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    1. R Correction
    2. R Correction


    1. R The Problem of Unity and Diversit in Anthropology: GUEST EDITORIAL


    1. R World Picture, Anthropological Frame: DISTINGUISHED LECTURE—1976
      1. ROBERT McC. ADAMS
    2. R Anthropologists and Development Agencies
      1. SUSAN W. ALMY
    3. R Anthropology and the Coming Crisis: An Autoethnographic Appraisal
    4. R The Aboriginal Eskimo Diet in Modern Perspective
      1. H. H. DRAPER
    5. R Folk Botanical Life-Forms: Their Universality and Growth
      1. CECIL H. BROWN
    6. R The Tribe as a Unit of Subsistence: Nomadic Pastoralism in the Middle East
    7. R Cultural Dimensions Reconsidered: Global and Regional Analyses of the Ethnographic Atlas
      1. FRANK J. SMITH

Review Article

    1. R The Anthropological Enterprise
      1. YEHUDI A. COHEN
    2. R The Science of Religion (and the Religion of Science)
    3. R Current Approaches to the Anthropology of Urban and Complex Societies

Discussion and Debate

    1. R On Responsibility in Reviewing
    2. R Boas in the National Museum: An Addendum
    3. R Correction to Carrying Capacity Formula
    4. R Comment on Aceves' Review of Brandes' Migration, Kinship, and Community
    5. R Response to Foster
    6. R Therapeutic Anthropology: The Anthropologist as Private Practitioner
    7. R The Genesis of the Clinical Anthropologist

Book Review

    1. R General and Theoretical: A History of Ethnology. Fred W. Voget
      1. Charles Frantz
    2. R The Development of Anthropological Ideas. John J. Honigmann. Home wood: Dorsey, 1976
      1. Fred W. Voget
    3. R Ethnologie: Zur Standortbestimmung einer Wissenschaft. Wolfgang Rudolph. Das wissenschaftliche Arbeitsbuch VIII, 21
      1. Johannes W. Raum
    4. R Energy and Structure: A Theory of Social Power. Richard Newbold Adams
      1. Erve Chambers
    5. R Encyclopedia of Anthropology. David E. Hunter and Phillip Whitten, eds. New York
      1. Bernard J. Siegel
    6. R The Primitive Family in Its Origin and Development. Carl Nicolai Starcke. Introduction by Rodney Needham, ed. Classics in Anthropology
      1. Fred W. Voget
    7. R The American Children of Krsna: A Study of the Hare Krsna Movement. Francine Jeanne Daner. Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology
      1. J. Stillson Judah
    8. R Seafarer and Community: Towards a Social Understanding of Seafaring. Peter H. Fricke, ed. London: Croom Helm; Totowa, New Jersey
      1. C. W. Landberg
    9. R Figuring Anthropology: First Principles of Probability and Statistics David Hurst Thomas. New York
      1. Albert J. Ammerman

Applied Anthropology

    1. R Colonialism and Change: Essays Presented to Lucy Mair. Foreword by Meyer Fortes. Maxwell Owusu, ed
      1. Hoyt S. Alverson
    2. R Manuel Gamio Antología: Estudio preliminar, selección y notas. Juan Comas
      1. William E. Carter
    3. R Cross-Cultural Orientation Programs. Richard W. Brislin and Paul Pedersen
      1. Roger M. Baty
    4. R The Politics of Natural Disaster: The Case of the Sahel Drought. Michael H. Glantz
      1. Anthony Oliver-Smith
    5. R Queuing and Waiting: Studies in the Social Organization of Access and Delay. Barry Schwartz
      1. Zachary Gussow
    6. R What We Can Do for Each Other: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Development Anthropology. Glynn Cochrane
      1. Helen I. Safa
    7. R The Design of Rural Development: Lessons from Africa. Uma Lele
      1. Art Hansen


    1. R Under Mount Saint Elias: The History and Culture of the Yakutat Tlingit. Parts One, Two, and Three. Frederica de Laguna
      1. Abraham Rosman
    2. R The Haida Indians: Cultural Change Mainly Between 1876–1970. J. H. van den Brink
      1. Abraham Rosman
    3. R Nicht-islamische Ethnien im südlichen Tschadraum. Renate Lukas. Arbeiten aus dem Seminar für Völkerkunde der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main. Band 4
      1. Edgar A. Gregersen
    4. R African Odyssey: An Anthropological Adventure. Mariam K. Slater
      1. Edgar A. Gregersen
    5. R European Moslems: Economy and Ethnicity in Western Bosnia. William G. Lockwood
      1. Bette S. Denich
    6. R The Middle East: An Anthropological Perspective. John Gulick
      1. Paul J. Magnarella
    7. R Beyond the Veil: Male-Female Dynamics in a Modern Muslim Society. Fatima Mernissi. Cambridge: Schenkman
      1. Suad Joseph
    8. R The Great Universe of Kota: Stress, Change and Mental Disorder in an Indian Village. G. M. Carstairs and R. L. Kapur: In Search of Identity. A. C. Paranjpe
      1. Santosh P. Gupta
    9. R Marriage and the Working Woman in India. Promilla Kapur. Delhi, India: Love, Marriage and Sex. Promilla Kapur
      1. S. A. Lawson
    10. R Bengali Women. Manisha Roy
      1. Ted A. Rathbun
    11. R Sangha and State in Burma: A Study of Monastic Sectarianism and Leadership. Michael E. Mendelson. John P. Ferguson, ed
      1. Melford E. Spiro
    12. R Change and Persistence in Thai Society. Essays in Honor of Lauriston Sharp. G. William Skinner
      1. John L. Landgraf
    13. R War in Ecological Perspective: Persistence, Change, and Adaptive Processes in Three Oceanian Societies. Andrew P. Vayda
      1. Klaus-Friedrich Koch
    14. R Das achte Land: Die Entdeckung und Besiedlung der Osterinsel nach Einge-borenentraditionen aübersetzt und erlütert. Thomas Barthel
      1. Aarne A. Koskinen
    15. R Pacific Atoll Populations. Vern Carroll
      1. Nancy Howell


    1. R Generative Grammar, Structural Linguistics, and Language Teaching. Karl Conrad Diller
      1. E. James Murphy
    2. R Semantics: A New Outline. F. R. Palmer
      1. Robert J. Pietro
    3. R Language Structure and Translation: Essays by Eugene A. Nida. Selected and introduced by Anwar S. Dil. Language Science and National Development Series
      1. Richard A. Swanson
    4. R Studies in Tone and Intonation. R. M. Brend
      1. William S.-Y. Wang
    5. R Topics in Applied Linguistics. Ronald Ward-haugh. Rowley, Massachusetts
      1. Roger W. Shuy
    6. R Soviet Structural Folkloristics, Volume I. P. Maranda
      1. Dan Ben-Amos
    7. R The Political Sociology of the English Language: An African Perspective. Ali A. Mazrui. Contributions to the Sociology of Language, Joshua A. Fishman
      1. William M. O'Barr
    8. R Introduction to Classical Nahuatl. Vol. 1: Grammar. Vol. 2: Workbook. J. Richard Andrews
      1. Norman A. McQuown
    9. R The Linguistic, Geographic, and Demographic Position of the Zoque of Southern Mexico. Norman D. Thomas. Papers of the New World Archaeological Foundation
      1. William L. Wonderly
    10. R The Shuswap Language: Grammar, Texts, Dictionary. Aert H. Kuipers. Janua Linguarum
      1. Barry F. Carlson

Physical Anthropology

    1. R Apes, Men, and Language. E. Linden. Baltimore
      1. Dean Falk
    2. R Genetics, Evolution, and Man. W. F. Bodmer and L. L. Cavalli-Sforza
      1. Kenneth M. Weiss
    3. R The Human Skeletal Remains of Altar de Sacrificios: An Osteobiographic Analysis. Frank P. Saul. Appendix by Donald Austin
      1. Stephen Molner


    1. R Prehistoric Men. Robert J. Braidwood. Glenview
      1. Jacques Bordaz
    2. R The Hittites and Their Contemporaries in Asia Minor. J. G. MacQueen
      1. Judith Barisas
    3. R Beth She'arim. Vol. II: The Greek Inscriptions. Moshe Schwabe and Baruch Lifshitz Beth She'arim. Vol. III: The Excavations, 1953–1958. Nahman Avigad
      1. Steven S. Schwarzschild
    4. R Multivariate Analysis of Cave of Hearths Middle Stone Age Artifact Assemblages. R. J. Mason. Statistical Analyses for the CHMSA Project. K. Turton
      1. Ralph M. Rowlett
    5. R Archaeology by Experiment. John Coles
      1. Thomas R. Hester
    6. R Behavioral Archeology. Michael B. Schiffer
      1. Stephen Plog
    7. R Research and Theory in Current Archaeology. Charles L. Redman
      1. Brian M. Fagan
    8. R Sampling in Archaeology. James W. Mueller
      1. Brian Suarez
    9. R Art and Environment in Native America. Mary Elizabeth King and Idris R. Traytor, Jr
      1. Margaret Conkey Fritz
    10. R Archaeoastronomy in Pre-Columbian America. Anthony F. Aveni
      1. John A. Eddy
    11. R Stonework of the Maya. Edward Ranney. Albuquerque
      1. Clemency Coggins
    12. R The Mesoamerican Southwest: Readings in Archaeology, Ethnohistory, and Ethnology. Basil C. Hedrick, J. Charles Kelley, and Carroll L. Riley
      1. Charles C. Peso
    13. R The Material Culture of Key Marco Florida. Marion Spjut Gilliland
      1. David H. Dye

Book Note

    1. R Book Note

Audiovisual Review

      1. Annette B. Weiner
    2. R Slash and Burn Agriculture. 1975. Produced by B and C Films. Written and photographed by Brian Weiss and James Ward
      1. William E. Carter
    3. R Dineh: The People (a Portrait of the Navajo). 1974–76. Produced and written by Jonathan R. Reinis; Co-Directed by J. R. Reinis and Stephen Hornick
      1. David F. Aberle
    4. R The Visit. 1967. Produced by Bernard Devlin for the National Film Board of Canada. Directed and edited by John Kemeny
      1. Peter S. Allen
    5. R Changing Faces. Directed and filmed by Lisa Goldberg with the assistance of Matthew Sheppard
      1. Eric B. Ross
    6. R Getting Together: A Film Series in Personal Relationships
      1. Jeanne Guillemin
    7. R The Netsilik Eskimo Films: Other Versions and Formats
      1. Philleo Nash
    8. R Yesterday, Today: The Netsilik Eskimo. 1973. Produced by Marc Beaudet for the National Film Board of Canada. Directed by Gillet Blais
    9. R The Eskimo: Fight for Life. 1970. Produced by Educational Development Center for CBS Television. Directed and photographed by Robert Young
    10. R Tuktu and His Animal Friends. Tuktu and His Eskimo Dogs. Tuktu and His Nice New Clothes
    11. R People of the Seal: Eskimo Winter. People of the Seal: Eskimo Summer. 1974. Produced for the BBC by Richard Robinson and Michael McKennirly
    12. R Talking about Beliefs. Talking about Old People. The Mural. Igloos and Apartments. The Fight. 1971. Produced by Educational Development Corporation. Directed by Stephen Ocko

Audiovisual Note

    1. R Films

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received