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    1. R Errata

Original Article

    1. R The Good Old Days Were Better: Agrarian Collapse and Tectonics
      1. Michael E. Moseley
    2. R Clark Wissler and the Development of Anthropology in the United States
      1. Stanley A. Freed
        Ruth S. Freed
    3. R Context-Specific Variation in Humoral Classification
      1. Holly F. Mathews
    4. R Economic Custom in a Competitive Marketplace
      1. Stuart Plattner

Review Article

    1. R Repatriating an Interpretive Anthropology: The American Studies/Cultural Criticism Connection
      1. George E. Marcus

Research Reports

    1. R Serpents and Styles in Peten Postclassic Pottery
    2. R Concepts in the Anthropological Study of Irrigation
    3. R Topical Sorting: A Technique for Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis
    4. R "Frog" and "Lizard": Additional Life-Forms from Papua New Guinea
      1. PETER D. DWYER


    1. R PHILIP DRUCKER 1911–1982


    1. R Defense Mechanisms Generated by Some Anthropologists When Suffering from Deep Anxieties Caused by Creationism and Sociobiology: Comments on Gray and Wolfe's "Ethnosociologies"
    2. R Reply to Waldorf
      1. J. PATRICK GRAY
        LINDA D. WOLFE
    3. R A Note on Nuer Segmentary Organization
    4. R Response to Kelly

Special Section

    1. R Speaking in the Name of the Real: Freeman and Mead on Samoa
    2. R Ethnographic Determinism: Samoa and the Margaret Mead Controversy
    3. R Anthropology: A Quaint Science
    4. R A Tale of Two Studies
    5. R Paradox Regained: Freeman's Margaret Mead and Samoa
      1. BRADD SHORE
    6. R Our Great Deception, Or, Anthropology Defiled!

Book Reviews

    1. R Archeology:Archaeology of Urban America: The Search for Pattern and Process. Roy S. Dickens
      1. William Hampton Adams
    2. R Archeology:illage Ethnoarchaeology: Rural Iran in Archaeological Perspective. Carol Kramer
      1. Claudia Chang
    3. R Archeology:Journal of Intermountain Archeology, Vol. 1, Nos. 1 and 2. Rock Springs, Wyo.:
      1. Jeffrey L. Eighmy
        Gregory L. Possehl
    4. R Archeology:The Archaeology of India. D. P. Agrawal
      1. Nancy Orton
    5. R Archeology:Le Paléolithique Supérieur de Plein Air en Périgord (Industries et Structures d'Habitat): Secteur Mussidan—Saint-Astier Moyenne Vallée de l'Isle. Jean Gaussen. XIVe
      1. Lawrence G. Straus
    6. R Physical:Current Developments in Anthropological Genetics, Vol. 2: Ecology and Population Structure. Michael H. Crawford and James H. Mielke, eds
      1. Marshall G. Hurlich
    7. R Physical:Craniometry and Biological Distance: Biocultural Continuity and Change at the Late-Woodland-Mississippian Interface. Judith Droessler
      1. William M. Bass
    8. R Physical:Teeth: Form, Function and Evolution. Bjorn Kurten, ed
      1. John R. Lukacs
    9. R Physical:Functional Morphology of the Hip and Thigh of the Lorisiformes. J. E. McArdle
      1. Laurie Godfrey
    10. R Physical:The Principles of Cerebral Dominance: The Evolutionary Significance of the Radical Deduplication of the Human Brain. Charles W. Needham
      1. Ralph L. Holloway
    11. R Physical:On the Evolution of Human Behavior: The Argument from Animals to Man. Peter C. Reynolds
      1. John Buettner-Janusch
    12. R Physical:Atlas of Radiographs of Early Man. Mark F. Skinner and Geoffrey H. Sperber
      1. Milford H. Wolpoff
    13. R Physical:A History of American Physical Anthropology, 1930–1980. Frank Spencer, ed
      1. Kenneth A. R. Kennedy
    14. R Physical:The Social Life of Monkeys and Apes. 2nd ed. S. Zuckerman
      1. Carolyn M. Crockett
    15. R Linguistics:Language Spread: Studies in Diffusion and Social Change. Robert L. Cooper, ed
      1. Susan Gal
    16. R Linguistics:Discourse Strategies. John J. Gumperz
      1. Stephen T. Boggs
    17. R Linguistics:The Play of Musement. Thomas A. Sebeok
      1. Bradd Shore
    18. R Linguistics:Planning and Understanding: A Computational Approach to Human Reasoning. Robert Wilensky
      1. Michael Agar


    1. R Notes

Book Reviews

    1. R Cultural/Ethnology:Aleuts: Survivors of the Bering Land Bridge. William S. Laughlin
      1. Jack Steinbing
    2. R Cultural/Ethnology:Lakota of the Rosebud: A Contemporary Ethnography. Elizabeth S. Grobsmith
      1. Gary Granzberg
    3. R Cultural/Ethnology:Belonging: Identity and Social Organization in British Rural Cultures. Anthony P. Cohen, ed
      1. Lenora A. Timm
    4. R Cultural/Ethnology:Sodomy and the Perception of Evil: English Sea Rovers in the Seventeenth Century Caribbean. B. R. Burg
      1. Philip DeVita
    5. R Cultural/Ethnology:The Middle East: An Anthropological Approach. Dale Eickelman
      1. Harold Barclay
    6. R Cultural/Ethnology:Moroccan Dialogues: Anthropology in Question. Kevin Dwyer
      1. Paul Magnarella
    7. R Cultural/Ethnology:Women in Turkish Society. Nermin Abadan-Unat, ed
      1. June Starr
    8. R Cultural/Ethnology:Ma' Betisék Concepts of Living Things. Wazir-Jahan Karim
      1. Paul M. Taylor
    9. R Cultural/Ethnology:The Aboriginal Tasmanians. Lyndall Ryan
      1. Doug Munro
    10. R Cultural/Ethnology:Sound and Sentiment: Birds, Weeping, Poetics, and Song in Kaluli Expression. Steven Feld
      1. Allan Thomas
    11. R Cultural/Ethnology:Anuta: Social Structure of a Polynesian Island. Richard Feinberg
      1. Judith Huntsman
    12. R Cultural/Ethnology:Sala'ilua: A Samoan Mystery. Bradd Shore
      1. Ellen Rhoads Holmes
    13. R Cultural/Ethnology:One Man Cannot Rule a Thousand: Fission in a Ponapean Chiefdom. Glenn Petersen
      1. Kenneth E. Knudson
    14. R Applied:The Politics of American Indian Policy. Robert L. Bee
      1. William Willard
    15. R Book Reviews
    16. R Applied:The New Arab Social Order: A Study of the Social Impact of Oil Wealth. Saad Eddin Ibrahim
      1. Theodore E. Downing
    17. R Applied: Black Villagers in an Industrial Society: Anthropological Perspectives on Labour Migration in South Africa. Philip Mayer, ed.
      1. Wade Pendleton
    18. R Applied: Childbirth: Alternatives to Medical Control. Shelly Romalis, ed.
      1. Lucile F. Newman
    19. R Applied:On the Street Where I Lived. Melvin D. Williams
      1. Tony L. Whitehead
    20. R General/Theoretical:Crisis in Anthropology: View from Spring Hill, 1980. E. Adamson Hoebel, Richard Currier, and Susan Kaiser, eds
      1. Richard G. Fox
    21. R General/Theoretical:The Labour Theory of Culture: A Re-examination of Engels's Theory of Human Origins. Charles Woolfson
      1. Philip L. Kohl
    22. R General/Theoretical:Culture in Comparative and Evolutionary Perspective: E. B. Tylor and the Making of Primitive Culture. Joan Leopold
      1. Harold Scheffler
    23. R General/Theoretical:Mental Models. Dedre Gentner and Albert L. Stevens, eds
      1. Willett Kempton
        Jean Lave
    24. R FILM REVIEWS: Videotape Program Catalogue
      1. Peter S. Allen
    25. R FILM REVIEWS:The Royal Anthropological Institute Film Library Catalogue. James Woodburn, ed
      1. Peter S. Allen
    26. R FILM REVIEWS:The Hideout. 1981. A film by Brian Patrick
      1. Sam Beck
    27. R Book Reviews
    28. R FILM REVIEWS:Free Voice of Labor—The Jewish Anarchists. 1980. Directed by Joel Sucher and Steven Fischler
      1. Riv-Ellen Prell
    29. R FILM REVIEWS:The Alien's Place. 1979. A film by Rudolf van den Berg
      1. Riv-Ellen Prell
    30. R FILM REVIEWS:Rise Up and Walk. 1982. Written and directed by John Ankele
      1. T. O. Beidelman
    31. R FILM REVIEWS:A Zoroastrian Ritual: The Yasna. 1982. Produced and directed by James W. Boyd and William R. Darrow
      1. William O. Beeman
    32. R FILM REVIEWS:The 11 Powers. 1980. Produced by Larry Gartenstein
      1. Ann P. McCauley
    33. R Book Reviews