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Original Article

    1. R The First Demographic Transition: An Analysis of Subsistence Choices and Reproductive Consequences
      1. W. Penn Handwerker
    2. R High Altitude Hypoxia, Culture, and Human Fecundity/Fertility: A Comparative Study
      1. Melvyn C. Goldstein
        Paljor Tsarong
        Cynthia M. Beall
    3. R FBD Marriage: Further Support for the Westermarck Hypothesis of the Incest Taboo?
      1. Justine McCabe
    4. R Theory of Lineage Organizations
      1. Paul Alan Ballonoff
    5. R Scientific Creationism: An Exegesis for a Religious Doctrine
      1. Robert Charles Williams

Review Articles

    1. R Barthing Up the Wrong Tree
      1. Iain Prattis

Research Reports

    1. R Implicit Culture and Psychocultural Distance
        BELA C. MADAY


    1. R A Breath of Fresh Air
    2. R Academic Courses for Nonacademic Anthropologists?
      1. SUSAN KENT
    3. R Reply to Kent
    4. R 6000 Years in Suswa
      1. JOHN R. F. BOWER
    5. R A Comment on Steponaitis' Determination of Catchment Productivity
    6. R More on Estimating Catchment Productivity in the Valley of Mexico



Book Reviews

    1. R Applied: Cultural Awareness in the Human Services. James W. Green.
      1. Lucy M. Cohen
    2. R Santiago's Sword: Chatino Peasant Religion and Economics. James B. Greenberg.
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    3. R Problems of Savannah Development: The Sudan Case. Gunnar Haaland, ed.
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    4. R Crosscurrents Along the Colorado: The Impact of Government Policy on the Quechan Indians. Robert L. Bee.
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    5. R Local Success and Federal Failure: A Study of Community Development and Education Change in the Rural South. Charles A. Clinton.
      1. Jacquetta Hill
    6. R Social Impact Assessment in Small Communities: An Integrated Review of Selected Literature. Roy T. Bowles.
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    7. R The Politics of Development: Sugar Co-operatives in Rural Maharashtra. B. S. Baviskar.
      1. Michael Moffatt
    8. R Scientific-Technological Change and the Role of Women in Development. Pamela M. D'Onofrio-Flores and Sheila M. Pfafflin, eds.
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    9. R Rich People and Rice: Factional Politics in Rural Guyana. Marilyn Silverman.
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    10. R In Search of Health: Essays in Medical Anthropology. Sjaak van der Geest and Klaas W. van der Veen, eds.
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    11. R Book Reviews
    12. R Physical: Primate Brain Evolution: Methods and Concepts. Este Armstrong and Dean Falk, eds.
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    13. R The Genetics of Altruism. Scott A. Boorman and Paul R. Levitt.
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    20. R Archeology: Exchange and Production Systems in Californian Prehistory: The Results of Hydration Dating and Chemical Characterization of Obsidian Sources. Jonathon E. Ericson.
      1. Robin Torrence
    21. R Book Reviews
    22. R Supplement to the Handbook of Middle American Indians: Volume 1, Archaeology. Victoria Reifler Bricker, gen. editor, Jeremy A. Sabloff assisted by Patricia A. Andrews, vol. eds.
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    26. R General/Theoretical: The Building of British Social Anthropology. Ian Langham.
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    27. R Circumstantial Deliveries. Rodney Needham.
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      1. Martin Silverman
    29. R The Logic of Culture: Advances in Structural Theory and Method. Ino Rossi, ed.
      1. Andrew Lass
    30. R Vertical Classification: A Study in Structuralism and the Sociology of Knowledge. Barry Schwartz.
      1. Robert L. Rubinstein
    31. R Book Reviews
    32. R Die Metamorphose der Frau: Weiblicher Schamanismus und Dichtung. Wilhelm E. Mühlmann.
      1. Peter Hertz-Ohmes
    33. R Adoptive Kinship: A Modern Institution in Need of Reform. H. David Kirk.
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      1. Andrew W. Miracle
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    44. R Five Studies Inspired by Nahuatl Verbs in -OA. Una Canger.
      1. Eugene Casad
    45. R The Boat's Gonna Leave: A Study of Children Learning a Second Language from Conversations With Other Children. Anca M. Nemoianu.
      1. Martha C. Ward
    46. R Runnin' Down Some Lines: The Language and Culture of Black Teenagers. Edith A. Folb.
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      1. Elizabeth Lay Mathias
    48. R Nature and Language: A Semiotic Study of Cucurbits in Literature. Ralf Norrman and Jon Haarberg.
      1. Gregory M. Shreve
    49. R Book Reviews
    50. R Shadow of the Hunter: Stories of Eskimo Life. Richard K. Nelson.
      1. Shepard Krech
    51. R Feasting with Cannibals: An Essay on Kwakiutl Cosmology. Stanley Walens.
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      1. Jan Vansina
    61. R Behind the Veil in Arabia: Women in Oman. Unni Wikan.
      1. Henry Munson
    62. R Myth, Religion and Society: Structuralist Essays by M. Detienne, L. Gernet, J. P. Vernant and P. Vidal-Naquet. R. L. Gordon, ed.
      1. Veda Cobb-Stevens
    63. R Book Reviews
    64. R Ancient Hindu Refugees: Badaga Social History 1550–1975. Paul Hockings.
      1. Elwyn C. Lapoint
    65. R Essays from the Journal of Pacific History. Barrie Macdonald
      1. Bernd Lambert
    66. R The Time of Darkness: Local Legends and Volcanic Reality in Papua New Guinea. R. J. Blong.
      1. Paula Brown Click
    67. R Marquesan Encounters: Melville and the Meaning of Civilization. T. Walter Herbert, Jr.
      1. Philip DeVita
    68. R Book Reviews

Film Reviews

    1. R Malagan Labadama (A Tribute to BukBuk). 1982. A film by Chris Owen.
      1. Roy Wagner
    2. R Tighten the Drums (Self-Decoration among the Enga). 1982 (U.S. release date). A film by Chris Owen.
      1. Terence E. Hays
    3. R The Shepherds of Bernary (Ciobairean Bhearnaraich). 1981. produced by Jack Shea; directed by Allan Moore and Jack Shea.
      1. George M. Epple
    4. R Learning to Dance in Bali. 1980. Filmed by Gregory Bateson, narrated by Margaret Mead.
      1. Toby Alice Volkman
    5. R Ketut di Bali. 1981. Produced and directed by Serge Raoul.
      1. Toby Alice Volkman
    6. R Dadi's Family. 1981. A film by James Mac-Donald, Rina Gill, and Michael Camerini.
      1. Eva Friedlander
    7. R Longshot. 1981. Produced and directed by Jane Hunziker.
      1. Elizabeth A. Lawrence
    8. R Franz Boas (1858–1942). 1980. A film by T. W. Timreck.
      1. George W. Stocking
    9. R Film Reviews
    10. R Village of No River. 1981. Produced and directed by Stuart Hersch; written by Barbara Lipton.
      1. Jean Briggs
    11. R Maya Lords of the Jungle. 1981. A film by John Angier.
      1. Payson D. Sheets