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Original Article

    1. R Other Times, Other Customs: The Anthropology of History
      1. Marshall Sahlins
    2. R Subsistence Economies and the Origins of Andean Complex Societies
      1. Jeffrey Quilter
        Terry Stocker
    3. R Ecological Aspects of Equestrian Adaptations in Aboriginal North America
      1. Alan J. Osborn
    4. R Ndumba Folk Biology and General Principles of Ethnobotanical Classification and Nomenclature
      1. Terence E. Hays

Review Article

    1. R Optimal Foraging Theory: A Review of Some Models and Their Applications
      1. John F. Martin

Research Reports

    1. R Ceramic Form and Function: An Ethnographic Search and an Archeological Application
        MARY M. A. McDONALD
    2. R Saving in Primitive Economies
      1. CARL E. WALSH
    3. R Toward a Functional Approach to Narrative Structure
      1. YIGAL ZAN


    1. R Reply to Shweder's "On Savages and Other Children"
      1. C. R. HALLPIKE
    2. R Who Reviews the Reviewers?
      1. LAURA NADER
    3. R Reply to Harbison's Comments on Nardi's "Modes of Explanation in Anthropological Population Theory"
      1. BONNIE A. NARDI
    4. R Shabono: Scandal or Superb Social Science?

Book Reviews

    1. R Cultural/Ethnology: Resource Managers: North American and Australian Hunter-Gatherers. Nancy M. Williams and Eugene S. Hunn
      1. John F. Martin
    2. R Cultural/Ethnology: Sex Roles in Contemporary American Communes. Jon Wagner
      1. Jon D. Swartz
        Robert C. Reinehr
    3. R Cultural/Ethnology: The Wood Carvers of Cordova, New Mexico: Social Dimensions of an Artistic "Revival."Charles L. Briggs. Knoxville
      1. Diana Ryesky
    4. R Cultural/Ethnology: Zapotec Stoneworkers: The Dynamics of Rural Simple Commodity Production in Modern Mexican Capitalism. Scott Cook. Lanham, Md
      1. Barry L. Isaac
    5. R Cultural/Ethnology: Indianische Landrechte in Yukatan um die Mitte des 16. Jahrhunderts: Dokumenten-analyse und Konstruktion von Wirklich-keitsmodellen am Fall des Landvertrages von Mani. von Frauke Johanna Riese.
      1. Munro Edmonson
    6. R Cultural/Ethnology: Shabono: A Visit to a Remote and Magical World in the Heart of the South American Jungle. Florinda Donner. New York
      1. Debra Picchi
    7. R Cultural/Ethnology: A Divided World: Apinayé Social Structure. Roberto Da Matta.
      1. Warren Shapiro
    8. R Cultural/Ethnology: The Panare: Tradition and Change on the Amazonian Frontier. Paul Henley.
      1. Gerald Weiss
    9. R Cultural/Ethnology: Parenthood and Social Reproduction: Fostering and Occupational Roles in West Africa. Esther N. Goody.
      1. Edgar Winans
    10. R Cultural/Ethnology: Buried Unsung: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre. Zeese Papanikolas.
      1. G. James Patterson
    11. R Cultural/Ethnology: Buzkashi: Game and Power in Afghanistan. G. Whitney Azoy. Philadelphia
      1. Michael Fischer
    12. R Cultural/Ethnology: Generosity and Jealousy: The Swat Pukhtun of Northern Pakistan. Charles Lindholm. New York
      1. Richard Whitten
    13. R Cultural/Ethnology: Human Spirits: A Cultural Account of Trance in Mayotte. Michael Lambek.
      1. A. W. Southall
    14. R Cultural/Ethnology: Sorcery and Social Change in Melanesia. Marty Zelenietz and Shirley Lindenbaum, eds. Social Analysis
      1. Terence Hays
    15. R General/Theoretical: Between Belief and Transgression: Structuralist Essays in Religion, History, and Myth. Michel Izard and Pierre Smith
      1. Roy Wagner
    16. R General/Theoretical: The Naked Man: Introduction to a Science of Mythology, Vol. 4. Claude Lévi-Strauss. New York
      1. Peter Roe
    17. R General/Theoretical: To Dance Is Human. Judith L. Hanna. Austin
      1. William K. Powers
    18. R General/Theoretical: The Meaning of Things: Domestic Symbols and the Self. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Eugene Rochberg-Halton.
      1. John Kirkpatrick
    19. R General/Theoretical: Experience Forms. George Haydu
      1. Harold G. Levine
    20. R General/Theoretical: Socialization. Thomas Rhys Williams.
      1. Robert L. Rubinstein
        Susan Hersker Rubinstein
    21. R General/Theoretical: Child Abuse and Neglect: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Jill Korbin
      1. Patricia Draper
    22. R General/Theoretical: The Red Lamp of Incest: What the Taboo Can Tell Us About Who We Are and How We Got That Way. Robin Fox.
      1. Seymour Parker
    23. R General/Theoretical: Beyond the Myths of Culture: Essays in Cultural Materialism. Eric B. Ross
      1. Walter Goldschmidt
    24. R Physical: Racial Adaptations: A Study of the Origins, Nature, and Significance of Racial Variations in Humans. Carleton S. Coon.
      1. Stephen Molnar
    25. R Physical: Animal Play Behavior. Robert Fagen. New York
      1. Theodore I. Grand
    26. R Physical: Primate Paradigms: Sex Roles and Social Bonds. Linda Marie Fedigan.
      1. Karen Barbara Strier
    27. R Physical: Human Variation: Races, Types, and Ethnic Groups. Stephen Molnar.
      1. Grover S. Krantz
    28. R Physical: Changing Perspectives on Menopause. Ann M. Voda. Austin
      1. Rose E. Frisch
    29. R Physical: Ancient Diseases: The Elements of Palaeo-pathology. Srboljub Zivanovic.
      1. Frank P. Saul
    30. R Applied: Other Ways of Growing Old: Anthropological Perspectives. Pamela T. Amoss and Stevan Harrell: Dimensions: Aging, Culture, and Health. Christine L. Fry
      1. Harry F. Todd
    31. R Applied: Rural Society in the U.S.: Issues for the 1980s. Don A. Dillman and Daryl J. Hobbs
      1. Mary Jo Schneider
    32. R Applied: Hypertension and Culture Change: Acculturation and Disease in the West Indies. William W. Dressler.
      1. Demitri B. Shimkin
    33. R Applied: Indians and Criminal Justice. Laurence French
      1. James E. Officer
    34. R Applied: From Peasant to Proletarian: Capitalist Development and Agrarian Transitions. David Goodman and Michael Redclift.
      1. Robert W. Werge
    35. R Applied: Is God an American?: An Anthropological Perspective on the Missionary Work of the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Soren Hvalkof and Peter Aaby
      1. Nora England
    36. R Applied: The Sociology of an Indian Hospital Ward. Joanna Kirkpatrick. Calcutta
      1. Luis S. Kemnitzer
    37. R Applied: Social Contexts of Health, Illness, and Patient Care. Elliot G. Mishler, Lorna R. Amara-Singham, Stuart T. Hauser, Ramsay Liem, Samuel D. Osherson, and Nancy E. Waxler.
      1. Billye S. Fogleman
    38. R Applied: No Place To Go: Effects of Compulsory Relocation on Navajos. Thayer Scudder. Philadelphia
      1. Bradley A. Blake
    39. R Applied: Children and Their Organizations: Investigations in American Culture. R. Timothy Sieber and Andrew J. Gordon
      1. Murray L. Wax
    40. R Applied: Who Rules the Joint? Charles Stastny and Gabrielle Tyrnauer. Lexington
      1. Mark S. Fleisher
    41. R Applied: Making Canadian Indian Policy: The Hidden Agenda 1968–1970. Sally M. Weaver.
      1. Joan Ryan
    42. R Archeology: Symbols in Action: Ethnoarchaeological Studies of Material Culture. Ian Hodder.
      1. Stephen E. Plog
        Karen Richman
    43. R Archeology: Strategies for Survival: Cultural Behavior in an Ecological Context. Michael A. Jochim.
      1. Robert L. Bettinger
    44. R Archeology: Mortality and Immortality: The Anthropology and Archaeology of Death. S. C. Humphreys and Helen King
      1. Jane E. Buikstra
    45. R Archeology: The Evolution of the Prehistoric State. Jonathan Haas.
      1. Gregory A. Johnson
    46. R Archeology: The Cuicatlán Cañada and Monte Albán: A Study of Primary State Formation. Charles S. Spencer.
      1. Marcus C. Winter
    47. R Archeology: The Transition to Statehood in the New World. Grant D. Jones and Robert R. Kautz
      1. Henry T. Wright
    48. R Archeology: Polities and Power: An Economic and Political History of the Western Pueblo. Steadman Upham.
      1. Paul Fish
        Charles Polzer
    49. R Archeology: Prehispanic Settlement Patterns in the Southern Valley of Mexico: The Chalco-Xochimilco Region. Jeffrey R. Parsons, Elizabeth Brumfiel, Mary H. Parsons, and David J. Wilson.
      1. Robert D. Drennan
    50. R Linguistics: Politically Speaking: Cross-Cultural Studies of Rhetoric. Robert Paine
      1. William M. O'Barr
    51. R Linguistics: Language Development, Volume 1: Syntax and Semantics. Stan Kuczaj, II: Language Development, Volume 2: Language, Thought, and Culture. Stan Kuczaj, II
    52. R Linguistics: Language, Children and Society: The Effects of Social Factors on Children Learning to Communicate. Olga K. Garnica and Martha L. King
      1. Donald L. Rubin
    53. R Linguistics: The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence. Avron Barr and Edward A. Feigenbaum
      1. John S. White
    54. R Linguistics: Die Kognitive Anthropologie: Aufbau und Grundlagen eines Ethnologisch-Linguistischen Paradigmas. Egon Renner.
      1. David B. Kronenfeld
        Ada Schmidt
    55. R Linguistics: The Language of Television Advertising. Michael L. Geis
      1. J. Jerome Smith
    56. R Linguistics: Lacan and Language: A Reader's Guide to Ecrits. John P. Muller and William J. Richardson
      1. Stephen William Foster
    57. R Linguistics: The Kensington Rune-Stone Is Genuine: Linguistic, Practical, Methodological Consideration. Robert A. Hall, Jr.
      1. Vincent O. Erickson
    58. R Linguistics: Standard Languages: Spoken and Written. W. Haas
      1. Ralph Gorog
    59. R Linguistics: Proto Otomanguean Kinship. William R. Merrifield
      1. Gregory Truex
    60. R Linguistics: Studies in Uto-Aztecan Grammar, Volume 3: Uto-Aztecan Grammatical Sketches. Ronald W. Langacker
      1. Paul V. Kroskrity
    61. R Linguistics: The Mayi Languages of the Queensland Gulf Country. Gavan Breen
      1. Francesca Merlan
    62. R Notes: Bibliography of the Languages of Native California: The Phonology and Morphology of Axininca: Khowar-English Dictionary: District of Pakistan

Film Reviews

    1. R Capital of Earth: The Maroons of Moore Town. 1979. Produced and directed by Jefferson Miller
      1. Johnnetta B. Cole
        Elizabeth H. Oakes
    2. R The Skiff of Renald and Thomas. 1980. Produced by Michel Brault and directed by Bernard Gosselin
      1. Bryce Muir
        Margaret Muir
    3. R Old Believers in Oregon. 1981. Produced and directed by Margaret Hixon
      1. Lydia T. Black
    4. R Little Injustices: Laura Nader Looks at the Law. 1980. Produced by Michael Ambrosino for "Odyssey." Directed by Terry Rockefeller
      1. John W. Adams
    5. R Yo-Yo Man. 1978. Produced and directed by John Melville Bishop
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
        Michael Cullinane
    6. R The Patriot Game. 1980. A film by Arthur MacCaig
      1. John C. Messenger
    7. R India: An Introduction. 1980. Produced by Worldview Productions for the International Film Foundation (Sam Bryan
      1. Lina Fruzzetti
    8. R The Three Worlds of Bali. 1981. A film by Ira R. Abrams
      1. Philip F. McKean
    9. R To Find the Baruya Story. 1983. A film by Stephen Olsson, Marek Jablonko, Allison Jablonko, Scott Andrews and Maurice Godelier
      1. Timothy Asch
    10. R Her Name Came on Arrows: A Kinship Interview with the Baruya of Papua New Guinea. 1983. A film by Allison Jablonko, Marek Jablonko, and Stephen Olsson
      1. Timothy Asch
    11. R Other People's Garbage. 1980. Produced and directed by Ann Peck and Claire Andrade-Watkins
      1. Robert Paynter
    12. R Is There an American Stonehenge? 1982. Produced by Harold Mayer. Commentary by John Eddy
      1. Ronald Hicks


    1. R Erratum