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Original Article

    1. R Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Models in Ecological Anthropology: An Evaluation of "Stability" in Maring Ecosystems in New Guinea
      1. Theodore C. Foin
        William G. Davis
    2. R A Reexamination of Eskimo-Aleut Prehistory
      1. Don E. Dumond
    3. R Plant Domestication and Folk-Biological Change: The Upper Piman/Devil's Claw Example
      1. Gary Paul Nabhan
        Amadeo Rea
    4. R The Organization of a West African Grain Market
      1. Mahir Ŝaul
    5. R Multiple Caretaking of Efe (Pygmy) Infants
      1. Edward Z. Tronick
        Gilda A. Morelli
        Steve Winn
    6. R Color-Category Evolution and Shuswap Yellow-with-Green
      1. Robert E. Maclaury

Research Report

    1. R Subsample Replication in Cross-Cultural Surveys
      1. Malcolm M. Dow


    1. R John (Jack) Fischer (1923–1985)
      1. Mac Marshall
        Martha Ward
    2. R Raoul Naroll (1920–1985)
      1. Keith F. Otterbein


    1. R The Nature of Highly Inclusive Folk-Botanical Categories
      1. Robert A. Randall
    2. R Science and Common Sense: A Reply to Atran
      1. Eugene S. Hunn
    3. R The Essence of Folkbiology: A Reply to Randall and Hunn
      1. Scott Atran
    4. R Reply to Wilk's Review of World View
      1. Michael Kearney
    5. R A Commentary on a Review of Egyptian Nubians: Resettlement and Years of Coping
      1. Hussein M. Fahim
    6. R Correction to Newman Obituary
      1. Michael K. Foster

Book Reviews

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    7. R Book Reviews
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Film Reviews

    1. R Film Reviews
      1. Patricia Whelehan
    2. R Film Reviews
      1. Joan L. Erdman
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Style Guide and Information for Authors

    1. R Style Guide and Information for Authors