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Original Article

    1. R Quitting the Game: Covert Disengagement from Butler County Eight Ball
      1. John M. Roberts
        Garry E. Chick
    2. R Sexual Division of Labor in Agriculture
      1. Michael L. Burton
        Douglas R. White
    3. R Cultural Rules, Rituals, and Behavior Regulation
      1. Seymour Parker
    4. R Environmental Productivity, Population Regulation, and Carrying Capacity
      1. Robert E. Dewar
    5. R The Tchambuli View of Persons: A Critique of Individualism in the Works of Mead and Chodorow
      1. Deborah Gewertz
    6. R The Yuqui Connection: Another Look at Sirionó Deculturation
      1. Allyn MacLean Stearman
    7. R Revising Evolutionary Narratives: A Consideration of Alternative Assumptions About Sexual Selection and Competition for Mates
      1. M. E. Hamilton

Research Reports

    1. R On What's not Wrong With a darwinian theory of culture
      1. Paul W.turke
    2. R A Method for Testing Alternative Theories: An Example from English Kinship
      1. Keiko Nakao
        A. Kimball Romney
    3. R The Mesoamerican World System
      1. Richard Blanton
        Gary Feinman


    1. R Medieval Muddles and Modern Models: A Reply to Stuard
      1. Mildred Dickemann
    2. R Loose Talk and the Evolution of Language: Comment on Gatewood's Thesis
      1. David W. Murray
    3. R Reply to Murray Concerning Loose Talk
      1. John B. Gatewood
    4. R Comment on Sun
      1. Gregory F. Truex
    5. R Reply to Truex's Comment on "Perceptual Distances and the Basic Color Term Encoding Sequence"
      1. Richard K. Sun
    6. R Icon and Conquest: A Reply to Joseph
      1. Bernadette Bucher
    7. R Footnote to ember
      1. Judith K. Brown
    8. R Reply to Decicco's review of Santiago's Sword
      1. James B. Greenberg
    9. R Comment on Goldstein, tsarong, and beall
      1. Andrew Abelson
    10. R Response to Abelson's Comment on Goldstein, Tsarong, and Beall
      1. Melvyn C. Goldstein
        Cynthia M. Beall
        Paljor Tsarong


    1. R Errata

Book Reviews

    1. R Applied: Agricultural Choice and Change: Decision Making in a Costa Rican Community. PEGGY F. BARLETT
      1. Martha Daughdrill
    2. R Applied: Essays on the Political Economy Of Rural Africa. Robert H. Bates
      1. Harold K. Schneider
    3. R Applied: Appalachia and America: Autonomy and Regional Dependence. Allen Batteau ed
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    4. R Applied: Who Shall Succeed? Agricultural Development and social Inequality on a Philippine Frontier.jumes F. Edet.
      1. Ben J. Wallace
    5. R Applied: Indigenous Anthropology in non-western Countries. Hursein Fahim, ed
      1. Albert S. Bacdayan
    6. R Applied: The Political Economy of West African Agriculture.Keith Hart.
      1. Angelique Haugerud
    7. R Applied: Dry Grain Farming Families.Polly Hill.
      1. Michael Chibnik
    8. R Applied: The Assault On Assimilation. Lawrence C. Kelly
      1. Wilcomb E. Washburn
    9. R Applied: Urban Life in Mediterranean Europe: Anthropological Perspectives. Michael Kenny and David I. Kertzer, eds
      1. Joseph B. Aceves
    10. R Applied: Through A Glass Darkly: Beer and Modernization in Papua New Guinea. Mac Marshall, ed
      1. Linda A. Bennett
    11. R Applied: The Anthropology of food in Rural Igboland, Nigeria.L. C. Okete. Lanham
      1. Kathleen M. Dewalt
    12. R Applied: Work and Lifecourse in japan. David W. Plath, ed.
      1. John Singleton
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      1. Douglas A. Feldman
    14. R Applied: Rituals of Marginality: Politics, Process, and Culture change in Central urban Mexico, 1969–1974. Carlos G. Velez-Ibanez
      1. Henry Selby

Cultural Ethnology

    1. R Cultural/Ethnology: Cursillo: Anatomy of a Movement. Marcene Marcoux
      1. Stan Wilk
    2. R Cultural/Ethnology: Plains Indian Studies: A Collection of Essays in Honor Of John C. Ewers And Waldo R. Wedel. Douglas H. Ubelaker and Herman J. Viola, eds
      1. Garrick Bailey
    3. R Cultural/Ethnology: Justice by Insurance: The General Indian Court of Colonial Mexico and the Legal Aides of the Half-Real. Woodrow Borah
      1. Robert M. Hayden
    4. R Cultural/Ethnology: Malinowski in Mexico: The Economics of a Mexican Market System. Bronislaw Malinowski and Julio de la Fuente
      1. Barry L. Isaac
    5. R Cultural/Ethnology: The Development of the Family and Marriage in Europe. Jack Goody
      1. Aidan Southall
    6. R Cultural/Ethnology: The Traveller-Gypsies. Judith Okely
      1. Matt T. Salo
    7. R Cultural/Ethnology: Women in Muslim Rural Society: Status and Role in Family and Community. Joseph Ginat
      1. Khalil Nakhleh
    8. R Cultural/Ethnology: A Celebration of Demons, Bruce Kapferer
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    9. R Cultural/Ethnology: The Conflict of Tribe and State in Iran and Afghanistan. Richard Tapper, ed
      1. Kevin Avruch
    10. R Cultural/Ethnology: Highlanders of Arunachal Pradesh: Anthropological Research in North-East India. Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf
      1. Gina Holloman
    11. R Cultural/Ethnology: Punjabi Kinship and Marriage. Paul Hershman
      1. Bharpur S. Brar
    12. R Cultural/Ethnology: Rambu Solo': La Fumee Descend. Jeannine Koubi
      1. Michael Peletz
    13. R Cultural/Ethnology: Homicide Compensation in Papua New Guinea: Problems and Prospects. Richard Scaglion, ed
      1. Edwin A. Cook
    14. R Cultural/Ethnology: Kwaio Religion: The Living and the Dead in a Solomon Island Society. Roger M. Keesing
      1. Martin Orans
    15. R Cultural/Ethnology: Feigned Necessity. Hawaii's Attempt to Obtain Chinese Contract Labor, 1921–1923. John E. Reinecke
      1. Stephen T. Boggs


    1. R Physical: Perspectives in Ethology, Volume 5: Ontogeny. P. P. G. Bateson and Peter H. Klopfer, eds
      1. James J. Mckenna
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      1. Kenneth A. R. Kennedy
    3. R Physical: Avars and Ancient Hungarians. Pal Liptak
      1. Gloria y'Edynak
    4. R Physical: Biochemical Aspects of Evolutionary Biology. Matthew H. Nitecki, ed
      1. Michael H. Crawford
    5. R Physical: How Humans Adapt: A Biocultural Odyssey. Smithsonian International Symposia Series. Donald J. Ortner, ed
      1. Alan Goodman
    6. R Physical: Algeny, Algeny, Algeny. Jeremy Rifkin
      1. John Buettner-Janusch
    7. R Physical: The Shanidar Neanderthals. Erik Trinkaus
      1. Kenneth A. R. Kennedy


    1. R Linguistics: Conversational Organization: Interaction Between Speakers and Hearers. Charles Goodwin
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      1. Nancy P. Hickerson
    3. R Linguistics: Psycholinguistics: Language, Mind and World. Danny D. Steinberg
      1. Carolyn F. Wall
    4. R Linguistics: Sociolinguistics of Literature and Selected Papers from the 1980 Meeting. John G. Bordie, ed
      1. Paul V. Kroskrity
    5. R Linguistics: Linguistic Concepts: An Introduction to Tagmemics. Kenneth L. Pike
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    6. R Linguistics: Native American Renaissance. Kenneth Lincoln
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    9. R Linguistics: The Language of Easter Island. Robert Lang-don and Darrell Tryon
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    10. R Linguistics: On Dialect: Social and Geographical Perspectives. Peter Trudgill
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    11. R Linguistics: Kammu Phonology and Morphology. Jan-Olof Svantesson
      1. J. Joseph Errington


    1. R Archeology: Civilization of the Ancient Americas: Essays in Honor of Gordon R. Willey: Prehistoric Settlement Patterns: Essays in Honor of Gordon R. Willey
    2. R Archeology: The Cloud People: Divergent Evolution of the Zapotec and Mixtec Civilizations. Kent V. Flannery and Joyce Marcus, eds
      1. Barbara Voorhies
    3. R Archeology: The Prehistory of the Ayacucho Basin, Peru, Volume II: Excavations and Chronology. Richard S. MacNeish, Angel Garcia Cook, Luis G. Lumbreras, Robert K. Vierra and Antoinette Nelken-Terner
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    6. R Archeology: The Archeological and Linguistic Reconstruction of African History. Christopher Ehrel and Merrick Posnansky, eds
      1. Daniel F. Mccall
    7. R Archeology: Anthropology for Archaeologists: An Introduction. Bryony Orme
      1. Kristen Hawkes
    8. R Archeology: The Archaeology of Monitor Valley, I: Epistemology. David Hurst Thomas Anthropological
      1. Richard C. Hanes
    9. R Archeology: The Middle Stone Age at Klasies River Mouth in South Africa. Ronald Singer and John Wymer
      1. J. Desmond Clark
    10. R Archeology: The Establishment of Human Antiquity. Donald K. Grayson
      1. L. G. Freeman

General Theoretical

    1. R General/Theoretical: Why They Did Not Starve: Biocultural Adaptation in a South Indian Village. Morgan D. Maclachlan
      1. Chris Boehm
    2. R General/Theoretical: Culture and Morality: The Relativity of Values in Anthropology. Elvin Hatch
      1. Victoria Mukerji
    3. R General/Theoretical: Freud and Anthropology: A History and Reappraisal. Edwin R. Wallace, IV
      1. Donald Joralemon
    4. R General/Theoretical: Transitions: Four Rituals in Eight Cultures. Martha Nemes Fried and Morton H. Fried
      1. Rhoda Metraux
    5. R General/Theoretical: Ethnography of Fertility and Birth. Carol P. MacCormack, ed
      1. Edwin A. Cook
    6. R General/Theoretical: Indigenous Economics: A Cultural Approach. Chinyamata Chipeta
      1. Michael Chibnik
    7. R General/Theoretical: The Role of the Horse in Man's Culture. Harold B. Barclay
      1. John C. Ewers
    8. R General/Theoretical: Social Anthropology. Edmund Leach
      1. Raymond J. Demallie
    9. R General/Theoretical: Romantic Love and Society Jacqueline Sarsby
      1. Peter S. Allen
    10. R General/Theoretical: Sexual Practices: The Story of Human Sexuality. Edgar Gregersen
      1. James W. Edwards
    11. R General/Theoretical: Religious Organization and Religious Experience. J. Davis, ed
      1. Seth Leacock
    12. R General/Theoretical: Ethnic Change. Charles F. Keyes, ed
      1. Sandra A. Hoover

Film Reviews

    1. R Films: The Visualization of Anthropology. Maryann Curione, compiler
      1. Peter S. Allen
    2. R American Chinatown. 1982. Produced by Todd Carrel. 30 minutes, color: China: Land of My Father. 1980. A film by Felicia Lowe
    3. R Sewing Woman. 1982. A film by Arthur Dong: Mitsuye and Nellie. 1981. Produced by Light-Saraf Productions and directed by Allie Light
    4. R The Four Corners. 1983. Produced by Glenn Switkes, Christopher McLeod, and Randy Hayes
      1. Louise Lamphere
    5. R Man of Lightning. 1983. Written and directed by Gary Moss
      1. Edward B. Sisson
    6. R Rock Art Treasures of Ancient America. 1983. Produced and directed by Dave Caldwell
      1. Jo Anne Van Tilburg
    7. R Sandino, Today and Forever. 1981. Produced by Tercer Cine and directed by Jan Kees de Rooy: Thank God and the Revolution. 1981. Produced by Tercer Cine and directed by Wolf Tirado and Jackie Reiter: Women in Arms. 1980. Produced and directed by Victoria Schultz
    8. R Magic Windows. 1981. Produced by Manuel Araugo, Hugh Johnston, and Suzanne Johnston
      1. Senon Valadez
    9. R The Making of Mankind. 1982. A series of seven films
      1. Russell H. Tuttle
    10. R Leakey. 1983. Produced by the National Geographic Society- 23 minutes, color
      1. Russell H. Tuttle
    11. R Hadar 75: Field Techniques. 1976. Directed by Daniel Cavillon, Michele Cavillon, and Bernard Favre
      1. Noel T. Boaz
    12. R Beating the Bellows. 1982. Produced and directed by Peter Schmidt and Imogene Lim
      1. Arthur Steinberg
    13. R Eze Nwata: The Small King. 1982. A film by Georg Jell and Sabine Jell-Bahlsen
      1. Simon Ottenberg
    14. R Bono Medicines. 1981. A film by J. Scott Dodds, Thomas J. Wallace, and David D. Ohl
      1. Simon Ottenberg
    15. R Turkana Conversations Trilogy. 3 color films by David MacDougall and Judith MacDougall
      1. Ben G. Blount
    16. R Sons of Haji Omar. 1978. A film by Tim Asch and Asen Balikci
      1. Bahram Tavakolian
    17. R The Wages of Action: Religion in a Hindu Village: Munni ('Little Girl'): Childhood and Art in Mithila: So Far from India: A Zenana: Scenes and Recollections
    18. R A Balinese Trance Seance: Jero on Jero: A Balinese Trance Seance Observed: The Medium Is the Masseuse: A Balinese Massage: Jero Tapakan: Stories in the Life of a Balinese Healer
    19. R Voices in the Forest. 1981. Produced by David Parer
      1. Darrell Whiteman
    20. R Waiting for Harry. 1980. A film by Kim McKenzie
      1. Jane C. Goodale
    21. R Pacific Island Life. 1977. Five color films by Herman Schlenker; The Coconut Tree (15 minutes)
      1. Joan Larcom
    22. R Samoa i Sisifo, 1983. Produced for Journal Films: The Best Kept Secret. 1976. Produced for Journal Films. 16 minutes, color: Tonga Royal. 1983. Produced for Journal Films