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Editorial Note

    1. R Book and Film Reviews: On Space, Time and Money
      1. Robert A. Manners

Original Article

    1. R Canine Teeth: Notes on Controversies in the Study of Human Evolution1
      1. S. L. Washburn
        R. L. Ciochon
    2. R Linguistic Anthropology in Society
      1. John J. Gumperz
    3. R Kinship vis-à-vis Myth Contrasts in Lévi-Strauss' Approaches to Cross-Cultural Comparison
      1. James A. Boon
        David M. Schneider
    4. R Voodoo Death: New Thoughts on an Old Explanation1
      1. Barbara W. Lex

Review Article

    1. R The Anthropology of Authenticity: Everyman His Own Anthropologist
      1. David Kaplan

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Ideology in the Study of American Racism, Ethnicity, and Poverty
      1. Howard F. Stein
    2. R Marshack's Critique of THE ROOTS OF CIVILIZATION and of Its Review by Arden R. King
      1. Alexander Marshack
    3. R Response to Dr. Anderson
      1. Clifton Amsbury
    4. R Familingual and Familinear Relationships: Some Contexts of Negation or Denial
      1. Pranab Chatterjee
    5. R Schools, Disciplines, and Reviews
      1. Judith Lynne Hanna
    6. R Correction to the Stout Bibliography
      1. Franklin O. Loveland

Book Review

    1. R Book Reviews: General, Applied and Theoretical
      1. Lewis A. Coser
    2. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Reinventing Anthropology. DELL HYMES, ed
      1. Leland Donald
    3. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Belief, Language, and Experience. RODNEY NEEDHAM
      1. Benson Saler
    4. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Ideology in Social Science: Readings in Critical Social Theory. ROBIN BLACKBURN, ed
      1. David J. Mccreery
    5. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Toward Humanist Sociology. ALFRED McCLUNG LEE
      1. David Rodnick
    6. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Meditations on Hunting. JOSé ORTEGA Y GASSET. Translated and with preface by Howard B. Wescott
      1. James W. Fernandez
    7. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Anthropology Beyond the University. ALDEN REDFIELD, ed
      1. E. Lamar Ross
    8. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Drawers of Water: Domestic Water Use in East Africa. GILBERT F. WHITE, DAVID J. BRADLEY, and ANNE U. WHITE. Illustrated by Tag Ahmed
      1. Robert Gray

Book Reviews

    1. R Book Reviews: General, Applied and Theoretical
      1. Sidney M. Mead

Book Review

    1. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Indian Baskets of North America. FRANK W. LAMB
      1. Sandra L. Schultz
    2. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Tapa in Polynesia. SIMON KOOJIMAN
      1. Lowell D. Holmes
    3. R General, Applied and Theoretical: The Miracle Plays of Mathura. NORVIN HEIN
      1. James Peacock
    4. R General, Applied and Theoretical: In Praise of the Baal Shem Tov: [Shivhei ha-Besht]: The Earliest Collection of Legends about the Founder of Hasidism. DAN BEN-AMOS and JEROME R. MINTZ, trans, and eds
      1. Morris Freilich
    5. R Book Reviews: General, Applied and Theoretical
      1. Karl Reisman
    6. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Wake Up Dead Man: Afro-American Work-songs from Texas Prisons. BRUCE JACKSON, coll. and ed
      1. Bess Lomax Hawes
    7. R Book Reviews: General, Applied and Theoretical
      1. Alta Jablow
    8. R General, Applied and Theoretical: How Musical Is Man? JOHN BLACKING
      1. Howard K. Kaufman
    9. R General, Applied and Theoretical: The Folkgames of Children. BRIAN SUTTON-SMITH. Foreword by William Hugh Jansen
      1. Sandra L. Schultz
    10. R General, Applied and Theoretical: The Social Construction of Communities. GERALD D. SUTTLES
      1. Leonard D. Borman
    11. R General, Applied and Theoretical: We, The Lonely People: Searching for Community. RALPH KEYES.: Young Outsiders: A Study of Alternative Communities. RICHARD MILLS.: The New Families: Youth, Communes, and the Politics of Drugs. ROSS V. SPECK. With Jean Barr, Russell Eisenman, Edward Foulks, Arnold Goldman, and Joan Lincoln
      1. Judith Friedman Hansen
    12. R Book Reviews: General, Applied and Theoretical
      1. Paula Brown Glick
    13. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Negroes in Britain: A Study of Racial Relations in English Society. KENNETH LITTLE
      1. John L. Gwaltney
    14. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Seed to Civilization: The Story of Man's Food. CHARLES B. HEISER, JR
      1. Richard I. Ford
    15. R General, Applied and Theoretical: The Time of the Buffalo. TOM MCHUGH, with the assistance of VICTORIA HOBSON
      1. George Frison
    16. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Through Navajo Eyes: An Exploration in Film Communication and Anthropology. SOL WORTH and JOHN ADAIR
      1. Regna Darnell
    17. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Anthrophysical Form: Two Families and Their Neighborhood Environments. ROBERT L. VICKERY, JR
      1. James H. Gunnerson
    18. R Book Reviews: General, Applied and Theoretical
      1. Philip R. Devita
    19. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Readings on Premodern Societies. VICTOR LIDZ and TALCOTT PARSONS, eds
      1. Laurence D. Loeb
    20. R General, Applied and Theoretical: The Other Californians: Prejudice and Discrimination Under Spain, Mexico, and the United States to 1920. ROBERT F. HEIZER and ALAN F. ALMQUIST
      1. James F. Downs
    21. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Our People and Our History. RODOLPHE LUCIEN DESDUNES
      1. Michel Laguerre
    22. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Beyond the Serengeti Plains: Adventures of an Anthropologist's Wife in the East African Hinterland. BETTY GRAY
      1. E. H. Winter
    23. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Change and Uncertainty in a Peasant Economy: The Maya Corn Farmers of Zinacantan. FRANK CANCIAN
      1. James Dow
    24. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Between Two Cultures: The Life of an American-Mexican. JOHN H. POGGIE, JR
      1. Arthur J. Rubel
    25. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Latin American Modernization Problems: Case Studies in the Crises of Change. ROBERT E. SCOTT, ed
      1. Frank C. Miller
    26. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Colonialism and Underdevelopment: Processes of Political Economic Change in British Honduras. NORMAN ASHCRAFT
      1. Nancie L. Gonzalez
    27. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Big Cypress: A Changing Seminole Community. MERWYN S. GARBARINO
      1. Jerald T. Milanich
    28. R Book Reviews: General, Applied and Theoretical
      1. R. S. Freed
    29. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Ghana and the Ivory Coast: Perspectives on Modernization. PHILIP FOSTER and ARISTIDE R. ZOLBERG, eds
      1. Dan R. Aronson
    30. R General, Applied and Theoretical: A Holistic Reader in Applied Anthropology: The Target of Health in Ethiopia. SIMON D. MESSING
      1. Allan Young
    31. R General, Applied and Theoretical: Colonialism, Development and Independence: The Case of the Melanesian Islands in the South Pacific. H. C. BROOKFIELD
      1. A. R. Tippett
    32. R General, Applied and Theoretical: The Chimbu: A Study of Change in the New Guinea Highlands. PAULA BROWN
      1. Roy Wagner
    33. R Ethnology: Tahitians: Mind and Experience in the Society Islands. ROBERT I. LEVY
      1. Margaret Mead
    34. R Ethnology: One Father, One Blood: Descent and Group Structure Among the Melpa People. ANDREW STRATHERN
      1. Robert M. Glasse
    35. R Ethnology: Malekula: A Vanishing People in the New Hebrides. A. BERNARD DEACON. Camilla H. Wedgwood, ed
      1. John A. Dunn
    36. R Ethnology: The Passing Scene in North-East New-Guinea (A Documentation). HENRY AUFENAN-GER
      1. William E. Mitchell
    37. R Ethnology: Koreri: Messianic Movements in the Biak-Numfor Culture Area. FREERK CH. KAMMA. M. J. van de Vathorst-Smit, trans
      1. Cyril Belshaw
    38. R Book Reviews: Ethnology
      1. Nancy Williams
    39. R Ethnology: Walbiri Iconography: Graphic Representation and Cultural Symbolism in a Central Australian Society. NANCY D. MUNN
      1. Sandra L. Schultz
    40. R Ethnology: Relaciones interétnicas en Otavalo: ¿una na-cionalidad india en formación? GLADYS VILLAVICENCIO RIVADENEIRA
      1. Antonio Ugalde
    41. R Ethnology: Changement et continuité chez les Mayas du Mexique: Contribution a l'étude de la situation coloniale en Amérique latine. HENRI FAVRE
      1. Robert Wasserstrom
    42. R Ethnology: Law and Social Change in Zinacantan. JANE FISHBURNE COLLIER
      1. William R. James
    43. R Book Reviews: Ethnology
      1. Stephen G. Sellers
    44. R Ethnology: Poder sobrenatural y control social: En un pueblo Maya contemporáneo. M. ESTHER HERMITTE
      1. Thomas B. Hinton
    45. R Ethnology: A Green Tree and a Dry Tree. CARTER WILSON
      1. Gary H. Gossen
    46. R Ethnology: Visita de la provincia de Leon de Huánuco en 1562. Tomo II: Visita de los Yacha y Mitmaqkuna cuzqueños encomendados en Juan Sanchez Falcon. IÑIGO ORTIZ DE ZUÑIGA. John V. Murra, ed
      1. Paul Ganster
    47. R Ethnology: Black New Orleans, 1860-1880. JOHN W. BLASSINGAME
      1. Stan Wilk
    48. R Ethnology: Rice and Man: Agricultural Ecology in Southeast Asia. LUCIEN M. HANKS
      1. Michael Moerman
    49. R Ethnology: A Residence of Eleven Years in New Holland and the Caroline Islands. JAMES F. O'CONNELL. Saul H. Riesenberg, ed
      1. Ernest S. Dodge
    50. R Linguistics: A Survey of Linguistic Science. WILLIAM ORR DINGWALL
      1. Robin Lakoff
    51. R Linguistics: Methodological Aspects of Transformational Generative Grammar. RUDOLPH P. BOTHA
      1. Robert D. King
    52. R Linguistics: Themes in Linguistics: The 1970s. ERIC P. HAMP, ed
      1. Scott Rushforth
    53. R Linguistics: Kenneth L. Pike: Selected Writings: To Commemorate the 60th Birthday of Kenneth Lee Pike. RUTH M. BREND
      1. Norman A. Mcquown
    54. R Linguistics: Directions in Sociolinguistics: The Ethnography of Communication. JOHN J. GUMPERZ and DELL HYMES, eds
      1. Robert St. Clair
    55. R Linguistics: The Sociology of Language. An Interdisciplinary Social Science Approach to Language in Society. JOSHUA A. FISHMAN
      1. Joel Sherzer
    56. R Linguistics: Social Anthropology and Language. EDWIN ARDENER, ed
      1. James J. Fox
    57. R Linguistics: Language Use and Social Change: Problems of Multilingualism with Special Reference to Eastern Africa. W. H. WHITELEY, ed
      1. Fred C. C. Peng
    58. R Linguistics: Bilingualism in the Southwest. PAUL R. TURNER, ed
      1. Elizabeth Brandt
    59. R Linguistics: Language and Area Studies Review. RICHARD D. LAMBERT
      1. Paul Turner
    60. R Linguistics: Perspectives in Zoosemiotics. THOMAS A. SEBEOK
      1. Peter Klopfer
    61. R Archaeology: The Explanation of Culture Change: Models in Prehistory. COLIN RENFREW, ed
      1. Karl Butzer
        Diane Nobares
    62. R Archaeology: An Introduction to Modern Archeology. J. NED WOODALL
      1. Michael B. Schiffer
    63. R Archaeology: Classification Formelle Automatique et Industries Lithiques: Interpretation des Hachereaux de la Kamoa. DANIEL CAHEN and PHILIPPE MARTIN
      1. Raymond R. Newell
    64. R Archaeology: Osteology for the Archaeologist. No. 3: The American Mastodon and the Woolly Mammoth. No. 4: North American Birds. STANLEY J. OLSEN
      1. Charles A. Reed
    65. R Archaeology: Late Pleistocene Vertebrates from Archaeological Sites in the Plain of Kom Ombo, Upper Egypt. C. S. CHURCHER
      1. A. Gautier
    66. R Book Reviews: Archaeology
      1. Bruce J. Lutz
    67. R Archaeology: Early Man in America. Preface and introduction by RICHARD S. MACNEISH
      1. Alan L. Bryan
    68. R Archaeology: Moche Occupation of the Santa Valley, Peru. CHRISTOPHER B. DONNAN
      1. David L. Browman
    69. R Archaeology: Beginner's Guide to Archaeology. LOUIS A. BRENNAN
      1. Charles C. Kolb
    70. R Archaeology: American Dawn: A Model of American Prehistory. LOUIS A. BRENNAN
      1. Jesse D. Jennings
    71. R Archaeology: America's Past: A New World Archaeology. THOMAS C. PATTERSON
      1. Ernestene Green
    72. R Archaeology: A Formal Analysis of Cahokia Ceramics from the Powell Tract. PATRICIA JOAN O'BRIEN
      1. Robert L. Hall
    73. R Archaeology: The Indian Mounds at Albany, Illinois. ELAINE BLUHM HEROLD, ed
      1. John T Dorwin
    74. R Archaeology: Archeology in the Upper Delaware Valley: A Study of the Cultural Chronology of the Tocks Island Reservoir. W. FRED KINSEY, III
      1. Bert Salwen
    75. R Book Reviews: Archaeology
      1. Calvin H. Jennings
    76. R Archaeology: Birch Creek: Human Ecology in the Cool Desert of the Northern Rocky Mountains 9,000 B.C.—A.D. 1850. EARL H. SWANSON, JR
      1. Elizabeth Morris
    77. R Archaeology: Cerámica incisa en Mallorca. CATALINA CANTARELLAS CAMPS
      1. Walter W. Taylor
    78. R Archaeology: Malta: An Archaeological Guide. D. H. TRUMP
      1. Thomas F. Lynch
    79. R Archaeology: The Archaeology of Minoan Crete. REYNOLD HIGGINS
      1. Sarantis Symeonoglou
    80. R Archaeology: X-Raying the Pharaohs. JAMES E. HARRIS and KENT R. WEEKS
      1. F. Filce Leek
    81. R Archaeology: Montagu Cave in Prehistory: A Descriptive Analysis. CHARLES M. KELLER
      1. C. Garth Sampson
    82. R Archaeology: The Stone Age of Indonesia. H. R. VAN HEEKEREN
      1. Karl L. Hutterer
    83. R Archaeology: Papers in Economic Prehistory: Studies by Members and Associates of the British Academy Major Research Project in the Early History of Agriculture. E. S. HIGGS
      1. Clifford G. Hickey
    84. R Archaeology: Gold and Megalithic Activity in Prehistoric and Recent West Borneo. TOM HARRIS-SON and STANLEY J. O'CONNOR
      1. Richard Shutler
    85. R Physical Anthropology: Physical Anthropology. GABRIEL WARD LASKER
      1. Francis E. Johnston
    86. R Physical Anthropology: The People of America. T. D. STEWART
      1. Frederick S. Hulse
    87. R Physical Anthropology: Primate Behavior: Developments in Field and Laboratory Research. Vol. 2. LEONARD A. ROSENBLUM
      1. Rainer Lorenz
    88. R Physical Anthropology: Primate Patterns. PHYLLIS DOLHINOW
      1. Neil C. Tappen

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received