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    1. R On Book Reviewing

Original Article

    1. R The Anthropologist as Expert Witness
    2. R The Predication of the Individual in Anthropological Interactionism
      1. T. M. S. EVENS
    3. R Archaeological Inference and Inductive Confirmation
      1. BRUCE D. SMITH

Review Articles

    1. R Anthropology Today for the Anthropologists of Tomorrow
      1. LARRY L. NAYLOR
    2. R From Hindu Kush to Sri Lanka and the State of the Art
    3. R Context, Meaning, and the Chomskyan Notion of Creativity


    1. R DAVID LEONARD CLARKE 1937–1976
      1. GLYNN LI. ISAAC

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Anthropology in Modern Life
    2. R Current Directions in Archaeological Method and Theory
    3. R On Diffusion, Diffusionism, and Cultural Materialism
    4. R Lewis' Review of the Beyer Volume: Corrections and Comments
      1. MARIO D. ZAMORA
    5. R Differential Survival of the Jomon-Valdivia Hypothesis
    6. R Reply to Paulsen's Comment on Healy's Review
      1. PAUL F. HEALY

Book Reviews

    1. R General and Theoretical: Formal Methods in Economic Anthropology. Stuart Plattner
      1. Billie R. DeWalt
    2. R General and Theoretical: Psychological Anthropology. Thomas R. Williams
      1. Thomas Maretzki
    3. R General and Theoretical: The Asiatic Mode of Production: Sources, Development and Critique in the Writings of Karl Marx. Lawrence Krader
      1. Michael R. Dove
    4. R General and Theoretical: La Voie des Masques. Claude Lévi-Strauss
      1. Daniel Biebuyck
    5. R General and Theoretical: The Nature of Dance: An Anthropological Perspective. Roderyk Lange
      1. Joann W. Kealiinohomoku
    6. R General and Theoretical: Six Essays in Comparative Sociology. Andre Beteille: Rational Choice and Social Exchange: A Critique of Exchange Theory. Anthony Heath
      1. Henry J. Travers
    7. R Applied Anthropology: The Sorcerer's Apprentice: An Anthropology of Public Policy. Cyril S. Belshaw
      1. Henry F. Dobyns


    1. R Correction

Book Reviews

    1. R Applied Anthropology: The Planning of Change. Warren G. Bennis, Kenneth D. Benne, Robert Chin, and Kenneth E. Corey
      1. Arthur H. Niehoff
    2. R Applied Anthropology: The Politics of Change in a Zambian Community. George C. Bond
      1. Peter C. W. Gutkind
    3. R Applied Anthropology: Forging Nations: A Comparative View of Rural Ferment and Revolt. Joseph Spielberg and Scott Whiteford
      1. Jerry A. Moles
    4. R Applied Anthropology: Cultural Regions of the United States. Raymond D. Gastil
      1. Solon T. Kimball
    5. R Applied Anthropology: Human Ecology and the Development of Settlements. J. Owen Jones and Paul Rogers: Economic Growth and Neighbor Discontent: System Bias in the Urban Renewal Program of Atlanta. Clarence N. Stone
      1. Robert M. Wulff
    6. R Applied Anthropology: Medicine in Chinese Cultures: Comparative Studies of Health Care in Chinese and Other Societies. Arthur Kleinman, Peter Kunstadter, E. Russell Alexander, and James L. Gale
      1. Peter Kong-ming New
    7. R Applied Anthropology: Behind Poverty: The Social Formation in a Tamil Village. Goran Djurfeldt and Staffan Lindberg: Pills against Poverty: A Study of the Introduction of Western Medicine in a Tamil Village. Göran Djurfeldt and Staffan Lindberg
      1. Edward Montgomery
    8. R Applied Anthropology: Suicide: Inside and Out. David K. Reynolds and Norman L. Farberow
      1. Julius A. Roth
    9. R Ethnology: Salish Indian Mental Health and Culture Change: Psychohygienic and Therapeutic Aspects of the Guardian Spirit Ceremonial. Wolfgang C. Jilek
      1. Howard Stein
    10. R Ethnology: Firewater Myths: North American Indian Drinking and Alcohol Addiction. Joy Leland
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    11. R Ethnology: The Northern Ojibwa and the Fur Trade: An Historical and Ecological Study. Charles A. Bishop
      1. Edward S. Rogers
    12. R Ethnology: The Dominican Diaspora: From the Dominican Republic to New York City. Villagers in Transition. Glenn Hendricks
      1. Gerald F. Murray
    13. R Ethnology: Folk Housing in Middle Virginia: A Structural Analysis of Historic Artifacts. Henry Glassie
      1. Sally Price
    14. R Ethnology:Seven Families in Pueblo Pottery.Beverly Barsook, Sally Black, Rick Dillingham, and Steve Rhodes: Exhibit Catalog, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology: Santa Clara Pottery Today. Betty LeFree
      1. Dean E. Arnold
    15. R Ethnology: Politics and the Migrant Poor in Mexico City. Wayne A. Cornelius
      1. Theron A. Nunez
    16. R Ethnology: Chamulas in the World of the Sun: Time and Space in a Maya Oral Tradition. Gary H. Gossen
      1. Munro S. Edmonson
    17. R Ethnology: Santos y Supervivencias: Funciones de la Religión en una Comunidad Otomí, México. James W. Dow
      1. Joseph Velo
    18. R Ethnology: The Codex Nuttall: A Picture Manuscript from Ancient Mexico. The Peabody Museum Facsimile Edited by Zelia Nuttall
      1. Nancy P. Troike
    19. R Ethnology: El uso de la Chicha y la sociedad kuna. Arnulfo Prestan Simon
      1. Joseph Velo
    20. R Ethnology: Male and Female and the Afro-Curaçaoan Household. A. F. Marks
      1. Richard Price
    21. R Ethnology: Sacha Runa: Ethnicity and Adaptation of Ecuadorian Jungle Quichua. Norman E. Whitten, Jr., with Marcelo F. Naranjo, Marcelo Santi Simbaña, and Dorothea S. Whitten
      1. Dwight B. Heath
    22. R Ethnology: Zapotec Deviance: The Convergence of Folk and Modern Sociology. Henry A. Selby
      1. Aubrey Williams
    23. R Ethnology: The Tarahumara: An Indian Tribe of Northern Mexico. Wendell C. Bennett and Robert M. Zingg
      1. Carroll L. Riley
    24. R Ethnology: Unknown Mexico: A Record of Five Years' Exploration among the Tribes of the Western Sierra Madre; in the Tierra Caliente of Tepic and Jalisco; and among the Tarascos of Michoacan. Carl Lumholtz
      1. Carroll L. Riley
    25. R Ethnology: Psychology in Africa. Mallory Wober
      1. Thomas Ciborowski
    26. R Ethnology: Conflict in Africa: Concepts and Realities. Adda B. Bozeman
      1. W. Arens
    27. R Ethnology: Studies in the Ibo Political Systems: Chieftaincy and Politics in Four Niger States. Ikenna Nzimiro
      1. Richard N. Henderson
    28. R Ethnology: When the Spider Danced: Notes from an African Village. Alexander Alland, Jr
      1. Edgar A. Gregersen
    29. R Ethnology: Zulu Thought-Patterns and Symbolism. Axel-Ivar Berglund
      1. Hilda Kuper
    30. R Ethnology: Beyond the Community: Social Process in Europe. Jeremy Boissevain and John Friedl
      1. Sandra Schultz
    31. R Ethnology: Communal Families in the Balkans: The Zadruga. Robert F. Byrnes
      1. Joel M. Halpern
    32. R Ethnology: Kinship and Modernization in Mediterranean Society. J. G. Peristiany
      1. Fadwa El Guindi
    33. R Ethnology: Property Control and Social Strategies: Settlers on a Middle Eastern Plain. Barbara C. Aswad
      1. Louise E. Sweet
    34. R Ethnology: The Divine Hierarchy: Popular Hinduism in Central India. Lawrence A. Babb: From Hierarchy to Stratification: Changing Patterns of Social Inequality in a North Indian Village. D. B. Miller
      1. Joanna Kirkpatrick
    35. R Ethnology: Millennium and Charisma among Pathans: A Critical Essay in Social Anthropology. Akbar S. Ahmed
      1. E. Lamar Ross
    36. R Ethnology: The Mystical World of Indonesia: Culture and Economic Development in Conflict. Allen M. Sievers
      1. Robert Winzeler
    37. R Ethnology: Anthropology in Indonesia: A Bibliographical Review. Koentjaraningrat
      1. Edward M. Bruner
    38. R Ethnology: Japanese and Americans: Cultural Parallels and Paradoxes. Charles Grinnell Cleaver: Japanese Americans: The Evolution of a Subculture. Harry H. L. Kitano
      1. John W. Connor
    39. R Ethnology: Directions in Pacific Traditional Literature: Essays in Honor of Katherine Luomala. Adrienne L. Kaeppler and H. Arlo Nimmo
      1. J. L. Fischer
    40. R Ethnology: Art and Life in Polynesia. Terry Barrow
      1. Roger G. Rose
    41. R Ethnology: The Marquesan Journal of Edward Robarts, 1797–1824. Greg Dening
      1. Ivan A. Brady
    42. R Ethnology: The Demystification of Yap: Dialectics of Culture on a Micronesian Island. David Lobby
      1. William H. Alkire
    43. R Linguistics: Sociocultural Dimensions of Language Use. Mary Sanches and Ben G. Blount
      1. Susan S. Bean
    44. R Linguistics: Political Language and Oratory in Traditional Society. Maurice Block
      1. Robbins Burling
    45. R Linguistics: Marxism and the Philosophy of Language. V. N. Volosinov
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    46. R Linguistics: Aspects of Language and Culture. Carol M. Eastman
      1. Mary Sanches
    47. R Linguistics: Structural Poetics. Jonathon Culler
      1. W. C. Watt
    48. R Linguistics: The Concept of Structuralism: A Critical Analysis. Philip Pettit
      1. Michelle Z. Rosaldo
    49. R Linguistics: La Struttura del Lessico. Mario Alinei
      1. Paul M. Taylor
    50. R Linguistics: The Organization of Phonology. Stephen R. Anderson
      1. Richard A. Demers
    51. R Physical Anthropology: The Evolution of Man. Revised ed. G. H. R. von Koenigswald
      1. Henry M. McHenry
    52. R Physical Anthropology: The Wild Boy of Aveyron. Harlan Lane
      1. Ashley Montagu
    53. R Physical Anthropology: Dentition of Living Primates. Daris R. Swindler
      1. Philip D. Gingerich
    54. R Physical Anthropology: Demographic Genetics. Kenneth M. Weiss and Paul A. Ballonoff
      1. Alan G. Fix
    55. R Physical Anthropology: Earliest Man and Environments in the Lake Rudolf Basin: Stratigraphy, Paleoecology, and Evolution. Yves Coppens, F. Clark Howell, Glynn L. Isaac, and Richard E. F. Leakey
      1. Milford H. Wolpoff
    56. R Physical Anthropology: Monkeys Without Tails: The Story of Man's Evolution. John Napier
      1. Matt Cartmill
    57. R Archaeology: Irrigation's Impact on Society. Theodore E. Downing and McGuire Gibson
      1. H. David Tuggle
    58. R Archaeology: Field Methods in Archaeology. Thomas R. Hester, Robert F. Heizer, and John A. Graham
      1. Donald E. Janzen
    59. R Archaeology: Les Banques de Données Archéologiques. Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
      1. Robert Whallon
    60. R Archaeology: Photography in Archaeological Research. Elmer Harp, Jr
      1. George J. Gumerman
    61. R Archaeology: The Rape of the Nile: Tomb Robbers, Tourists, and Archaeologists in Egypt. Brian M. Fagan
      1. Karen Polinger Foster
    62. R Archaeology: Radiocarbon and Indian Archaeology. D. P. Agrawal and A. Ghosh: Prehistoric Chronology and Radiocarbon Dating in India. D. P. Agrawal and Sheela Kusumgar: Radiocarbon Dates and Indian Archaeology. D. Mandal
      1. Jerome Jacobson
    63. R Archaeology: Northern Asia in Prehistory. Chester S. Chard: Prehistory of Western Siberia. V. N. Chernetsov and W. Moszyńska. Henry M. Michael
      1. Stephen P. Dunn
    64. R Archaeology: Bulgaria in Antiquity: An Archaeological Introduction. R. F. Hoddinott
      1. Joseph Velo
    65. R Archaeology: Excavations of the Abri Pataud, les Eyzies (Dordogne). Hallam L, Movius, Jr
      1. Anta Montet-White
    66. R Archaeology: Circles and Standing Stones: An Illustrated Exploration of Megalith Mysteries of Early Britain. Evan Hadingham
      1. Ronald Hicks
    67. R Archaeology: Irish Passage Graves: Neolithic Tomb-Builders in Ireland and Britain 2500 B.C. Michael Herity
      1. Antonio Gilman
    68. R Archaeology: Zamboanga and Sulu: An Archeological Approach to Ethnic Diversity. Alexander Spoehr
      1. P. Bion Griffin
    69. R Archaeology: Aboriginal Settlement Patterns in the Northeast. William A. Ritchie and Robert E. Funk
      1. James A. Tuck
    70. R Archaeology: An Archeological Sequence in the Middle Chesapeake Region, Maryland. Henry T. Wright
      1. Melburn Thurman
    71. R Archaeology: Studies in Ohio Archaeology. Olaf H. Prufer and Douglas H. McKenzie
      1. N'omi Greber
    72. R Archaeology: Prehistoric Plies: A Structural and Comparative Analysis of Cordage, Netting, Basketry and Fabric from Ozark Bluff Shelters. Sandra Clements Scholtz
      1. Niki R. Clark
    73. R Archaeology: The Adena People. William S. Webb and Charles E. Snow
      1. William H. Marquardt
    74. R Archaeology: Mississippian Exploitative Strategies: A Southeast Missouri Example. Barry R. Lewis
      1. Lawrence Gene Santeford
    75. R Archaeology: Middle Mississippi Exploitation of Animal Populations. Bruce D. Smith
      1. Frederick C. Hill
    76. R Archaeology: Casemates and Cannonballs. Archeological Investigations at Fort Stanwix, Rome, New York. Lee Hanson and Dick Ping Hsu
      1. Stanley South
    77. R Archaeology: The Cache River Archeological Project: An Experiment in Contract Archeology. Michael B. Schiffer and John H. House
      1. James E. Price
    78. R Archaeology: The Hohokam: Desert Farmers and Craftsmen. Excavations at Snaketown, 1964–65. Emil W. Haury
      1. John C. McGregor
    79. R Archaeology: Kiva Art of the Anasazi at Pottery Mound. Frank C. Hibben
      1. William A. Longacre
    80. R Archaeology: The Use of Land and Water Resources in the Past and Present Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. Anne V. T. Kirkby: Sociopolitical Aspects of Canal Irrigation in the Valley of Oaxaca. Susan H. Lees
      1. William P. Mitchell
    81. R Archaeology: Lienzos de Chiepetlan. Joaquin Galarza
      1. David H. Kelley
    82. R Archaeology: Maya: The Riddle and Rediscovery of a Lost Civilization. Charles Gallenkamp: Pursuit of the Ancient Maya: Some Archaeologists of Yesterday. Robert L. Brunhouse
      1. Hattula Moholy-Nagy
    83. R Archaeology: The Ruins of Time: Four and a half Centuries of Conquest and Discovery among the Maya. David Grant Adamson
      1. Marshall Durbin
    84. R Archaeology: Jades from the Cenote of Sacrifice, Chichen Itza, Yucatan. Tatiana Proskouriakoff
      1. George Kubler
    85. R Archaeology: A Further Exploration of the Rowe Chavín Seriation and Its Implications for North Coast Chronology. Peter Roe
      1. Allison C. Paulsen

Book Notes

    1. R Book Notes

Audiovisual Reviews

    1. R Film: Dance and Human History. Movement Style and Culture #1. 1974. By Alan Lomax and Forrestine Paulay
      1. Karl G. Heider
    2. R Film: Blow for Blow. 1972. Produced by M.K.2 Productions with Cinema Services, Paris, and W.D.R., Cologne. "Directed by Marin Karmitz
      1. Rayna Rapp Reiter
    3. R Film: The Double Day. 1975. Produced by the International Women's Film Project. Directed by Helena Solberg-Ladd
      1. Helen I. Safa
    4. R Film: The Ax Fight. 1975. By Tim Asch and Napoleon Chagnon. Format by Tim Asch. Edited by Paul E. Bugos
      1. Patricia A. Klein
        John F. Klein
    5. R Film: Zem Spieva. 1933. Directed by Karel Plicka: Věčná Písěň: 1941. Directed by Karel Plicka
      1. Mark Slobin
    6. R Film: A Mamprusi Village. 1944. Produced by the British Ministry of Information, directed and photographed by John Page
      1. Gregory A. Finnegan
    7. R Film: Man of Aran. 1932–34. Script, direction and photography by Robert J. Flaherty, in association with Frances Hubbard Flaherty
      1. Solon T. Kimball
    8. R Film: Faces of Change, A Series: Introduction
    9. R Audiovisual Reviews

Audiovisual Book Review

    1. R Ethnographic Film. Karl G. Heider
      1. Peter Loizos

Audiovisual Notes

    1. R Conistan Muster: Scenes from a Stockman's Life. 1976. Produced by the Australian Institute for Aboriginal Studies. Written, directed, photographed and edited by Roger Sandall