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Original Article

    1. R Cultural Pattern and Process: A Study of Stylistic Change in Women's Dress
      1. John W. G. Lowe
        Elizabeth D. Lowe
    2. R Types Distinct from Our Own: Franz Boas on Jewish Identity and Assimiliation
      1. Leonard B. Glick
    3. R Where Have All Their Lineages Gone? Cattle and Descent Among the Nuer
      1. Michel Verdon
    4. R Sociobiology and Creationism: Two Ethnosociologies of American Culture
      1. J. Patrick Gray
        Linda D. Wolfe

Review Articles

    1. R The Myth-Eating Man
      1. Ivan Brady
    2. R Kuru and Cannibalism?
      1. Lyle B. Steadman
        Charles F. Merbs
    3. R Recent Studies in Chinese Kinship
      1. P. Steven Sangren


    1. R VERA MAE GREEN: 1928–1982
      1. Johnnetta B. Cole
    2. R CLIFFORD EVANS, JR.: 1920–1981
      1. R. Christopher Goodwin
        Mário F. Simões
        Marcio Veloz Maggiolo

Letters to the Editor

        MARION J. LEVY


    1. R Implications of Menstruation as a Liminal State
      1. BRUCE W. DERR
    2. R Statistical Evidence for an Ecological Explanation of Warfare

Book Reviews and Notes

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    1. R Notes

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    1. R Notes

Film Reviews

    1. R Neshnabek: The People. 1979. Filmed by Floyd A. Schultz; produced by Donald Stull; directed and edited by Gene Bernofsky; music by Little Soldier Singers. Script by Bernard Hirsch
      1. James A. Clifton
    2. R Everyday Is Not a Feast Day. 1981. Produced and directed by Colete Piault.
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