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Guest Editorial

    1. R Plotting Communication—World Anthropology Observed

Original Article

    1. R Prehistoric Transpacific Contact and the Theory of Culture Change
    2. R Chance, Necessity, and Mode of Production: A Marxist Critique of Cultural Evolutionism
    3. R An Evolutionary Aspect of Social Structure and a Verb "Have"
      1. KAREN E. WEBB
    4. R An Explanation of Color Nomenclature Universale
        CECIL H. BROWN
    5. R Shonto Revisited: Measures of Social and Economic Change in a Navajo Community, 1955–1971

Review Article

    1. R Castaneda: Coming of Age in Sonora: Tales of Power. Carlos Castaneda
      1. STAN WILK
    2. R Modern Mesoamerica: The Politics of Identity
    3. R Peasantries and Other Topics: South and Mesoamerica


    1. R HARRY HOIJER 1904–1976
      1. RALPH L. BEALS

Discussion and Debate

    1. R The Emperor's Clothes: Review of a Review
    2. R Reply to Cohen
      1. INO ROSSI
    3. R Toward a Scientific Treatment of "Exploitation": A Critique of Dalton
    4. R Peasants, Propaganda, Economics, and Exploitation: A Response to Dalton
    5. R Further Remarks on Exploitation: A Reply to Newcomer and to Derman and Levin
    6. R A Critique of Aufenanger's: The Passing Scene in North-East New-Guinea (A Documentation)
    7. R Response to Richard Scaglion
    8. R Misleading Advertising

Book Review

    1. R General and Theoretical: Principles of Visual Anthropology. Paul Hockings
      1. Jay Ruby

Book Reviews

    1. R Serial Publications in Anthropology. Compiled by the Library-Anthropology Resource Group. Sol Tax and Francis X. Grollig
      1. H. Martin Wobst
    2. R Interaction and Social Structure. Orvis Collins and June M. Collins. Introduction by Conrad M. Arensberg
      1. Tom McFeat
    3. R Social Exchange Theory: The Two Traditions. Peter P. Ekeh
      1. Paula G. Rubel
    4. R The Humanization Processes: A Social, Behavioral Analysis of Children's Problems. Robert L. Hamblin, David Buckholdt, Daniel Ferritor, Martin Kozloff, and Lois Blackwell
      1. Thomas K. Fitzgerald
    5. R Being Female: Reproduction, Power, and Change. Dana Raphael
      1. Judith K. Brown
    6. R A Study in Structural Semantics: The Siriono Kinship System. Harold W. Scheffler and Floyd G. Lounsbury
      1. Keith T. Kernan


    1. R Do Applied Anthropologists Apply Anthropology?Michael V. Angrosino
      1. Art Gallaher
    2. R Directed Cultural Change in Peru: A Guide to the Vicos Collection. Deborah A. Wood
      1. Paul L. Doughty
    3. R People and Housing in Third World Cities: Perspectives on the Problems of Spontaneous Settlements. D. J. Dwyer
      1. Lisa R. Peattie
    4. R Humanizing Health Care. Jan Howard and Anselm Strauss
      1. Stewart E. Perry
    5. R Promoting Innovation and Change in Organizations and Communities: A Planning Manual. Jack Rothman, John L. Erlich, and Joseph G. Teresa
      1. Robert Heighton
        Christy Heighton


    1. R The Mouth of Heaven: An Introduction to Kwakiutl Religious Thought. Irving Goldman
      1. Stanley G. Walens
    2. R The Trail of the Hare: Life and Stress in the Arctic Community. Joel S. Savishinsky
      1. Edward Foulks
    3. R The Invasion of America: Indians, Colonialism, and the Cant of Conquest. Francis Jennings
      1. Dena F. Dincauze
    4. R The Hand Made Object and Its Maker. Michael Owen Jones
      1. Robert F. G. Spier
    5. R Ethnographic Bibliography of North America
      1. Richard B. Woodbury
    6. R Latin American Development: A Geographical Perspective. Alan Gilbert
      1. Philip D. Young
    7. R Los aymara de Chinchera, Perú: Persistencia y cambio en un contexto bicultural. John M. Hickman
      1. John V. Murra
    8. R Hispanoamerica, sus razas y civilizaciones. Edmund Stephen Urbanski
      1. Joseph Velo
    9. R African Dilemma Tales. William R. Bascom
      1. Daniel J. Crowley
    10. R Lunda under Belgian Rule: The Politics of Ethnicity. Edouard Bustin
      1. Brian M. Toit
    11. R Women and Property in Morocco: Their Changing Relation to the Process of Social Stratification in the Middle Atlas. Vanessa Maker
      1. Daisy Dwyer
    12. R Echalar and Murelaga: Opportunity and Rural Exodus in Two Spanish Basque Villages. William A. Douglass
      1. Alexander Moore
    13. R Tradition and Change in a Turkish Town. Paul J. Magnarella
      1. Margaret Fallers
    14. R The Chinese City between Two Worlds. Mark Elvin and G. William Skinner: Families of Fengsheng: Urban Life in China. Ruth Sidel
      1. Barbara L. K. Pillsbury
    15. R Agriculture et Sociétés en Asie Du Sud-Est. Études Rurales: Revue trimestrielle d'histoire, géographie, sociologie et économie des campagnes
      1. Clark E. Cunningham
    16. R The White Women's Protection Ordinance: Sexual Anxiety and Politics in Papua. Amirah Inglis.: Race Relations and Colonial Rule in Papua New Guinea. Edward P. Wolfers
      1. Paula Brown Glick


    1. R Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking. Richard Bauman and Joel Sherzer
      1. Ben G. Blount
    2. R Sounds Canadian: Languages and Cultures in Multi-Ethnic Society. Paul M. Migus
      1. Joshua A. Fishman
    3. R Language in Sociocultural Change. Joshua A. Fishman
      1. Susan U. Philips
    4. R On the Origins of Language: An Introduction to the Evolution of Human Speech. Philip Lieberman
      1. Jan Wind
    5. R Mesoamerican Writing Systems: A Conference at Dumbarton Oaks, October 30th and 31st, 1971. Elizabeth P. Benson
      1. John S. Justeson
        James A. Fox
    6. R Kapingamarangi Lexicon. Michael D. Lieber and Kalio H. Dikepa
      1. Isidore Dyen
    7. R Comparative Hokan-Coahuiltecan Studies: A Survey and Appraisal. Margaret Langdon
      1. Paul R. Turner
    8. R A Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of American Black English. Ila Wales Brasch and Walter Milton Brasch
      1. Jay D. Edwards

Physical Anthropology

    1. R The Distribution of the Human Blood Groups and Other Polymorphisms. Second ed. A. E. Mourant, Ada C. Kopec, and Kazimiera Domaniewska-Sobczak
      1. Frank B. Livingstone
    2. R Antropología de los pueblos iberoamericanos. Juan Comas
      1. Marshall T. Newman
    3. R Leakey's Luck: The Life of Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey, 1903–1972. Sonia Cole
      1. C. Loring Brace


    1. R The Human Mirror: Material and Spatial Images of Man. Miles Richardson
      1. Maxine R. Kleindienst
    2. R Farming in Prehistory: From Hunter-Gatherer to Food-Producer. Barbara Bender
      1. Jack R. Harlan
    3. R Lithic Technology: Making and Using Stone Tools. Earl Swanson
      1. Alice Benfer
    4. R Problems in Prehistory: North Africa and the Levant. Fred Wendorf and Anthony E. Marks
      1. Philip E. L. Smith
    5. R The Ancient American Civilizations. Friedrich Katz
      1. Robert E. Greengo
    6. R Twenty-Four Architectural Plans of Chan Chan, Peru: Structure and Form at the Capital of Chimor. Michael E. Moseley and Carol J. Mackey
      1. Richard E. Blanton
    7. R The Prehistory of the Tehuacan Valley, Volume Five: Excavations and Reconnaissance. Richard S. MacNeish, Melvin L. Fowler, Angel Garcia Cook, Frederick A. Peterson, Antoinette Nelken-Terner, and James A. Neely
      1. Dennis E. Puleston
    8. R The Distribution of Prehistoric Population Aggregates. George J. Gumerman
      1. David Hurst Thomas
    9. R Introductory Report of the Normandy Reservoir Salvage Project: Environmental Setting, Typology, and Survey. Charles H. Faulkner and Major C. R. McCollough
      1. R. Bruce McMillan

Book Notes

    1. R Book Notes

Audiovisual Reviews

    1. R Women in Film: An Introduction
    2. R Women in Film: Kypseli: Women and Men Apart—A Divided Reality. Filmed by Susannah Hoffman, Richard Cowan, and Paul Aratow
      1. Muriel Dimen-Schein
    3. R Behind the Veil. Produced and directed by Eve Arnold
      1. Lois Grant Beck
    4. R Rivers of Sand. Produced by Film Study Center, Harvard University. Directed, photographed and narrated by Robert Gardner
      1. Lionel Bender
    5. R Fear Woman. Produced by the United Nations. Directed by Elspeth McDonald
      1. Filomina Steady
    6. R Three Grandmothers. Directed by Julian Biggs and John Howe
      1. Nancy B. Leis
    7. R Black Girl [La Noire de...]. Written and directed by Ousmane Sembene
      1. Risa Ellovich
    8. R Lucia. Produced by Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematograficos. Directed by Humberto Solas
      1. June Nash
    9. R The Priest and the Girl [O Padre e a Moça]. Produced by Luis Carlos Barreto. Directed by Joaquim Pedro De Andrade. Photography by Mario Carneiro
      1. Maxine Margolis
    10. R The Emerging Woman. Directed by Helena Solberg-Ladd
      1. Janet Kohen
    11. R Janie's Janie. Filmed by Geri Ashur and Peter Barton with Marilyn Mulford and Stephanie Palewski
      1. Betty Reid Mandell
    12. R Diane. Produced by White Fox Films. Directed by Mary Feldhaus-Weber
      1. Mary Mackey
    13. R A Free Woman. Directed by Volker Schlorndoff
      1. Michelle Z. Rosaldo
    14. R Anything You Want To Be. Filmed by Liane Brandon.: Sometimes I Wonder Who I Am. Filmed by Liane Brandon.: Betty Tells Her Story. Filmed by Liane Brandon.: Not So Young Now as Then. Filmed by Liane Brandon, with Claudia Weill
      1. Louise Lamphere
    15. R Salt of Earth. Produced by Paul Jarrico, directed by Herbert Biberman, written by Michael Wilson with Rosaura Reuueltas
      1. Karen Sacks
    16. R Black Women. Produced by Tony Brown, NET-TV. 52 minutes
      1. Anne M. Jennings
    17. R Growing up Female. By Julia Reichart and James Klein
      1. Nancy Chodorow
    18. R Sugar and Spice. By Eric Breitbart, Vicki Breitbart, and Alan Jacobs
      1. Nancy Chodorow
    19. R Mrs. Case. Produced by Barrie Howells and George C. Storey. Directed by Pierre Lasry.: Laurette. Produced by Barrie Howells. Directed by Pierre Lasry
      1. Roslyn L. Feldberg
    20. R It Is Not Enough. Produced and directed by Kathleen Shannon
      1. Nancy Foner
    21. R Would I Ever Like to Work. Produced and directed by Kathleen Shannon
      1. Judith Friedlander
    22. R Mothers Are People. Produced and directed by Kathleen Shannon
      1. Nancy Foner
    23. R Tiger on a Tight Leash. Produced and directed by Kathleen Shannon
      1. Karen Armstrong
    24. R They Appreciate You More. Produced and directed by Kathleen Shannon
      1. Karen Armstrong
    25. R Luckily I Need Little Sleep. Produced and directed by Kathleen Shannon
      1. Judith Friedlander
    26. R Like the Trees. Produced and directed by Kathleen Shannon
      1. Nancy Foner
    27. R Extensions of the Family. Produced and directed by Kathleen Shannon
      1. Judith Friedlander

Audiovisual Notes

    1. R Audiovisual Notes

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received