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Original Article

    1. R The Veil of Objectivity: Prophecy, Divination, and Social Inquiry
      1. Bennetta Jules-Rosette
    2. R Sex, Status, and Authority in Egalitarian Society
      1. Elsie B. Begler
    3. R Structures, Realities, and Blind Spots
      1. Richard Paul Chaney

Review Article

    1. R Social Anthropology and Some Trends in Contemporary Marxist Thought: Marxist Analyses and Social Anthropology. Maurice Bloch
      1. Naomi Katz
        David S. Kemnitze
    2. R "Leaders of Modern Anthropology": A Series: Ralph Linton. Adelin Linton and Charles Wagley: Robert H. Lowie. Robert F. Murphy: Melville Jean Herskovits. George Eaton Simpson: Alfred V. Kidder. Richard B. Woodbury
      1. Fred W. Voget
    3. R On Some Recent Chinese Studies: Studies in Hakka Folktales. Wolfram Eberhard. Lou Tsu-k'uang, ed: The Chinese Worker. Charles Hoffman: Emigration and the Chinese Lineage: The Mans in Hong Kong and London. James L. Watson: Religion and Ritual in Chinese Society. Arthur P. Wolf: Business and Sentiment in a Chinese Market Town. John Aubrey Young
      1. Morton H. Fried
    4. R Five Books in Symbolic Anthropology: Symbols: Public and Private. Raymond Firth. London: George Allen and Unwin: African Apostles: Ritual and Conversion in the Church of John Maranke. Bennetta Jules-Rosette: Symbol and Politics in Communal Ideology: Cases and Questions. Sally Falk Moore and Barbara G. Myerhoff: Dramas, Fields, and Metaphors: Symbolic Action in Human Society. Victor Turner: Ritual and Knowledge among the Baktaman of New Guinea. Fredrik Barth
      1. Suzanne Hanchett
    5. R Six Authors in Search of Identity: Indian and White: Self-image and Interaction in a Canadian Community. Niels Winther Braroe: O-Kee-Pa: A Religious Ceremony, and Other Customs of the Mandans. George Catlin. Introduction by John C. Ewers: The Only Land I Know: A History of the Lumbee Indians. Adolph L. Dial and David K. Eliades: Pages from Hopi History. Harry C. James: Chiefs and Challengers: Indian Resistance and Cooperation in Southern California. George Harwood Phillips: The Forgotten Sioux: An Ethnohistory of the Lower Brule Reservation. Ernest L. Schusky
      1. William K. Powers
    6. R More on Culture: Culture and Thought: A Psychological Introduction. Michael Cole and Sylvia Scribner: Configurations of Cultural Continuity. Brian M. du Toil. Rotterdam: A. A. Balkema: Culture and Human Development: Insights into Growing Human. Ashley Montagu: The Concept of Cultural Systems: A Key to Understanding Tribes and Nations. Leslie A. White
      1. Ralph L. Beals


      1. JOHN GULICK
        JUNE HELM
        William R. Seaburg

Reports and Comments

    1. R On the Sympatry of Early Hominids
    2. R Comment on Foster's "Disease Etiologies in Non-Western Medical Systems"
    3. R What Kind of Model for the Anthropology of Medical Systems?
    4. R The Male Supremacist Complex: Discovery or Invention?
      1. HELEN H. NORTON
    5. R The Male Supremacist Complex: Discovery of a Cultural Invention
    6. R Ninety-Two Mythical Populations: A Reply to Divale et al
      1. JAMES HOWE
    7. R Response to Troike's Review of the Dover Nuttall
    8. R On Theoretical and Technical Incompetence: A Reply to Needham
      1. INO ROSSI
    9. R A Reply to Carlisle and Siegel's Assessment of Neanderthal Speech Capabilities
    10. R The Temporal Placement of Cushing's Key Marco Site, Florida
    11. R Comment on Lowenthal's Review of Land Scarcity and Rural Inequality in Tanzania
      1. P. M. HEKKEN
        H. U. E. THODEN VELZEN

Book Reviews

    1. R General and Theoretical: Revolutions and Revolutionaries: Four Theories. Barbara Salert
      1. Leonard H. Jordan
    2. R General and Theoretical: Circus and Culture: A Semiotic Approach. Paul Bouissac. Advances in Semiotics. Thomas A. Sebeok
      1. Ivan A. Brady
    3. R General and Theoretical: Oral Poetry: Its Nature, Significance and Social Context. Ruth Finnegan
      1. Dennis Tedlock
    4. R General and Theoretical: Social Networks: A Developing Paradigm. Samuel Leinhardt
      1. William G. Davis
    5. R General and Theoretical: A Guide to Writing and Publishing in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Carolyn J. Mullins
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    6. R Applied Anthropology: Man in Urban Environments. G. A. Harrison and J. B. Gibson: The Effect of the Man-Made Environment on Health and Behavior. L. E. Hinkle, Jr., and W. C. Loring
      1. Leslie S. Lieberman
    7. R Applied Anthropology: The Suburban Environment: Sweden and the United States. David Popenoe
      1. Lisa R. Peattie
    8. R Applied Anthropology: Power, Politics and Progress: Social Change in Rural Peru. William Foote Whyte and Giorgio Alberti
      1. Paul L. Doughty
    9. R Applied Anthropology: Why Poor People Stay Poor: Urban Bias in World Development. Michael Lipton
      1. Susan W. Almy
    10. R Applied Anthropology: Relaciones interétnicas en Riobamba: Domino y dependencia en una región indígena Ecuatoriana. Hugo Burgos Guevara
      1. Sylvia Helen Forman
    11. R Applied Anthropology: Dos mujeres indígenas. June Nash and Manuel Maria Rocca
      1. Claudia Rogers
    12. R Applied Anthropology: Mobile Men: Limits to Social Change in Urban Punjab. Satish Saberwal
      1. Owen M. Lynch
    13. R Ethnology: Family, Kinship, and Community: A Study of Dutch Canadians: A Developmental Approach. K. Ishwaran
      1. Mary M. Young
    14. R Ethnology: The Poverty of Revolution: The State and the Urban Poor in Mexico. Susan Eckstein
      1. Douglas Butterworth
    15. R Ethnology: A Survey of Traditional Architectural and Related Material Folk Culture Patterns in the Normandy Reservoir, Coffee County, Tennessee. Norbert F. Riedl, Donald B. Ball, and Anthony P. Cavender
      1. Lynn E. Dwyer
        Brent W. Smith
    16. R Ethnology: The Economics of Sainthood: Religious Change among the Rimrock Navajos. Kendall A. Blanchard
      1. Cara E. Richards
    17. R Ethnology: Chimor: Una antología sobre el valle de chicama. José R. Sabogal Wiesse
      1. Maria Romero
    18. R Ethnology: Enculturation in Latin America: An Anthology. Johannes Wilbert
      1. G. Alexander Moore
    19. R Ethnology: Indiáni Jižní Ameriky [Indians of South America]. A. V. Frič
      1. Zdenek Salzmann
    20. R Ethnology: Kraal and Castle: Khoikhoi and the Founding of White South Africa. Richard Elphick
      1. Brian M. Toit
    21. R Ethnology: The African Diaspora: Interpretive Essays. Martin L. Kilson and Robert I. Rotberg
      1. John Stewart
    22. R Ethnology: Spirits of Protest: Spirit-Mediums and the Articulation of Consensus among the Zezuru of Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Peter Fry
      1. William B. Schwab
    23. R Ethnology: Colonialism in Africa 1870–1960: Vol. 4, The Economics of Colonialism. Peter Duignan and L. H. Gann
      1. James N. Kerri
    24. R Ethnology: Ifá: An Exposition of Ifá Literary Corpus. 'Wande Abimbola
      1. William Bascom
    25. R Ethnology: Content and Context of Zulu Folk-Narratives. Brian M. du Toit
      1. Adam Kuper
    26. R Ethnology: Body and Mind in Zulu Medicine: An Ethnography of Health and Disease in Nyuswa-Zulu Thought and Practice. Harriet Ngubane. Studies in Anthropology. E. A. Hammel
      1. Anita Spring
    27. R Ethnology: Les migrations africaines: Réseaux et processus migratoires. Jean-Loup Amselle
      1. Gregory A. Finnegan
    28. R Ethnology: Economic Development and Social Change in Sicily. Jane Hilowitz
      1. Joseph B. Aceves
    29. R Ethnology: Anthropologists on Israel: A Case Study in the Sociology of Knowledge. Tome van Teeffelen
      1. James M. Bellis
    30. R Ethnology: Class and Power in a Punjabi Village. Saghir Ahmad
      1. Harry Izmirlian
    31. R Ethnology: Frauen in Kararau: Zur Rolle der Frau bei den Iatmul am Mittelsepik, Papua New Guinea. Brigitta Hauser-Schäublin
      1. Wagner Roy
    32. R Ethnology: No Money on Our Skins: Hagen Migrants in Port Moresby. Marilyn Strathern
      1. William H. Heaney
    33. R Ethnology: Tapu Removal in Maori Religion. Jean Smith
      1. Tom Fitzgerald
    34. R Linguistics: The View from Language: Selected Essays, 1948–1974. C. F. Hockett
      1. Joseph B. Casagrande
    35. R Linguistics: Speech Surrogates: Drum and Whistle Systems. Thomas A. Sebeok and Donna Jean UmikerSebeok
      1. Nancy Parrott Hickerson
    36. R Linguistics: Classification and Index of the World's Languages. C. F. Voegelin and F. M. Voegelin
      1. William W. Gage
    37. R Linguistics: Theory of Semiotics. Umberto Eco: Contributions to the Doctrine of Signs. Thomas A. Sebeok
      1. W. C. Watt
    38. R Linguistics: Speech Play: Research and Resources for Studying Linguistic Creativity. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
      1. Zdenek Salzmann
    39. R Linguistics: Aspects of Chinese Sociolinguistics: Essays by Yuen Ren Chao. Yuen Ren Chao
      1. Fred C. C. Peng
    40. R Linguistics: Social Class, the Nominal Group and Verbal Strategies. P. R. Hawkins
      1. Erica McClure
    41. R Linguistics: Graphic Representation of Models in Linguistic Theory. Ann Harleman Stewart
      1. Michael Agar
    42. R Linguistics: Studies in Southeastern Indian Languages. James M. Crawford: Menomini Lexicon. Leonard Bloomfield. Charles F. Hockett: A Proto-Algonquian Dictionary. George F. Aubin: A Bibliography of Algonquian Linguistics. David H. Pentland, C. Douglas Ellis, Carol A. Simpson, and H. Christoph Wolfart
      1. Ives Goddard
    43. R Linguistics: Big Smokey Valley Shoshoni. Richley H. Crapo. Great Basin Population Figures (1873 to 1970) and the Pitfalls Therein. Joy H. Leland
      1. Curtis Booth
    44. R Linguistics: Dravidian Phonological Systems. Harold F. Schiffman and Carol M. Eastman
      1. Lalita S. Katre
    45. R Physical Anthropology: The Nature of Human Aggression. Ashley Montagu
      1. Kenneth L. Beals
    46. R Physical Anthropology: Teilhard: The Man, the Priest, the Scientist. Mary Lukas and Ellen Lukas
      1. C. Loring Brace
    47. R Physical Anthropology: Socioecology and Psychology of Primates. Russell H. Tuttle
      1. Anthony M. Coelho
    48. R Physical Anthropology: Anthropological Studies of Human Fertility. Bernice A. Kaplan
      1. Roberta L. Hall
    49. R Physical Anthropology: Human Biology: An Introduction to Human Evolution, Variation, Growth and Ecology. G. A. Harrison, J. S. Weiner, J. M. Tanner, N. A. Barnicot, and V. Reynolds
      1. Frederick S. Hulse
    50. R Physical Anthropology: Man and Earth's Ecosystems: An Introduction to the Geography of Human Modification of the Earth. Charles F. Bennett, Jr
      1. Paul E. Mahler
    51. R Archaeology: In Search of Noah's Ark. Dave Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier, Jr: Remote Kingdoms. Tertius Chandler: The Key. John Philip Cohane: Gods of the Cataclysm: A Revolutionary Investigation of Man and his Gods Before and After the Great Cataclysm. Hugh Fox
      1. Phil C. Weigand
    52. R Archaeology: Archaeology for Everyone. Mark Feldman
      1. Dena F. Dincauze
    53. R Archaeology: Ancient Civilization and Trade. Jeremy A. Sabloff and C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky
      1. William T. Sanders
    54. R Archaeology: Native American Astronomy. Anthony F. Aveni
      1. Jonathan E. Reyman
    55. R Archaeology: The Early Mesoamerican Village. Kent V. Flannery
      1. Michael D. Coe
    56. R Archaeology: Estratification social en la Mesoamérica prehispánica. Pedro Carrasco, Johanna Broda
      1. Jeffrey R. Parsons
    57. R Archaeology: Primera Mesa Redonda de Palenque, Part I: A Conference on the Art, Iconography, and Dynastic History of Palenque. Merle Greene Robertson: Primera Mesa Redonda de Palenque, Part II: A Conference on the Art, Iconography, and Dynastic History of Palenque. Merle Greene Robertson: The Art, Iconography, and Dynastic History of Palenque, Part III: Proceedings of the Segunda Mesa Redonda de Palenque. Merle Greene Robertson: Observations and Studies in the Ruins of Palenque. Eduard Seler
      1. Christopher Jones
    58. R Archaeology: Great Basin Atlatl Studies. T. R. Hester, M. P. Mildner and L. Spencer
      1. Kenneth C. Carstens
    59. R Archaeology: Spiro Mound Copper. Henry Hamilton, Jean Hamilton, and Eleanor Chapman
      1. James B. Griffin
    60. R Archaeology: The Ladizian: An Industry of the Asian Chopper-Chopping Tool Complex in Iranian Baluchistan. Gary W. Hume
      1. John D. Speth
    61. R Archaeology: Camden: A Frontier Town in Eighteenth Century South Carolina. Kenneth E. Lewis
      1. John L. Cotter
    62. R Archaeology: Social'naja istorija skifov: Osnovnye problemy razvitija drevnix Kocevnikov evraziiskix stepi (Social History of the Scythians: Main Problems of Development Among Ancient Pastoral Nomads of the Eurasian Steppes). A. M. Xazanov
      1. Stephen P. Dunn

Book Note

    1. R Book Note

Audiovisual Review

    1. R Epistemology and Ethnographic Reality: A Trobriand Island Case Study
      1. Annette B. Weiner
    2. R Television Productions: The Case of the Ancient Astronauts. 1977. (First shown on U.S. T.V. 8 March 1978.) A BBC/WGBH co-production. Graham Massey
      1. Stanton W. Green
        John S. Justeson
    3. R Television Productions: Roots. 1976. David L. Wolper, producer for ABC-Television; David Greene et al., directors; William Blinn
      1. Joyce Aschenbrenner
    4. R Audiovisual Review
      1. Gerald L. Gold
    5. R Audiovisual Review
      1. Bernard Bernier
        Bernard-R. Emond
    6. R Films: Eagles on the River. 1976. G. E. Mortimore
      1. Edward S. Rogers

Audiovisual Note

    1. R Audiovisual Notes

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received