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Original Article

    1. R Aztec State Making: Ecology, Structure, and the Origin of the State
      1. Elizabeth M. Brumfiel
    2. R The Relative Decline in Women's Contribution to Agriculture with Intensification
      1. Carol R. Ember
    3. R Cognitive and Geographic Maps: Study of Individual Variation Among Tojolabal Mayans
      1. Louanna Furbee
        Robert A. Benfer

Review Article

    1. R Hunters, Gatherers, and Sex Roles in Space and Time
      1. Nancy Makepeace Tanner
    2. R Marriage Payments: A Riddle for Anthropologists
      1. John U. Ocbu
    3. R In Search of Experience: The Anthropological Poetics of Stanley Diamond
      1. Dan Rose

Research Reports

    1. R The Creation of Linguistic Structure1
    2. R Mesoamerican Historical Linguistics and Distant Genetic Relationship: Getting It Straight
    3. R Revised Lexicostatistical Classification of Salishan Languages
        LYNN L. THOMAS
    4. R Loose Talk: Linguistic Competence and Recognition Ability
    5. R Perceptual Distances and the Basic Color Term Encoding Sequence
      1. RICHARD K. SUN
    6. R A Preliminary Test for the Validation of the Adult Male-Child Bond as a Species-Characteristic Trait
      1. WADE C. MACKEY


    1. R Counting Skulls: Comment on the Aztec Cannibalism Theory of Harner-Harris
    2. R Is Guatemalan Indian Society Really Changeless? A Rebuttal to Partridge
    3. R Reply to Brintnall
    4. R Testing Sociobiological Theory: A Reply to Handwerker and Crosbie
      1. PAUL W. TURKE
        L. L. BETZIG
    5. R On Methodology and Strawmen: Reply to Turke and Betzig
    6. R Spirit Possession and Biological Reductionism: A Rejoinder to Kehoe and Giletti
      1. IOAN LEWIS
    7. R Women, Possession Trance Cults, and the Extended Nutrient-Deficiency Hypothesis
        SUSAN McCABE
    8. R Reply to Lewis and to Bourguignon, Bellisari and McCabe
      1. ALICE B. KEHOE
    9. R Death-Hastening Behavior: An Expansion of Eastwell's Thesis
    10. R "Voodoo Death" and Dehydration
      1. JOHN CAWTE
    11. R Comment on "Arnold van Gennep: The Hermit of Bourg-La-Reine," by Zumwalt

Book Reviews

    1. R General/Theoretical: A History of Anthropological Thought: Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard. Andre Singer, ed
      1. James A. Boon
    2. R General/Theoretical: The Foundations of Structuralism: A Critique of Lévi-Strauss and the Structuralist Movement. Simon Clarke
      1. Ino Rossi
    3. R General/Theoretical: Ideas and Trends in World Anthropology. Charles Fruntz, ed
      1. May Ebihara
    4. R General/Theoretical: Research in Economic Anthropology: A Research Annual. George Dalton, ed
      1. Keith Morton
    5. R General/Theoretical: Icon and Conquest: A Structural Analysis of the Illustrations of de Bry's Great Voyages. Bernadette Bucher
      1. Roger Joseph
    6. R General/Theoretical: The Time of the Sign: A Semiotic Interpretation of Modern Culture. Dean MacCannell and Juliet Flower MacCannell
      1. Kenneth Liberman
    7. R Cultural: Poker Faces: The Life and Work of Professional Card Players. David M. Hayano
      1. Michael Agar
    8. R Cultural: The Social Context of Innovation: Bureaucrats, Families, and Heroes in the Early Industrial Revolution, as Foreseen in Bacon's New Atlantis. Anthony F. C. Wallace
      1. Mike Agar
    9. R Cultural: Chinatown: Economic Adaptation and Ethnic Identity of the Chinese. Bernard P. Wong
      1. Laurel Cornell
    10. R Book Reviews
    11. R Cultural: From Indians to Chicanos: A Sociocultural History. James Diego Vigil
      1. James Robert Moriarty
    12. R Cultural: The Peasant Potters of Los Pueblos: Stimulus Situation and Adaptive Processes in the Mazahua Region in Central Mexico. Dick A. Papousek
      1. J. J. Brody
    13. R Cultural: El Hombre y Su Ambiente en Los Andes Centrales. Luis Millones and Hiroyasu Tomoeda, eds
      1. Barry Isaac
    14. R Cultural: Teso in Transformation: The Political Economy of Peasant and Class in Eastern Africa. Joan Vincent
      1. Eugenia Shanklin
    15. R Cultural: Nubian Ceremonial Life: Studies in Islamic Syncretism and Cultural Change. John Kennedy, ed
      1. Harold Barclay
    16. R Cultural: Ours Once More: Folklore, Ideology, and the Making of Modern Greece. Michael Herzfeld
      1. Peter Allen
    17. R Cultural: Chinese Ritual and Politics. Emily Martin Ahern
      1. David Wu
    18. R Cultural: The Silent Revolution: The Effects of Modernization on Australian Aboriginal Religion. Erich Kolig
      1. Peter Black
    19. R Cultural: Middlemen and Brokers in Oceania. William L. Rodman and Dorothy Ayers Counts, eds
      1. Annette B. Weiner
    20. R Cultural: The Semiologist in Paradise: A Reinterpretation of Status and Role on Truk. Michael Blegvad
      1. Mac Marshall
    21. R Applied: The Mediating Person: Bridges Between Cultures. Stephen Bochner, ed
      1. Hazel H. Weidman
    22. R Applied: Opportunity and Constraint in a Savanna Society: The Gbaya of Meiganga, Cameroon. Philip Burnham
      1. Barry L. Isaac
    23. R Applied: The State of Ambiguity: Studies of Gypsy Refugees. Ignacy-Marek Kaminsky
      1. Cynthia Nelson
    24. R Applied: Bibliography of North American Indian Mental Health. Dianne R. Kelso and Carolyn L. Attneave
      1. Dorothea C. Leighton
    25. R Applied: The Socioeconomic Impact of Resource Development: Methods for Assessment. Larry Leistritz and Steven H. Murdock
      1. Richard W. Stoffle
    26. R Book Reviews
    27. R Applied: Anthropologists at Home in North America: Methods and Issues in the Study of One's Own Society. Donald A. Messerschmidt, ed
      1. Janice Hogle
    28. R Applied: Drinking Behavior Among the Southwestern Indians. Jack O. Waddell and Michael W. Everett, eds
      1. William Madsen
    29. R Physical: Beyond Sociobiology. John D. Baldwin and Janice I. Baldwin
      1. John J. Sewart
    30. R Physical: Prehistoric Tuberculosis in the Americas. Jane E. Buikstra, ed
      1. Sam D. Stout
    31. R Physical: The Extended Phenotype: The Gene as the Unit of Selection. Richard Dawkins
      1. Peter E. Nute
    32. R Physical: The Monkey Puzzle: Reshaping the Evolutionary Tree. John Gribbin and Jeremy Cherfas
      1. Adrienne Zihlman
    33. R Physical: The Anthropology of St. Catherines Island, 3: Prehistoric Human Biological Adaptation. Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History Vol. 57: Part 3. Clark Spencer Larsen
      1. Polly A. Toups
    34. R Physical: The Perception of Evolution. Essays Honoring Joseph B. Birdsell, with Reminiscences by Norman B. Tindale. Larry L. Mai, Eugenia Shanklin, and Robert W. Sussman, eds
      1. J. Lawrence Angel
    35. R Physical: The Aging Skeleton: Aspects of Human Bone Involution. Spencer L. Rogers
      1. William R. Maples
    36. R Physical: Atlas of Human Paleopathology. Michael R. Zimmerman and Marc A. Kelley
      1. Kenneth A. R. Kennedy
    37. R Book Reviews
    38. R Archeology: The Archaeology of Death. Robert Chapman, Ian Kinnes, and Klavs Randsborg, eds
      1. N'omi Greber
    39. R Archeology: Essays on Archaeological Typology. Robert Whallon and James A. Brown, eds.s
      1. Frank A. Hole
    40. R Archeology: Tree-Ring Dating and Archaeology. M. G. L. Baillie
      1. Martin R. Rose
    41. R Archeology: The Research Potential of Anthropological Museum Collections. Anne-Marie Cantwell, James B. Griffin, and Nan A. Rothschild
      1. Donald L. Hardesty
    42. R Archeology: Foundations of Northeast Archaeology. Dean R. Snow, ed
      1. Clark M. Sykes
    43. R Archeology: Hohokam and Patayan: Prehistory of Southwestern Arizona. Randall H. McGuire and Michael B. Schiffer, eds
      1. David E. Doyel
    44. R Archeology: Sixteenth Century Maiolica Pottery in the Valley of Mexico. Florence C. Lister and Robert H. Lister
      1. Thomas H. Charlton
    45. R Archeology: Chan Chan: Andean Desert City. Michael E. Mosely and Kent C. Day, eds
      1. William H. Isbell
    46. R Book Reviews
    47. R Linguistics: New Englishes. John B. Pride, ed
      1. Salikoko S. Mufwene
    48. R Linguistics: Language, Culture, and Education: Essays by Norman A. McQuown. Anwar S. Dil, ed
      1. Allan Burns
    49. R Linguistics: Theory and Method in Lexicography: Western and Non-Western Perspectives. Ladislav Zgusta, ed
      1. Salikoko S. Mufwene
    50. R Linguistics: Narrative, Literacy and Face in Interethnic Communication. Ron Scollon and Suzanne B. K. Scollon
      1. Jane H. Hill
    51. R Linguistics: The Three Twins: The Telling of a South Indian Folk Epic. Brenda E. Beck
      1. Donald Brenneiss
    52. R Linguistics: The Aymara Language in Its Social and Cultural Context: A Collection of Essays on Aspects of Aymara Language and Culture. M. J. Hardman (ed)
      1. Jill Brody
    53. R Linguistics: Florentine Codex: General History of the Things of New Spain. Arthur J. O. Anderson and Charles E. Dibble
      1. James R. Jaquith


    1. R Notes

Film Reviews

    1. R Three New Film Catalogues: Africa on Film and Videotape 1960–1981 (A Compendium of Reviews). Written, compiled, and edited by David S. Wiley
      1. Peter S. Allen
    2. R Sights and Sounds of Life in Schools: A Resource Guide to Film and Videotape for Research and Education. By Frederick Erickson and Jan Wilson
      1. Peter S. Allen
    3. R American Folklore Films and Videotape: A Catalogue, Volume II. Edited and compiled by Ellen Slack
      1. Peter S. Allen
    4. R Sudan's Pyramids, Azandi's Dream. 1981. Produced and directed by Horace Jenkins. 58 minutes
      1. Richard Lobban
    5. R Xian. 1980. Produced by Sue Yung Li and directed by Shirley Sun. 58 minutes, Suzhou. 1981. Produced and directed by Sue Yung Li. 28 minutes, Beijing. 1981. Produced by Sue Yung Li and directed by Peter C. Wang. 45 minutes
      1. E. N. Anderson
    6. R Ben's Mill. 1981. A film by Michel Chalufour and John Karol. Color, 59 minutes. Root Hog or Die. 1978. A film by Rawn Fulton and Newbold Noyes. B/w, 59 minutes. Morris Family Old Time Music Festival. 1980. A film by Robert Gates. B/w, 30 minutes
      1. George L. Hicks
    7. R Margaret Mead: Taking Note. 1981. Produced, written, and directed by Ann Peck. Michael Ambrosino, executive producer. 59 minutes
      1. Emilie Brigard
    8. R Fence in the Water. 1980. A film by Peg Dice. 44 minutes, Live Lobster (Maine Lobsterman). 1979. A film by Peg Dice. 24 minutes
      1. Paul Durrenberger
    9. R The Tuareg. 1974. A film by Bruce Parsons. Color, 46 minutes
      1. Robert F. Murphy
        Lina Brock
        Candelario Saenz
        Barbara Worley
    10. R Living Music for Golden Mountains. 1982. A film by Arthur Dong and Elizabeth Meyer
      1. Franklin C. L. Ng
    11. R The Red Bowmen. 1982 (U.S. release date). A film by Chris Owen
      1. Terence E. Hays
    12. R Saints and Spirits: Religious Expression in Morocco. 1979. Produced and directed by Melissa Llewelyn-Davies. Written by Elizabeth Fernea. Color, 26 minutes
      1. Ellen Ginsburg