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Original Article

    1. R Culture and Sociobiology
      1. Jerome H. Barkow
    2. R Human Territoriality: An Ecological Reassessment
      1. Rada Dyson-Hudson
        Eric Alden Smith
    3. R The Science of Humanics: Multidisciplinary Renaissance of General Anthropology
      1. Eliot D. Chapple
    4. R Does Complementary Opposition Exist?
      1. Philip Carl Salzman
    5. R Urban Folk Medicine: A Functional Overview
      1. Irwin Press

Review Article

    1. R The Handbook of Middle American Indians: A Retrospective Look
      1. Joyce Marcus
        Ronald Spores
    2. R Trends in African Historical Studies
      1. David William Cohen

Reports and Comments

    1. R A Note on Groomprice
      1. Jill Nash
    2. R Kenneth Little's African Women in Towns: A Review
      1. Beverly ChiÑAS
    3. R Comment on Chiñas' Review of African Women in Towns
      1. Kenneth Little
    4. R Warfare, Infanticide, and Statistical Inference: A Comment on Divale and Harris
      1. Lawrence A. Hirschfeld
        James Howe
        Bruce Levin
    5. R On the Male Supremacist Complex: A Reply to Divale and Harris
      1. Chet Lancaster
        Jane Beckman Lancaster
    6. R Reply to Lancaster and Lancaster
      1. William Divale
        Marvin Harris
    7. R Comment on Glazier's Review of Marriage and the Family in Rural Bukwaya
      1. Hugo Huber
    8. R Response to Hugo Huber
      1. Jack Glazier

Book Reviews

    1. R Book Reviews
      1. Robert Lawless
    2. R General and Theoretical: Max Weber's Theory of Concept Formation: History, Laws, and Ideal Types
      1. William G. Davis
    3. R General and Theoretical: Folklore and Fakelore: Essays toward a Discipline of Folk Studies. Richard M. Dorson
      1. Daniel J. Crowley
    4. R General and Theoretical: Doing Social Life: The Qualitative Study of Human Interaction in Natural Settings. John Lofland
      1. Blanche Geer
    5. R General and Theoretical: Power: The Inner Experience. David C. McClelland
      1. Henry J. Travers
    6. R General and Theoretical: Paradigms and Fairy Tales: An Introduction to the Science of Meaning. Julienne Ford
      1. Jerry Gaston
    7. R General and Theoretical: Simulation Model Building: A Statistical Approach to Modeling in the Social Sciences with the Simulation Method. Urban Norlén
      1. Dwight W. Read
    8. R Book Reviews
      1. Robert J. Maxwell
    9. R General and Theoretical: Freedom and Constraint: A Memorial Tribute to Max Gluckman. Myron J. Aronoff
      1. William Watson
    10. R General and Theoretical: Outils d'enquete et d'analyse anthropologiques. Robert Cresswell and Maurice Godelier, eds
      1. Myrdene Anderson
    11. R General and Theoretical: Religious Movements in Contemporary America. Irving I. Zaretsky and Mark P. Leone, eds
      1. David Buchdahl
    12. R General and Theoretical: Meaning in Anthropology. Keith H. Basso and Henry A. Selby
      1. R. M. Keesing
    13. R Applied Anthropology: Agrarian Revolution: Social Movements and Export Agriculture in the Underdeveloped World. Jeffrey M. Paige
      1. Richard F. Salisbury
    14. R Applied Anthropology: Economy-Wide Models and Development Planning. Charles R. Blitzer, Peter B. Clark, and Lance Taylor, eds
      1. Emilio F. Moran
    15. R Applied Anthropology: Inequality in the Peruvian Andes: Class and Ethnicity in Cuzco. Pierre van den Berghe and George P. Primov
      1. William W. Stein
    16. R Applied Anthropology: The Model Ombudsman: Institutionalizing New Zealand's Democratic Experiment. Larry B. Hill
      1. Thomas K. Fitzgerald
    17. R Applied Anthropology: Strategies for Planned Change. Gerald Zaltman and Robert Duncan
      1. John Peterson
    18. R Book Reviews
      1. Murray L. Wax
    19. R Book Reviews
      1. Molly C. Dougherty
    20. R Book Reviews
      1. Frederick C. Gamst
    21. R Ethnology: Aleuts in Transition: A Comparison of Two Villages. Dorothy M. Jones
      1. Margaret Lantis
    22. R Book Reviews
      1. Sari Tudiver
    23. R Ethnology: Communes, Sociology and Society. Philip Abrams and Andrew McCulloch. Themes in the Social Sciences, Jack Goody and Geoffrey Hawthorn, eds
      1. Francine Daner
    24. R Ethnology: Population, Contact, and Climate in the New Mexican Pueblos. Ezra B. W. Zubrow
      1. Fred Plog
    25. R Ethnology: Cultural Surveys of Panama—Nicaragua—Guatemala—El Salvador—Honduras. Richard N. Adams
      1. Milton Altschuler
    26. R Ethnology: Sex and Class in Latin America. June Nash and Helen Icken Safa, eds
      1. Maxine Margolis
    27. R Book Reviews
      1. Arthur Tuden
    28. R Ethnology: The Social Anthropology of Africa: An Introduction. M. Angulu Onwuejeogwu
      1. Simon Ottenberg
    29. R Ethnology: Revelation and Divination in Ndembu Ritual. Victor Turner
      1. Robert A. Hahn
    30. R Ethnology: The Chinese: A Study of a Hong Kong Community. Cornelius Osgood
      1. Chien Chiao
    31. R Book Reviews
      1. Daniel Whitney
    32. R Ethnology: The Dance in the Pacific: A Comparative and Critical Survey of Dancing in Polynesia, Micronesia and Indonesia. W. A. Poort
      1. Adrienne Kaeppler
    33. R Linguistics: Organization of Behavior in Face-to-Face Interaction. Adam Kendon, Richard M. Harris, and Mary Ritchie Key, eds
      1. Michael Moerman
    34. R Linguistics: Essays on Semiolinguistics and Verbal Art. William O. Hendricks
      1. Richard Bauman
    35. R Linguistics: The Italian-American Child: His Sociolinguistic Acculturation. Lawrence Biondi, S. J
      1. Ben G. Blount
    36. R Linguistics: Narrative Rhetorical Devices of Persuasion: Folklore Communication in a Greek-American Community. Gregory Gizelis
      1. Sandra L. Schultz
    37. R Linguistics: A Grammar of Eastern Porno. Sally McLendon
      1. Martha Kendall
    38. R Linguistics: An Areal-Typological Study of American Indian Languages North of Mexico. Joel Sherzer
      1. C. F. Voegelin
    39. R Linguistics: Linguistic Subgrouping and Lexicostatistics. Isidore Dyen
      1. Lyle Campbell
    40. R Linguistics: Defining a Linguistic Area: South Asia.Colin P. Masica
      1. Joel Sherzer
    41. R Linguistics: A Guide to the Languages of the World. Merrit Ruhlen
      1. Martha B. Kendall
    42. R Linguistics: Language and History in Cornwall. Martyn F. Wakelin
      1. William M. Christie
    43. R Linguistics: Nahuatl in the Middle Years: Language Contact Phenomena in Texts of the Colonial Period. Frances Karttunen and James Lockhart
      1. Arthur J. O. Anderson
    44. R Linguistics: The Question of Animal Awareness. Donald Griffin
      1. Harvey Sarles
    45. R Physical Anthropology: The Measures of Man: Methodologies in Biological Anthropology. Eugene Giles and Jonathan S. Friedlaender, eds
      1. Joseph B. Birdsell
    46. R Physical Anthropology: Eugenics Then and Now. Carl J. Bajema, ed
      1. Paul A. Erickson
    47. R Physical Anthropology: Racial Variation in Man. F. J. Ebling, ed
      1. David S. Carlson
    48. R Physical Anthropology: Primate Functional Morphology and Evolution. Russell H. Tuttle, ed
      1. J. H. Prost
    49. R Physical Anthropology: The Hunting Hypothesis: A Personal Conclusion Concerning the Evolutionary Nature of Man. Robert Ardrey
      1. C. Loring Brace
    50. R Physical Anthropology: Human Ecology in the Tropics. J. P. Garlick and R. W. J. Keay, eds
      1. Michael A. Little
    51. R Physical Anthropology: Neural Control of Locomotion. Richard M. Herman, Stan Grillner, Paul S. G. Stein, and Douglas G. Stuart, eds
      1. J. H. Prost
    52. R Archaeology: The Rise and Fall of Civilizations: Modern Archaeological Approaches to Ancient Cultures, Selected Readings. C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky and Jeremy A. Sabloff, eds
      1. Norman Yoffee
    53. R Archaeology: The Gull Lake Site: A Prehistoric Bison Drive Site in Southwestern Saskatchewan. Thomas F. Kehoe
      1. George Frison
    54. R Archaeology: A Preliminary Bibliography of Early Man in Eastern North America 1839–1973
      1. Duane C. Anderson
    55. R Lubaantun: A Classic Maya Realm. Norman Hammond
      1. E. Wyllys Andrews
    56. R Lubaantun: Prehistory and Desert Adaptation in Northern Chile. Gordon C. Pollard
      1. William H. Isbell
    57. R Lubaantun: Early Hydraulic Civilization in Egypt: A Study in Cultural Ecology. Karl W. Butzer
      1. Julie Stein
    58. R Lubaantun: A Guide to the Measurement of Animal Bones from Archaeological Sites. Angela von den Driesch
      1. John E. Guilday
    59. R Lubaantun: Hunter-Gatherer Subsistence and Settlement: A Predictive Model. Michael A. Jochim
      1. Van A. Reidhead
    60. R Lubaantun: Being the Second Volume of Papers in Economic Prehistory by Members and Associates of the British Academy Major Research Project in the Early History of Agriculture. E. S. Higgs
      1. Charles A. Reed
    61. R Lubaantun: The Cradle of the East: An Inquiry into the Indigenous Origins of Techniques and Ideas of Neolithic and Early Historic China, 5000–1000 B.C. Ho Ping-ti
      1. Jean S. Aigner
    62. R Lubaantun: Stone Age Painting in India. Robert R. R. Brooks and Vishnu S. Wakankar
      1. Denise Schmandt-Besserat

Book Notes

    1. R Book Notes

Audiovisual Reviews

    1. R Museum Exhibit
      1. Helen H. Schuster
    2. R Films: Nanook of the North. 1922. By Robert J. Flaherty
      1. Ian Jarvie
    3. R Films: Altar of Fire. 1975–76. Filmed by Robert Gardner, co-produced by Frits Staal
      1. Robert A. Paul
    4. R Films: Baby Riazanskie (The Peasant Women of Riazan). 1927. Directed by Olga Preobrazhenskaia, co-directed by Ivan Pravov
      1. Ethel Dunn
    5. R Films: Farrebique. 1945–47. By Georges Rouquier
      1. Laurence Wylie
    6. R Films: !Ko-Buschmänner (Sudafrika, Kalahari): Feuerbohren and Tabakrauchen
      1. Megan Biesele
    7. R Films: Meadowcroft Rockshelter. 1976. Produced, directed and edited by J. Stephen Fairchild
      1. Leland Ferguson
    8. R Village Man, City Man. 1975. Filmmakers: Mira Reym Binford and Michael Camerini
      1. Gregory A. Finnegan
    9. R Film: Blood of the Condor (Yawar Mallku). 1969. Produced by the Ukamau Group, directed by Jorges Sanjines
      1. Eric Ross
    10. R Film: The Kwakiutl of British Columbia. 1930–31. By Frank Boas
      1. Stanley G. Walens


    1. R Correction

Books with Audiovisuals

    1. R Books with Audiovisuals
      1. Robert A. LeVine

Audiovisual Reviews

    1. R Books with Audiovisuals: Cantometrics: An Approach to the Anthropology of Music. Alan Lomax
      1. Marcia Herndon
    2. R Books with Audiovisuals: Spots. The Popular Art of American Television Commercials. 1977. By Bruce Kurtz
      1. John W. Adams

Audiovisual Notes

    1. R Audiovisual Notes

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received