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Original Article

    1. R Russian-American Bering Sea Relations: Research and Reciprocity
      1. William S. Laughlin
    2. R The Pragmatics of Proverb Performances in New Mexican Spanish
      1. Charles L. Briggs
    3. R Tooth Size Variation in Prehistoric India
      1. John R. Lukacs
    4. R Ganienkeh: Symbol and Politics in an Indian/White Conflict
      1. Gail Landsman
    5. R Diagrammatic Icons and Historical Processes in Belau
      1. Richard J. Parmentier

Research Reports

    1. R Household Structure in a Southern Black Community
      1. William Dressler
        Susan Haworth Hoeppner
        Barbara J. Pitts
    2. R Culture Transmission: Caudill's Model and Alternative Hypotheses
      1. Nancy Shand
        Yorio Kosawa
    3. R Preceramic Maize in Central Panama: Phytolith and Pollen Evidence
      1. Dolores R. Piperno
        Karen H. Clary
        Richard G. Cooke
        Anthony J. Ranere
        Doris Weiland
    4. R Running and Menstrual Dysfunction: Recent Medical Discoveries Provide New Insights into the Human Division of Labor by Sex
      1. Susan Brandt Graham


    1. R Joseph Bartholomew Gasagrande (1915–1982)
      1. Stephen I. Thompson


    1. R Comments on Drennan's "Long Distance Transport Costs in Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica"
      1. Jonathan E. Reyman
        Robert Dirks
    2. R Porters, Pots, and Profit: The Economics of Long-Distance Exchange in Mesoamerica
      1. Robert D. Drennan
    3. R Reply to Baird
      1. Stuart Plattner
    4. R Reply to Thompson's "Language, the Brain, and the Question of Dichotomies"
      1. J. Anthony Paredes
    5. R A Rejoinder to Ackerly and Young's Comments on My Analysis of Formative Period Sites in the Valley of Mexico
      1. Vincas P. Steponaitis
    6. R In Defense of Sexual Practices
      1. Dona Lee Davis
        Richard G. Whitten
    7. R Evidence and Science in Ethnography: Reflections on the Freeman-Mead Controversy
      1. Melvin Ember
    8. R A Reply to Ember's Reflections on the Freeman-Mead Controversy
      1. Derek Freeman
    9. R Pictures of Ghosts: A Critique of Alfred Bloom's The Linguistic Shaping of Thought
      1. P. Wenjie Cheng

Book Reviews

    1. R Archeology: The American Frontier: An Archaeological Study of Settlement Pattern and Process. Kenneth E. Lewis
      1. Bernard L. Fontana
    2. R Archeology: The Archaeology of Lower Central America. Frederick W
      1. Mary W. Helms
    3. R Archeology: The Archaeology of Monitor Valley 2: Gatecliff Shelter. David Hurst Thomas
      1. Robert G. Elston
    4. R Archeology: Art, Myth, and Ritual: The Path to Political Authority in Ancient China. K. C. Chang
      1. Esther Jacobson
    5. R Archeology: Essays in Otomanguean Culture History. Kathryn J. Josserand, Marcus Winter
      1. Joseph W. Whitecotton
    6. R Archeology: New Light on Chaco Canyon. David Grant Noble
      1. R. Gwinn Vivian
    7. R Archeology: The Origins of Agriculture: An Evolutionary Perspective. David Rindos
      1. Donald L. Hardesty
    8. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Anthropology of World's Fairs: San Francisco's Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915. Burton Benedict
      1. Paul Bouissac
    9. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Elites: Ethnographic Issues. George E. Marcus
      1. Richard G. Fox
    10. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Extending the Rafters: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Iroquoian Studies. Michael K. Foster, Jack Campisi
      1. Michael H. Logan
    11. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Human Cycle. Colin M. Tumbull
      1. James L. Brain
    12. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Northern Nomadic Hunter-Gatherers: A Humanistic Approach. David Riches
      1. Donald L. Hardesty
    13. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Person and Myth: Maurice Leenhardt in the Melanesian World. James Clifford
      1. Roy Wagner
    14. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: Politics and History in Band Societies. Eleanor Leacock and Richard Lee
      1. John H. Dowling
    15. R General/Theoretical Anthropology: The Politics of Truth: Essays in Critical Anthropology. Gerald D. Berreman
      1. David Holmberg
    16. R Applied Anthropology: Age and Anthropological Theory. David I. Kertzer and Jennie Keith
      1. Joan Weibel-Orlando
    17. R Applied Anthropology: Agricultural Sustainability in a Changing World Order. Gordon K. Douglas
      1. Richard W. Franke
    18. R Applied Anthropology: American Indian Policy. Theodore W. Taylor
      1. Robert L. Bee
    19. R Applied Anthropology: Communication, Social Structure and Development in Rural Malaysia. William B. Wilder
      1. M. Jocelyn Armstrong
    20. R Applied Anthropology: Silent Violence: Food, Famine and Peasantry in Northern Nigeria. Michael Watts
      1. Donald L. Donham
    21. R Applied Anthropology: Wives and Midwives: Childbirth and Nutrition in Rural Malaysia. Carol Laderman
      1. Sheila Cosminsky
    22. R Linguistic Anthropology: Ce que Parler Veut Dire: L'Économie des Echanges Linguistiques. Pierre Bourdieu
      1. Hy V. Luong
    23. R Linguistic Anthropology: Children's Talk. Catherine Garvey
      1. Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo
    24. R Linguistic Anthropology: Diccionario Cuicateco.: Richard E. Anderson and Hilario Conception Roque
      1. Thomas E. Payne
    25. R Linguistic Anthropology: The Making of a Reader. Marilyn Cochran-Smith
      1. Anne Reynolds
    26. R Linguistic Anthropology: Naming Systems: 1980 Proceedings of the American Ethnological Society. Elisabeth Tooker
      1. Thomas L. Markey
    27. R Linguistic Anthropology: Socio-Historical Linguistics: Its Status and Methodology. Suzanne Romaine
      1. Ben G. Blount
    28. R Linguistic Anthropology: Worterbuch der Eipo-Sprache, Eipo-Deutsch-Englisch: Mensch, Kultur und Umwelt im Zentralen Bergland von West-Neuguinea. V. Heeschen and W. Schiefenhovel
      1. Peter Mühlhäusler
    29. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Development of Political Organization in Native North America: 1979 Proceedings of the American Ethnological Society. Elisabeth Tooker
      1. Russell A. Judkins
    30. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: The Subarctic Fur Trade: Native Social and Economic Adaptations. Shepard Krech III
      1. David A. Morrison
    31. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Western Indians: Comparative Environments, Languages, and Cultures of 172 Western American Indian Tribes. Joseph G. Jorgensen
      1. John M. Roberts
    32. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Navajo Religion and Culture: Selected Views. David M. Brugge and Charlotte J. Frisbie
      1. Warner J. Anderson
    33. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Aboriginal American Indian Basketry: Studies in a Textile Art Without Machinery. Otis Tufton Mason
    34. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Hallucinogens: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Marlene Dobkin de Rios
    35. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: American Odyssey: Haitians in New York City. Michel Laguerre
      1. Rolando A. Alum
        Mario Rivera
    36. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: So Spoke the Uncle—Ainsi Parla POncle. Jean Price-Mars
      1. Alan Laflamme
    37. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Ritual Kinship: Ideological and Structural Integration of the Compadrazgo System in Rural Tlaxcala, Volume 2. Hugo G. Nutini
      1. P. E. B. Coy
    38. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Le Lieu du Politique. MarcAbeles
      1. Jean-Jacques Chalifoux
    39. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Matrilineal Ideology: Male-Female Dynamics in Luapula, Zambia. Karla O. Poewe
      1. Karen Tranberg Hansen
    40. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Men, Women, and Money in Seychelles. Marion Benedict and Burton Benedict
      1. Aidan Southall
    41. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: China's Urban Villagers: Life in a Beijing Commune. Norman A. Chance
      1. Robert P. Weller
    42. R Social/Cultural Anthropology: Melanesians and Missionaries. Darrell Whiteman
      1. James Boutilier
    43. R Biological Anthropology: Cosmic Ecology: The View from the Outside In. George A. Seielstad
      1. Yervant Terzian
    44. R Biological Anthropology: Human Growth and Development. J. Borms, R. Hauspie, A. Sand, C. Susanne, and M. Hebbelinck
      1. Jere D. Haas
    45. R Biological Anthropology: The Neolithic Transition and the Genetics of Populations in Europe. Albert J. Ammerman and L. L. Cavalli-Sforza
      1. Christopher Meiklejohn
    46. R Biological Anthropology: The People of South Asia: The Biological Anthropology of India, Pakistan and Nepal. John R. Lukacs
      1. Wolfram Bernhard
    47. R Biological Anthropology: Quaternary Extinctions: A Prehistoric Revolution. Paul S. Martin and Richard G. Klein
      1. Karl Butzer

Film Reviews

    1. R The Documentary Conscience: A Casebook in Film Making. Alan Rosenthal
      1. John W. Callaghan
    2. R Among the Wild Chimpanzees. 1984. Produced by the National Geographic Society
      1. Robert S. O. Harding
    3. R Carnival T.N.T. 1982. AB/Energy Productions
      1. George M. Epple
    4. R Cry of the Muriqui. 1982. Produced by the World Wildlife Fund and directed by Andrew Young
    5. R Emergence. 1982. A film by Barbara Wilk
      1. Charlotte J. Frisbie
    6. R Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers. 1980. A film by Les Blank
      1. Nora Groce
    7. R Guambianos. 1979. Directed by Jackie Reiter and Wolf Tirado
    8. R Hanuman Langur: Monkey of India. 1980. Produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and directed by Vishnu Mathur
      1. Frances D. Burton
    9. R Hell's Kitchen Chronicle. 1984. Produced by Maren Erskine and Reed Erskine
    10. R Last of the Karaphuna. 1984. Produced and directed by Philip Thorneycrqft Teuscher
      1. Trevor W. Purcell
    11. R Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle. 1982. Produced by Paul Wagner
    12. R Rembetika: The Blues of Greece. 1982. Produced by Phillipe de Montignie and Zelda Ro-senbaum and directed by Phillipe de Montignie
      1. Loring M. Danforth
    13. R Shichi Fukujin (Seven Young Gods of Fortune). 1983. A film by Yashuhiro Omori
      1. Tsuneo Ayabe
        Noboru Miyata
    14. R When the Mountains Tremble. 1983. Produced by Peter Kinoy and directed by Pamela Yates and Thomas Sigel