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Original Article

    1. R Disease Etiologies in Non-Western Medical Systems
      1. George M. Foster
    2. R Myth, Memory, and the Oral Tradition: Cicero in the Trobriands
      1. Frances Harwood
    3. R T. S. Eliot, Anthropologist and Primitive
      1. William Harmon
    4. R On Theocracies
      1. David L. Webster
    5. R A Look at Academic Anthropology: Through a Graph Darkly
      1. A. E. Rogge

Review Article

    1. R What Is Canadian Anthropology?
      1. Louise E. Sweet
    2. R Physical Anthropology: The Understanding and Interpretation of Human Evolution
      1. Paul L. Jamison
    3. R A Tide in the Affairs of Women
      1. Eugenia Shanklin
    4. R The State of Nonverbal Communication as a Field of Inquiry
      1. Niels Winther Braroe


    1. R MAURICE FREEDMAN 1920–1975
      1. G. William Skinner
      1. Henry B. Collins
    3. R MARK HANNA WATKINS 1903–1976
      1. Jerome W. Wright
    4. R MARIAN E. WHITE 1921–1975
      1. William N. Fenton

Discussion and Debate

    1. R A Warning in Regard to The Stone Money of Yap
      1. David M. Schneider
    2. R An Answer to David M. Schneider's Remarks Concerning: The Stone, Money of Yap A Numismatic Survey
      1. Cora Lee C. Gillilland
    3. R Reply to Dumond's Review
      1. Ezra B. W. Zubrow
    4. R Response to Zubrow
      1. Don E. Dumond
    5. R Addendum to the Obituary of John P. Gillin
      1. Morris E. Opler
    6. R An Encounter as a Rite of Passage: A Corroborative Note
      1. Monika B. Vizedom
    7. R Comment on Holloman's Esalen Rites of Passage
      1. Barbara Frankel
    8. R Reply to Vizedom and Frankel
      1. Regina E. Holloman
    9. R Bertalanffy's Blues or A Bit of the Old Input and Output
      1. Peter J. Mayer
    10. R The Extinction of Dinosaurs
      1. S. L. Washburn
    11. R Comment on Lowenthal's Review of Land Scarcity and Rural Inequality in Tanzania
      1. André J. F. Köbben
    12. R Reply to Köbben
      1. Richard Lowenthal
    13. R Comment on Hockings' Review of Peoples of South Asia
      1. Clarence Maloney
    14. R Reply to Maloney
      1. Paul Hockings

Book Reviews

    1. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Primitive Art and Society. Anthony Forge, ed
      1. D. Biebuyck
    2. R Book Reviews
    3. R Aerial Photography in Anthropological Field Research. Evon Z. Vogt, ed
      1. George J. Gumerman
    4. R Culture and Cognition: Readings in Cross-Cultural Psychology. J. W. Berry and P. R. Dasen, eds
      1. Michael Robbins
    5. R Ethnology: Black Mafia: Ethnic Succession in Organized Crime. Francis A. J. Ianni
      1. J. D. Lenoir
    6. R Ethnology: Hispanic Villages of Northern New Mexico. Edited, with Introduction, Notes, and Bibliography by Marta Weigle
      1. Charles L. Briggs
    7. R Ethnology: Fighting Tuscarora: The Autobiography of Chief Clinton Rickard. Barbara Graymont
      1. Shirley Hill Witt
    8. R Ethnology: Hare Krishna and the Counterculture. J. Stillson Judah
      1. David I. Kertzer
    11. R Ethnology: Oscar: An Inquiry into the Nature of Sanity. Peter J. Wilson
      1. Lawrence E. Fisher
    12. R Ethnology: Changing Rural Society: A Study of Communities in Bolivia. William J. McEwen
      1. June Nash
    13. R Ethnology: The Greek Gift: Politics in a Cypriote Village. Peter Loizos
      1. Peter S. Allen
    14. R Ethnology: Cohesive Force: Feud in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Jacob Black-Michaud
      1. Peter S. Allen
    15. R Ethnology: Symbolic Domination: Cultural Form and Historical Change in Morocco. Paul Rabinow
      1. Ross E. Dunn
    16. R Ethnology: Context of Kinship: An Essay in the Family Sociology of the Gonja of Northern Ghana. Esther N. Goody
      1. William B. Schwab
    17. R Ethnology: Political Structure in a Changing Sinhalese Village. Marguerite S. Robinson
      1. Frederick G. Bailey
    18. R Book Reviews
    19. R Ethnology: Bagrot, eine dardische Talschaft im Karakorum. Peter Snoy
      1. Jon W. Anderson
    20. R Ethnology: Administration and Politics in a Nepalese Town: The Study of a District Capital and Its Environs. Lionel Caplan
      1. Richard G. Fox
    21. R Ethnology: Himalayan Traders. Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf
      1. Melvyn C. Goldstein
    22. R Ethnology: Iemoto: The Heart of Japan. Francis L. K. Hsu
      1. Harumi Befu
    23. R Ethnology: Religion in Changing Japanese Society. Kiyomi Morioka
      1. Harumi Befu
    24. R Ethnology: Coming into Being among the Australian Aborigines: A Study of the Procreative Beliefs of the Native Tribes of Australia. Ashley Montagu
      1. Harold W. Scheffler
    25. R Ethnology: Fear, Favour or Affection: Aborigines and the Criminal Law in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Elizabeth Eggleston
      1. Robert Tonkinson
    26. R Book Reviews
    27. R Ethnology: Ain't No Big Thing: Coping Strategies in a Hawaiian-American Community. Alan Howard. An
      1. Marshall Sahlins
    28. R Ethnology: Land Tenure in Oceania. Henry P. Lundsgaarde
      1. Alan Howard
    29. R Archaeology: Archaeological Sediments: A Survey of Analytical Methods. Myra L. Shackley
      1. Bruce G. Gladfelter
    30. R Archaeology: The Stone Age Archaeology of Southern Africa. C. Garth Sampson
      1. G. Philip Rightmire

Book Review

    1. R Archaeology: The Roots of Ancient India: The Archaeology of Early Indian Civilization. Walter A. Fairservis, Jr
      1. George F. Dales

Book Reviews

    1. R Archaeology: The Archaeology of Benin: Excavations and Other Researches in and around Benin City, Nigeria Graham Connah
      1. Philip J. C. Dark
    2. R Archaeology: Beads and Beadwork of the American Indians: A Study Based on Specimens in the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation. William C. Orchard
      1. Phyllis Rabineau
    3. R Archaeology: Collected Papers in Honor of Florence Hawley Ellis. Theodore R. Frisbie
      1. Elizabeth A. Morris
    4. R Archaeology: The Sonota Complex and Associated Sites on the Northern Great Plains. Robert W. Neuman
      1. Thomas F. Kehoe
    5. R Archaeology: Fort Michilimackinac, 1715–1781: An Archaeological Perspective on the Revolutionary Frontier. Lyle M. Stone
      1. Gordon L. Grosscup
    6. R Archaeology: Hotel Plaza: An Early Historic Site with a Long Prehistory. Gail Schroeder Schnell
      1. Charles E. Cleland
    7. R Archaeology: Archeology of the Mammoth Cave Area.: Patty Jo Watson
      1. Kent Vickery
    8. R Archaeology: Perris Reservoir Archeology: Late Prehistoric Demographic Change in Southeastern California. James F. O'Connell, Philip J. Wilke, Thomas F. King, and Carol L. Mix
      1. Richard A. Gould
    9. R Archaeology: A Study of Changing Pre-Columbian Commercial Systems: The 1972–1973 Seasons at Cozumel, Mexico. Jeremy A. Sabloff and William L. Rathje
      1. Barbara J. Price
    10. R Archaeology: Not Forever on Earth: Prehistory of Mexico. Shirley Gorenstein
      1. Richard E. Blanton
    11. R Archaeology: Studies of Ancient Tollan: A Report of the University of Missouri Tula Archaeological Project. Richard A. Diehl
      1. Thomas H. Charlton
    12. R Archaeology: A Rain of Darts: The Mexica Aztecs. Burr C. Brundage
      1. Carroll L. Riley

Book Notes

    1. R Social/Cultural Anthropology:

Audiovisual Reviews

    1. R Baobab: Portrait of a Tree. Produced by Alan Root and Joan Root
      1. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
    2. R A Man Called Bee: Studying the Yanamamö. 1974. By Napoleon A. Chagnon and Timothy Asch
      1. Margaret Mead
    3. R Mau Mau. Produced by Anthony-David Productions
      1. Thomas O. Beidelman
    4. R In the Land of the War Canoes: Kwakiutl Indian Life on the Northwest Coast
      1. Ronald P. Rohner
    5. R Rearing Kibbutz Babies and Infant Development in the Kibbutz and Day Care for a Kibbutz Toddler
      1. A. I. Rabin
    6. R Blackjack's Family. Directed and filmed by William Donker and David Milholland
      1. Beatrice B. Whiting
    7. R Falling Star (A Cheyenne Tale). Directed by Kay Miles and Susan Norton
      1. Arthur Einhorn
    8. R Life Chances: Four Families in a Changing Cypriot Village. By Peter Loizos
      1. Ernestine Friedl
    9. R The Cop Is in the Middle. 1969. Produced by P. J. O'Connell and R. A. Lefande
      1. Michael J. Lowy
    11. R An Indian Pilgrimage; Ramdevra. Filmed by Mira R. Binford and Michael Camerini
      1. Paul Hockings
    12. R Masai Women and Masai Manhood. Directed by Chris Curling
      1. Thomas O. Beidelman
    13. R A Man Called Horse. Directed by Elliot Silverstein
      1. John R. Cole



Audiovisual Notes