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Original Article

    1. R Myth and History: A General Model and Its Application to the Bible
      1. Karin R. Andriolo
    2. R Linguistic Evidence for Some Early Austronesian Taboos
      1. Robert Blust
    3. R Settlement Hierarchies and Political Complexity in Nonmarket Societies: The Formative Period of the Valley of Mexico
      1. Vincas P. Steponaitis

Review Article

    1. R The Anthropology of Simple Societies: The Kalahari !Kung
      1. Marco Bicchieri


    1. R ADOLPHUS PETER ELKIN 1891–1979

Reports and Comments

    1. R Gwembe Valley Marriage Prestations in Historical Perspective: A Rejoinder to Colson and Scudder
    2. R Comment on Lancaster's Response: Gwembe Tonga Virilocality
    3. R Evoking the Marshmallow: A Comment on "Communicating" Language and Culture as Knowledge
    4. R Getting to the Meat of the Problem: Some Comments on Protein as a Limiting Factor in Amazonia
      1. CARL D. SPATH
    5. R A Measure of Social Homogamy
    6. R On Witkowski's Review of Australian Kin Classification
    7. R Australian Aboriginal Man's Inhumanity to Man: A Case of Cultural Distortion
    8. R The Yolngu and Cultural Relativism: A Response to Reser
    9. R Views of W. H. R. Rivers
    10. R More on Folk Zoological Life-Forms
      1. CECIL H. BROWN
    11. R January 17, 1981

Book Reviews

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    2. R General and Theoretical: Ecology, Meaning, and Religion. Roy A. Rappaport.
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    7. R General and Theoretical: Development and the Problems of Village Nutrition. Sue Schofield.
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    8. R General and Theoretical: The Third Wave. Alvin Toffler.
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    37. R Book Reviews
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    53. R Book Reviews
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Book Notes

    1. R Book Notes

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    1. R Style Guide and Information for Authors