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Anthropology as Context


Original Article

    1. R Population, Warfare, and the Male Supremacist Complex
    2. R Women, Horticulture, and Society in Sub-Saharan Africa
      1. C. S. LANCASTER
    3. R State Bias and Women's Status
      1. KAREN SACKS
    4. R Anti-Languages
      1. M. A. K. HALLIDAY

Review Articles

    1. R Dwelling on the Everyday World: Phenomenological Analyses and Social Reality
      1. BOB SCHOLTE
    2. R Ethology without Biology
    3. R Ethology and Primates: Some New Directions for the 1970s


    2. R LESLIE ALVIN WHITE 1900–1975

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Andean Coca Chewing: A Metabolic Perspective
    2. R Olmec Origins and Transpacific Diffusion: Reply to Meggers
      1. DAVID C. GROVE
    3. R Yes if by Land, No if by Sea: the Double Standard in Interpreting Cultural Similarities
    4. R On the Exploitation of Peasants: A Response to Dalton
      1. STEPHEN P. DUNN
    5. R Exploitation of Peasants: A Reply to Dunn
    6. R On the "New Ecology" Paradigm
      1. ANDREW P. VAYDA
    7. R Reply to Vayda

Book Reviews

    1. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Le langage perdu: Essai sur la différence anthropologique. Jean Duvignaud
      1. Irene Portis Winner
    2. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Socioeconomic Background and Achievement. Otis Dudley Duncan, David L. Featherman, and Beverly Duncan
      1. Robert S. Weppner
    3. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: The Study of Games. Elliott M. Avedon and Brian Sutton-Smith
      1. Mario Bick
    4. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Issues in Social Ecology: Human Milieus. Rudolph H. Moos and P. Insel
      1. Fred Plog
    5. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Rural Protest: Peasant Movements and Social Change. Henry A. Landsberger
      1. Frank B. Bessac
    6. R Book Reviews
      1. E. B. Eiselein
    7. R Book Reviews
      1. Lina M. Fruzzetti-Ostor
    8. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Religion and Political Modernization. Donald Eugene Smith
      1. Joseph V. Guillotte
    9. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Rules and Meaning: The Anthropology of Everyday Knowledge. Mary Douglas
      1. William C. McCormack
    10. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: L'homme, le fait social et le fait politique. Georges Davy
      1. Stephen Reyna
    11. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Societal Structures of the Mind. Uriel G. Foa and Edna B. Foa
      1. Sylvia Scribner
    12. R Marketing Staple Food Crops in Tropical Africa. William O. Jones
      1. David H. Spain
    13. R Book Reviews
      1. Karen Sacks
    14. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Ecology and Change: Rural Modernization in an African Community. Gregory C. Knight
      1. Anthony P. Glascock
    15. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Social Structure and Social Personality. Jerold H. Starr
      1. William Arkin
    16. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: A Mathematical Theory of Social Change. Robert L. Hamblin, R. Brooke Jacobsen and Jerry L. L. Miller
      1. Michael Burton
    17. R Cross-Cultural Universale of Affective Meaning. Charles E. Osgood, William H. May, and Murray S. Miron
      1. Eleanor Rosch
    18. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Peasants in Complex Society. Frederick C. Gamst
      1. Samuel E. Casselberry
    19. R Three Styles in the Study of Kinship. J. A. Barnes
      1. Susan S. Bean
    20. R Cannibalism: Human Aggression and Cultural Form. Eli Sagan
      1. William Arens
    21. R Corporations and Society: The Social Anthropology of Collective Action. M. G. Smith
      1. Arnold A. Sio
    22. R Ethnology: Navajo Kinship and Marriage. Gary Witherspoon
      1. David F. Aberle
    23. R Ethnology: Apachean Culture History and Ethnology. Keith H. Basso and Morris E. Opler
      1. Philip J. Greenfeld
    24. R Book Reviews
      1. Mary B. Black
        Edward S. Rogers
    25. R Book Reviews
      1. Alf H. Walle
    26. R Ethnology: The Ramapo Mountain People. David Steven Cohen
      1. Sidney R. Waldron
    27. R Ethnology: Foreigners in Their Native Land: Historical Roots of the Mexican Americans. David J. Weber
      1. Joseph Spielberg
    28. R Ethnology: Mexico and the Medici. Detlef Heikamp
      1. Vernon H. Kjonegaard
    29. R Ethnology: Organizing Strangers: Poor Families in Guatemala City. Bryan R. Roberts
      1. Raymond E. Wiest
    30. R Ethnology: Caribbean Transformations. Sidney Mintz
      1. Roger D. Abrahams
    31. R Ethnology: Maroon Societies: Rebel Slave Communities in the Americas. Richard Price
      1. Frank E. Manning
    32. R Ethnology: Marriage, Class and Colour in Nineteenth-Century Cuba: A Study of Racial Attitudes and Sexual Values in a Slave Society. Verena Martinez-Alier
      1. Jack Alexander
    33. R Ethnology: Esperanza: An Ethnographic Study of a Peasant Community in Puerto Rico. Carlos Buitrago Ortiz
      1. David Landy
    34. R Ethnology: Black Frontiersmen: A South American Case. Norman E. Whitten, Jr
      1. Milton Altschuler
    35. R Book Reviews
      1. Norman E. Whitten
    36. R Ethnology: Population Growth and Economic Development in Africa. S. H. Ominde and C. N. Ejiogu
      1. Vernon R. Dorjahn
    37. R Ethnology: Mutumin Kirkii: The Concept of the Good Man in Hausa. Anthony H. M. Kirk-Greene
      1. Jerome H. Barkow
    38. R Ethnology: The King in Every Man: Evolutionary Trends in Onitsha Ibo Society and Culture. Richard N. Henderson
      1. Ikenna Nzimiro
    39. R Ethnology: Land Tenure among the Amhara of Ethiopia: The Dynamics of Cognatic Descent. Allan Hoben
      1. Ronald A Reminick
    40. R Ethnology: Islam and the Transformation of Culture. M. Jamil Hanifi
      1. Ailon Shiloh
    41. R Ethnology: Nomads of the Nomads: The Al Murrah Bedouin of the Empty Quarter. Donald Powell Cole
      1. Laurence D. Loeb
    42. R Ethnology: Men of Influence in Nuristan: A Study of Social Control and Dispute Settlement in Waigal Valley, Afghanistan. Schuyler Jones
      1. A. Richard King
    43. R Ethnology: Village Life in South India: Cultural Design and Environmental Variation. Alan R. Beals
      1. Lauren A. Corwin
    44. R Book Reviews
      1. Rita S. Kipp
        Richard D. Kipp
    45. R Ethnology: For Harmony and Strength: Japanese White-Collar Organization in Anthropological Perspective. Thomas P. Rohlen
      1. Richard W. Stoffle
    46. R Ethnology: The Ainu Ecosystem: Environment and Group Structure. Hitoshi Watanabe
      1. Fred C. C. Peng
    47. R Ethnology: Marriage and the Family in Rural Bukwaya (Tanzania). Hugo Huber
      1. Jack Glazier
    48. R Ethnology: Migration, Kinship, and Community: Tradition and Transition in a Spanish Village. Stanley H. Brandes
      1. Joseph B. Aceves
    49. R Ethnology: The Snowmobile Revolution: Technology and Social Change in the Arctic. Pertti J. Pelto
      1. Arthur E. Hippler
    50. R Ethnology: The Predicament of Homecoming: Cultural and Social Life of North African Immigrants in Israel. Shlomo Deshen and Moshe Shokeid
      1. Joel Savishinsky
    51. R Ethnology: Changing Family Patterns in the Arab East. Edwin Terry Prothro and Lutfy Najib Diab
      1. Raphael Patai
    52. R Book Reviews
      1. Eugene Ogan
    53. R Ethnology: Akuna: A New Guinea Village Community. Brian M. Du Toit
      1. Terence E. Hays
    54. R Book Reviews
      1. Ina Dinerman
    55. R Ethnology: Aboriginal Tribes of Australia: Their Terrain, Environmental Controls, Distribution, Limits, and Proper Names. Norman B. Tindale
      1. Harold W. Scheffler
    56. R Book Reviews
      1. John A. Dunn
    57. R Ethnology: Yap: Political Leadership and Culture Change in an Island Society. Sherwood Galen Lingenfelter
      1. David M. Schneider
    58. R Ethnology: Drake's Island of Thieves: Ethnological Sleuthing. William A. Lessa
      1. Anthony S. Lord
    59. R Linguistics: A Navajo Lexicon. Harry Hoijer
      1. Herbert J. Landar
    60. R Linguistics: Language Origins. Roger Wescott
      1. M. Lionel Bender
    61. R Book Reviews
      1. Scott Rushforth
    62. R Linguistics: The Tell-Tale Sign: A Survey of Semiotics. Thomas A. Sebeok
      1. Harvey B. Sarles
    63. R Linguistics: Issues in Linguistics: Papers in Honor of Henry and Renée Kahane. Braj B. Kachru, Robert B. Lees, Yakov Malkiel, Angelina Pietrangeli, and Sol Saporta
      1. Karl V. Teeter
    64. R Physical Anthropology: Human Ecology. Frederick Sargent II
      1. F. A. Milan
    65. R Physical Anthropology: Evolution of the Genus Homo. William Howells
      1. Stephen Molnar
    66. R Physical Anthropology: The Quest for Man. Vanne Goodall
      1. Geza Teleki
    67. R Book Reviews
      1. Michael A. Little
    68. R Book Reviews
      1. Ralph L. Holloway
    69. R Book Reviews
      1. Stanley M. Garn
    70. R Physical Anthropology: Physiological Anthropology. Albert Damon
      1. Joseph S. Weiner
    71. R Physical Anthropology: Bevölkerungsbiologie: Beitràge zur Struktur und Dynamik menschlicher Populationen in anthropologischer Sicht. Wolfram Bernhard and Anneliese Kandler
      1. Edward E. Hunt
    72. R Archaeology: Applied Geology and Archaeology: The Holocene History of Wyoming. Michael Wilson
      1. H. E. Wright
    73. R Archaeology: Land Snails in Archaeology: With Special Reference to the British Isles. John G. Evans
      1. David A. Baerreis
    74. R Archaeology: Basic Ceramic Analysis. M. Ann Bennett
      1. Keith Kintigh
    75. R Archaeology: Prehistoric Carrying Capacity: A Model. Ezra B. W. Zubrow
      1. Don E. Dumond
    76. R Archaeology: Digging Up Jerusalem. Kathleen M. Kenyon
      1. William G. Dever
    77. R Oxford Bible Atlas. Herbert G. May
      1. Sarantis Symeonoglou
    78. R Archaeology: Middle America: A Culture History of Heartland and Frontiers. Mary W. Helms
      1. E. Wyllys Andrews V
    79. R Book Reviews
      1. Lee A. Parsons
    80. R Archaeology: Ceremonial Centers of the Maya. Roy C. Craven, Jr
      1. T. Patrick Culbert
    81. R Book Reviews
      1. Karl L. Hutterer
    82. R Archaeology: Oceanic Prehistory. Richard Shutter, Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Shutter
      1. Patrick V. Kirch

Audiovisuals Reviews

    1. R Films on Southeast Asia: Hanunóo. Filmed by Harold C. Conklin, edited by Esther Chevlen
      1. May Ebihara
    2. R Films on Southeast Asia: Peasant Ecology in the Rural Philippines. A film by George Guthrie
      1. Thomas M. Kiefer
    3. R Films on Southeast Asia: Last Tribes of Mindanao. Produced by Wolper Films for the National Geographic Society by Dennis Azzarella
      1. Thomas M. Kiefer
    4. R Films on Southeast Asia: People of the Current. A film by Thomas M. Kiefer and George Csisery
      1. H. Arlo Nimmo
    5. R Audiovisuals Reviews
      1. Herbert P. Phillips
    6. R Films on Southeast Asia: Chiang Mai—Northern Capital
      1. William P. Delaney
    7. R Films on Southeast Asia: Floating Rice
      1. Steven Piker
    8. R Temple of Twenty Pagodas
      1. Charles F. Keyes
    9. R Films on Southeast Asia: Karorn—A Southern Village
      1. Jeanne M. Olczyk
        Surin Pitsuwan
    10. R Films on Southeast Asia: Harvest at Nong Lub
      1. Lucien M. Hanks
    11. R Audiovisuals Reviews
      1. Marie Jeanne Adams
        Joanne Brandford
    12. R Films on Southeast Asia: Floating in the Air Followed by the Wind: Thai Pusam, a Hindu Festival. Filmed by Gunther Pfaff; Ronald A. Simons
      1. Paul Hockings
    13. R Films on Southeast Asia: The Dayak: People of Borneo. A Film by Georges Bourdelon
      1. Herbert Whittier
    14. R Films on Southeast Asia: Ma'bugi: Trance of the Toraja. A film by Eric Crystal, Catherine Crystal, and Lee Rhoads
      1. James J. Fox
    15. R Films on Southeast Asia: Wet Earth and Warm People. Directed and edited by Michael Rubbo
      1. James J. Fox
    16. R Films on Southeast Asia: Bali: Island and Universe. Directed by Hart Sprager produced by Kieth Lorenz, camera by Vishnu Mathur
      1. Philip F. McKean
      1. Hildred Geertz

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