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    1. R Correction
      1. Irwin Press
        Eliot D. Chapple


    1. R Rational Preselection from Hamadryas to Homo Sapiens: The Place of Decisions in Adaptive Process
      1. Christopher Boehm
    2. R Man, Energy, and Anthropology: I Can Feel the Heat, But Where's the Light?
      1. Richard Newbold Adams
    3. R Ethnography of Africa: The Usefulness of the Useless
      1. Maxwell Owusu
    4. R Hunter-Gatherer/Farmer Exchange
      1. Jean Treloggen Peterson


    1. R NEIL MERTON JUDD 1887–1976
      1. J. O. BREW

Reports and Comments

    1. R Sonoran Fantasy or Coming of Age?
      1. RALPH L. BEALS
    2. R Castaneda: Warrior or Scholar?
    3. R On the Experiential Approach in Anthropology: A Reply to Maquet
      1. STAN WILK
    4. R Size of Color Lexicon: Interaction of Cultural and Biological Factors
    5. R Additional Comments on Problems in the Interpretation of Neanderthal Speech Capabilities
    6. R Sweet's Canadian Anthropology
    7. R Anthropology and Canada
    8. R Response to Inglis and Corrigan: Canadian Anthropology
      1. LOUISE E. SWEET
    9. R Mashpee: Town or Tribe?—Current Wampanoag Land Claims Suit
      1. JEAN E. LUDTKE
    10. R On the Misuse of Statistics: A Reply to Hirschfeld et al
    11. R Pronouncement vs. Competence

Book Reviews

    1. R General and Theoretical: From Mandeville to Marx: The Genesis and Triumph of Economic Ideology. Louis Dumont: Perspectives in Marxist Anthropology. Maurice Godelier
      1. Harold K. Schneider
    2. R General and Theoretical: L'Ambivalence de la production: logiques communautaires et logique capitaliste. Gerald Berthoud and Fabrizio Sabelli
      1. Mahir Saul
    3. R General and Theoretical: L'Anthropologie economique: Courants et problèmes. Francois Pouillon
      1. Peter Little
    4. R General and Theoretical: Regional Analysis. Vol. I: Economic Systems. Vol. II: Social Systems. Carol A. Smith, ed
      1. George A. Collier
    5. R General and Theoretical: Comparative Methods in the Social Sciences. Neil J. Smelser
      1. Albin J. Cofone
    6. R General and Theoretical: Structuralism in Sociology: An Approach to Knowledge. Fred E. Katz
      1. Ina Dinerman
    7. R General and Theoretical: Text and Context: The Social Anthropology of Tradition. Ravindra K. Jain, ed
      1. Eugenia Shanklin
    8. R General and Theoretical: Images of Man: A History of Anthropological Thought. Annemarie de Waal Malefijt
      1. Joseph W. Whitecotton
    9. R General and Theoretical: Toward a Science of Man: Essays in the History of Anthropology. Timothy H. H. Thoresen, ed
      1. Regna Darnell
    10. R General and Theoretical: Using Historical Sources in Anthropology and Sociology. David C. Pitt
      1. William C. Sturtevant
    11. R General and Theoretical: Law and the Behavioral Sciences. Lawrence M. Friedman and Stewart Macaulay
      1. W. M. O'Barr
    12. R General and Theoretical: Law and the American Indian: Readings, Notes, and Cases. Monroe E. Price
      1. Laura Nader
    13. R General and Theoretical: Ethnic and Tourist Arts: Cultural Expressions from the Fourth World. Nelson H. H. Graburn
      1. Philip J. C. Dark
    14. R General and Theoretical: Anthropology Full Circle. Ino Rossi, John Buettner-Janusch, and Dorian Coppenhaver, eds
      1. Larry L. Naylor
    15. R General and Theoretical: Gastronomy: The Anthropology of Food and Food Habits. Margaret L. Arnott, ed
      1. Robert Lawless
    16. R General and Theoretical: Beyond Culture. Edward T. Hall
      1. Richard L. Lanigan
    17. R General and Theoretical: Anthropology: The Study of People. John Friedl and John E. Pfeiffer
      1. Larry L. Naylor
    18. R General and Theoretical: Evolution and Ecology: Essays on Social Transformation. Julian H. Steward
      1. James C. Riddell
    19. R General and Theoretical: Basic Problems in Cross-Cultural Psychology: Selected Papers from the Third International Conference of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. Y. H. Poortinga, ed
      1. Victor Barnouw
    20. R General and Theoretical: The Psychoanalytic Study of Society, Vol. 7. Werner Muensterberger, ed
      1. Victor Barnouw
    21. R General and Theoretical: Women and Men: Changing Roles, Relationships, and Perceptions: Report of a Workshop. Libby A. Cater and Anne Firor Scott, with Wendy Martyna
      1. Judith K. Brown
    22. R General and Theoretical: Perceiving Women. Shirley Ardener, ed.: Women Cross-Culturally: Change and Challenge. Ruby Rohrlich-Leavitt, ed
      1. Michelle Z. Rosaldo
    23. R General and Theoretical: Women: Roles and Status in Eight Countries. Janet Zollinger Giele and Audrey Chapman Smock, eds
      1. Judith Hoch-Smith
    24. R General and Theoretical: Explorations in the Anthropology of Religion: Essays in Honour of Jan van Baal. W. E. A. Van Beek, and J. H. Scherer, eds
      1. Gottfried Oosterwal
    25. R General and Theoretical: Old People, New Lives: Community Creation in a Retirement Residence. Jennie-Keith Ross
      1. Philip Silverman
    26. R General and Theoretical: Youth in a Changing World: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Adolescence. Estelle Fuchs, ed
      1. Stephen T. Boggs
    27. R General and Theoretical: Socialization as Cultural Communication: Development of a Theme in the Work of Margaret Mead. Theodore Schwartz, ed
      1. Erika Bourguignon
    28. R General and Theoretical: People Pollution: Sociologic and Ecologic Viewpoints on the Prevalence of People. Milton M. R. Freeman: Population and Its Problems: A Plain Man's Guide. H. B. Parry, ed
      1. Henry C. Harpending
    29. R Applied Anthropology: Asian Medical Systems: A Comparative Study. Charles Leslie, ed.: Medical Anthropology. Francis X. Grollig, S. J. and Harold B. Haley, eds: Social Anthropology and Medicine. J. B. Loudon, ed
      1. Charles C. Hughes
    30. R Applied Anthropology: Cruel, Poor and Brutal Nations: The Assessment of Mental Health in an Australian Aboriginal Community by Short-Stay Psychiatric Field Team Methods. John Cawte
      1. Joan M. Greenway
    31. R Applied Anthropology: Medicine and Politics among the Grand River Iroquois. Sally M. Weaver
      1. C. Hamori-Torok
    32. R Applied Anthropology: The Gamesman: The New Corporate Leaders. Michael Maccoby
      1. F. L. W. Richardson
    33. R Applied Anthropology: Processes and Phenomena of Social Change. Gerald Zaltman, ed
      1. Carol S. Holzberg
    34. R Applied Anthropology: Kuyo Chico: Applied Anthropology in an Indian Community. Oscar Núñez del Prado with William Foote Whyte: The Politics of Reform in Peru: The Aprista and Other Mass Parties of Latin America. Grant Hilliker
      1. Henry F. Dobyns
    35. R Applied Anthropology: Brasilia, Plan and Reality: A Study of Planned and Spontaneous Settlement. David G. Epstein: The Myth of Marginality: Urban Poverty and Politics in Rio de Janeiro. Janice Perlman
      1. William Mangin
    36. R Applied Anthropology: Contemporary India and Its Modernization. S. C. Dube: Institutions, Networks, and Social Change. K. N. Sharma: Social Change in India. B. Kuppuswamy
      1. Joan P. Mencher
    37. R Ethnology: The American Dimension: Social Myths and Social Realities. W. Arens and Susan P. Montague
      1. James A. Clifton
    38. R Ethnology: Dying Hard: The Ravagers of Industrial Carnage. Elliott Leyton
      1. Eugenia Shanklin
    39. R Ethnology: Immigrants in the Ozarks: A Study in Ethnic Geography. Russel L. Gerlach
      1. Art Gallaher
    40. R Ethnology: Travail and Triumph: Black Life and Culture in the South Since the Civil War. Arnold H. Taylor
      1. Choong Soon Kim
    41. R Ethnology: Leadership and Headship: Changing Authority Patterns in an East Greenland Hunting Community. Gert Nooter
      1. Myrdene Anderson
    42. R Ethnology: My Old People Say: An Ethnographic Survey of Southern Yukon Territory. Catherine McClellan: Proceedings: Northern Athapaskan Conference, 1971. A. McFadyen Clark
      1. Bruce MacLachlan
    43. R Ethnology: John Collier's Crusade for Indian Reform, 1920–1954. Kenneth R. Philp
      1. E. L. Schusky
    44. R Ethnology: Aboriginal American Indian Basketry: Studies in a Textile Art without Machinery. Otis T. Mason
      1. Susan Baerwald
    45. R Ethnology: Firewater Myths: North American Indian Drinking and Alcohol Addiction. Joy Leland
      1. Dwight B. Heath
    46. R Ethnology: The Cristero Rebellion: The Mexican People between Church and State 1926–1929. Jean A. Meyer
      1. Phil C. Weigand
    47. R Ethnology: Pueblo: Mountain, Village, Dance. Vincent Scully
      1. Jonathan E. Reyman
    48. R Ethnology: Exiled from St. Vincent: The Development of Black Carib Culture in Central America up to 1945. C. J. M. R. Gullick
      1. Virginia Kerns
    49. R Ethnology: Black Clubs in Bermuda: Ethnography of a Play World. Frank E. Manning
      1. Joyce Bennett Justus
    50. R Ethnology: Lacandon Dream Symbolism: Dream Symbolism and Interpretation among the Lacandon Mayas of Chiapas, Mexico. Vol. I: Dream Symbolism and Interpretation. Robert D. Bruce: The Kalapalo Indians of Central Brazil. Ellen B. Basso: Conflictos en la Familia Andina: Un Estudio Antropologico entre los Campesinos Qolla. Ralph Bolton and Charlene Bolton: Le cercle des feux: Faits et dits des Indiens yanomami. Jacques Lizot: Studying the Yanomamo. Napoleon A. Chagnon: The Yanoama Indians: A Cultural Geography. William J. Smole
      1. Joseph W. Bastien
    51. R Ethnology: Le chemin des Indiens morts: mythes et symboles goajiro. Michel Perrin
      1. Louis C. Faron
    52. R Ethnology: Peru: A Cultural History. Henry F. Dobyns and Paul L. Doughty
      1. Karl A. Yambert
    53. R Ethnology: Freedom and Labour: Mobilization and Political Control on the Zambian Copperbelt. Peter Harries-Jones
      1. Aidan Southall
    54. R Ethnology: Religion et Magie des Bayaka. L. De Beir, S. J: The Biography of an African Society, Rwanda 1900–1960 Based on Forty-Eight Rwandan Autobiographies. Helen Codere: An African World: The Basongye Village of Lupupa Ngye. Alan P. Merriam: L'Angola traditionnel: une introduction aux problemes magico-religieux. M. L. Rodrigues De Areia
      1. Daniel P. Biebuyck
    55. R Ethnology: Class Struggles in Tanzania. Issa G. Shivji
      1. Pamela L. W. Landberg
    56. R Ethnology: People of Salé: Tradition and Change in a Moroccan City 1830–1930. Kenneth L. Brown
      1. Dale F. Eickelman
    57. R Ethnology: Unrewarding Wealth: The Commercialization and Collapse of Agriculture in a Spanish Basque Town. Davydd J. Greenwood
      1. Alice Littlefield
    58. R Ethnology: Economic Transformation and Steady-State Values. Joseph B. Aceves, Edward C. Hansen, and Gloria Levitas, eds
      1. David D. Gilmore
    59. R Ethnology: The Changing Faces of Rural Spain. Joseph B. Aceves and William A. Douglass, eds.: The Changing Peasantry of Eastern Europe. Joseph Obrebski
      1. Katherine Verdery
    60. R Ethnology: The Limits of Integration: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Modern Europe. Oriol Pi-Sunyer, ed
      1. William G. Lockwood
    61. R Ethnology: The Nayars Today. C. J. Fuller
      1. A. K. B. Pillai
    62. R Ethnology: Women in Changing Japan. Joyce Lebra, Joy Paulson, and Elizabeth Powers, eds
      1. Thomas W. Johnson
    63. R Ethnology: Food in Chinese Culture: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives. K. C. Chang, ed
      1. Robert Lawless
    64. R Ethnology: The Golden Peninsula: Culture and Adaptation in Mainland Southeast Asia. Charles F. Keyes
      1. John F. Miller
    65. R Ethnology: The Towkays of Sabah: Chinese Leadership and Indigenous Challenge in the Last Phase of British Rule. Edwin Lee
      1. David H. Fortier
    66. R Ethnology: Migrants of the Mountains: The Cultural Ecology of the Blue Miao (Hmong Njua) of Thailand. William Robert Geddes
      1. Joel M. Halpern
    67. R Ethnology: Metamorphosis of the Cassowaries: Umeda Society, Language and Ritual. Alfred Gell
      1. Ralph Bulmer
    68. R Ethnology: Traditional Groupings and Modern Association: A Study of Changing Local Groups in Papua & New Guinea. B. L. Abbi
      1. Terence E. Hays
    69. R Ethnology: Subsistence on Bellona Island (Mungiki): A Study of the Cultural Ecology of a Polynesian Outlier in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate. Sofus Christiansen
      1. James Flanagan
    70. R Ethnology: The Ilahita Arapesh: Dimensions of Unity. Donald F. Tuzin
      1. Richard Scaglion
    71. R Linguistics: Explorations in Language and Meaning: Towards a Semantic Anthropology. Malcolm Crick
      1. Stephen A. Tyler
    72. R Linguistics: Focus on Meaning. Volume I: Explorations in Semantic Space. Charles E. Osgood
      1. Michael Burton
    73. R Linguistics: Arguments for a Non-Transformational Grammar. Richard A. Hudson
      1. H. Stephen Straight
    74. R Linguistics: Yurok Myths. A. L. Kroeber
      1. Joseph G. Jorgensen
    75. R Linguistics: Language in Japanese Society: Current Issues in Sociolinguistics. Fred C. C. Peng, ed
      1. Mary Sanches
    76. R Linguistics: The Caddoan, Iroquoian, and Siouan Languages. Wallace L. Chafe: A Grammar of Biloxi. Paula Ferris Einaudi: A Grammar of Pawnee. Douglas R. Parks: Wichita Grammar. David S. Rood
      1. James M. Crawford
    77. R Linguistics: Marshallese-English Dictionary. Takaji Abo, Byron W. Bender, Alfred Capelle, and Tony Debrum: Mokilese-English Dictionary. Sheldon P. Harrison and Salich Albert: Mokilese Reference Grammar. Sheldon P. Harrison and Salich Albert
      1. J. Jerome Smith
    78. R Linguistics: The Filipino People: Differentiation and Distribution Based on Linguistic, Cultural and Racial Criteria. Robert B. Fox and Elizabeth H. Flory
      1. Ronald S. Himes
    79. R Physical Anthropology: Ecological Anthropology. Donald L. Hardesty
      1. Richard I. Ford
    80. R Physical Anthropology: Humankind Emerging. Bernard G. Campbell, ed
      1. Edward E. Hunt
    81. R Physical Anthropology: The Selfish Gene. Richard Dawkins
      1. John Buettner-Janusch
    82. R Physical Anthropology: Worldwide Variation in Human Growth. Phyllis B. Eveleth and J. M. Tanner
      1. Stanley M. Garn
    83. R Physical Anthropology: Primate Aggression, Territoriality and Xenophobia: A Comparative Perspective. Ralph L. Holloway, ed
      1. Carol Lauer
    84. R Physical Anthropology: Society against Nature: The Emergence of Human Societies. Serge Moscovici
      1. Frank E. Poirier
        Linda Haines
    85. R Physical Anthropology: The Red Colobus Monkey. Thomas T. Struhsaker
      1. Walter Leutenegger
    86. R Archaeology: Geoarchaeology: Earth Science and the Past. D. A. Davidson and M. L. Shackley, eds
      1. Karl W. Butzer
    87. R Archaeology: Man in Prehistory. Chester S. Chard
      1. G. A. Clark
    88. R Archaeology: The Threshold of Civilization: An Experiment in Prehistory. Walter A. Fairservis, Jr
      1. Steven A. LeBlanc
    89. R Archaeology: Exchange Systems in Prehistory. Timothy K. Earle and Jonathan E. Ericson, eds
      1. Ronald L. Bishop
    90. R Archaeology: Fish Remains in Archaeology and Paleo-environmental Studies. Richard W. Casteel
      1. Paul W. Parmalee
    91. R Archaeology: Africa in the Iron Age, c. 500 B.C. to A.D. 1400. Roland Oliver and Brian M. Fagan
      1. J. Desmond Clark
    92. R Archaeology: British Prehistory: A New Outline. Colin Renfrew: The Environment of Early Man in the British Isles. John G. Evans
      1. Carmel Schrire
    93. R Archaeology: Villa Taina de Boqueron: The Excavation of an Early Taino Site in Puerto Rico. Christopher R. Goodwin and Jeffery B. Walker
      1. Irving Rouse
    94. R Archaeology: The Distribution of Middle Woodland Sites within the Environment of the Lower Sangamon River, Illinois. Donna C. Roper
      1. Van A. Reidhead
    95. R Archaeology: Copper Eskimo Prehistory. Robert McGhee: Beluga Hunters: An Archaeological Reconstruction of the History and Culture of the MacKenzie Delta Kittegaryumiut. Robert McGhee
      1. Anne D. Shinkwin

Book Notes

    1. R Book Notes

Audiovisual Reviews

    1. R Films for the Teaching of Physical Anthropology
      1. JohnH. Himes
    2. R I. Primate Taxonomy and Anatomy: Monkeys and Apes: An Introduction to the Primates. 1965. Produced by Paul Burnford
      1. Adrienne Zihlman
    3. R I. Primate Taxonomy and Anatomy: Survey of the Primates. 1970. Produced by Duane M. Rumbaugh, Austin H. Riesen, and Robert E. Lee
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    6. R I. Primate Taxonomy and Anatomy: The Skeleton. 1953. Produced by Milan Herzog. Scientific collaborator: Karl E. Mason
      1. John H. Himes
    7. R I. Primate Taxonomy and Anatomy: The Human Brain. 1955. Produced by John T. Bobbitt
      1. Ralph L. Holloway
    8. R II. Genetics: Meiosis. 1966. Produced by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia.: Mitosis. 1969. Produced by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia. Mitosis and Meiosis. 1956. Produced by Indiana University Audio-Visual Center, a Continuity of Life Series
      1. Robert N. Tyzzer
    9. R II. Genetics: Heredity and Environment. 1951. Produced by David A. Smart. Educational collaborator: A. R. Lauer
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    10. R II. Genetics: Heredity. 1938. Produced by Encyclopedia Britannica Education Corp. Collaborator: H. H. Strandskov
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    12. R II. Genetics: Chemistry of the Cell II: The Function of DNA and RNA in Protein Synthesis. 1967. Produced by the Education Foundation for Visual Aids
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        David S. Carlson
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New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received