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    1. R Role, Affect, and Anthropology
      1. FRANCIS L. K. HSU

Original Article

    1. R Inclusive Fitness and Human Family Structure
    2. R The Role of Exchange in Productive Specialization
      1. DANIEL G. BATES
        SUSAN H. LEES
    3. R Structure and Process in the Interpretation of South American Myth: The Arawak Dog Spirit People

Review Article

    1. R Kinship and Alliance in South India and Australia
    2. R From Turbans to Inverted Triangles: South Asian Social Anthropology
      1. R. S. KHARE
    3. R The Problem of Development in the Non-Western World


      1. H. D. SANKALIA

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Comment on Chappie's Review of Wilson's Sociobiology
    2. R A Reply to Irons
    3. R Comment on M. Fallers' Review of Tradition and Change in a Turkish Town
    4. R On Magnarella's Tradition and Change in a Turkish Town
    5. R Sociopolitical Centralization and Related Settlement Pattern Features
    6. R Two Notes on Terminology: Reviews by Gamst and Austin
    7. R Response to Bender
    8. R On "Abyssinia," a Response to Bender
    9. R Comment on "T. S. Eliot, Anthropologist and Primitive" by William Harmon
      1. JOHN L. COTTER
    10. R Eliot Revisited
    11. R State Systems of Settlement: Response to Crumley
    12. R Reply to Smith
    13. R Women, Horticulture, and Society in Tropical America
    14. R Cultivation Intensiveness, Population, and Women's Status
    15. R Workload and Seasonal Variation in Birthrates Reconsidered
    16. R Excess Access and Incest: A New Look at the Demographic Explanation of the Incest Taboo
      1. RUTH C. BUSCH
    17. R On the Notion of Social Structure: A Mental or Objective Reality?
      1. INO ROSSI
    18. R More on the Ontology of Social Structure: A Reply to Rossi
      1. PETER CAWS

Book Review

    1. R General and Theoretical: The Use and Abuse of Biology: An Anthropological Critique of Sociobiology. Marshall D. Sahlins
      1. Richard D. Alexander
    2. R General and Theoretical: Ethics and Anthropology: Dilemmas in Fieldwork. Michael A. Rynkiewich and James P. Spradley
      1. Herman W. Konrad
    3. R General and Theoretical: Castaneda's Journey: The Power and the Allegory. Richard de Mille
      1. Stan Wilk
    4. R General and Theoretical: Structure and Transformation: Developmental and Historical Aspects. Klaus F. Riegel and George C. Rosenwald
      1. Roger M. Keesing
    5. R General and Theoretical: The Life: The Lore and Folk Poetry of the Black Hustler. Dennis Wepman, Ronald B. Newman, and Murray B. Binderman
      1. Richard M. Dorson
    6. R General and Theoretical: Social Anthropology in Perspective: The Relevance of Social Anthropology. I. M. Lewis
      1. William E. Mitchell
    7. R General and Theoretical: Sociology of Kinship: An Analytical Survey of Literature. Leela Dube
      1. Mahesh C. Pradhan
    8. R General and Theoretical: Symbols for Communication: An Introduction to the Anthropological Study of Religion. J. van Baal
      1. Jack Glazier
    9. R General and Theoretical: Mathematical Foundations of Social Anthropology. Paul A. Ballonoff
      1. James M. Cargal
    10. R General and Theoretical: Population, Ecology, and Social Evolution. Steven Polgar: Population and Social Organization. Moni Nag
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    11. R General and Theoretical: An Anthropological Analysis of Food-Getting Technology. Wendell H. Oswalt with Gloria Mann and Leonn Satterthwait
      1. Darwin Horn
    12. R General and Theoretical: Interethnic Relations: An Essay in Sociological Theory. E. K. Francis
      1. Francis L. K. Hsu
    13. R Applied Anthropology: Development from Below: Anthropologists and Development Situations. David C. Pitt
      1. Paul Shankman
    14. R Applied Anthropology: Social Science and Public Policy. Martin Rein
      1. William L. Partridge
    15. R Applied Anthropology: Modernization and the Japanese Factory. Robert M. Marsh and Hiroshi Mannari
      1. Robert A. Burgelman
    16. R Applied Anthropology: Murder in Space City: A Cultural Analysis of Houston Homicide Patterns. Henry P. Lundsgaarde
      1. John A. Price
    17. R Ethnology: The Peyote Cult. Weston La Barre
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    18. R Ethnology: The Indian Population of New England in the Seventeenth Century. S. F. Cook
      1. Peter A. Thomas
    19. R Ethnology: Community and Polity: The Organizational Dynamics of American Jewry. Daniel J. Elazar
      1. Gilbert Kushner
    20. R Ethnology: Fields of the Tzotzil: The Ecological Bases of Tradition in Highland Chiapas. George A. Collier
      1. Robert Wasserstrom
    21. R Ethnology: Zamora: Change and Continuity in a Mexican Town. Oriol Pi-Sunyer
      1. Douglas Uzzell
    22. R Essays on Mexican Kinship. Hugo G. Nutini, Pedro Carrasco and James M. Taggart
      1. Robert Wasserstrom
    23. R Ethnology: ... Y venimos a contradecir: Los campesinos de Morelos y el estado nacional. Arturo Warman
      1. Judith Friedlander
    24. R Ethnology: Quetzalcöatl and Guadalupe: The Formation of Mexican National Consciousness 1531–1813. Jacques Lafaye
      1. Carroll L. Riley
    25. R Ethnology: The Brazilian Peasantry. Shepard Forman
      1. Joan Bamberger
    26. R Ethnology: Community of the Saved: An African Revivalist Church in the East Cape. Allie A. Dubb
      1. Brian M. Toit
    27. R Ethnology: African Custom and Western Law: The Development of the Rhodesian Criminal Law for Africans. Emmet V. Mittlebeeler
      1. John D. McBride
    28. R Ethnology: Dynamique Sociale et Appréhension du Monde au sein d'une Société Hausa. Guy Nicolas
      1. John A. Dunn
    29. R Ethnology: Culture and Behavior of the Sebei: A Study in Continuity and Adaptation. Walter Gold-schmidt
      1. Margaret Mead
    30. R Ethnology: Changing Social Structure in Ghana: Essays in the Comparative Sociology of a New State and an Old Tradition. Jack Goody
      1. Dorothy Hammond
    31. R Ethnology: Prophétisme et Thérapeutique: Albert Atcho et la communauté de Bregbo. Marc. Augé
      1. Otto Mering
    32. R Ethnology: Bishops and Prophets in a Black City: African Independent Churches in Soweto, Johannesburg. Martin West
      1. Brian M. Toit
    33. R Ethnology: Class, Race and Gold: A Study of Class Relations and Racial Discrimination in South Africa. Frederick A. Johnstone
      1. Brian M. Toit
    34. R Ethnology: Jabal al-Akhdar, Cyrenaica: An Historical Geography of Settlement and Livelihood. Douglas L. Johnson
      1. Louise E. Sweet
    35. R Amerikanuak: Basques in the New World. William A. Douglass and Jon Bilbao
      1. Michael Kenny
    36. R Ethnology: The Missed Revolution: The Fate of Rural Rebels in Sicily and Southern Spain, 1840–1950. Roderick Aya
      1. David D. Gregory
    37. R Further Studies on the Tasaday. D. E. Yen and John Nance
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    38. R Ethnology: Orang Asli: The Aboriginal Tribes of Peninsular Malaysia, Iskandar Carey
      1. Robert K. Dentan
    39. R Hui: A Study of Maori Ceremonial Gathering. Anne Salmond
      1. Thomas K. Fitzgerald
    40. R Ethnology: The Sorrow of the Lonely and the Burning of the Dancers. Edward L. Schieffelin
      1. Donald F. Tuzin
    41. R Linguistics: The Study of Social Dialects in American English. Walt Wolfram and Ralph W. Fasold
      1. Raven I. McDavid
        Raymond K. O'Cain
    42. R Linguistics: Language and Sex: Difference and Dominance. Barrie Thome and Nancy Henley
      1. Carol M. Eastman
    43. R Linguistics: Sociolinguistics: An Introduction. Peter Trudgill
      1. Judith T. Irvine
    44. R Linguistics: The Great Tzotzil Dictionary of San Lorenzo Zinacantán. Robert M. Laughlin
      1. Ray A. Freeze
    45. R Linguistics: Learning How To Mean: Explorations in the Development of Language. M. A. K. Halliday
      1. Benjamin Lee
    46. R Linguistics: Woleaian-English Dictionary. Ho-minSohn and Anthony F. Tawerilmang
      1. Ward H. Goodenough
    47. R Linguistics: Papers from the Basque Linguistics Seminar, University of Nevada, Summer, 1972
      1. Antonio Tovar
    48. R Linguistics: Language Origins: A Bibliography. Gordon Winant Hewes
      1. Brian Stross
    49. R Linguistics: Physical Anthropology: Heredity, Evolution, and Society. 2nd ed. I. Michael Lerner and William J. Libby
      1. C. Loring Brace
    50. R Linguistics: Proceedings from the Symposium of the Fifth Congress of the International Primatological Society, Nagoya, Japan, August, 1974. S. Kondo, M. Kawai, A. Ehara, and S. Kawamura
      1. James Loy
    51. R Linguistics: Body Hot Spots: the Anatomy of Human Social Organs and Behavior. R. Dale Guthrie
      1. A. T. Steegmann
    52. R Archaeology: Spatial Analysis in Archaeology. Ian Hodder and Clive Orton
      1. Dwight W. Read
    53. R Archaeological Atlas of the World. David Whitehouse and Ruth Whitehouse
      1. Janet Levy
    54. R Book Reviews
      1. Thomas H. Charlton
    55. R Archaeology: Voices From the Stone Age: A Search for Cave and Canyon Art. Douglas Mazonowicz
      1. Margaret Conkey Fritz
    56. R Archaeology: Primitive Erotic Art. Philip Rawson
      1. Terence Grieder
    57. R Archaeology: Les civilisations du Paléolithique moyen entre les Alpes et l'Oural: esquisse historique. Miklös Gábon
      1. H. Martin Wobst
    58. R Archaeology: The Ancient Near East, Volume II: A New Anthology of Texts and Pictures. James B. Pritchard
      1. Elizabeth Carter
    59. R Archaeology: The Mycenaean World. John Chadwick
      1. William F. Wyatt
    60. R Archaeology: Prehistory of the Nile Valley. Fred Wendorf and Romuald Schild, with sections by Bahay Issawi
      1. William R. Farrand
    61. R Archaeology: Perspectives in Cahokia Archaeology. Bulletin Series, 10. Urbana
      1. Dan Morse
    62. R Book Reviews
      1. Sharlotte Neely
    63. R Archaeology: The Druids. Stuart Piggott
      1. Bernard Wailes
    64. R Archaeology: The Hill-Caves of Yucatan: A Search for Evidence of Man's Antiquity in the Caverns of Central America. Henry C. Mercer
      1. Norman Hammond
    65. R Archaeology: Papers on the Archaeology of Black Mesa, Arizona. George J. Gumerman and Robert C. Euler
      1. Elizabeth Ann Morris
    66. R Book Reviews
      1. R. E. W. Adams
    67. R Archaeology: Fábrica San José and Middle Formative Society in the Valley of Oaxaca. Robert D. Drennan
      1. Jeremy A. Sabloff
    68. R Archaeology: Origins of Religious Art and Iconography in Preclassic Mesoamerica. H. B. Nicholson
      1. Jon Erik Simpson
    69. R Archaeology: Pottery Style and Society in Ancient Peru: Art as a Mirror of History in the Ica Valley, 1350–1570. Dorothy Menzel
      1. Craig Morris
    70. R Archaeology: An Ancient World Preserved: Relics and Records of Prehistory in the Andes. Frederic André Engel
      1. Michael E. Moseley
    71. R Book Notes

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received

Audiovisual Reviews

    1. R Correction
    2. R Some Recent Uses of Anthropology in T.V
      1. JOHN KLEIN
        PAT KLEIN
    3. R Television Productions: The Ascent of Man. 1975. Co-produced by the BBC and Time-Life Films, and prepared for national distribution by WGBH-TV. Produced and directed by Adrian Malone
      1. Roy Wagner
    4. R Television Productions: Raising the Gilhast Pole. 1974. Produced and directed by Sandy Wilson
      1. Alice Bee Kasakoff
    5. R Television Productions: The New Indians. 1977. Produced by the National Geographic Society in association with WQED-TV. Produced by Terry Sanders and Freida Lee Mock
      1. Michael Dorris
    6. R Audiovisual Reviews
      1. Marie Jeanne Adams
    7. R Audiovisual Reviews
      1. W. Karl
        Elisabeth K. Butzer
    8. R Audiovisual Reviews
      1. Robert S. Grumet
    9. R Audiovisual Reviews
      1. Robert L. Stephenson
    10. R Text/Fiche: Pre-Columbian Art: Dumbarton Oaks Collections. Elizabeth P. Benson
      1. John S. Justeson
    11. R Text/Fiche: Pottery Techniques of Native North America. John Kennardh White; photographs by Stewart Macleod
      1. Michael B. Stanislawski
    12. R Text/Fiche: Cornhusk Bags of the Plateau Indians
      1. Richard Conn
    13. R Audiotapes: Grass Roots: An Oral History of the American People
      1. Charles W. Joyner
    14. R Audiotapes: Visual Anthropology. Jean Roueh. 1974. Filming Experience. Robert Gardner
      1. Gregory A. Finnegan
    15. R Books: Manual for Museums. Ralph H. Lewis: Exhibits for the Small Museum: A Handbook. Arminta Neal
      1. Jane Powell Dwyer
    16. R Books: Films for Anthropological Teaching, 6th Edition, 1977. Prepared by Karl G. Heider