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Original Article

    1. R Whatever Happened to the Id?
      1. Melford E. Spiro
    2. R Linguistic Knowledge and Cultural Knowledge: Some Doubts and Speculations
      1. Roger M. Keesing
    3. R Biological Analogy, Diffusionism, and Archaeology
      1. Laurie R. Godfrey
        John R. Cole
    4. R Epistemological Implications of Fieldwork and Their Consequences
      1. Frank A. Salamone
    5. R Alternative Models of Scientific Explanation
      1. Merrilee H. Salmon
        Wesley C. Salmon

Review Article

    1. R Contemporary Perspectives in South Asian Archaeology: The Prehistory and Protohistory of India and Pakistan. H. D. Sankalia.: New Archaeology: Its Scope and Application to India. H. D. Sankalia.: Understanding Indian Civilization: A Framework of Enquiry. S. C. Malik.
      1. Barry E. Thompson


    1. R STEVEN POLGAR 1931–1978
      1. Vera Rubin
    2. R RUTH SAWTELL WALLIS 1895–1978
      1. June M. Collins
    3. R GITEL POZNANSKI STEED 1914–1977
      1. Alexander Lesser
    4. R SOL WORTH 1922–1977
      1. Richard Chalfen

Report and Comment

    1. R Immortality through Kinship: The Vertical Transmission of Substance and Symbolic Estate
      1. Daniel Craig
    2. R The Mouth of Heaven and the Kwakiutl Tongue: A Comment on Walens on Goldman
      1. Wayne Suttles
    3. R In the Teeth of the Evidence: A Rejoinder to Suttles
      1. Stanley Walens
    4. R Nonreproductive Sexual Behavior: Ethological and Cultural Considerations
      1. Ina Jane Wundram
    5. R A Critique of "The New Ethnicity"
      1. G. James Patterson
    6. R The Truth in Masquerade
      1. Oriol Pi-Sunyer
    7. R Comment on Weiss' The Problem of Development in the Non-Western World
      1. Beth Dillingham
    8. R Comment on Barkow
      1. John J. Swetnam
        Martha C. Knack
    9. R An Expert Witness Answers Rosen
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    10. R Response to Stewart
      1. Lawrence Rosen
    11. R Comment on Kendall's Review of A Guide to the Languages of the World
      1. Merritt Ruhlen
    12. R A "Retort Courteous" to Omer Stewart
      1. Weston Barre
    13. R A Reply to La Barre's "Retort Courteous"
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    14. R Women, Horticulture, and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa: Some Comments
      1. Karla O. Poewe
    15. R Battle of the Sexes in Zambia: A Reply to Karla Poewe
      1. Chet S. Lancaster
    16. R A Note on "Excess Access and Incest," by Busch and Gundlach
      1. David M. Schneider
    17. R Response to Schneider
      1. Ruth Busch
        James Gundlach
    18. R Note on Scheffler's Review of Pinikindu
      1. Wagner Roy
    19. R Tribal Organization and Subsistence: A Response to Emanuel Marx
      1. Philip Carl Salzman
    20. R Back to the Problem of Tribe
      1. Emanuel Marx

Book Review

    1. R Physical Anthropology: Play and Aggression: A Study of Rhesus Monkeys. Donald Symons.
      1. John D. Baldwin
    2. R Physical Anthropology: Ecology and Behaviour of Nocturnal Primates: Prosimians of Equatorial West Africa. Pierre Charles-Dominique. R. D. Martin
      1. William L. Jungers
    3. R Physical Anthropology: Sociobiology and Behavior. David P. Barash.
      1. J. P. Scott
    4. R Physical Anthropology: Guide to Fossil Man: A Handbook of Human Palaeontology. Michael H. Day.
      1. Tim D. White
    5. R Linguistics: Current Issues in Linguistic Theory. Roger W. Cole
      1. Michael Silverstein
    6. R Linguistics: Grammatical Analysis. Kenneth L. Pike and Evelyn G. Pike.
      1. Joseph E. Grimes
    7. R Linguistics: Pidgin and Creole Linguistics. Albert Valdman
      1. David Dwyer
    8. R Linguistics: Languages of the West Indies. Douglas Taylor.
      1. William Washabaugh
    9. R Linguistics: The Thread of Discourse. Joseph E. Grimes.
      1. Judith T. Irvine
    10. R Linguistics: On the Other Hand: New Perspectives on American Sign Language. Lynn A. Friedman.
      1. Patricia Siple
    11. R Linguistics: Jacaltec: The Structure of Jacaltec. Colette Grinevald Craig.
      1. Nora C. England
    12. R Linguistics: Studies in Uto-Aztecan Grammar, Volume 1: An Overview of Uto-Aztecan Grammar. Ronald W. Langacker.
      1. Susan Steele
    13. R Linguistics: German in Contact with Other Languages. Carol Molony, Helmut Zobl, and Wilfried Stölting
      1. Winfred P. Lehmann
    14. R Linguistics: The Acquisition of Maya Phonology: Variation in Yucatec Child Language. H. Stephen Straight.
      1. Lenora A. Timm
    15. R Linguistics: The Individual in Northern Dene Thought and Communication: A Study in Sharing and Diversity. Jane Christian and Peter M. Gardner.
      1. Jane H. Hill
    16. R Linguistics: Lessons in Hopi. Milo Kalectaca. Ronald W. Langacker
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    17. R Archaeology: Studies in the Archeological History of the Deh Luran Plain: The Excavation of Chagha Sefid. Frank Hole.
      1. Barry E. Thompson
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      1. Glynn Isaac
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      1. Joseph O. Vogel
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      1. Richard G. Klein
    21. R Archaeology: Nubia: Corridor to Africa. William Y. Adams.
      1. Gordon W. Hewes
    22. R Archaeology: Le Site Archéologique de la Kamoa (Région du Shaba, République du Zaïre) de l'Age de la Pierre Ancien à l'Age du Fer. Daniel Cahen.
      1. Sheryl F. Miller
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    24. R Archaeology: Die Inka in Ekuador: Untersuchungen anhand ihrer materiellen Hinterlassenschaft. Albert Meyers.
      1. Dorothy Menzel
    25. R Archaeology: The Origins of Maya Civilization. Richard E. W. Adams
      1. David A. Freidel
    26. R Archaeology: Amerinds and their Paleoenvironments in Northeastern North America. Walter S. Newman and Bert Salwen
      1. Barbara E. Luedtke
    27. R Archaeology: The Eskimos and Aleuts. Don E. Dumond.
      1. William B. Workman
    28. R Ethnology: Fàànakkar: Cultural Values in a Micronesian Society. John L. Caughey.
      1. J. L. Fischer
    29. R Ethnology: Aboriginal Men of High Degree. A. P. Elkin.
      1. Jane C. Goodale
    30. R Ethnology: Harvest of the Palm: Ecological Change in Eastern Indonesia. James J. Fox.s
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      1. Davydd J. Greenwood
    37. R Ethnology: Garçons et Filles: Le passage à l'Age d'Homme chez les Gbaya Kara [Boys and Girls: passage to adulthood among the Gbaya Kara]. Recherches oubanguiennes
      1. M. Lionel Bender
    38. R Ethnology: The Last Caravan. Thurston Clarke.
      1. William Torry
    39. R Ethnology: The Tuareg: People of Ahaggar. Jeremy Keenan.
      1. Robert F. Murphy
    40. R Ethnology: Mucheke: Race, Status, and Politics in a Rhodesian Community. A. K. H. Weinrich.
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    41. R Ethnology: Slavery in Africa: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives. Suzanne Miers and Igor Kopytoff
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    42. R Ethnology: Plantation Slavery in Barbados: An Archaeological and Historical Investigation. Jerome S. Handler and Frederick W. Lange.
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    50. R Ethnology: These Mountains Are Our Sacred Places: The Story of the Stoney Indians. Chief John Snow.
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      1. C. Scott Littleton
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Audiovisual Review

    1. R Museum Exhibit: Ice Age Art. American Museum of Natural History
      1. Alexander Alland
    2. R Television Production: Voyage of the Hokule'a. 1977. Produced by Dale Bell;
      1. Ben Finney
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      1. Robert A. Paul
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      1. Suzanne Ripley
    6. R Films: Berlin. 1927
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    7. R Films: No Longer Strangers. 1966 (?). By David Martin.
      1. Karl G. Heider
    8. R Audiovisual Notes
    9. R Audiovisual Book: A Paradigm for Looking: Cross-Cultural Research with Visual Media. Beryl L. Bellman
      1. Stephen A. Wild
    10. R Audiovisual Book: New Publications Received
    11. R Audiovisual Book: Style Guide and Information for Authors