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    1. R Formality and Informality in Communicative Events
      1. Judith T. Irvine
    2. R Folk Zoological Life-Forms: Their Universality and Growth
      1. Cecil H. Brown
    3. R The Evolution of Allomothering Behavior Among Colobine Monkeys: Function and Opportunism in Evolution
      1. James J. McKenna
    4. R Sex Differences in Maasai Cognition of Personality and Social Identity
      1. Michael Burton
        Lorraine Kirk

Review Article

    1. R Learning and Communicating: Deep Process: Language and Context: The Acquisition of Pragmatics. Elizabeth Bates: Language and Man: Anthropological Issues. William C. McCormack and Stephen A. Wurm: Socialization and Communication in Primary Groups. Thomas R. Williams
      1. Dorothy Davis Wills
    2. R Three Studies of Mexican Indians: A Methodological Critique: What Are Norms? A Study of Beliefs and Action in a Maya Community. Francesca Cancian: Markets in Oaxaca. Scott Cook and Martin Diskin: Tortillas for the Gods: A Symbolic Analysis of Zinacanteco Rituals. Evon Z. Vogt
      1. Victor Goldkind
    3. R Person and Religion in Modern Africa: Theórie des pouvoirs et idéologic: Etude de cas en Côte-d'Ivoire. Marc Augé: Christianity and Xhosa Tradition: Belief and Ritual among Xhosa-speaking Christians. B. A. Pauw: African Religions: Symbol, Ritual, and Community. Benjamin C. Ray
      1. Grace Harris

Report and Comment

    1. R On Measuring Adaptation
    2. R The Noneconomic Nature of Eating People
      1. STANLEY M. GARN
    3. R The Veil of Objectivity?
    4. R Oedipus Once More
      1. PHILIP K. BOCK
    5. R Growth of Western Civilization: Epicyclical or Exponential?

Book Review

    1. R Ethnology: Shamattawa: The Structure of Social Relations in a Northern Algonkian Band. David H. Turner and Paul Wertman
      1. Eleanor Leacock
    2. R Ethnology: Keepers of the Game: Indian-Animal Relationships and the Fur Trade. Calvin Martin
      1. Charles A. Bishop
    3. R Ethnology: The Village Indians of the Upper Missouri: The Mandans, Hidatsas, and Arikaras. Roy W. Meyer
      1. Ernest Schusky
    4. R Ethnology: Africans and Seminoles: From Removal to Emancipation. Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr.
      1. William C. Sturtevant
    5. R Ethnology: Language and Art in the Navajo Universe. Gary Witherspoon
      1. Keith H. Basso
    6. R Ethnology: Handbook of North American Indians: Vol. 8, California. Robert F. Heizer
      1. Michael J. Moratto
    7. R Ethnology: The Mayo Indians of Sonora: A People Who Refuse to Die. N. Ross Crumrine
      1. Mary O'Connor
    8. R Ethnology: In the Shadow of Tlaloc: Life in a Mexican Village. Gregory G. Reck
      1. Joan Larcom Mossman
    9. R Ethnology: The Demise of a Rural Economy: From Subsistence to Capitalism in a Latin American Village. Stephen Gudeman
      1. Rhoda Halperin
    10. R Ethnology: Latin America: A Sociocultural Interpretation. Julius Rivera
      1. Barry Isaac
    11. R Ethnology: La Organización Económica del Estado Inca. John V. Murra
      1. Craig Morris
    12. R Ethnology: Welcome to Tears: The Tapirapé Indians of Central Brazil. Charles Wagley
      1. Nelly Arvelo-Jiménez
    13. R Ethnology: Peasant Politics: Struggle in a Dominican Village. Kenneth Evan Sharpe
      1. Susan Brown
    14. R Ethnology: The Caribbean: The Genesis of a Fragmented Nationalism. Franklin W. Knight
      1. James E. LeFlore
    15. R Ethnology: Four Women: Living the Revolution, An Oral History of Contemporary Cuba. Oscar Lewis, Ruth M. Lewis, and Susan M. Rigdon
      1. Nancie L. González
    16. R Ethnology: African Kingdoms. Lucy Mair
      1. Hilda Kuper
    17. R Ethnology: Religion and Social Change in Southern Africa: Anthropological Essays in Honour of Monica Wilson. Michael G. Whisson and Martin West
      1. James Fernandez
    18. R Ethnology: Le récit populaire au Rwanda. Pierre Smith
      1. Jim Freedman
    19. R Ethnology: The Cultural Regions of East Africa. John D. Kesby
      1. Gary B. Palmer
    20. R Ethnology: Town and Country in Central and Eastern Africa. David Parkin
      1. David M. Rosen
    21. R Ethnology: Parenté et mariage chez les Rukuba (Etat Benue-Plateau, Nigeria). Jean-Claude Muller
      1. Jim Freedman
    22. R Ethnology: The Kuranko: Dimensions of Social Reality in a West African Society. Michael Jackson
      1. Simon Ottenberg
    23. R Ethnology: Moroccan Islam: Tradition and Society in a Pilgrimage Center. Dale F. Eickelman: Muslim Brotherhoods in Nineteenth-Century Africa. B. G. Martin
      1. Gustav E. Thaiss
    24. R Ethnology: The Aith Waryaghar of the Moroccan Rif: An Ethnography and History. David Montgomery Hart
      1. Fadwa Guindi
    25. R Ethnology: A Persian Stronghold of Zoroastrianism: Based on the Ratanbai Katrak Lectures, 1975. Mary Boyce
      1. Patricia J. Higgins
    26. R Ethnology: Water and Tribal Settlement in South-East Arabia: A Study of the Aflaj of Oman. J. C. Wilkinson
      1. Brian Spooner
    27. R Ethnology: Continuity and Change: A Study of Two Ethnic Communities in Israel. Rita J. Simon
      1. Laurence D. Loeb
    28. R Ethnology: A Mediterranean Society: The Jewish Communities of the Arab World as Portrayed in the Documents of the Cairo Geniza. Vol. III: The Family. S. D. Goitein
      1. Harvey Goldberg
    29. R Ethnology: The Metamorphosis of Greece since World War II. William H. McNeill
      1. G. James Patterson
    30. R Ethnology: Ethnic Plurality in India. R. A. Schermerhorn
      1. Karen Michaelson
    31. R Ethnology: The New Wind: Changing Identities in South Asia. Kenneth David
      1. Mattison Mines
    32. R Ethnology: Kinship in Bengali Culture. Ronald B. Inden and Ralph W. Nicholas
      1. Lina Fruzzetti
    33. R Ethnology: Code and Custom in a Thai Provincial Court. David Engel
      1. Michael Moerman
    34. R Ethnology: Family Life in a Northern Thai Village: A Study in the Structural Significance of Women. Sulamith Heins Potter
      1. Penelope Esterik
    35. R Ethnology: Bangkhuad: A Community Study in Thailand. Howard Keva Kaufman
      1. A. Thomas Kirsch
    36. R Ethnology: Muslim Puritans: Reformist Psychology in Southeast Asian Islam, James L. Peacock
      1. Louis Dupree
    37. R Ethnology: Mysticism and Everyday Life in Contemporary Java. Neils Mulder
      1. Robert Jay
    38. R Ethnology: The Iban of Sarawak. Vinson H. Sutlive, Jr.
      1. Clifford Sather
    39. R Ethnology: Employment, Incomes and Migration in Papua New Guinea Towns. Ross Garnaut, Michael Wright, and Richard Curtain
      1. Eugene Ogan
    40. R Ethnology: "Whitefella Business": Aborigines in Australian Politics. Michael C. Howard
      1. Diane Barwick
    41. R Ethnology: The Book of Luelen. Vol. 1. Luelen Bernart.: Annotations to the Book of Luelen. Vol. 2. John L. Fischer, Saul H. Riesenberg and Marjorie G. Whiting
      1. Martha C. Ward
    42. R Ethnology: The Maoris of New Zealand: Rautahi. Joan Metge
      1. James E. Ritchie
    43. R General and Theoretical: A Guide to Social Theory: Worldwide Cross-Cultural Tests. David Levinson
      1. Lilyan A. Brudner-White
        Douglas R. White
    44. R General and Theoretical: Symbolic Anthropology: A Reader in the Study of Symbols and Meanings. Janet L. Dolgin, David S. Kemnitzer and David M. Schneider
      1. Keith Parry
    45. R General and Theoretical: Mind in Society: The Development of Higher Psychological Processes. L. S. Vygotsky
      1. Sue T. Parker
    46. R General and Theoretical: Health and the Human Condition: Perspectives on Medical Anthropology. Michael H. Logan and Edward E. Hunt, Jr.
      1. Henry P. Lundsgaarde
    47. R General and Theoretical: Custom, Law, and Terrorist Violence. Edmund Leach
      1. Denis P. Foley
    48. R General and Theoretical: Toward the Final Solution: A History of European Racism. George L. Mosse
      1. Richard Levy
    49. R General and Theoretical: Injustice: The Social Bases of Obedience and Revolt. Barrington Moore, Jr.
      1. June Starr
    50. R General and Theoretical: Ancestors. William H. Newell
      1. David K. Jordan
    51. R General and Theoretical: Across the Chichimec Sea: Papers in Honor of J. Charles Kelley. Carroll L. Riley and Basil C. Hedrick
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    52. R General and Theoretical: Great North American Indians. Frederick J. Dockstader
      1. Garrick Bailey
    53. R General and Theoretical: Muslim Peoples: A World Ethnographic Survey. Richard V. Weekes
      1. James L. Peacock
    54. R General and Theoretical: Reflections on Fieldwork in Morocco. Paul Rabinow
      1. Daisy Hilse Dwyer
    55. R General and Theoretical: The New Social Sciences. Baidya Nath Varma
      1. Ram P. Srivastava
    56. R General and Theoretical: An Introduction to the Sociology of Rural Development. Norman Long
      1. Thomas M. Fraser
    57. R Applied Anthropology: A Century of Change in Eastern Africa. W. Arens
      1. Charles Frantz
    58. R Applied Anthropology: What Happened to Fairbanks?: The Effects of the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline on the Community of Fairbanks, Alaska. Mim Dixon
      1. Stanley A. West
        Sue E. Richardson
    59. R Physical Anthropology: Physical Anthropology and Workbook in Physical Anthropology. Philip S. Stein and Bruce M. Rowe
      1. N. C. Tappen
    60. R Physical Anthropology: Analysis of Species-Specific Molar Adaptations in Strepsirhine Primates. Daniel Seligsohn
      1. Richard F. Kay
    61. R Physical Anthropology: Malnutrition, Behavior, and Social Organization. Lawrence S. Greene
      1. Sara Stinson
    62. R Linguistics: Sociocultural Dimensions of Language Change. Ben G. Blount and Mary Sanches
      1. Louanna Furbee-Losee
    63. R Linguistics: Symbolic and Pragmatic Semantics: A Kannada System of Address. Susan S. Bean
      1. Janet W. D. Dougherty
    64. R Linguistics: Pronominal Inflection in the Mayan Languages. Victoria Reifler Bricker
      1. Lyle Campbell
    65. R Linguistics: Forms of Folklore in Africa: Narrative, Poetic, Gnomic, Dramatic. Bernth Lindfors
      1. E. Ojo Arewa
    66. R Linguistics: Radical Change Through Communication in Mao's China. Godwin C. Chu
      1. Francis L. K. Hsu
    67. R Archaeology: Cultural Resources: Planning and Management. Roy S. Dickens, Jr. and Carole E. Hill
      1. Richard N. Lerner
    68. R Archaeology: Conservation Archaeology: A Guide for Cultural Resource Management Studies. Michael B. Schiffer and George J. Gumerman
      1. Michael A. Glassow
    69. R Archaeology: The Spatial Organization of Culture. Ian Hodder
      1. Robert Whallon
    70. R Archaeology: Ancient Native Americans. Jesse D. Jennings
      1. Brian M. Fagan

Book Note

    1. R Book Notes