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Original Article

    1. R The Impact of Subsistence Change on Mobility and Settlement Pattern in a Tropical Forest Foraging Economy: Some Implications for Archeology
      1. James F. Eder
    2. R An Application of Dimensional Analysis in Cultural Anthropology
      1. Marion Lundy Dobbert
        Dennis P. Mcguire
        James J. Pearson
        Kenneth Clarkson Taylor
    3. R Navajo Attitudes Toward Development and Change: A Unified Ethnographic and Survey Approach to an Understanding of Their Future
      1. Mark Schoepfle
        Michael Burton
        Kenneth Begishe
    4. R Terms for Kith and Kin
      1. Rita Smith Kipp
    5. R The Misuse of Chayanov: "Chayanov's Rule" and Empiricist Bias in Anthropology
      1. Nicola Tannenbaum

Review Article

    1. R The Kula, Past and Present: The Kula: New Perspectives on Massim Exchange. Jerry W. Leach: The Kula: A Bibliography. Martha Macintyre
      1. George Dalton
    2. R Life-Histories: Lives: An Anthropological Approach to Biography. L. L. Langness and Gelya Frank: Life Histories and Psychobiography: Explorations in Theory and Method. William McKinley Runyan. Carmen: The Autobiography of a Spanish Woman. Hans C. Buechler and Judith-Maria Buechler.: Son of Tecún Umán: A Maya Indian Tells His Life Story. James D. Sexton: Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman. Marjorie Shostak.
      1. Vincent Crapanzano
    3. R Reason and Culture: The Universal and the Particular Revisited: Rationality and Relativism. Martin Hollis and Steven Lukes
      1. Bob Scholte

Research Report

    1. R Consistency and Consensus among Informants: Disease Concepts in a Rural Mexican Village
      1. Susan C. Weller


    1. R Formative Period Political Differentiation in the Southern Valley of Mexico: A Comment on Steponaitis
      1. Neal W. Ackerly
        Dennis L. Young
    2. R Is This a System? Comment on Osborn's "Ecological Aspects of Equestrian Adaptations in Aboriginal North America"
      1. Jerrold E. Levy
    3. R Comment on Black's Review of Old Believers in Oregon
      1. Ethel Dunn
        Stephen Dunn
    4. R Response to Dunn and Dunn
      1. Lydia Black
    5. R Reply to Powers's Misreading of To Dance Is Human
      1. Judith Lynne Hanna
    6. R Comments on "High Altitude Hypoxia, Culture, and Human Fecundity/Fertility"
      1. Amitabha Basu
        Ranjan Gupta
    7. R Response to Basu and Gupta
      1. Melvyn C. Goldstein
        Cynthia M. Beall
        Paljor Tsarong

Book Review

    1. R Cultural/Ethnology: Witnesses to a Vanishing America: The Nineteenth-Century Response. Lee Clark Mitchell
      1. Shepard Krech
    2. R Cultural/Ethnology: Concepts of Person: Kinship, Caste, and Marriage in India. Ákos Östör, Lina Fruzzetti, and Steve Barnett, eds
      1. David Hicks
    3. R Cultural/Ethnology: Dangerous Wives and Sacred Sisters: Social and Symbolic Roles of High-Caste Women in Nepal. Lynn Bennett
      1. Robert A. Paul
    4. R Cultural/Ethnology: Shenfan. William Hinton
      1. E. N. Anderson
    5. R Cultural/Ethnology: Karma: An Anthropological Inquiry. Charles F. Keyes and E. Valentine Daniel
      1. Melford Spiro
    6. R Cultural/Ethnology: Japanese Society: Reappraisals and New Directions. Ross Mouer and Yoshio Sugimoto
      1. Theodore C. Bestor
    7. R Cultural/Ethnology: Oriomo Papuans: Ecology of Sago Eaters in Lowland Papua. Ryutaro Ohtsuka
      1. Nancy McDowell
    8. R Cultural/Ethnology: Jan Verschueren's Description of Yei-Nan Culture. J. Van Baal
      1. Robert Glasse
    9. R Cultural/Ethnology: Two Tahitian Villages: A Study in Comparison. Douglas Oliver
      1. John Kirkpatrick
    10. R Cultural/Ethnology: Atoll Economy: Social Change in Kiribati and Tuvalu: Tabiteuea North. W. H. Geddes
      1. Martin Silverman
    11. R Archeology: Early Man in the New World. Richard Shutler
      1. Thomas F. Lynch
    12. R Archeology: Great Lakes Archaeology. Ronald J. Mason: Archaic Hunters and Gatherers in the American Midwest. James L. Phillips and James A. Brown
      1. Charles E. Cleland
    13. R Book Review
      1. John D. Speth
    14. R Archeology: Archaeological Ethnography among Mackenzie Basin Dene, Canada. The Arctic Institute of North America, Technical Paper 28. Robert R. Janes
      1. Richard A. Gould
    15. R Archeology: Paleolithic Site of the Douara Cave and Paleogeography of Palmyra Basin in Syria, Part 3: Animal Bones and Further Analysis of Archeological Materials. Kazuro Hanihara and Takeru Akazawa
      1. Anthony E. Marks
    16. R Archeology: A Prehistory of Australia, New Guinea and Sahul. J. Peter White, with James F. O'Connell
      1. Virginia D. Watson
    17. R Archeology: Paleoethnobotany of the Kameda Peninsula Jomon. Gary W. Crawford
      1. James Schoenwetter
    18. R Archeology: Theory and Explanation in Archaeology: The Southampton Conference. Colin Renfrew, Michael J. Rowlands and Barbara Abbott Segraves
      1. David P. Braun
    19. R General/Theoretical: Time and the Other: How Anthropology Makes Its Object. Johannes Fabian
      1. George E. Marcus
    20. R General/Theoretical: Ruth Benedict: Patterns of a Life. Judith Schachter Modell
      1. L. L. Langness
    21. R General/Theoretical: The Invention of Tradition. Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger
      1. Richard Handler
    22. R General/Theoretical: Law and Economic Organization: A Comparative Study of Preindustrial Societies. Katherine S. Newman
      1. Robert M. Hayden
    23. R General/Theoretical: People Without Government. Harold Barclay
      1. J. Brian Sheehan
    24. R General/Theoretical: Theory and Practice: Essays Presented to Gene Weltfish. Stanley Diamond
      1. Charles Frantz
    25. R General/Theoretical: The Versatility of Kinship: Essays Presented to Harry W. Basehart. Linda S. Cordell and Stephen Beckerman
      1. Mac Marshall
    26. R General/Theoretical: Contexts of Behavior. Robert J. Maxwell
      1. Lynn Thomas
    27. R Physical: Geographic Variation in Modern Japanese Somatometric Data and Its Interpretation. The University Museum, Bulletin No. 22, 1983. Makiko Kouchi
      1. Harry L. Shapiro
    28. R Physical: The Australopithecine Face. Yoel Rak
      1. Henry M. McHenry
    29. R Physical: Child Abuse: The Nonhuman Primate Data. Monographs in Primatology, Vol. 1. Martin Reite and Nancy G. Caine
      1. Joan B. Silk
    30. R Applied: Family Planning in Japanese Society: Traditional Birth Control in a Modern Urban Culture. Samuel Coleman
      1. George A. DeVos
    31. R Applied: Aging and Life Course Transitions: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. Tamara K. Hareven and Kathleen J. Adams
      1. Melvyn C. Goldstein
    32. R Applied: Other Cultures, Elder Years. Lowell D. Holmes
      1. Christie W. Kiefer
    33. R Applied: Assault on Paradise. Conrad Phillip Kottak
      1. Carol E. Hill
    34. R Applied: Cultural Conceptions of Mental Health and Therapy. Anthony J. Marsella and Geoffrey M. White
      1. Barbara Gallatin Anderson


    1. R Applied: Transnationals and the Third World: The Struggle for Culture. Armand Mattelart
      1. Graham Clarke

Book Review

    1. R Applied: Desertification and Development: Dryland Ecology in Social Perspective. Brian Spooner and H. S. Mann
      1. F. H. Wagner
    2. R Applied: The Problem of Medical Knowledge: Examining the Social Construction of Medicine. Peter Wright and Andrew Treacher
      1. Barbara Gallatin Anderson
    3. R Linguistics: A Grammar of Kiowa. Laurel J. Watkins
      1. Marianne Mithun
    4. R Linguistics: The Mirror, the Rabbit, and the Bundle. Linda Schele and Jeffrey H. Miller
      1. John S. Henderson
    5. R Linguistics: A Grammar of Mam, A Mayan Language. Nora C. England
      1. Louanna Furbee
    6. R Linguistics: Language and Dialect Atlas of Kenya, Volume 1: Geographical and Historical Introduction. Bernd Heine and Wilhelm J. C. Möhlig
      1. Ben G. Blount
    7. R Linguistics: The History of the Fijian Languages. Paul A. Geraghty
      1. Joel M. Maring
    8. R Linguistics: Ways with Words. Shirley Brice Heath
      1. Martha C. Ward

Film Review

    1. R Israel in Antiquity: From David to Herod. A permanent exhibit at The Jewish Museum
      1. Roger S. Boraas
    2. R Men's Lives. 1976. A film by Josh Hanig and Will Roberts
      1. Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco
    3. R Between Men. 1979. A film by Will Roberts
      1. Stanley Brandes
    4. R Jocelyn, Facing Death at 17 with Strong Faith. 1981. Produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
      1. Christine Lemieux
    5. R Chillysmith Farm. 1981. A film by Mark Jury and Dan Jury
      1. Christine Lemieux
    6. R Hospice. 1979. Produced by Frank Moynihan
      1. Christine Lemieux
    7. R Poletown Lives 1983. A film by George Corsetti, Jeanie Wylie, and Richard Wieske
      1. Sally Engle Merry
    8. R Dudley Carter. 1982. Produced and directed by Abby Sher
      1. Linda A. Bennett
    9. R In Memory of the Land and the People. 1982. A film by Robert Gates
      1. Elizabeth A. Lawrence
    10. R A Cowhand's Song: Crisis on the Range. 1982. A film by Gwendolyn Clancy and Nancy Kelly
      1. Elizabeth A. Lawrence
    11. R Return to Sovereignty. 1983. Produced by Donald D. Stull and directed by David M. Kendall
      1. Louise Lamphere
    12. R Letter from an Apache. 1982. A film by Barbara Wilk
      1. Philip J. Greenfeld
    13. R U'mista Cultural Society and Chuck Olin Associates and directed by Chuck Olin Associates: Box of Treasures. 1983
      1. Mark S. Fleisher
    14. R Haa Shagoon. 1983. A film by Joseph Kawaky
      1. Mark S. Fleisher
    15. R Tarahumara: Racers Against Time. 1981. Produced and directed by Barnett Addis
      1. Dwight B. Heath
    16. R The House That Giacomo Built. 1983. A film by Donald S. Pitkin and Bill Anderson
      1. David I. Kertzer
    17. R The Ways of Nya Are Many. 1981. Directed by Jean-Jacques Peche and Jean-Paul Colleyn and produced by Catherine De Clippel
      1. Mary H. Moran
    18. R Sogow, Bambara Masks. 1983. Produced by Catherine De Clippel and directed by Jean-Paul Colleyn
      1. Sidney Littlefield Kasfir
    19. R Witchcraft among the Azande. 1981. Produced by Granada Television International
      1. Philip Leis
    20. R Churchical Chants of the Nyabingi. 1983. Production arranged by Elliott Leib. Stereophonic
      1. John Homiak
    21. R Master Musicians of Jahjouka. 1983. Produced and directed by Michael Mendizza
      1. Dale F. Eickelman
    22. R Death Is Afraid of Us. 1980. Produced by Granada Television and Novosti
      1. Lydia Black
    23. R Courts and Councils. 1981. A film by Ron Hess
      1. Eva Friedlander
    24. R The Fragile Mountain. 1982. A film by Sandra Nichols
      1. Linda Stone
    25. R Tibetan Buddhism: Preserving the Monastic Tradition. 1983. Produced by Joseph W. Elder and directed by Edward W. Bastian: Tibetan Buddhism: Cycles of Interdependence. 1983. Produced and directed by Edward W. Bastian
      1. Linda Stone
    26. R Buddhism in China. 1983. Produced and directed by Wan-go Weng
      1. Kathleen McDermott
    27. R Latah: A Culture-Specific Elaboration of the Startle Reflex. 1983. A film by Gunter Pfaff, produced and directed by Ronald C. Simons
      1. Robert Jay
    28. R First Contact. 1983. A film by Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson
      1. Terence E. Hays
    29. R Jane Goodall: Studies of the Chimpanzee. Five films produced by the National Geographic Society. Introduction to Chimpanzee Behavior
      1. Robert S. O. Harding