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Original Article

    1. R Toward an Ecological Model of African Plio-Pleistocene Hominid Adaptations
      1. Charles R. Peters
    2. R Color-Term Salience and Neurophysiology of Color Vision
      1. André Wattenwyl
        Heinrich Zollinger
    3. R The Myth of Male Superiority: Rise and Demise
      1. Seymour Parker
        Hilda Parker
    4. R Aunts and Mothers: Adaptive Implications of Allomaternal Behavior of Nonhuman Primates

Review Article

    1. R What Directions for Race/Ethnic Relations? Kaleidoscope of Options
      1. Jon D. Swartz
        Colbert Rhodes
    2. R Of Indians and Anthropologists
      1. Karl H. Schlesier
    3. R Culture and Ethnicity at the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies
      1. Harold Franklin McGee


    1. R STEPHEN C. CAPPANNARI 1917–1974
    2. R KIRPA SHANKAR MATHUR 1929–1977
    3. R JOHN LELAND CHAMPE 1895–1978
      1. W. RAYMOND WOOD
    4. R MISCHA TITIEV 1901–1978

Reports and Comments

    1. R A Videotape Technique for the Elicitation of Values
    2. R Comment: Altar of Fire
      1. FRITS STAAL
    3. R Reply to Staal's Comment
      1. ROBERT A. PAUL
    4. R Comment on "Development in the Non-Western World"
    5. R A Reply to Divale et al
    6. R Comment on Littlefield's Review of Greenwood's Unrewarding Wealth
    7. R Comment on van den Berghe's and Barash's Sociobiology
    8. R Biology and Human Social Behavior: a Response to van den Berghe and Barash
    9. R A Comment on Sociobiology
    10. R Data and Theory in Sociobiological Explanation: A Critique of van den Berghe and Barash
    11. R Comment on van den Berghe and Barash "Inclusive Fitness and Human Family Structure"
    12. R Reply to Dickeman, Graham, Martin, Smith, and Walter
    13. R Comment on M. Dove's Review of The Asiatic Mode of Production
      1. EARL SMITH
    14. R On Criticality: Reply to Smith
      1. MICHAEL R. DOVE

Book Reviews

    1. R Linguistics: The Scope of American Linguistics. Robert Austerlitz
      1. John M. Lawler
    2. R Linguistics: Language, Ethnicity and Intergroup Relations. Howard Giles
      1. Susan Gal
    3. R Linguistics: Universalism versus Relativism in Language and Thought: Proceedings of a Colloquium on the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis. Rik Pinxten
      1. Rolf Kjolseth
    4. R Linguistics: Aboriginal Cognition: Retrospect and Prospect. G. E. Kearney and D. W. McElwaind
      1. Geoffrey White
    5. R Linguistics: A Comparative Study of the Foe, Huli, and Pole Languages of Papua New Guinea. W. M. Rule., New Guinea Area Languages and Language Study, The Languages of the Madang District, Papua New Guinea. J. A. Z'graggen. Pacific
    6. R Linguistics: Tanga-English, English-Tanga Dictionary. F. L. S. Bell., New Hebrides Languages: An Internal Classification. D. T. Tryon.
    7. R Linguistics: Politics, Language, and Thought: The Somali Experience. David D. Laitin.
      1. Carol M. Eastman
    8. R Linguistics: Langage et Cultures Africaines: £ssais d'ethnolinguistique. Geneviève Calame-Griaule
      1. Paul Riesman
    9. R Linguistics: African Folklore in the New World. Daniel J. Crowley
      1. John M. Vlach
    10. R Linguistics: Coyote Stories. William Bright
      1. David S. Rood
    11. R Linguistics: Yup'ik Eskimo Grammar. Irene Reed: Some Grammatical Aspects of Labrador Inuttut (Eskimo): A Survey of the Inflectional Paradigms of Nouns and Verbs. Lawrence R. Smith.
      1. Ivan Kalmár
    12. R Linguistics: The Tale of the Nisan Shamaness: A Manchu Folk Epic. Margaret Nowak
      1. Colin E. Tweddell
    13. R Linguistics: Language Play: An Introduction to Linguistics. Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen.
      1. Richard W. Howell
    14. R Linguistics: Language Learning by a Chimpanzee: The Lana Project. Duane M. Rumbaugh
      1. Kathryn J. Dolan
    15. R Archaeology: Culture in Retrospect: An Introduction to Archaeology. S. J. Knudson., In the Beginning: An Introduction to Archaeology. 3rd ed. Brian M. Fagan.
    16. R Archaeology: The Management of Archeological Resources: The Airlie House Report.>Charles R. McGimsey III and Hester A. Davis
      1. Veletta Canouts
    17. R Archaeology: Cultural Change and Continuity: Essays in Honor of James Bennett Griffin. Charles E. Cleland, For the Director: Research Essays in Honor of James B. Griffin. Charles E. Cleland
    18. R Archaeology: In Small Things Forgotten: The Archaeology of Early American Life. James Deetz.
      1. Cynthia R. Price
    19. R Archaeology: Nigeria: Its Archaeology and Early History. Thurstan Shaw.
      1. Patrick J. Munson
    20. R Archaeology: Palaeolithic Europe: A Summary of Some Important Finds with Special Reference to Central Europe. D. K. Bhattacharya.
      1. Ralph M. Rowlett
    21. R Archaeology: Models and Great Basin Prehistory: A Symposium. Don D. Fowler
      1. Cynthia Irwin-Williams
    22. R Archaeology: The Rural Foundation for Urbanism: Economic and Stylistic Interaction between Rural and Urban Communities in Eighth-Century Peru. William Harris Isbell.
      1. Jeffrey R. Parsons
    23. R Archaeology: Iron Age Communities of the Southern Highveld. T. M O'C. Maggs.
      1. Joseph O. Vogel
    24. R Archaeology: The Late Prehistory of the Lake Erie Drainage Basin: A 1972 Symposium Revised. David S. Brose
      1. William Lovis
    25. R Archaeology: The Hood Site: A Late Woodland Hamlet in the Sangamon Valley of Central Illinois. R. Barry Lewis.
      1. David P. Braun
    26. R Ethnology: The British Traditional Ballad in North America. Tristram Potter Coffin.
      1. Lewellyn Hendrix
    27. R Ethnology: Eskimo Music by Region: A Comparative Circumpolar Study. Thomas F. Johnston.
      1. Alan P. Merriam
    28. R Ethnology: Eskimo Art: Tradition and Innovation in North Alaska. Dorothy Jean Ray.
      1. Nelson H. H. Graburn
    29. R Ethnology: The Prairie People: Continuity and Change in Potawatomi Indian Culture, 1665–1965. James A. Clifton.
      1. Keith F. Otterbein
    30. R Ethnology: Cherokees in Transition: A Study of Changing Culture and Environment Prior to 1775. Gary C. Goodwin.
      1. J. Anthony Paredes
    31. R Ethnology: Tzeltal Folk Zoology: The Classification of Discontinuities in Nature. Eugene S. Hunn.
      1. Terence E. Hays
    32. R Ethnology: Gossip, Reputation and Knowledge in Zinacantan. John Beard Haviland.
      1. Paul Kay
    33. R Ethnology: Race and Class in Colonial Oaxaca. John K. Chance.
      1. Erve Chambers
    34. R Ethnology: Anthropology and History in Yucatán. Grant D. Jones
      1. Robert Carmack
    35. R Ethnology: The Fiesta System and Economic Change. Waldemar R. Smith.
      1. Stuart Plattner
    36. R Ethnology: Relationships, Residence and the Individual: A Rural Panamanian Community. Stephen Gudeman.
      1. Norman E. Whitten
    37. R Ethnology: Law and the Family in Africa. Simon A. Roberts
      1. David Kronenfeld
    38. R Ethnology: Religious Innovation in Modern African Society. W. M. J. van Binsbergen and R. Buijtenhuijs
      1. Frank A. Salamone
    39. R Ethnology: For Men and Elders: Change in the Relations of Generations and of Men and Women among the Nyakyusa-Ngonde People 1875–1971. Monica Wilson.
      1. Alvin W. Wolfe
    40. R Ethnology: Population, Prosperity and Poverty: Rural Kano 1900 and 1970. Polly Hill.
      1. Eric J. Arnould
    41. R Ethnology: Women in Accra: Options for Autonomy. Deborah Pellow. Algonac, Mich.:
      1. Russ Geiger
    42. R Ethnology: Having Herds: Pastoral Herd Growth and Household Economy. Gudrun Dahl and Anders Hjort.
      1. John G. Galaty
    43. R Ethnology: Studies in African Social Anthropology: Essays Presented to Professor Isaac Schapera. Meyer Fortes and Sheila Patterson.
      1. James L. Brain
    44. R Ethnology: Rural Catalonia under the Franco Regime: The Fate of Regional Culture Since the Spanish Civil War. Edward C. Hansen.
      1. Joseph B. Aceves
    45. R Ethnology: The Peasants of the Montes: The Roots of Rural Rebellion in Spain. Michael R. Weisser.
      1. David Gilmore
    46. R Ethnology: Migration, Kinship, and Community: Tradition and Transition in a Spanish Village. Stanley H. Brandes.
      1. Hans Buechler
    47. R Ethnology: Nomaden von Gharjistän: Aspekte der wirtschaftlichen, sozialen und politischen Organisation nomadischer Durrani-Paschtunen in Nordwestafghanistan. Bernt Glatzer.
      1. William Irons
    48. R Ethnology: The Remembered Village. M. N. Srinivas.
      1. Mahesh C. Pradhan
    49. R Ethnology: Marriage and Family in Kerala. Father J. Puthenkalam.
      1. Russell M. Reid
    50. R Ethnology: Rural North Korea under Communism: A Study of Sociocultural Change. Mun Woong Lee.
      1. Martin Whyte
    51. R Ethnology: Transactions in Kinship: Adoption and Fosterage in Oceania. Ivan Brady
      1. Edwin A. Cook
    52. R Ethnology: The Mardudjara Aborigines: Living the Dream in Australia's Deserts. Robert Tonkinson.
      1. Fred R. Myers
    53. R Ethnology: Bloodshed and Vengeance in the Papuan Mountains: The Generation of Conflict in Tauade Society. C. R. Hallpike.
      1. Andrew P. Vayda
    54. R General and Theoretical: Cannibals and Kings: The Origins of Cultures. Marvin Harris.
      1. Stephen A. Kowalewski
    55. R General and Theoretical: New Rules of Sociological Method: A Positive Critique of Interpretative Sociologies. Anthony Giddens.
      1. Michelle Rosaldo
    56. R General and Theoretical: Structural Anthropology in the Netherlands. P. E. de Josselin de Jong
      1. Iain Prattis
    57. R General and Theoretical: Horizons of Anthropology. 2nd ed. Sol Tax and Leslie G. Freeman
      1. George D. Spindler
    58. R General and Theoretical: The Making of Psychological Anthropology. George D. Spindler.
      1. Jon David Swartz
    59. R General and Theoretical: Anthropology: Perspective on Humanity. Marc J. Swartz and David K. Jordan
      1. Edwin Eames
    60. R General and Theoretical: Comparative Cultural Analysis: An Introduction to Anthropology. 2nd ed. Keith F. Otterbein.
      1. Eugene N. Cohen
    61. R General and Theoretical: Humanity and Culture: An Introduction to Anthropology. Oriol Pi-Sunyer and Zdenek Salzmann., The Human Myth: An Introduction to Anthropology. Michael D. Olien.
      1. Beth Dillingham
    62. R General and Theoretical: Cultural Bias. Mary Douglas.
      1. Bradd Shore
    63. R General and Theoretical: Scenes. John Irwin
      1. Jeffrey E. Nash
    64. R General and Theoretical: Urban Anthropology: Cities in Their Cultural Settings. Richard G. Fox.
      1. Geoffrey Stiles
    65. R General and Theoretical: Urban Ethnicity. Abner Cohen
      1. David Jacobson
    66. R General and Theoretical: Comparative Deviance: Perception and Law in Six Cultures. Graeme Newman.
      1. Sally Falk Moore
    67. R General and Theoretical: They Love Me, They Love Me Not: A Worldwide Study of the Effects of Parental Acceptance and Rejection. Ronald P. Rohner.
      1. Joan I. Roberts
    68. R Applied Anthropology: Rx: Spiritus as Needed: A Study of a Puerto Rican Community Mental Health Resource. Alan Harwood.
      1. Elena Padilla
    69. R Applied Anthropology: The Ethnic Imperative: Examining the New White Ethnic Movement. Howard F. Stein and Robert F. Hill.
      1. Philip E. Leis
    70. R Applied Anthropology: Perceptions of Development. Sandra Wallman
      1. Richard W. Stoffle
    71. R Applied Anthropology: Maori Land Tenure: Studies of a Changing Institution. J. H. Kawharu.
      1. Thomas K. Fitzgerald
    72. R Applied Anthropology: Kurusu: The Price of Progress in a Japanese Village 1951–1975. Robert J. Smith.
      1. Marvin K. Opler
    73. R Physical Anthropology: Human Skeletal Remains: Excavation, Analysis, Interpretation. Douglas H. Ubelaker.
      1. Jane E. Buikstra
    74. R Physical Anthropology: Perspectives in Ethology. Volume 3, Social Behavior. P. P. G. Bateson and Peter H. Klopfer.
      1. Kenneth E. Glander
    75. R Physical Anthropology: Sex, Evolution, and Behavior. Martin Daly and Margo Wibon.
      1. Margaret E. Hamilton
    76. R Physical Anthropology: Population Structure and Human Variation. G. A. Harrison
      1. Jack Kelso
    77. R Physical Anthropology: Uniqueness and Diversity in Human Evolution: Morphometric Studies of Australopithecines. Charles E. Oxnard.
      1. G. Philip Rightmire
    78. R Physical Anthropology: Development, Function and Evolution of Teeth. P. M. Butler and K. A. Joysey
      1. Christy G. Turner II

Book Notes

    1. R Book Notes

Audiovisual Reviews

    1. R Films. Axes and Are: Stone Tools of the Duna. 1977. Directed by J. Peter White.
      1. John Speth
    2. R Films: Phantom India, Indian Odyssey. 1971. Directed and narrated by Louis Malle.
      1. W. D. Merchant
        Paul Hockings
    3. R Films: The Yanamamo Tribe in War and Peace. 1977. Directed by Yasushi Toyotomi, produced by Junichi Ushiyama.
      1. Gregory A. Finnegan
    4. R Films: Traditional Healing in Guyana: the Divine Madness of Kali Mai Functional Therapy. Series producer and anthropologist, Philip Singer.
      1. Martha Foster Breidenbach
    5. R Films: Mt. Athos: The First One Thousand Years. 1977. A film by John Keshishoglou
      1. Peter Allen
    6. R Audiovisual Note: Lord Thing
    7. R Slide Review: Baskets o£ the California Indians. 1978. Text by Robert Matte, Jr. and Jerry Ferrin.
      1. Ira S. Jacknis
    8. R Audiovisual Books: Our Kind of People—American Groups and Rituals. Bill Owens.: When Two or More are Gathered Together. Neal Slavin.

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received