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Original Article

    1. R Some Implications of Medical Beliefs and Practices for Social Anthropology
      1. ALLAN YOUNG
    2. R Irrigation and Community in the Central Peruvian Highlands
    3. R Rent, Differentiation, and the Development of Capitalism among Peasants
    4. R Toward a Locational Definition of State Systems of Settlement

Review Article

    1. R On the Function of Scientific Discourse: System and Structure: Essays in Communication and Exchange. Anthony Wilden
      1. BOB SCHOLTE


    1. R JOHN PHILLIP GILLIN 1907–1973
      1. RUBEN E. REINA
    2. R W. W. (NIBS) HILL 1902–1974
    3. R PAUL SIDNEY MARTIN 1899–1974

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Voluntary Associations and Power in Preindustrial States
    2. R Data and Theory in Paleoanthropological Controversies
      1. M. H. WOLPOFF
    3. R The Single Species Hypothesis
      1. S. L. WASHBURN
        R. L. CIOCHON
    4. R The Wadi Haifa Population and Rightmire's Interpretation of Later Pleistocene Man in Africa
    5. R Further Remarks on Later Pleistocene Man in Africa
      1. G. P. RIGHTMIRE
    6. R On "Transcultural Psychiatry," Africans, and Academic Racism
      1. D. PAUL LUMSDEN
    7. R Benevolent Racism and Subculture in Spout Spring: A Review of a Review
      1. PETER H. KUNKEL
    8. R The Nature of Theory and Its Validation: Transpacific Origins?
    9. R Response to Mochon
    10. R Response Concerning Northern Athabascan Culture and Personality
    11. R Athabascan Personality Again
      1. ROBERT A. PAUL
    12. R Reply to Hippler and Paul
      1. E. JAMES DIXON
    13. R Reply to Hippler
      1. GLENN BACON

Audiovisuals Reviews

    1. R EUROPE: Cracking the Stone Age Code. Produced by Paul Johnstone
      1. Ruth E. Tringham
    2. R EUROPE: On the Track of the Bog People. 1969. Filmed by Laterna Films
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    3. R EUROPE: The Viking Ships of Roskilde. Produced by Laterna Films: 100,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. Produced by Laterna Films
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    4. R EUROPE: The Vallée des Merveilles (La Vallée des Merveilles). 1971. Directed by Jean-Pierre Baux
      1. Harvey M. Bricker
    5. R EUROPE: These Stones Remain. Produced by George Morrison: The Mists of Time. Directed and produced by Patrick Carey
      1. Bernard Wailes
    6. R EUROPE: Prehistoric Man in Northern Europe. Produced by Gene Feldman
      1. Ruth E. Tringham
    7. R EUROPE: The Beginnings of History. Part III: The Iron Age. Produced by British Information Service
      1. Eugene L. Sterud
    8. R EUROPE: The Story of Prehistoric Man. 1953. Produced by Coronet Films
      1. Philip E. L. Smith
    9. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: The Ancient Games. Conceived and written by Erich Segal
      1. Laura L. Nash
    10. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: The Ancient World: Greece. Produced and directed by Ray Garner
      1. James R. Wiseman
    11. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: From the Remote Past of Greece. Directed by Caspar J. Kraemar: The Aegean Age. 1965. Produced by Coronet Films
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    12. R Ancient Sardis. 1967. Filmed by Charles Lyman
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    13. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: The Temple of Apollo at Bassae. 1971. Produced by Malcom R. McBride
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    14. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: The Acropolis of Athens. 1960. Produced and directed by Robert Manthoulis: The Acropolis. Produced by Boulton-Hawker Films
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    15. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Trésor de Delphes (The Sanctuary at Delphi). Directed by Edouard Delebecque
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    16. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Marseille: Ville Grecque. Directed by Louis Soutanes Grèce et Rome en Provence: Les Fouilles de Saint-Blaise et Glanum. Directed by Louis Soulanes
      1. Peter S. Wells
    17. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Egypt: Land of Antiquity. 1968. Directed and filmed by Jackson Winter: Greece: The Golden Age. 1963. Directed by Ray Garner: Journey into the Past. 1962. Produced by Boulton-Hawker Films
      1. Emily Vermeule
    18. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Pompeii: Death of a City. 1966. Produced by Arthur Whitney
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    19. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Buried Cities. Produced by Boulton-Hawker Films
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    20. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Ancient Greece. 1952. Produced by Coronet Films
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    21. R CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Ancient Rome. 1949. Produced by Coronet Films
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    22. R EGYPT: Ancient Egypt. Produced by Brian Brake
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    23. R EGYPT: The Ancient World: Egypt. 1951. Produced by Ray Garner: Cairo to Karnak.: Egypt: Cradle of Civilization. 1962. Produced by Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation: The Egyptologists. 1967. Produced by the Oriental Institute
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    26. R NEAR EAST AND SOUTH ASIA: Be'er Sheva Four. Directed by Ira J. Meistrich
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    27. R NEAR EAST AND SOUTH ASIA: Oriental Institute. 1952. Produced by the Oriental Institute
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    29. R NEAR EAST AND SOUTH ASIA: Earliest Writing. Produced by National Science Foundation, featuring Robert McC. Adams and Diane Taylor: Archaeology in Mesopotamia. 1964. Produced by National Science Foundation, narrated by Robert McC. Adams
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    30. R NEAR EAST AND SOUTH ASIA: Rivers of Time. Directed by William Novick, produced by George Seager and Derek Stewart
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    31. R NEAR EAST AND SOUTH ASIA: Ancient Persia. 1964. Produced by Coronet Films; educational collaborator Pinhas Delougaz: Ancient Mesopotamia. 1953. Produced by Coronet Films; educational collaborator Richard Parker
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    32. R NEAR EAST AND SOUTH ASIA: Ancient Palestine. 1968. Produced by Coronet Films; educational collaborator Robert E. Cooley
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    33. R CHINA AND SOUTHEAST ASIA: Han Tomb Find. Director and producer not identified
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      1. Mary Rusco

Book Reviews

    1. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Principles of Tzeltal Plant Classification: An Introduction to the Botanical Ethnography of a Mayan-Speaking People of Highland Chiapas. Brent Berlin, Dennis E. Breedlove, and Peter H. Raven
      1. Terence E. Hays
    2. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: When the Golden Bough Breaks: Structuralism or Typology?Peter Munz
      1. William C. McCormack
    3. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Anthropologie structural deux. Claude Lévi-Strauss: Elementary Structures Reconsidered: Lévi-Strauss on Kinship. Francis Korn: From Symbolism to Structuralism: Lévi-Strauss in a Literary Tradition. James A. Boon
      1. Ino Rossi
    4. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Trance, Healing and Hallucination: Three Field Studies in Religious Experience. Felicitas D. Goodman, Jeannette H. Henney and Esther Pressel
      1. Emile M. Schepers
    5. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: On the Margin of the Visible: Sociology, the Esoteric, and the Occult. Edward A. Tiryakian, ed
      1. Michael Kearney
    6. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Kulturanthropologie und Gesellschaft: Wege zu einer Wissenschaft. Justin Stagl
      1. Werner Stark
    7. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Delinquency and Crime: A Biopsychosocial Approach (Empirical, Theoretical, and Practical Aspects of Criminal Behavior). Juan B. Cortés and Florence M. Gatti
      1. Ralph Bolton
    8. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: The Social Philosophers: Community and Conflict in Western Thought. Robert Nisbet
      1. Dell Hymes
    9. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Crossing Cultural Boundaries: The Anthropological Experience. Solon T. Kimball and James T. Watson, eds
      1. Rosalie H. Wax
    10. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Remarks and Inventions: Skeptical Essays about Kinship. Rodney Needham
      1. Ivan Karp
    11. R General, Applied, and Theoretical: Another Place: Photographs of a Maya Community. Frank Cancian: Growing Up Female: A Personal Photo-journal. Abigail Heyman: Suburbia. Bill Owens
      1. Kingsley Noble
    12. R Ethnology: Music of the Americas: An Illustrated Music Ethnology of the Eskimo and American Indian Peoples. Paul Collaer
      1. Charlotte J. Frisbie
    13. R Ethnology: Indian Art of the Americas. Frederick J. Dockstader
      1. Evelyn Hatcher
    14. R Ethnology: Americanizing the American Indians: Writings by the "Friends of the Indians," 1880–1900. Francis Paul Prucha, ed: The Indian in American History. Keith L. Pearson
      1. Lynn Robbins
    15. R Ethnology: Hunters in the Barrens: The Naskapi on the Edge of the White Man's World. Georg Henriksen
      1. Harold Franklin McGee
    16. R Ethnology: Eskimo Underground: Socio-Cultural Change in the Canadian Central Arctic. Robert G. Williamson
      1. James W. VanStone
    17. R Ethnology: Eskimo Boyhood: An Autobiography in Psychosocial Perspective. Charles C. Hughes
      1. Thomas Johnston
    18. R Ethnology: Forgotten Canadians: The Blacks of Nova Scotia. Frances Henry
      1. Norman E. Whitten
        Dorothea S. Whitten
    19. R Ethnology: Famille et parenté en Acadie. Marc-Adélard Tremblay and Marc Laplante
      1. Nanciellen Sealy
    20. R Ethnology: The Portland Longshoremen: A Dispersed Urban Community. William W. Pilcher
      1. Leonard D. Borman
    21. R Ethnology: Sang Branch Settlers: Folksongs and Tales of a Kentucky Mountain Family. Leonard Roberts
      1. Samuel W. Corrigan
    22. R The Sacred Scrolls of the Southern Ojibway. Selwyn Dewdney
      1. Christopher Vecsey
    23. R Ethnology: The Delaware Indians: A History. C. A. Weslager
      1. Melburn D. Thurman
    24. R Ethnology: The Jicarilla Apaches: A Study in Survival. Dolores A. Gunnerson: Grenville Goodwin Among the Western Apache: Letters from the Field. Morris E. Opler, ed
      1. Charles Kaut
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      1. Robert Hackenberg
    26. R Ethnology: Sixteenth Century Mexico: The Work of Sahagún. Munro S. Edmonson, ed
      1. Carroll L. Riley
    27. R Ethnology: Guide to Ethnohistorical Sources, Part 2. Howard F. Cline and John B. Glass, eds
      1. Lawrence H. Feldman
    28. R Ethnology: María Sabina and Her Mazatec Mushroom Velada. R. Gordon Wasson, George and Florence Cowan, and Willard Rhodes
      1. Weston Barre
    29. R Ethnology: Structure and Process in Latin America: Patronage, Clientage and Power Systems. Arnold Strickon and Sidney M. Greenfield, eds
      1. Maxine Margolis
    30. R Ethnology: Parana: Social Boundaries in an Argentine City. Ruben E. Reina
      1. Arnold Strickon
    31. R Índios e Castanheiros: A emprêsa extrativa e os índios no médio Tocantins. Roque de Barros Laraia and Roberto da Matta: Índios e Brancos no sul do Brasil: A Dramática Experiência dos Xokleng. Silvio Coelho dos Santos: Índios e criadores: A situação dos Krahó na área pastoril do Tocantins. Julio Cezar Melatti: A sociologia do Brasil indígena (Ensaios). Roberto Cardoso de Oliveira
      1. Patricia J. Lyon
    32. R Ethnology: The Assimilation of Cuban Exiles: The Role of Community and Class. Eleanor Meyer Rogg
      1. Sheila Walker
    33. R Ethnology: Akamba from Within: Egalitarianism in Social Relations. Joseph Muthiani
      1. Stephen M. Fjellman
    34. R Ethnology: Ohaffia: A Matrilineal Ibo People. Philip O. Nsugbe
      1. Azuka A. Dike
    35. R Ethnology: Emigracion y cambio social: Procesos migratorios y vida rural en Castilla. Victor Perez Diaz
      1. Joseph B. Aceves
    36. R Ethnology: French Kinship: Structure and History. Pierre Maranda
      1. Phyllis Pease Chock
    37. R Ethnology: The Non-Slavic Peoples of the Soviet Union: A Brief Ethnological Survey. K. Symmons-Symonolewicz
      1. William Roger Powers
    38. R Ethnology: Peasant Society in Koñku: A Study of Right and Left Subcastes in South India. Brenda E. F. Beck
      1. Peter M. Gardner
    39. R Ethnology: Language, Religion and Politics in North India. Paul R. Brass
      1. Alan R. Beals
    40. R Ethnology: The Bikinians: A Study in Forced Migration. Robert C. Kiste
      1. Mac Marshall
    41. R Ethnology: Down Among the Wild Men: The Narrative Journal of Fifteen Years Pursuing the Old Stone Age Aborigines of Australia's Western Desert. John Greenway
      1. John M. Beaton
    42. R Ethnology: The Destruction of Aboriginal Society: Aboriginal Policy and Practice. Volume I. C. D. Rowley: Outcasts in White Australia: Aboriginal Policy and Practice. Volume II. C. D. Rowley: The Remote Aborigines: Aboriginal Policy and Practice. Volume III. C. D. Rowley: Australian Reminiscences and Papers of L. E. Threlkeld, Missionary to the Aborigines 1824–1859. Volumes I and II. Niel Gunson, ed
      1. Harold W. Scheffler
    43. R Ethnology: The Australian Aborigines: A Portrait of Their Society. Kenneth Maddock
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    44. R Archaeology: Archaeological Researches in Retrospect. Gordon R. Willey, ed
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      1. W. James Judge
    54. R Archaeology: The Casper Site: A Hell Gap Bison Kill on the High Plains. George C. Frison, ed
      1. Joe Ben Wheat

Book Notes


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