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Original Article

    1. R Signs of the Self: An Exploration in Semiotic Anthropology
      1. Milton Singer
    2. R You Can't Do Nothing
      1. Paul Bohannan
    3. R Surnames in the Study of Human Biology
      1. Gabriel W. Lasker
    4. R Clients, Contracts, and Profits: Conflicts in Public Archaeology
      1. L. Mark Raab
        Michael B. Schiffer
        Timothy C. Klinger
        Albert C. Goodyear


      1. Jerome S. Handler
        Thomas G. Harding
      1. MARIO D. ZAMORA

Reports and Comment

    1. R Grab the Children and Run: A Comment on Schlesier's "Of Indians and Anthropologists"
      1. Thomas W. Hill
    2. R "Of Indians and Anthropologists": A Response to Karl Schlesier
      1. Wilcomb E. Washburn
    3. R Comment on "Of Indians and Anthropologists"
      1. Raymond J. Demallie
    4. R Schlesier, Other Anthropologists, and Wounded Knee
      1. Vine Deloria
    5. R Reply to Deloria, DeMallie, Hill, and Washburn
      1. Karl H. Schlesier
    6. R Regarding Harold Franklin McGee's "Culture and Ethnicity at the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies"
      1. Paul Mcintyre
    7. R Reply to Paul McIntyre
      1. Harold Franklin Mcgee
    8. R Comment on McGee's Review Article "Culture and Ethnicity at the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies"
      1. J. Pierre Crépeau
    9. R Comment on McGee's Review Article "Culture and Ethnicity at the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies"
      1. William E. Taylor
    10. R On Pseudonyms in Research
      1. J. L. Fischer
    11. R Response to Katz's "Comment on Dinerman's Review of Structuralism in Sociology: An Approach to Knowledge"
      1. Ina R. Dinerman
    12. R "The Myth of Male Superiority: Rise and Demise"—From Excellent Premises to Misplaced Conclusions
      1. Joseph Shepher
    13. R European Migration and Development: Response to a Rebuttal
      1. Robert E. Rhoades
    14. R Comment on McNeill's The Metamorphosis of Greece Since World War II
      1. Loring M. Danforth
    15. R A Problematical Review: Reply to Halperin
      1. Stephen Gudeman

Audiovisual Review

    1. R Television Production: Granada Television's Disappearing World Series: An Appraisal
      1. Peter Loizos

Book Review

    1. R Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology. Kenneth A. Bennett
      1. Stephen L. Zegura
    2. R The Study of Man: An Introduction to Human Biology. 2nd ed. E. J. Clegg.
      1. Paul T. Baker
    3. R Human Biology and Behavior: An Anthropological Perspective. 2nd ed. Mark L. Weiss and Alan E. Mann
      1. Roberta Edwards Lenkeit
    4. R The Great Apes. David A. Hamburg and Elizabeth R. McCown
      1. Kenneth A. R. Kennedy
    5. R The Fossil Hominids and An Introduction to Their Context, 1968–1974. M. G. Leakey and R. E. Leakey
      1. Donald C. Johanson
    6. R The Origin of the Australians. R. L. Kirk and A. G. Thorne
      1. C. L. Brace
    7. R Geological Background to Fossil Man: Recent Research in the Gregory Rift Valley, East Africa. Walter W. Bishop
      1. H. B. S. Cooke
    8. R Applied Mathematical Demography. Nathan Keyfitz
      1. Kenneth M. Weiss
    9. R Linguistics: American Indian Languages and American Linguistics: The Second Golden Anniversary Symposium of the Linguistic Society of America. Wallace L. Chafe
      1. Robert N. Clair
    10. R Linguistics: The Mobilian Trade Language. James M. Crawford
      1. James A. Fox
    11. R Linguistics: Folk Literature of the Ge Indians, Volume 1. Johannes Wilbert
      1. Darrell Posey
    12. R Linguistics: Australian Aboriginal Concepts. L. R. Hiatt
      1. Robert A. Randall
    13. R Linguistics: Case Marking in Australian Languages. Barry J. Blake: The Dyirbal Language of North Queensland. R. M. W. Dixon: A Grammar of Yidin. R. M. W. Dixon: Alyawarra: An Aboriginal Language of Central Australia. Colin Yallop
      1. Michael Silverstein
    14. R Linguistics: Language, Culture, Society, and the Modern World, 1. S. Wurm: Language, Culture, Society, and the Modern World. 2. S. Wurm
      1. Terence E. Hays
    15. R Linguistics: Papers from the Conference on the Standardisation of Asian Languages, Manila, Philippines, December 16–21, 1974. A. Perez, A. Santiago, and N. Liem
      1. Lynn L. Thomas
    16. R Linguistics: Natural Symbols in South East Asia. G. B. Milner
      1. Michelle Z. Rosaldo
    17. R Linguistics: Language in Africa: An Introductory Survey. Edgar A. Gregersen
      1. Keith E. Baird
    18. R Linguistics: Language in Ethiopia. M. L. Bender, J. D. Bowen, R. L. Cooper, and C. A. Ferguson
      1. Herbert F. Stahlke
    19. R Linguistics: The Scandinavian Languages: An Introduction to Their History. Einar Haugen
      1. Vincent Erickson
    20. R Linguistics: Syntax and Semantics, Vol. 9: Pragmatics. Peter Cole
      1. Anthony S. Kroch
    21. R Linguistics: Syntax and Semantics, Vol. 11: Presupposition. Choon-Kyu Oh and David A. Dinneen
      1. Joel Sherzer
    22. R Linguistics: Situation to Sentence: An Evolutionary Method for Descriptive Linguistics. Anoop Chandola
      1. John S. White
    23. R Linguistics: Functional Studies in Language and Literature. F. Coppieters and D. L. Goyvaerts: On the Margins of Discourse: The Relation of Literature to Language. Barbara H. Smith
      1. Paul L. Garvin
    24. R Linguistics: The Contexts of Language. Ronald Wardhaugh
      1. James Woodward
    25. R Linguistics: Nonverbal Behavior. Aaron Wolfgang
      1. Karl G. Heider
    26. R Linguistics: Sign Language and Language Acquisition in Man and Ape: New Dimensions in Comparative Pedolinguistics. Fred C. C. Peng
      1. Michael F. Gibbons
    27. R Linguistics: Sign Language of the Deaf: Psychological, Linguistic, and Sociological Perspectives. I. M. Schlesinger and Lila Namir
      1. Robert E. Johnson
    28. R Linguistics: The Bilingual Brain: Neuropsychological and Neurolinguistic Aspects of Bilingualism. Martin L. Albert and Loraine K. Obler
      1. Fred Genesee
    29. R Linguistics: Six Lectures on Sound and Meaning. Roman Jakobson
      1. Ronald Macaulay
    30. R Linguistics: Adverbs, Vowels, and Other Objects of Wonder. James D. McCawley
      1. David Dwyer
    31. R Archaeology: Reindeer and Caribou Hunters. Arthur E. Spiess
      1. Lewis R. Binford
    32. R Archaeology: Nunamiut Ethnoarchaeology. Lewis R. Binford
      1. Arthur E. Spiess
    33. R Archaeology: Nunamiut Ethnoarchaeology. Lewis R. Binford
      1. Richard B. Lee
    34. R Archaeology: Mississippian Settlement Patterns. Bruce D. Smith
      1. Barry Lewis
    35. R Archaeology: Archaeology. David H. Thomas
      1. Bruce D. Smith
    36. R Archaeology: Social Process in Maya Prehistory: Studies in Honor of Sir Eric Thompson. Norman Hammond
      1. Robert L. Rands
    37. R Ethnology: Ethnologie régionale, 2: Asie—Amériques—Mascareignes. Jean Poirier
      1. Paul Hockings
    38. R Ethnology: Eskimo Medicine Man. Otto George
      1. Lawrence Hennigh
    39. R Ethnology: The History of Greenland II: 1700–1782. Finn Gad
      1. Charles S. Brant
    40. R Ethnology: The Kalderaš in Eastern Canada. Matt T. Salo and Sheila M. G. Salo
      1. Miriam Kaprow
    41. R Ethnology: Eskimos and Explorers. Wendell H. Oswalt
      1. Asen Balikci
    42. R Ethnology: "Give Us Good Measure": An Economic Analysis of Relations Between the Indians and the Hudson's Bay Company Before 1763. Arthur J. Ray and Donald Freeman
      1. Shepard Krech
    43. R Ethnology: Amoskeag: Life and Work in an American Factory City. T. K. Hareven and R. Langenbach: Seven Days a Week: Women and Domestic Service in Industrializing America. David M. Katzman: Picking Up the Linen Threads: A Study in Industrial Folklore. Betty Messenger
      1. Richard H. Robbins
    44. R Ethnology: Rockdale: The Growth of an American Village in the Early Industrial Revolution. Anthony F. C. Wallace
      1. Richard Basham
    45. R Ethnology: American Ethnicity. Joseph Hraba
      1. John Aguilar
    46. R Ethnology: Alone Together: Social Order on an Urban Beach. Robert B. Edgerton
      1. R. Timothy Sieber
    47. R Ethnology: Mishpokhe: A Study of New York City Jewish Family Clubs. William E. Mitchell
      1. Janet Dolgin
    48. R Ethnology: Satan's Power: A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult. William S. Bainbridge
      1. Stephen D. Glazier
    49. R Ethnology: Tacachale: Essays on the Indians of Florida and Southeastern Georgia during the Historic Period. Jerald T. Milanich and Samuel Proctor
      1. Charles M. Hudson
    50. R Ethnology: The Cherokee Indian Nation: A Troubled History. Duane H. King: The Cherokee Freedman: From Emancipation to American Citizenship. Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr.: John Ross, Cherokee Chief. Gary E. Moulton: Slavery and the Evolution of Cherokee Society, 1540–1866. Theda Perdue
      1. Sharlotte Neely
    51. R Ethnology: I Heard the Old Fishermen Say: Folklore of the Texas Gulf Coast. Patrick B. Mullen
      1. Carole E. Hill
    52. R Ethnology: Mexican Americans in a Dallas Barrio. Shirley Achor: The Chicanos: As We See Ourselves. Arnulfo D. Trejo
      1. Jose B. Cuellar
    53. R Ethnology: Flowers of the Wind: Papers on Ritual, Myth and Symbolism in California and the Southwest. Thomas C. Blackburn
      1. Joann Kealiinohomoku
    54. R Ethnology: Modernization in a Mexican Ejido: A Study in Economic Adaptation. Billie R. DeWalt
      1. James W. Wessman
    55. R Ethnology: Yaqui Women: Contemporary Life Histories. Jane Holden Kelley
      1. Robert Ascher
    56. R Ethnology: Idéologie de couleur et classes sociales en Haiti. Micheline Labelle
      1. Virginia R. Dominguez
    57. R Ethnology: The Symbolism of Subordination: Indian Identity in a Guatemalan Town. Kay B. Warren
      1. Philip D. Young
    58. R Ethnology: Montalban no. 6 Study of the Indians of Venezuela. José del Rey Fajardo
      1. Kenneth M. Kensinger
    59. R Ethnology: Wizard of the Four Winds: A Shaman's Story. Douglas Sharon
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    68. R Ethnology: The Southern Kikuyu Before 1903. Vol. I. L. S. B. Leakey: The Southern Kikuyu Before 1903. Vol. II. L. S. B. Leakey: The Southern Kikuyu Before 1903. Vol. III. L. S. B. Leakey
      1. Marjorie H. Stewart
    69. R Ethnology: On the Frontier of Change: Mto Wa Mbu, Tanzania. William Arens
      1. Judith Lynne Hanna
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      1. Lola Romanucci-Ross
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      1. Alan Barnard
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    77. R Ethnology: The Horse of Pride: Life in a Breton Village. Pierre-Jakez Hélias
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