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Original Article

    1. R Margaret Mead: A Biographical Sketch
      1. Rhoda Metraux
    2. R Continuities in Insight and Innovation: Toward a Biography of Margaret Mead
      1. Mary Catherine Bateson
    3. R The Oceanic Ethnography of Margaret Mead
      1. Nancy McDowell
    4. R Anthropological Field Research: Margaret Mead, Muse of the Clinical Experience
      1. Lola Romanucci-Ross
    5. R Margaret Mead and Government
      1. Wilton S. Dillon
    6. R Margaret Mead's View of Sex Roles in Her Own and Other Societies
      1. Peggy Reeves Sanday
    7. R Margaret Mead and Psychological Anthropology
      1. Francis L. K. Hsu
    8. R Margaret Mead as a Museum Anthropologist
      1. David Hurst Thomas
    9. R The Study of Culture at a Distance: A Prototype
      1. Rhoda Metraux

Review Article

    1. R Anthropology and the Study of Women: The Status of Women in Preindustrial Societies. Martin K. Whyte.: Women in Ritual and Symbolic Roles. Judith Hoch-Smith and Anita Spring: The Nineteenth-Century Woman: Her Cultural and Physical World. Sara Delamont and Lorna Duffin: Sexual Stratification: A Cross-Cultural View. Alice Schlegel
      1. Sharon W. Tiffany

Reports and Comment

    1. R Paternity and the Avunculate
      1. Penelope J. Greene
    2. R John Jones's Pregnancy: Some Comments on the Statistical-Relevance Model of Scientific Explanation
      1. Matt Cartmill
    3. R More on "Epistemological Implications of Fieldwork"
      1. Matthew Cooper
    4. R On Fitzgerald's Review of Tapu Removal in Maori Religion
      1. F. Allan Hanson
    5. R Comment on Review of Comparative Cultural Analysis
      1. Susan Horan
        Gay E. Kang
    6. R On Magnarella's Review of The Yomut Turkmen
      1. William Irons
    7. R Purple People Eaters?: A Comment on Aztec Elite Class Cannibalism à la Harris-Harner
      1. George Pierre Castile
    8. R Reply to Greenwood's Comment
      1. Alice Littlefield
    9. R Maring's Difficulties
      1. John G. Kennedy
    10. R Comment on Brace's Review of Origins
      1. S. L. Washburn
    11. R Reply to Washburn
      1. C. L. Brace
    12. R Comment by the Editor-in-chief
      1. D. L. Olmsted
    13. R On "The Series Phenomenon"
      1. Barbara Kerewsky-Halpern
        Joel M. Halpern

Book Review

    1. R Physical Anthropology: Dermatoglyphics: An International Perspective. J. Mavalwala
      1. J. W. Froehlich
    2. R Physical Anthropology: Early Hominids of Africa. Clifford Jolly
      1. Henry M. McHenry
    3. R Physical Anthropology: Human Sexuality: A Comparative and Developmental Perspective. Herant Katchadourian
      1. Linda D. Wolfe
    4. R Physical Anthropology: Biocultural Evolution: A Workbook for Physical Anthropology and Archaeology. Kenneth L. Beals and Timothy G. Baugh.
      1. William M. Bass
    5. R Physical Anthropology: Sociobiology and Human Nature. M. S. Gregory, A. Silvers and D. Sutch
      1. Eric Alden Smith
    6. R Physical Anthropology: The Sociobiology of Homo Sapiens. Mark Shapiro.
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    7. R Linguistics: Linguistics at the Crossroads. Adam Makkai, Valerie Becker Makkai, and Luigi Heilmann
      1. Janet Sternberg
    8. R Linguistics: Linguistic Variation: Models and Methods. David Sankoff
      1. Marilyn Merritt
    9. R Linguistics: Discourse and Inference in Cognitive Anthropology. Marvin D. Loflin andjames Silverberg
      1. Michael H. Agar
    10. R Linguistics: Folklore in the Modern World. Richard M. Dorson
      1. Elliott Oring
    11. R Linguistics: Varia Folklorica. Alan Dundes
      1. Daniel J. Crowley
    12. R Linguistics: After Metaphysics: Toward a Grammar of Interaction and Discourse. Harvey Sarles.
      1. Ernst Glasersfeld
    13. R Linguistics: The Sound Shape of Language. Roman Jakobson and Linda R. Waugh.
      1. Carolyn F. Wall
    14. R Linguistics: Children of the Salt River: First and Second Language Acquisition among Pima Children. Mary R. Miller.
      1. Bambi B. Schieffelin
        Ann R. Eisenberg
    15. R Linguistics: Children's Riddling. John H. McDowell.
      1. Marida Hollos
    16. R Linguistics: Subjective Meaning and Culture: An Assessment Through Word Associations. Lorand B. Szalay and James Deese.
      1. Norman Markel
    17. R Linguistics: Linguistic Studies of Native Canada. Eung-Do Cook and Jonathan Kaye
      1. Timothy Dunnigan
    18. R Linguistics: The Rainbow Serpent. Ira Buckler and Kenneth Maddock
      1. Patricia Waterman
    19. R Linguistics: The Rite Technique of the Siberian Shaman. Anna-Leena Siikala.
      1. Lydia T. Black
    20. R Linguistics: Songs of Gods, Songs of Humans: The Epic Tradition of the Ainu. Donald L. Philippi.
      1. Robert F. Spencer
    21. R Linguistics: The Otomi. Vol. 1: Geography and Fauna. Jesús Salinas-Pedraza with H. Russell Bernard.
      1. Nicholas A. Hopkins
    22. R Archaeology: Advances in Archaeological Method and Theory, Vol. 1. Michael B. Schiffer
      1. Albert C. Goodyear
    23. R Archaeology: The Individual in Prehistory: Studies of Variability in Style in Prehistoric Technologies. James N. Hill and Joel Gunn
      1. Flora S. Kaplan
    24. R Archaeology: The Archaeology of Afghanistan from Earliest Times to the Timurid Period. F. R. Allchin and N. Hammond
      1. Walter A. Fairservis
    25. R Archaeology: The Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde, Southwestern Colorado. Gustaf E. A. Nordenskiöld.
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    26. R Archaeology: A Potter's Mexico. Irwin Whitaker and Emily Whitaker.: Traditional Pottery Techniques of Pakistan: Field and Laboratory Studies. Owen S. Rye and Clifford Evans.: The Traditional Pottery of Guatemala. Ruben E. Reina and Robert M. Hill, II.
      1. Prudence M. Rice
    27. R General and Theoretical: Cultural Materialism: The Struggle for a Science of Culture. Marvin Harris.
      1. Anthony F. C. Wallace
    28. R General and Theoretical: The Early State. H.J. M. Claessen and P. Skalník
      1. David Webster
    29. R General and Theoretical: Origins of the State: The Anthropology of Political Evolution. Ronald Cohen and Elman R. Service
      1. Marvin Harris
    30. R General and Theoretical: The Origins of the Economy: A Comparative Study of Distribution in Primitive and Peasant Economies. Frederic L. Pryor.
      1. Norman Yoffee
    31. R General and Theoretical: Ecodynamics: A New Theory of Societal Evolution. Kenneth E. Boulding.
      1. Robert Lawless
    32. R General and Theoretical: A History of Sociological Analysis. Tom Bottomore and Robert Nisbet
      1. Richard Chaney
    33. R General and Theoretical: Structure, Consciousness, and History. Harvey B. Brown and Stanford M. Lyman: Wilhelm Dilthey: The Critique of Historical Reason. Michael Ermarth.
      1. J. A. Boutilier
    34. R General and Theoretical: El Enfoque Sociocultural en Antropología Ecológica, Crítica Metodológica. Carlos García Mora.: Cultural-Ecological Perspectives on Southeast Asia: A Symposium. William Wood: Mountain, Field, and Family: The Economy and Human Ecology of an Andean Valley. Stephen B. Brush.
      1. Laurence Kruckman
    35. R General and Theoretical: Relations of Production: Marxist Approaches to Economic Anthropology. David Seddon
      1. Henry J. Rutz
    36. R General and Theoretical: Mexican Agriculture 1521-1630: Transformation of the Mode of Production. Andre G. Frank.
      1. Paul McDowell
    37. R General and Theoretical: Anthropology Toward History: Culture and Work in a 19th-century Maine Town. Richard P. Horwitz.: Reconstructing Historical Communities. Alan Macfarlane
      1. Katherine Verdery
    38. R General and Theoretical: Everything in its Place: Social Order and Land Use in America. Constance Perin.
      1. Henry P. Lundsgaarde
    39. R General and Theoretical: Federal Regulations: Ethical Issues and Social Research. Murray L. Wax and Joan Cassell
      1. James W. Green
    40. R General and Theoretical: Research Among Racial and Cultural Minorities: Problems, Prospects, and Pitfalls. Darrel Montero and Gene N. Levine
      1. Donald Kurtz
    41. R General and Theoretical: Human Nature, Class, and Ethnicity. Milton M. Gordon.
      1. Charles F. Keyes
    42. R General and Theoretical: Ethos and Identity: Three Studies in Ethnicity. A. L. Epstein.
      1. Judith Nagata
    43. R General and Theoretical: Ethnocentrism and History: Africa, Asia and Indian America in Western Textbooks. Roy Preiswerk and Dominique Perrot.
      1. John Bodley
    44. R General and Theoretical: Psychological Anthropology: An Introduction to Human Nature and Cultural Differences. Erika Bourguignon.
      1. Alan Howard
    45. R General and Theoretical: Ethnopsychoanalysis: Psychoanalysis and Anthropology as Complementary Frames of Reference. George Devereux.
      1. Erika Bourguignon
    46. R General and Theoretical: The Realm of the Extra-Human: Agents and Audiences. Agehananda Bharati: The Realm of the Extra-Human: Ideas and Actions. Agehananda Bharati
      1. John J. Collins
    47. R General and Theoretical: On Human Finery. 2nd ed. Quentin Bell.
      1. Rom Harré
    48. R General and Theoretical: Host and Guest: The Anthropology of Tourism. Valene L. Smith
      1. Roland W. Force
    49. R General and Theoretical: Essays in Social Anthropology and Ethnology. Fred Eggan.
      1. Harry Basehart
    50. R General and Theoretical: Long-Term Field Research in Social Anthropology. George M. Foster, Thayer Scudder, Elizabeth Colson, and Robert V. Kemper
      1. Dwight B. Heath

Book Note

    1. R Book Notes