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Review Article

    1. R Piaget's Structuralism. Genetic Epistemology. JEAN PIAGET: Le structuralisme. JEAN PIAGET
      1. Terence Turner

Book Reviews

    1. R General and Theoretical: Mythologiques: L'Homme nu. CLAUDE LÉVI-STRAUSS
      1. Munro S. Edmonson
    2. R General and Theoretical: Sport, Culture, and Society: A Reader on the Sociology of Sport. JOHN W. LOY, JR., and GERALD S. KENYON: Games, Sport and Power. GREGORY P. STONE: Sport: A Philosophic Inquiry. PAUL WEISS
      1. Joyce F. Riegelhaupt
    3. R General and Theoretical: Religion, Politics, and History in India: Collected Papers in Indian Sociology. LOUIS DUMONT
      1. Stephen A. Tyler
    4. R General and Theoretical: Research in Social Anthropology. SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL. Foreword by Jeremy Mitchell
      1. Niels W. Braroe
    5. R General and Theoretical: The Behavioral Sciences and the Federal Government. ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS IN THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES, NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL. Preface by Donald R. Young
      1. Philip Singer
    6. R General and Theoretical: A Handbook of Method in Cultural Anthropology. RAOUL NAROLL and RONALD COHEN
      1. Ruth S. Freed
    7. R General and Theoretical: Cross-Cultural Studies of Behavior
      1. Charles Harrington
    8. R General and Theoretical: Elementary Survey Analysis. JAMES A. DAVIS
      1. George A. Collier
    9. R General and Theoretical: Chains of Opportunity: System Models of Mobility in Organizations. HARRISON C. WHITE
      1. Rhoda H. Halperin
    10. R General and Theoretical: Causal Models in the Social Sciences. H. M. BLALOCK, JR
      1. Charles W. Mcnett
    11. R General and Theoretical: Rationality. BRYAN R. WILSON
      1. Murray J. Leaf
    12. R General and Theoretical: The Cultural Context of Learning and Thinking: An Exploration in Experimental Anthropology. MICHAEL COLE, JOHN GAY, JOSEPH A. GLICK, and DONALD W. SHARP
      1. Benjamin N. Colby
    13. R General and Theoretical: Patterns of Discovery in the Social Sciences. PAUL DIESING
      1. Giri Raj Gupta
    14. R General and Theoretical: Doing Fieldwork: Warnings and Advice. ROSALIE H. WAX
      1. Morris Freilich
    15. R General and Theoretical: The Translation of Culture: Essays to E. E. Evans-Pritchard. T. O. BEIDELMAN
      1. David G. Epstein
    16. R General and Theoretical: The Human Direction: An Evolutionary Approach to Social and Cultural Anthropology. JAMES L. PEACOCK and A. THOMAS KIRSCH
      1. William Garland
    17. R General and Theoretical: Cultural Evolutionism: Theory in Practice. ELMAN R. SERVICE
      1. Don E. Dumond
    18. R General and Theoretical: Kings and Councillors: An Essay in the Comparative Anatomy of Human Society. A. M. HOCART
      1. Arnold Foster
    19. R General and Theoretical: Scritti Antropologici, II. TULLIO TENTORI
      1. Lola Romanucci-Ross
    20. R General and Theoretical: Integralni Antropologie: Uvod do Studia Cloveka, kultury a spolecnosti/Integral Anthropology: An Introduction to the Study of Man, Culture and Society. JOSEF WOLF
      1. David Rodnick
    21. R General and Theoretical: Sociological Theory and Philosophical Analysis. DOROTHY EMMET and ALASDAIR MACINTYRE
      1. Richard P. Chaney
    22. R General and Theoretical: Comparative Perspectives on Social Psychology. WILLIAM WILSON LAMBERT and RITA WEISBROD
      1. J. W. Berry
    23. R General and Theoretical: Sociotherapy and Psychotherapy. MARSHALL EDELSON
      1. Erika Bourguignon
    24. R General and Theoretical: Currents in Psychoanalysis. IRWIN M. MARCUS
      1. Vincent Crapanzano
    25. R Ethnology: The Not So Solid South: Anthropological Studies in a Regional Subculture. J. KENNETH MORLAND
      1. Robert S. Weppner
    26. R Ethnology: Red, White, and Black: Symposium on Indians in the Old South. CHARLES M. HUDSON
      1. John T Dorwin
    27. R Ethnology: Anthropology of the Numa: John Wesley Powells Manuscripts on the Numic Peoples of Western North America, 1868–1880. DON D. FOWLER and CATHERINE S. FOWLER
      1. Charlotte J. Frisbie
    28. R Ethnology: French Pioneers in the Eastern Great Lakes Area, 1609–1791. ALEXANDER M. STEWART
      1. Charles H. Holzinger
    29. R Ethnology: Feasting with Mine Enemy: Rank and Exchange Among Northwest Coast Societies. ABRAHAM ROSMAN and PAULA RUBEL
      1. John W. Adams
        Alice Kasakoff
    30. R Ethnology: Ethnohistory in Southwestern Alaska and the Southern Yukon: Method and Content. MARGARET LANTIS
      1. Charles C. Hughes
    31. R Ethnology: The Chippewa and Their Neighbors: A Study in Ethnohistory. HAROLD HICKERSON
      1. Garrick A. Bailey
    32. R Ethnology: The Arapahoes, Our People. VIRGINIA COLE TRENHOLM
      1. Jeannette R. Witucki
    33. R Ethnology: The Cibecue Apache. KEITH H. BASSO
      1. Ruth M. Underhill
    34. R Ethnology: Jicarilla Apaches. GERTRUDE B. VAN ROEKEL
      1. Keith H. Basso
    35. R Ethnology: The Chronicles of Michoacán. EUGENE R. CRAINE and REGINALD C. REINDROP
      1. Edward E. Calnek
    36. R Ethnology: Cihuatlán y Tepecoacuilco: Provincias tributarias de México en el siglo XVI. JAIME LITVAK KING
      1. Matthew Wallrath
    37. R Ethnology: Reisen in Brasilien. G. WILHELM FREYREISS
      1. David H. Maybury-Lewis
    38. R Ethnology: An Introduction to Brazil. CHARLES WAGLEY
      1. Joan Bamberger
    39. R Ethnology: Torregreca: Life, Death, Miracles. ANN CORNELISEN: Milocca: A Sicilian Village. CHARLOTTE GOWER CHAPMAN
      1. Stephen Cappanari
    40. R Ethnology: Southeastern Europe: A Guide to Basic Publications. PAUL L. HORECKY
      1. David Rodnick
    41. R Ethnology: A Symposium on East European Ethnography. ZDENEK SALZMANN
      1. William G. Lockwood
    42. R Ethnology: Ancient African Kingdoms. MARGARET SHINNIE
      1. Justine M. Cordwell
    43. R Ethnology: Les Sorko (Bozo): Maitres du Niger: Étude ethnographique. Volumes 1–4. Z. LIGERS
      1. Leon Siroto
    44. R Ethnology: Health and Disease in Chad: Epidemiology, Culture, and Environment in Five Villages. ALFRED A. BUCK, ROBERT I. ANDERSON, TOM T. SASAKI, and KAZUYOSHI KAWATA
      1. Robert F. Gray
    45. R Ethnology: Culture and Mental Illness: A Study from Uganda. JOHN H. ORLEY
      1. Zachary Gussow
    46. R Ethnology: Kinship Patterns, Terminology and Behaviour in India. IRAWATI KARVÉ
      1. Sylvia Jane Vatuk
    47. R Ethnology: The Bene Israel of Bombay: A Study of a Jewish Community. SCHIFRA STRIZOWER
      1. Laurence D. Loeb
    48. R Ethnology: Self-Decoration in Mount Hagen. ANDREW STRATHERN and MARILYN STRATHERN
      1. Phillip H. Lewis
    49. R Ethnology: Adoption in Eastern Oceania. VERN CARROLL
      1. Ivan Brady
    50. R Development and Change: Technological Change: Its Impact on Man and Society. EMMANUEL G. MESTHENE
      1. W. Arens
    51. R Development and Change: Civilization at the Cross-Roads: Social and Human Implications of the Scientific and Technological Revolution. RADOVAN RICHTA
      1. David Rodnick
    52. R Development and Change: Economic Anthropology and Development: Essays on Tribal and Peasant Economies. GEORGE DALTON
      1. Alan Wells
    53. R Development and Change: People, Power, Change: Movements of Social Transformation. LUTHER P. GERLACH and VIRGINIA H. HINE
      1. E. Pendleton Banks
    54. R Development and Change: Peasants, Power, and Applied Social Change. HENRY F. DOBYNS, PAUL L. DOUGHTY, and HAROLD D. LASSWELL
      1. Richard N. Adams
    55. R Development and Change: Families in East and West: Socialization Process and Kinship Ties. REUBEN HILL and RENE KONIG
      1. Betty B. Lanham
    56. R Development and Change: Modernizing Peasant Societies: A Comparative Study in Asia and Africa. GUY HUNTER
      1. Frederick C. Gamst
    57. R Development and Change: Le nouveau dossier Afrique: Situation et perspectives d'un continent. SUZANNE and JEAN COMHAIRE-SYLVAIN
      1. Alta Jablow
    58. R Development and Change: The African Genius: An Introduction to African Cultural and Social History. BASIL DAVIDSON
      1. Elliott P. Skinner
    59. R Development and Change: Développement et tradition dans les sociétés rurales africaines. G. GOSSELIN
      1. Nicholas S. Hopkins
    60. R Development and Change: The Ecological Basis for Subsistence Change Among the Sandawe of Tanzania. JAMES L. NEWMAN
      1. Robert F. Gray
    61. R Development and Change: The Human Dimension of Technical Assistance: The German Experience at Rourekela, India. JAN BODO SPERLING
      1. Arthur H. Niehoff
    62. R Development and Change: Bases of Conflict in Rural Java. MARGO L. LYON
      1. Ben J. Wallace
    63. R Development and Change: Social Change and the City in Japan: From Earliest Times Through the Industrial Revolution. TAKEO YAZAKI
      1. George Devos
    64. R Development and Change: Hembo Sum Sue Mura: Shakai Bunka Henka no Kisoteki Kenkyu. (Suye Mura in Transition: A Fundamental Study of Socio-Cultural Change.) MORI-MITSU USHIJIMA
      1. Harumi Befu
    65. R Development and Change: Aboriginal Advancement to Integration: Conditions and Plans for Western Australia. H. P. SCHAPPER
      1. Jack O. Waddell
    66. R Development and Change: Reservations Are for Indians. HEATHER ROBERTSON
      1. C. R. Wilson
    67. R Development and Change: The Indians of the Southwest: A Century of Development Under the United States. EDWARD EVERETT DALE
      1. Donald M. Bahr
    68. R Development and Change: Southwest: Three Peoples in Geographical Change, 1600–1970. D. W. MEINIG
      1. Maria Arioti
    69. R Development and Change: The Changing Pattern of Hopi Agriculture. MAITLAND BRADFIELD
      1. Alan P. Brew
    70. R Development and Change: Latin American Urban Research. Volume I. FRANCINE F. RABINOVITZ and FELICITY M. TRUEBLOOD
      1. Robert V. Kemper
    71. R Development and Change: Education and Change in a Village Community: Mazières-en-Gatine, 1848–1914. ROGER THABAULT
      1. Art Gallaher
    72. R Development and Change: Aspects of Modern Turkish Society: Six Papers. PETER SUZUKI
      1. Paul J. Magnarella
    73. R Political Anthropology: Gifts and Poison: The Politics of Reputation. F. G. BAILEY
      1. Daniela Weinberg
    74. R Political Anthropology: The Evolution of War. KEITH F. OTTERBEIN
      1. Malcolm C. Webb
    75. R Political Anthropology: Wauba Yuma's People: The Comparative Socio-Political Structure of the Pai Indians of Arizona. HENRY F. DOBYNS and ROBERT C. EULER
      1. Janet R. Moone
    76. R Political Anthropology: Immigrant Voters in Israel: Parties and Congregations in a Local Election Campaign. SHLOMO A. DESHEN
      1. Harvey E. Goldberg
    77. R Political Anthropology: West African Chiefs: Their Changing Status under Colonial Rule and Independence. MICHAEL CROWDER and OBARO IKIME
      1. Jean-Claude Muller
    78. R Political Anthropology: The Azande: History and Political Institutions. E. E. EVANS-PRITCHARD
      1. Amnon Orent
    79. R Political Anthropology: The Nyoro State. JOHN BEATTIE
      1. Vernon R. Dorjahn
    80. R Political Anthropology: Magindanao, 1860–1888: The Career of Datu Uto of Buayan. REYNALDO CLEMEŃILETO
      1. Aram A. Yengoyan
    81. R Political Anthropology: The Politics of Melanesia. MARION W. WARD
      1. Robert S. Robins
    82. R Religion: Status Passage. BARNEY G. GLASER and ANSELM L. STRAUSS
      1. Philip K. Bock
    83. R Religion: The Eclipse of Symbolism. PETER FINGESTEN
      1. Carole N. Kaufmann
    84. R Religion: Ritual and Symbol in Transitional Zaramo Society: With Special Reference to Women. MARJA-LIISA SWANTZ
      1. Richard T. Curley
    85. R Religion: New Testament Eschatology in an African Background: A Study of the Encounter Between New Testament Theology and African Traditional Concepts. JOHN S. MBITI
      1. George K. Park
    86. R Religion: The Pre-Columbian Mind: A Study into the Aberrant Nature of Sexual Drives, Drugs Affecting Behaviour, and the Attitude Towards Life and Death, with a Survey of Psychotherapy in Pre-Columbian America. FRANCISCO GUERRA
      1. Weston Barre
    87. R Religion: Der Einfluss des Islam auf die Geschichte und Kulturentwicklung Adamauas: Abriss eines Afrikanischen Kulturwandels. ULRICH BRAUKÄMPER
      1. Robert Bunger
    88. R Religion: Knowledge Triumphant: The Concept of Knowledge in Medieval Islam. FRANZ ROSENTHAL
      1. George Makdisi
    89. R Religion: Islam and the Trade of Asia. D. S. RICHARDS
      1. Satya P. Sharma
    90. R Religion: The Ghost Dance: Origins of Religion. WESTON LA BARRE
      1. Stephen P. Dunn
    91. R Religion: Los vientos de Ixtepeji: Concepción del mundo y estructura social de un pueblo zapoteco. MICHAEL KEARNEY
      1. Gary H. Gossen
    92. R Linguistics: Language in Social Groups: Essays by John J. Gumperz, JOHN J. GUMPERZ
      1. Noel Minnis
    93. R Linguistics: Social Anthropology and Language. EDWIN ARDENER
      1. J. L. Fischer
    94. R Linguistics: Language and Social Context: Selected Readings. PIER PAOLO GIGLIOLI
      1. Martha Coonfield Ward
    95. R Linguistics: Language in America. NEIL POSTMAN, CHARLES WEINGARTNER, and TERENCE P. MORAN
      1. Roger W. Shuy
    96. R Linguistics: Black-White Speech Relations. WALT WOLFRAM and NONA H. CLARKE
      1. Paul Jay Melmed
    97. R Linguistics: The Arabic Language: Its Role in History. ANWAR G. CHEJNE
      1. Charles Ferguson
    98. R Linguistics: Studies on Kalinga Ullalim and Ifugaw Orthography. FRANCISCO BILLIET and FRANCIS LAMBRECHT
      1. Lawrence A. Reid
    99. R Linguistics: Spoken Fijian: An Intensive Course in Bauan Fijian, with Grammatical Notes and Glossary. ALBERT J. SCHÜTZ and RUSIATE T. KOMAITAI
      1. Charles A. Zisa
    100. R Linguistics: Nunggubuyu-English Dictionary. Part I. A-M. Part II. N-Y. EARL J. HUGHES
      1. George Grace
    101. R Linguistics: Hawaiian-Dictionary: Hawaiian-English English-Hawaiian. MARY KAWENA PUKUI and SAMUEL L. ELBERT
      1. Robert St. Clair
    102. R Archeology: Systematics in Prehistory. ROBERT C. DUNNELL
      1. J. Richard Shenkel
    103. R Archeology: Computers in Anthropology and Archeology. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION
      1. Robert A. Benfer
    104. R Archeology: Aspects of Prehistory. GRAHAME CLARK
      1. Betty J. Meggers
    105. R Archeology: Archaeology: Discoveries in the 1960's. EDWARD BACON
      1. William S. Ayres
    106. R Archeology: Vom Wildpferd zum Hauspferd: Studien zur Phylogenie pleistozäner Equiden Eurasiens und das Domestikations-problem unserer Hauspferde. GÜNTER NOBIS
      1. S. BÖKÖNYI
    107. R Archeology: Metallurgical Reports on British and Irish Bronze Implements and Weapons in the Pitt Rivers Museum. I. M. ALLEN, D. BRITTON, and H. H. COGHLAN. Foreword by Bernard Fagg
      1. Cyril S. Smith
    108. R Archeology: Das völkerwanderungszeitliche Gräberfeld von Környe. AGNES SALAMON and ISTVAN ERDELYI. With contributions by I. Lengyel and T. Tóth
      1. Paul E. Mahler
    109. R Archeology: The Sarmatians. T. SULIMIRSKI
      1. H. Martin Wobst
    110. R Archeology: Studies in Oceanic Culture History: Volume Two. R. C. GREEN and M. KELLY
      1. Jim Specht
    111. R Archeology: Canadian Historic Sites. Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History
      1. Alfred K. Guthe
    112. R Archeology: Reconnaissance archéologique dans la région de la Baie de Wakeham (Nouveau-Québec). GEORGES BARRÉ. Foreword by Robert McGhee
      1. Bruce Lutz
    113. R Archeology: Prehistoric Villages in Eastern Nebraska. DAVID MAYER GRADWOHL
      1. Robert L. Stephenson
    114. R Archeology: The Prehistory of Dickson Mounds: A Preliminary Report. ALAN D. HARN
      1. Don W. Dragoo
    115. R Archeology: Archaeological Surveys of the American Bottoms and Adjacent Bluffs, Illinois. PATRICK J. MUNSON and ALAN D. HARN: Site Reports from the St. Louis and Chicago Areas. Mississippian Site Archaeology in Illinois, 1; Illinois Archaeological Survey
      1. David S. Brose
    116. R Archeology: Introduction to Middle Missouri Archeology. DONALD J. LEHMER
      1. Richard G. Forbis
    117. R Archeology: The Alachua Tradition of North-Central Florida. JERALD T. MILANICH
      1. Charles H. Faulkner
    118. R Archeology: The Teotihuacan Valley Project Final Report. Volume 1: The Natural Environment, Contemporary Occupation and 16th Century Population of the Valley. WILLIAM T. SANDERS, ANTON KOVAR, THOMAS CHARLTON, and RICHARD A. DIEHL
      1. Robert C. West
    119. R Archeology: Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Texcoco Region, Mexico. JEFFREY R. PARSONS. Contributions by Richard E. Blanton and Mary H. Parsons
      1. Gair Tourtellot
    120. R Archeology: An Olmec Figure at Dumbarton Oaks. ELIZABETH P. BENSON
      1. Robert Chadwick
    121. R Archeology: The Artifacts of Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, Mexico. THOMAS A. LEE, JR
      1. Donald E. Mcvicker
    122. R Archeology: Guia para o estudo das indüstrias líticas da América do Sul. ANNETTE LAMINGEMPERAIRE. Foreword by Igor Chmyz
      1. Thomas P. Myers
    123. R Archeology: Acerca de la procedencia del material lítico de los monumentos de Tiwanaku. CARLOS PONCE SANGINÉS and GERARDO MOGROVEJO TERRAZAS: Las Culturas Wankarani y Chiripa y su relation con Tiwanaku. CARLOS PONCE SANGINÉS
      1. Alfred Kidder
    124. R Physical: Physical Anthropology. Journal of Human Evolution. New York & London: Academic Press, 1972. $38.00 plus $2.00 postage
      1. Elizabeth S. Watts
    125. R Physical: The Functional and Evolutionary Biology of Primates. RUSSELL TUTTLE
      1. Claud A. Bramblett
    126. R Physical: Adam or Ape: A Sourcebook of Discoveries About Early Man. L. S. B. LEAKEY, JACK and STEPHANIE PROST
      1. C. Loring Brace
    127. R Physical: Not from the Apes. BJORN KURTÉN
      1. Richard G. Wilkinson
    128. R Physical: Human Populations, Genetic Variation, and Evolution. LAURA NEWELL MORRIS
      1. Alice Brues
    129. R Physical: Theoretical Aspects of Population Genetics. MOTOO KIMURA and TOMOKO OHTA
      1. Alice Brues
    130. R Physical: Readings in Population. WILLIAM PETERSEN
      1. James L. Gillings
    131. R Physical: The Biological and Social Meaning of Race. RICHARD H. OSBORNE, ed. Introduction by William W. Howells. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman
      1. Joel M. Hanna
    132. R Physical: Laboratory Methods in Physical Anthropology. ALAN C. SWEDLUND and WILLIAM D. WADE
      1. Richard Jantz
    133. R Physical: The Anthropometrical Research of the First and Second Generation of the Descendants from Lika Settled in Voivodina.ŽIVOJIN GAVRILOVIĆ
      1. Vladimir MarkotiĆ
    134. R Physical: Bibliography of Human Paleopathology. GEORGE J. ARMELAGOS, JAMES H. MIELKA, and JOHN WINTER
      1. Audrey Sublett
    135. R Physical: Abortion, Obtained and Denied: Research Approaches. SIDNEY H. NEWMAN, MILDRED B. BECK, and SARAH LEWIT
      1. Virginia Ktsanes
    136. R Physical: Studies in Physical Anthropology. A. A. ABBIE
      1. Keith P. Hertzog
    137. R Other: The Great School Legend: A Revisionist Interpretation of American Public Education. COLIN GREER. Foreword by Herbert J. Gans. New York & London: Basic Books, 1972. xiii + 206 pp., notes, bibliography, index. $6.95 (cloth)
    138. R Other: Culture and the School: Socio-Cultural Significances. RONALD SHINN
      1. Arthur D. Dempsey
    139. R Other: Anthropological Perspectives on Education. MURRAY L. WAX
      1. Wilfrid C. Bailey
    140. R Other: Kanuri Schoolchildren: Education and Social Mobilization in Nigeria. ALAN PESHKIN
      1. Harold R. Battersby
    141. R Other: Migration and Anthropology: Proceedings of the 1970 Annual Spring Meeting of the American Ethnological Society. ROBERT F. SPENCER
      1. James P. Spradley
    142. R Other: The Uses of Disorder: Personal Identity and City Life. RICHARD SENNETT
      1. Ernest S. Burch
    143. R Other: Psychiatric Disorder and the Urban Environment: Report of the Cornell Social Science Center. BERTON H. KAPLAN
      1. Mirta T. Mulhare
    144. R Other: San Cipriano: Life in a Puerto Rican Community. ANTHONY L. LARUFFA
      1. E. B. Eiselein
    145. R Other: Behind Ghetto Walls: Black Families in a Federal Slum. LEE RAINWATER
      1. M. Estellie Smith
    146. R Other: Lower-Class Families: The Culture of Poverty in Negro Trinidad. HYMAN RODMAN
      1. Norman Ashcraft
    147. R Other: Poor Americans: How the White Poor Live. MARC and PHYLLIS PILISUK
      1. James P. Spradley
    148. R Other: Delinquency in Three Cultures. CARL M. ROSENQUIST and EDWIN I. MEGARGEE. Foreword by Wayne H. Holtzman
      1. Jose B. Cuellar
    149. R Other: The Contemporary American Family. WILLIAM J. GOODE
      1. Jean K. Boek
    150. R Other: The Family in Search of a Future: Alternative Models for Moderns. HERBERT A. OTTO
      1. Bette S. Denich
    151. R Other: Uprooted Americans: The Japanese Americans and the War Relocation Authority During World War II. DILLON S. MYER. Foreword by Mike Masaoka
      1. Asael Hansen
    152. R Other: The Great Betrayal: The Evacuation of the Japanese Americans During World War II. AUDRIE GIRDNER and ANNE LOFTIS
      1. Marvin K. Opler
    153. R Other: Race Relations. PHILIP MASON
      1. Johnnetta B. Cole
    154. R Other: Race Relations. MICHAEL BANTON
      1. Jean K. Boek
    155. R Other: The Blacks in Canada: A History. ROBIN WINKS
      1. Richard Frucht
    156. R Other: Persistent Poverty: Underdevelopment in Plantation Economies of the Third World. GEORGE L. BECKFORD
      1. James D. Matten
    157. R Other: Slave Society in Cuba During the Nineteenth Century. FRANKLIN W. KNIGHT
      1. Stanford N. Gerber
    158. R Other: Social Control in Slave Plantation Societies: A Comparison of St. Domingue and Cuba. GWENDOLYN MIDLO HALL
      1. Roger D. Abrahams
    159. R Other: The Decline and Abolition of Negro Slavery in Venezuela 1820–1854. JOHN V. LOMBARDI
      1. Stuart B. Philpott
    160. R Other: Women and the Public Interest: An Essay on Policy and Protest. JESSE BERNARD
      1. Karen Sacks
    161. R Other: Youth, University, and Democracy. GOTTFRIED DIETZE: Other: Toward a Rational Society: Student Protest, Science, and Politics. JURGEN HABERMAS. Jeremy J. Shapiro
      1. PHILIP K. BOCK

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received

Audiovisuals Reviews

    1. R Flatland. Direction and animation by ERIC MARTIN
      1. T. O. Beidelman
    2. R Three Domestics. A film by JOHN MARSHALL
      1. Carol B. Stack
    3. R The Struggle. A film by CARL GILFILLAN
      1. John F. Szwed
    4. R Gravel Springs Fife and Drum. A film by WILLIAM R. FERRIS
      1. John Greenway
    5. R Sam. A film by MARGARET BACH
      1. James Hirabayashi
        Clinton Bergum
    6. R Araucanians of Ruca Choroy: Summer. A film by JORGE PRELORAN
      1. Gertrude E. Dole
    7. R The Given Word. (Based on the play, O Pagador de Promessas, by Dies Gomez.) Written and directed by ANSELMO DUARTE, photography by Chick Fowle: Barren Lives. (Based on the novel, Barren Lives, by Graciliano Ramos.) Written and directed by NELSON PEREIRA DOS SANTOS, photography by Luis Carlos Barretto, produced by Luis Carlos Barretto, Herbert Richers, Darulo Trellers
      1. Joan Bamberger
    8. R To Live with Herds. Produced, directed, and filmed by DAVID MACDOUGALL
      1. P. H. Gulliver
    9. R The Village Watchman. A film by ALASTAIR KENNEIL
      1. J. K. Campbell
    10. R Advance into the Past: Modern Archaeological Methods. Directed by JO MURAS: Archeology in the Laboratory. Directed by J. P. BAUX
      1. Harvey M. Bricker

Discussion and Debate

    1. R ARCTIC TOWNSMEN is by Two Authors
      1. John J. Honigmann
    2. R Different Strokes for Different Folks: Another's Perspective of On That They Call Anthropology: The Mexican Case
      1. JosÉA B. Cuellar
    3. R Reply to Cuellar
      1. James R. Jaquith
    4. R Comment on Schambach's Review
      1. Olaf H. Prufer
        Orrin C. Shane
    5. R Blain Village and the Problem of Ohio Fort Ancient Origins, A Reply to Prufer and Shane
      1. Frank Schambach
    6. R Comment on Berndt's Review of THE MAORI PEOPLE OF THE NINETEEN SIXTIES
      1. E. G. Schwimmer
    7. R A Reply to Professor Schwimmer
      1. Catherine H. Berndt
    8. R Central Saharan Palaeolithic
      1. Helmut Ziegert
    9. R Rebuttal to Ziegert's Reply
      1. Karl W. Butzer
    10. R A Comment on Gray's Review of THE WAHI WANYATURU
      1. Harold K. Schneider
    11. R Rejoinder to Schneider's Comment
      1. Robert F. Gray
    12. R Comment on Norbeck's Review of SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF RELIGION
      1. J. Milton Yinger
    13. R Reply to Yinger
      1. Edward Norbeck