Declared: The Dilemmas of Independent Trucking. Michael H. Agar.
      1. Mary J. Grinstead Schneider
    20. R Indian Self-Rule: First-Hand Accounts of Indian-White Relations from Roosevelt to Reagan. Kenruth R. Philp, ed
      1. Frank W. Porter
    21. R Strategies for Survival: American Indians in the Eastern United States. Frank W. Porter III, ed
      1. Joy Bilharz Kolb
    22. R Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 11: Great Basin. Warren L. D'Azevedo, ed
      1. Robert C. Euler
    23. R Supplement to the Handbook of Middle American Indians, Volume 4: Ethnohistory. Ronald Spores, ed
      1. Woodrow Borah
    24. R Mary, Michael, and Lucifer: Folk Catholicism in Central Mexico. John M. Ingham.
      1. William Madsen
    25. R Traditional Papermaking and Paper Cult Figures of Mexico. Alan R. Sandstrom and Pamela Effrein Sandstrom.
      1. James Dow
    26. R Interpreting Signs of Illness: A Case Study in Medical Semiotics. Kathryn Vance Staiano.
      1. Sheila Cosminsky
    27. R Book Reviews
      1. V. Y. Mudimbe
    28. R The Elementary Structures of Political Life: Rural Development in Pahlavi Iran. Grace E. Goodell.
      1. Lois Beck
    29. R The Qashqa'i of Iran. Lois Beck.
      1. Reza Fazel
    30. R Women of cAmran: A Middle Eastern Ethnographic Study. Susan Dorsky
      1. Delores M. Walters
    31. R A Way of Life and Death: Three Centuries of Prussian-German Militarism, An Anthropological Approach. Emilio Willems.
      1. John Mears
    32. R The Private Poland. Janint Wedel.
      1. Carole Nagengast
    33. R Social Facts and Fabrications: "Customary" Law on Kilimanjaro, 1880–1980. Sally Falk Moore.
      1. Hilda Kuper
    34. R Kinship Organization in Late Imperial China, 1000–1940. Patricia Buckley Ebrey and James L. Watson, eds
      1. Stevan Harrell
    35. R Primitive Polluters: Semang Impact on the Malaysian Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystem. A. Terry Rambo.
      1. Robert C. Bailey
    36. R Change and Continuity in Minangkabau: Local, Regional, and Historical Perspectives on West Sumatra. Lynn L. Thomas and Franz von Benda-Beckmann, eds
      1. Peggy Reeves Sanday
    37. R Asiwinarong: Ethos, Image, and Social Power Among the Usen Barok of New Ireland. Roy Wagner.
      1. Andrew Strathern
    38. R The Making of Great Men: Male Domination and Power Among the New Guinea Baruya. Maurice Godelier
      1. Abraham Rosman
    39. R Mandak Realities: Person and Power in Central New Ireland. Brenda Johnson Clay.
      1. Miriam Kahn
    40. R Pigs for the Ancestors: Ritual in the Ecology of a New Guinea People. Roy A. Rappaport.
      1. Terence E. Hays
    41. R The Yolngu and Their Land: A System of Land Tenure and the Fight for Its Recognition. Nancy M. Williams.
      1. Fred Myers
    42. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Breasts, Bottles and Babies: A History of Infant Feeding. Valerie A. Fildes.
      1. Katherine A. Dettwyler
    43. R Culture and Reproduction: An Anthropological Critique of Demographic Transition Theory. W. Penn Handwerker, ed
      1. Ronald K. Wetherington
    44. R Divine Hunger: Cannibalism as a Cultural System. Peggy Reeves Sanday.
      1. Paula Brown
    45. R How Institutions Think. Mary Douglas.
      1. F. G. Bailey
    46. R Mythography: The Study of Myths and Rituals. William G. Doty.
      1. Michael P. Carroll
    47. R The Normative Basis of Culture: A Philosophical Inquiry. Henry McDonald.
      1. Marc J. Swartz
    48. R The Original Sin: Incest and Its Meaning. W. Arens.
      1. Seymour Parker
    49. R Peace and War: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Mary LeCron Foster and Robert A. Rubinstein, eds
      1. R. Brian Ferguson
    50. R Self, Sex, and Gender in Cross-Cultural Fieldwork. Tony Larry Whitehead and Mary Ellen Conaway, eds
      1. Anna Tsing
    51. R Social Knowledge: An Essay on the Nature and Limits of Social Science. Paul Mattick, Jr.
      1. E. Wilmsen
    52. R Applied Anthropology: Caribbean Fishermen Farmers: A Social Assessment of Smithsonian King Crab Mariculture. Richard W. Stoffle.
      1. Frank E. Manning
    53. R Famine in Peasant Societies. Ronald E. Seavoy.
      1. Florence C. Shipek
    54. R Human Carrying Capacity of the Brazilian Rainforest. Philip M. Fearnside.
      1. Emilio Moran
    55. R Low Tech Education in a High Tech World: Corporations and Classrooms in the New Information Society. Elizabeth L. Useem.
      1. Marietta L. Baba
    56. R Policies, Plans, and People: Culture and Health Development in Nepal. Judith Justice.
      1. Thomas E. Fricke
    57. R Archeology: Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers in Japan: New Research Methods. Takeru Akazawa and C. Melvin Aikens, eds
      1. Karl L. Hutterer
    58. R Short-Term Sedentism in the American Southwest: The Mimbres Valley Salado. Ben A. Nelson and Steven A. LeBlanc.
      1. Shirley Powell
    59. R Stone Age Prehistory: Studies in Memory of Charles McBurney. G. N. Bailey and P. Callow, eds
      1. Anthony E. Marks
    60. R Stone Tool Analysis: Essays in Honor of Don E. Crabtree. Mark G. Plew, James C. Woods, and Max G. Pavesic, eds
      1. George H. Odell
    61. R Teeth. Simon Hillson.
      1. Richard H. Meadow

Film Reviews

    1. R Images of American Indians on Film: An Annotated Bibliography. Gretchen M. Bataille and Charles L. P. Silet.
      1. Nancy J. Parezo
    2. R The Amish: Not to Be Modern. 1985. Produced by Victoria Larimore and Michael Taylor.
      1. Gertrude E. Huntington
    3. R Andean Ethnomedicine: Birth and Childhood Illnesses in Six Ecuadorian Communities. 1984
      1. Stephen D. Glazier
    4. R Colin McPhee: The Lure of Asian Music. 1985. Michael Blackwood
      1. Toby Alice Volkman
    5. R A Country Auction: The Paul V. Leitzel Estate Sale. 1984. Produced and directed by Robert Aibel, Ben Levin, Chris Musello, and Jay Ruby.
      1. Michael E. Bell
    6. R In Search of Cool Ground. 1985
      1. William A. Shack
    7. R Of Grace and Steel. 1984. Produced and directed by Phyllis Jeroslow.
      1. M. Nazif Shahrani
    8. R A Sense of Honor. 1984. Produced by Vanya Kewley
      1. Lila Abu-Lughod
    9. R Shahsavan Nomads of Iran. 1984. A film byArlene Dallalfar and Fereydoun Safizadeh.
      1. Lois Beck
    10. R Film Reviews
      1. Terence E. Hays