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Note from the Editor

    1. R Note from the Editor

Original Article

    1. R Toward an Ethnographic Language
      1. Michael H. Agar
    2. R Metaphor and Self: Symbolic Process in Everyday Life
      1. Don Merten
        Gary Schwartz


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Original Article

    1. R The Logic of Misplaced Concreteness: Paiela Body Counting and the Nature of the Primitive Mind
      1. Aletta Biersack
    2. R The Utilitarian Factor in Folk Biological Classification
      1. Eugene Hunn

Review Articles

    1. R Have We a Darwin of Biocultural Evolution?
      1. B. J. Williams
    2. R Linguistic Variation in Time, Space, and Society
      1. Susan Gal

Research Reports

    1. R Phytolith Analysis: Applications of a New Paleoethnobotanical Technique in Archeology
    2. R The Emergence of Recording
    3. R Fictive Family: Everyday Usage, Analytic, and Human Service Considerations
    4. R The Albinos of Santa Catarina Iztatlan
      1. C. RONALD SCOTT


    1. R Demography and Human Origins
      1. L. L. ALLEN
        P. S. BRIDGES
        D. L. EVON
        K. R. ROSENBERG
        M. D. RUSSELL
        L. A. SCHEPARTZ
        V. J. VITZTHUM
        M. H. WOLPOFF
    2. R On Williams's Review of Evolutionary Biology and Human Social Behavior
    3. R Commentary on the "Sexual Division of Labor in African Agriculture"
    4. R Tibetan Fraternal Polyandry and Sociology: A Rejoinder to Abernethy and Fernandez
    5. R Menstrual Taboos and the Importance of Hunting

Book Reviews

    1. R Cultural: The European and the Indian: Essays in the Ethnohistory of Colonial North America. James Axtell
      1. Robert L. Bee
    2. R Indians at Work: An Informal History of Native Indian Labour in British Columbia 1858–1930. Rolf Knight
      1. Jim Weil
    3. R Ritual Kinship: The Structure and Historical Development of the Compadrazgo System in Rural Tlaxcala, Volume 1. Hugo G. Nutini and Betty Bell
      1. DeWight R. Middleton
    4. R Cultural Transformations and Ethnicity in Modern Ecuador. Norman E. Whitten, Jr
      1. Irving Goldman
    5. R Parentesco y Matrimonio en los Andes. E. Mayer and R. Bolton, eds
      1. John V. Murra
    6. R Women of the Andes: Patriarchy and Social Change in Two Peruvian Towns. Susan C. Bourque and Kay Barbara Warren
      1. Catherine Allen
    7. R The Politics of Elite Culture: Explorations in the Dramaturgy of Power in a Modern African Society. Abner Cohen.
      1. Jack Glazier
    8. R Women with Many Husbands: Polyandrous Alliance and Marital Flexibility in Africa and Asia. Nancy E. Levine and Walter H. Sangree, eds
      1. Vernon Dorjahn
    9. R The Central Asian Arabs of Afghanistan: Pastoral Nomadism in Transition. Thomas J. Barfield.
      1. R. Lincoln Keiser
    10. R Metaphors of Masculinity: Sex and Status in Andalusian Folklore. Stanley Brandes
      1. Miriam Lee Kaprow
    11. R The Rites of Rulers: Rituals in Industrial Society—the Soviet Case. Christel Lane
      1. David A. Kideckel
    12. R Worship and Conflict under Colonial Rule: A South Indian Case. Arjun Appadurai
      1. Kathleen Ryan
    13. R The Anthropology of Taiwanese Society. Emily Martin Ahern and Hill Gates, eds
      1. James P. McGough
    14. R Aborigines of the West: Their Past and Their Present. Ronald M. Berndt and Catherine H. Berndt, eds
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    15. R Vanuatu: Politics, Economics and Ritual in Island Melanesia. Michael Allen, ed
      1. Deborah Gewertz
    16. R Messengers of Grace: Evangelical Missionaries in the South Seas 1797–1860. Niel Gunson
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    17. R General/Theoretical: Sacrifice. M. F. Bourdillon and Meyer Fortes, eds.
      1. Valerio Valeri
    18. R The Evolution of Love. Sydney L. W. Mellen
      1. Lola Romanucci-Ross
    19. R Human Nature and History: A Response to Sociobiology. Kenneth Bock
      1. William Irons
    20. R Women and Space: Ground Rules and Social Maps. Shirley Ardener, ed
      1. Karen L. Field
    21. R Fathers to Daughters: The Legal Foundations of Female Emancipation. Peggy A. Rabkin
      1. Maxine Margolis
    22. R Myths of Male Dominance: Collected Articles on Women Cross-Culturally. Eleanor Burke Leacock
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    23. R Secrecy: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. Stanton K. Tefft, ed
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    25. R La Musique et la Transe: Esquisse d'une Theorie Generale des Relations de la Musique et de la Possession. Gilbert Rouget
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    26. R After Virtue. Alasdair Maclntyre
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    27. R Culture, Language, and Society. Ward H. Goodenough
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    28. R Archeology: Modern Material Culture: The Archaeology of Us. Richard A. Gould and Michael B. Schiffer, eds
      1. Robert L. Schuyler
    29. R Pattern of the Past: Studies in Honour of David Clarke. Ian Hodder, Glynn Isaac, and Norman Hammond, eds
      1. Raymond R. Newell
    30. R Book Reviews
    31. R The Archaeology of Beringia. Frederick Hadleigh West
      1. Larry D. Agenbroad
    32. R Book Reviews
    33. R Linguistics: American Structuralism. Dell Hymes and John Fought
      1. D. L. Olmsted
    34. R In Vain I Tried to Tell You: Essays in Native American Ethnopoetics. Dell Hymes
      1. Theodore Stern
    35. R Native Languages of the Americas. Amy Zaharlick, ed
      1. P. David Seaman
    36. R Languages in Conflict: Linguistic Acculturation on the Great Plains. Paul Schach, ed
      1. Glenn G. Gilbert
    37. R Book Reviews
    38. R The Social Life of Language. Gillian Sankoff.
      1. Lenora A. Timm
    39. R Studies in Pacific Languages and Cultures: In Honour of Bruce Biggs. Jim Hollyman and Andrew Pawley, eds
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      1. Carleton T. Hodge
    42. R Metaphors We Live By. George Lakoff and Mark Johnson
      1. Roy Wagner
    43. R The Dimensionality of Signs, Tools and Models: An Introduction. James H. Bunn
      1. Erik Schwimmer
    44. R Book Reviews
    45. R Physical: The Evolutionary Vision: Toward a Unifying Paradigm of Physical, Biological and Sociocultural Evolution. Erich Jantsch, ed
      1. Frank Livingstone
    46. R The Biology of Race. James C. King.
      1. Alice Brues
    47. R Gorilla Behavior. Terry L. Maple and Michael P. Hoff
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    48. R Auditory Regions of Primates and Eutherian Insectivores: Morphology, Ontogeny, and Character Analysis. R. D. E. MacPhee
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    49. R Life History of a Fossil: An Introduction to Taphonomy and Paleoecology. Pat Shipman
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    50. R Aspects of Human Evolution: Volume 21 of the Symposia of the Society for the Study of Human Biology. C. B. Stringer, ed
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    51. R On Becoming Human. A Model of the Transition from Ape to Human and the Reconstruction of Early Human Social Life. Nancy Makepeace Tanner
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    59. R Curanderismo: Mexican American Folk Healing. Robert T. Trotter II and Juan Antonio Chavira
      1. William Madsen
    60. R Anthropology in Use: A Bibliographic Chronology of the Development of Applied Anthropology. John van Willigen
      1. Elizabeth M. Eddy

Film Reviews

    1. R Some New Audiovisual Catalogues
      1. Peter S. Allen
    2. R To Serve the Gods. 1982. A film by Karen Kramer
      1. Drexel G. Woodson
    3. R Haitian Song. 1982. Produced by Erzulie Films, and directed by Karen Kramer
      1. Lois E. Wilcken
    4. R Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti. 1982. Edited by Cherel Ito and Teiji Ito and filmed by Maya Deren
      1. George M. Epple
    5. R We Are Mehinaku. 1981. Produced and directed by Carlos Pasini and Melanie Wallace
      1. Jeffrey Ehrenreich
    6. R A Village in Baltimore. 1981. A film by Doreen Moses
      1. Ruth E. Mandel
    7. R Film Reviews
    8. R If It Fits. 1978. A film by John Marshall
      1. Sally Engle Merry
    9. R On the Cowboy Trail. 1981. A film by Randy Strothman and Barry Head
      1. Elizabeth A. Lawrence
    10. R Manifestations of Shiva. 1980. Color. 60 minutes. By Malcolm Leigh
      1. Linda Stone
    11. R Gogodala (A Cultural Revival?). 1982 (U.S. release date). A film by Chris Owen
      1. Terence E. Hays
    12. R Quest for Fire. 1982. Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
      1. Philip Lieberman
    13. R Discovering the Moche. 1979. A film by Christopher B. Donnan, Richard Cowan, and William B Lee
      1. Wendy Ashmore
    14. R Search for Apollo. 1981. 16mm, color, 25 minutes. Produced and directed by David S. McAllister. Written by David Soren and narrated by Steve Twitchell.
      1. Joseph A. Greene
    15. R A Rhesus Monkey Infant's First Four Months. 1979. Produced by Sylvia Howe
      1. Patricia Hurley Hays