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Original Article

    1. R Voodoo Death and the Mechanism for Dispatch of the Dying in East Arnhem, Australia
      1. Harry D. Eastwell
    2. R Exogamy and Change in the Biosocial Structure of a Modern Urban Population
      1. Donna Lockwood Leonetti
        Laura Newell-Morris
    3. R Interactional Psychology: Some Implications for Psychological Anthropology
      1. Alan Howard
    4. R The Oedipus Complex, Antigone, and Electra: The Woman as Hero and Victim
      1. Dorothy Willner
    5. R A Demographic Basis for Patrilineal Hordes
      1. John F. Martin
        Donald G. Stewart
    6. R Sex and Dominance
      1. W. Penn Handwerker
        Paul V. Crosbie

Review Articles

    1. R A Fresh Outlook on Cultural Selection
      1. Christopher Boehm
    2. R Festschrift: Short Shrift?
      1. DeWight R. Middleton
    3. R Community Studies in Latin America
      1. William L. Partridge

Reports and Comments

    1. R A Critique of Brandt's "Sandia Pueblo"
    2. R Cultural Materialism and the Problem of Probabilities
    3. R Reply to Paul J. Magnarella
    4. R Reply to Marvin Harris
    5. R Comment on D. B. Kronenfeld's "Mathematical Social-Cultural Anthropology"
    6. R Can Chimpanzees Swallow or Talk? A Reply to Falk

Book Reviews

    1. R Physical Anthropology: Perspectives in Ethology Vol. 4: Advantages of Diversity. P. P. G. Bateson and Peter H. Klopfer
      1. Stephen L. Zegura
    2. R Physical Anthropology: Yearbook of Physical Anthropology, Vol. 23. Kenneth A. Bennett
      1. Gabriel Lasker
    3. R Physical Anthropology: Phylogenetic Patterns and the Evolutionary Process. Niles Eldredge and Joel Cracraft.
      1. Eric J. Devor
    4. R Physical Anthropology: Reproductive Development of the Female; A Study in the Comparative Physiology of the Adolescent Organism. M. F. Ashley Montagu.
      1. Roberta Hall
    5. R Physical Anthropology: Shuffle Brain: The Quest for the Hologramic Mind. Paul Pietsch.
      1. Dean Falk
    6. R Physical Anthropology: Human Variation and Human Micro-Evolution. Jane H. Underwood.
      1. Marshall G. Hurlich
    7. R Physical Anthropology: Studies in Physical Anthropology. No. 6. Tadeusz Bielicki
      1. Robert J. Meier
    8. R Physical Anthropology: Ape into Human: A Study of Human Evolution. S. L. Washburn and Ruth Moore.
      1. Alexander Sonek
    9. R Book Review
      1. Antonio Gilman
    10. R Archeology: Lowland Maya Settlement Patterns. Wendy Ashmore
      1. Charles Spencer
    11. R Book Review
      1. Albert C. Goodyear
    12. R Archeology: Current Issues in Hohokam Prehistory: Proceedings of a Symposium. David Doyel and Fred Plog
      1. Paul Grebinger
    13. R Book Review
      1. Thomas Genn Cook
    14. R Archeology: The Archaeology of New England. Dean R. Snow.
      1. David Sanger
    15. R Archeology: Heartland of Cities: Surveys of Ancient Settlement and Land Use on the Central Floodplain of the Euphrates. Robert McC. Adams.
      1. Robert Wenke
    16. R Archeology: Modeling Change in Prehistoric Subsistence Economies. Timothy K. Earle and Andrew L. Christenson
      1. Stephen M. Perlman
    17. R Linguistics: Language and Learning: The Debate between Jean Piaget and Noam Chomsky. Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini
      1. Daniel A. Wagner
    18. R Linguistics: Papers in Cognitive-Stratificational Linguistics. Rice University Studies, Vol. 66: 2, Spring 1980. James E. Copeland and Philip W. Davis
      1. John A. Dunn
    19. R Linguistics: Lexical-Semantic Relations: A Comparative Survey. Martha W. Evens, Bonnie E. Litowitz, Judith A. Markowitz, Raoul N. Smith, and Oswald Werner.
      1. John S. White
    20. R Linguistics: The Signifying Animal: The Grammar of Language and Experience. Irmengard Rauch and Gerald F. Carr
      1. Francis P. Dinneen
    21. R Linguistics: The Pear Stories: Cognitive, Cultural, and Linguistic Aspects of Narrative Production. Wallace L. Chafe
      1. Beryl Bellman
    22. R Linguistics: Speech, Writing, and Sign: A Functional View of Linguistic Representation. Naomi S. Baron.
      1. Brian M. Stross
    23. R Linguistics: Generative Studies on Creole Languages. Pieter Muysken
      1. Salikoko S. Mufwene
    24. R Linguistics: Papers in Pidgin and Creole Linguistics No. 2. P. Mühlhäusler
      1. William J. Samarin
    25. R Linguistics: Folklore Studies in the Twentieth Century: Proceedings of the Centenary Conference of the Folklore Society. Venetia J. Newall
      1. Daniel J. Crowley
    26. R Linguistics: "And Other Neighborly Names": Social Process and Cultural Image in Texas Folklore. Richard Bauman and Roger D. Abrahams
      1. Marta Weigle
    27. R Linguistics: Rainhouse and Ocean: Speeches for the Fapago Year. Ruth M. Underhill, Donald M. Bahr
      1. Dan Lopez
        Ophelia Zepeda
    28. R Linguistics: Origins of the Japanese Language: Lectures in Japan during the Academic Year 1977–1978. Roy Andrew Miller.
      1. John J. Chew
    29. R Linguistics: Saying and Meaning in Puerto Rico: Some Problems in the Ethnology of Discourse. Marshall Morris.
      1. Allan F. Burns
    30. R Linguistics: Language and Social Psychology. Howard Giles and Robert St. Clair
      1. M. Estellie Smith
    31. R Linguistics: Errors in Linguistic Performance: Slips of the Tongue, Ear, Pen, and Hand. Victoria A. Fromkin
      1. Naomi S. Baron
    32. R General and Theoretical: Slaves of the White Myth: The Psychology of Neocolonialism. Thomas Gladwin.
      1. George E. Marcus
    33. R General and Theoretical: The Professional Stranger: An Informal Introduction to Ethnography. Michael H. Agar.
      1. Barbara W. Lex
    34. R General and Theoretical: Sacrifice. M. F. Bourdillon and Meyer Fortes
      1. Valerio Valeri
    35. R Book Review
      1. N. Ross Crumrine
    36. R General and Theoretical: The History of Hungarian Ethnography. Michael Sozan
      1. Bela Charles Maday
    37. R General and Theoretical: Pastoral Production and Society: Production pastorale et societe. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.
      1. Harold A. Koster
    38. R General and Theoretical: The Spectrum of Ritual: A Biogenetic Structural Analysis. E. d'Aquili, C. D. Laughlin, Jr., und J. McManus
      1. Esther Pressel
    39. R General and Theoretical: Symbols and Sentiments: Cross-Cultural Studies in Symbolism. loan Lewis
      1. Irene Portis Winner
    40. R General and Theoretical: Woman's Creation: Sexual Evolution and the Shaping of Society. Elizabeth Fisher.
      1. Jane B. Lancaster
    41. R General and Theoretical: Nature, Culture, and Gender. Carol MacCormack and Marilyn Strathem
      1. Sharon W. Tiffany
    42. R General and Theoretical: Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity. Gregory Bateson.
      1. Lawrence Slobodkin
    43. R General and Theoretical: The World of Goods. Mary Douglas and Baron Isherwood.
      1. Abraham Rosman
    44. R General and Theoretical: Society and History: Essays in Honor of Karl August Wittfogel. G. L. Ulmen
      1. Richard Basham
    45. R General and Theoretical: Appunti per la Storia Dell'Anthropologia Culturale. Tullio Tentori.
      1. George R. Saunders
    46. R Cultural/Applied: The Imagination of Reality: Essays in Southeast Asian Coherence Systems. A. L. Becker and Aram A. Yengoyan
      1. Paul Rabinow
    47. R Cultural/Applied: Tanebar-Evav: Une Société de Maisons Tournée Vers le Large. Cécile Barraud
      1. David Hicks
    48. R Cultural/Applied: Minangkabau Social Formations: Indonesian Peasants and the World-Economy. Joel S. Kahn.
      1. D. E. Brown
    49. R Cultural/Applied: The Flow of Life: Essays on Eastern Indonesia. James J. Fox
      1. James Boon
    50. R Cultural/Applied: The Anthropological Romance of Bali 1597–1972: Dynamic Perspectives in Marriage and Caste, Politics and Religion. James A. Boon.
      1. David S. Moyer
    51. R Cultural/Applied: Negara: The Theatre State in Nineteenth-Century Bali. Clifford Geertz.
      1. Stephen W. Foster
    52. R Cultural/Applied: Knowledge and Passion: Ilongot Notions of Self & Self Life. Michelle Z. Rosaldo.
      1. Philip J. Greenfeld
    53. R Cultural/Applied: The Voice of the Tambaran: Truth and Illusion in Ilahita Arapesh Religion. Donald F. Tuzin.
      1. Aletta Biersack
    54. R Cultural/Applied: Johnsonville: Continuity and Change in a New Zealand Township. David Pearson.
      1. Thomas Fitzgerald
    55. R Cultural/Applied: Islands and Beaches: Discourse on a Silent Land: Marquesas 1774–1880. Greg Dening.
      1. John T. Kirkpatrick
    56. R Cultural/Applied: Family, Women and Socialization in the Kibbutz. Menachem Gerson.
      1. William E. Mitchell
    57. R Cultural/Applied: Law and Social Change: A Study of Land Reform in Sri Lanka. Martin E, Gold. University Press of Cambridge, Massachusetts Series, Robert A. Nicholas
      1. H. L. Seneviratne
    58. R Cultural/Applied: The Origin of Table Manners: Introduction to a Science of Mythology, 3. Claude Lévi-Strauss.
      1. Daniel C. Raffalovich
    59. R Book Review
      1. Stephen Saraydar
    60. R Cultural/Applied: Peasants, Primitives, and Proletariats: The Struggle for Identity in South America. David L. Broioman and Ronald A. Schwartz
      1. David Guillet
    61. R Book Review
      1. Harold K. Schneider
    62. R Cultural/Applied: Caste and Other Inequities: Essays on Inequality. Gerald D. Berreman.
      1. Donald W. Attwood
    63. R Cultural/Applied: Country to City: The Urbanization of a Japanese Hamlet. Edward Norbeck.
      1. Keith Brown
    64. R Cultural/Applied: Family Life in a Northern Thai Village: A Study in the Structural Significance of Women. Sulamith Heins Potter.
      1. Charles Kaut
    65. R Cultural/Applied: The Village Entrepreneur: Change Agents in India's Rural Development. Wayne G. Broehl, Jr.
      1. Barry H. Michie
    66. R Book Notes


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