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    1. R Tibetan Fraternal Polyandry: A Test of Sociobiological Theory
      1. Cynthia M. Beall
        Melvyn C. Goldstein
    2. R Lexical Encoding Sequences and Language Change: Color Terminology Systems
      1. Stanley R. Witkowski
        Cecil H. Brown
    3. R Modes of Explanation in Anthropological Population Theory: Biological Determinism vs. Self-Regulation in Studies of Population Growth in Third World Countries
      1. Bonnie Anna Nardi
    4. R Body Size, Weapon Use, and Natural Selection in the European Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic
      1. David W. Frayer
    5. R General Stress in Anthropological Fieldwork
      1. Daniel E. Brown
    6. R Of Maize and Men: A Critique of the Maritime Hypothesis of State Origins on the Coast of Peru
      1. David J. Wilson

Review Article

    1. R Mathematical Social-Cultural Anthropology: Genealogical Mathematics: Proceedings of the MSSB Conference on Genealogical Mathematics, February 28-March 3, 1974, at the University of Houston Center for Demographic and Population Genetics. Paul A. Ballonoff: The Winds of Tomorrow: Social Change in a Maya Town. Richard A. Thompson.: Quantification in Cultural Anthropology: An Introduction to Research Design. Allen W. Johnson.
      1. David B. Kronenfeld

Reports and Comment

    1. R Comments on the Quantitative Study of Creativity in Western Civilization
    2. R In Response to Dillingham
    3. R Sociobiology and Levels of Explanation

Book Review

    1. R Ethnology: Our Footprints are Everywhere: Inuit Land Use and Occupancy in Labrador. Carol Brice-Bennett, ed.
      1. Karen Szala-Meneok
    2. R Ethnology: Popular Religion in America: Symbolic Change and the Modernization Process in Historical Perspective. Peter W. Williams.
      1. David Buchdahl
    3. R Ethnology: El Indio Panameño. Ricardo Falla, ed. Ion Bilbao, Carlos Cabarrús, Jorge Sarsanedas. Stefan Turcios, and Eduardo Valdés.
      1. Barry L. Isaac
    4. R Ethnology: The Forgotten Ones: Colombian Countrymen in an Urban Setting. Michael B Whiteford.
      1. Maria Romero
    5. R Ethnology: The Caribbean Family: Legitimacy in Martinique. Mariam K. Slater.
      1. Carol S. Holzberg
    6. R Ethnology: The Religion, Spirituality, and Thought of Traditional Africa. Dominique Zahan. K. E. Martin and L. M. Martin, transs.
      1. Frederick C. Gamst
    7. R Ethnology: Mothers and Wives: Gusii Women of East Africa.
      1. Michele Teitelbaum
    8. R Ethnology: Israel: Pluralism and Conflict. Sammy Smooha.
      1. Henry Rosenfeld
    9. R Ethnology: Low-Key Politics: Local-Level Leadership and Change in the Middle East. Richard T. Antoun
      1. M. Jamil Hanifi
    10. R Ethnology: Fellahs tunisiens: l'economie rurale et la vie des campagnes aux 18e et 19e siècles. Lucette Valensi.
      1. Stephen Auerbach
    11. R Ethnology: The Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan: Adaptation to Closed Frontiers. M. Nazif Mohib Shahrani.
      1. Thomas J. Barfield
    12. R Ethnology: System, Structure, and Contradiction in the Evolution of "Asiatic" Social Formations. Jonathan Friedman.
      1. Henri J. M. Claessen
    13. R Ethnology: Komárov: A Czech Farming Village. Zdenek Salzmann and Vladiír Scheufler.
      1. Peter Skalnik
    14. R Ethnology: The Sweepers of Slaughterhouse: Conflict and Survival in a Karachi Neighborhood. Pieter Streefland.
      1. Karen Michaelson
    15. R Ethnology: Aspects of Tribal Life in South Asia I: Strategy and Survival. Proceedings of an International Seminar held in Berne 1977. Rupert E. Moser and Mohan K. Gautam.
      1. Susan S. Wadley
    16. R Ethnology: The Study of Chinese Society: Essays by Maurice Freedman. G. William Skinner.
      1. James P. McGough
    17. R General and Theoretical: Margaret Mead: A Portrait. Edward Rice.
      1. Barbara Honeyman Roll
    18. R General and Theoretical: Of Speech and Time: Temporal Speech Patterns in Interpersonal Contacts. Aaron W. Siegman and Stanley Feldstein.
      1. Eliot D. Chappie
    19. R General and Theoretical: Basic Problems of Ethnopsychiatry. George Devereux.
      1. Philip K. Bock
    20. R General and Theoretical: Naissance de l'intelligence chez l'enfant baoulé de Côte d'Ivoire. P. Dasen, B. Inhelder.
      1. John D. Studstill
    21. R General and Theoretical: Bias in Mental Testing. Arthur R. Jensen.
      1. John W. Connor
    22. R General and Theoretical: Sports, Games, and Play: Social and Psychological Viewpoints. Jeffrey H. Goldstein.: Transformations: The Anthropology of Children's Play. Helen B. Schwartzman.
      1. Phillips Stevens
    23. R General and Theoretical: Classifications in their Social Context. Roy F. Ellen and David Reason.
      1. Terence E. Hays
    24. R General and Theoretical: Aging in Culture and Society: Comparative Viewpoints and Strategies. Christine L. Fry.
      1. Vera Green
    25. R General and Theoretical: Death and Dying: Views from Many Cultures. Richard A. Kalish.: Caring Relationships: The Dying and the Bereaved. Richard A. Kalish.: Death, Dying, Transcending. Richard A. Kalish.
      1. Carol S. Holzberg
    26. R General and Theoretical: Politics in Leadership: A Comparative Perspective. William A. Shack and Percy S. Cohen.
      1. Michele Teitelbaum
    27. R General and Theoretical: The Imposition of Law. Sandra B. Burman and Barbara E. Harrell-Bond.
      1. Henry P. Lundsgaarde
    28. R General and Theoretical: The Innovator's Situation: Upper-Middle-Class Conservatism in Agricultural Communities. Frank Cancian.
      1. Allen Johnson
    29. R General and Theoretical: Interethnic Communication. E. Lamar Ross.
      1. Andrew J. Gordon
    30. R Urban Place and Process. Irwin Press and M. Estellie Smith.
      1. Ruth H. Landman
    31. R General and Theoretical: Human Adaptation and Population Growth. David S. Kleinman.
      1. Mark N. Cohen
    32. R North Atlantic Maritime Cultures. Raoul Andersen.
      1. Paul J. Magnarella
    33. R General and Theoretical: The Frontier: Comparative Studies. Vol. 2. William W. Savage and Stephen I. Thompson.
      1. Emilio Moran
    34. R General and Theoretical: Hokule'a: The Way to Tahiti. Ben R. Finney.
      1. Roger C. Green
    35. R Physical Anthropology: Primate Ecology and Human Origins. Irwin Bernstein, and Euclid Smith.
      1. Daris R. Swindler
    36. R Physical Anthropology: Comparative Karyology of Primates. Brunetto Chiarelli, Ann L. Koen, and G. Ardito.
      1. James V. Neel
    37. R Physical Anthropology: Genetic Disorders Among the Jewish People. Richard M. Goodman.
      1. Jon Marks
    38. R Physical Anthropology: The First Americans: Origins, Affinities, and Adaptations. William S. Laughlin and Albert B. Harper.
      1. Christy G. Turner
    39. R Physical Anthropology: Handbook of Ethological Methods. Philip N. Lehner.
      1. Claud A. Bramblett
    40. R Physical Anthropology: Secular Trends in Human Growth, Maturation, and Development. Alex F. Roche.
      1. Harvey Goldstein
    41. R Physical Anthropology: Neanderthal Man. Myra Shackley.
      1. Milford Wolpoff
    42. R Physical Anthropology: Human Physiological Work Capacity. R. J. Shephard.
      1. Stephen C. Saraydar
    43. R Physical Anthropology: The Evolution of Sex. John Maynard Smith.
      1. Henry C. Harpending
    44. R Physical Anthropology: Variation in Morphology of Teeth: Anthropologic and Forensic Aspects. R.M.S. Taylor.
      1. Stephen Molnar
    45. R Physical Anthropology: Medicine Before Columbus as Told in Pre-Columbian Medical Art. Abner I. Weisman.
      1. Clara Lee Tanner
    46. R Linguistics: Language, Context, and the Imagination. Paul Friedrich.
      1. John J. Chew
    47. R Language, Culture and History: Essays by Mary R. Haas. Mary R. Haas.
      1. Nicholas A. Hopkins
        J. Kathryn Josserand
    48. R Linguistics: Languages and Their Speakers. Timothy Shopen: Languages and Their Status. Timothy Shopen.
      1. Edward H. Bendix
    49. R Linguistics: Computers in Language Research. Walter A. Sedelow and Sally Y. Sedelow.
      1. Oswald Werner
    50. R Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communication. Adrian Akmajian, Richard A. Demers, and Robert M. Harnish.
      1. Hanni Woodbury
    51. R Linguistics: Generative Grammar and Linguistic Competence. P. H. Matthews.
      1. H. Stephen Straight
    52. R Linguistics: Speaking, Singing and Teaching: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Language Variation. Florence Barkin and Elizabeth Brandt.
      1. Lenora A. Timm
    53. R Linguistics: Research in Language Testing. John W. Oller. Jr. and Kyle Perkins.
      1. Laurel A. Briscoe
    54. R Linguistics: Kiswahili kwa Kitendo: An Introductory Course. Sharifa Zawawi.
      1. Anthony J. Vitale
    55. R Linguistics: The Languages of Native America. Lyle Campbell and Marianne Mithun.
      1. William J. Pulte
    56. R Linguistics: Cochií and Proto-Yuman: Lexical and Syntactic Evidence for a New Language Family in Lower California. Mauricio J. Mixco.
      1. James M. Crawford
    57. R Linguistics: Growth and Structure of the Lexicon of New Guinea Pidgin. Peter Mühlhäusler.
      1. Terence E. Hays
    58. R Linguistics: The Rebel Lands: An Investigation into the Origins of Early Mesopotamian Mythology. J. V. Kinnier Wilson.
      1. J. William Whedbee
    59. R Linguistics: Current Trends in Folklore. Jawaharlal Handoo.
      1. Donald Brenneis
    60. R Linguistics: Voir et nommer les couleurs. Serge Tornay
      1. Andrea Levitt
    61. R Archaeology: Origins of Agriculture. Charles A. Reed.
      1. Thomas P. Myers
    62. R Archaeology: World Industrial Archaeology. Kenneth Hudson.
      1. Mark P. Leone
    63. R Archaeology: "The Pattern Technology of the Hohokam."Bert Zaslow and Alfred E. Dittert. Jr.: "A Guide to Analyzing Prehistoric Ceramic Decorations by Symmetry and Pattern Mathematics."Bert Zaslow.
      1. John M. Fritz
    64. R Archaeology: The Basin of Mexico: Ecological Processes in the Evolution of a Civilization. William T. Sanders, Jeffrey R. Parsons, and Robert S. Santley.
      1. Richard Blanton
    65. R Archaeology: Guitarrero Cave: Early Man in the Andes. Thomas F. Lynch.
      1. C. Melvin Aikens
    66. R Archaeology: La Tradición Saladoide del Oriente de Venezuela: La Fase Cuartel. Iraida Vargas Arenas.: Las Culturas Formativas del Oriente de Venezuela: La Tradición Barrancas del Bajo Orinoco. Mario Sanoja Obediente.: Antiguas Formaciones y Modos de Producción Venezolanos. Mario Sanoja and Iraida Vargas.
      1. R. Christopher Goodwin
    67. R Archaeology: The Prehistory of Polynesia. Jesse D. Jennings.
      1. Jim R. Specht

Book Note

    1. R Social/Cultural Anthropology