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Book Review

    1. R General and Theoretical: Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin. ASHLEY MONTAGU
    2. R General and Theoretical: Sex, Man and Society. ASHLEY MONTAGU
    3. R General and Theoretical: Studies in Human Sexual Behavior: The American Scene. AILON SHILOH
    4. R General and Theoretical: Group Sex: A Scientist's Eyewitness Report on the American Way of Swinging. GILBERT D. BARTELL
    5. R General and Theoretical: Voices of the New Feminism. MARY LOU THOMPSON
    6. R General and Theoretical: The Psychology of Human Development. KARL C. GARRISON and FRANKLIN R. JONES
    7. R General and Theoretical: A Hundred Years of Anthropology. T.K. PENNIMAN
    8. R General and Theoretical: A Sociology of Sociology. ROBERT W. FRIEDRICHS
    9. R General and Theoretical: Strategie Interaction. ERVING GOFFMAN
    10. R General and Theoretical: Man and Culture: A Philosophical Anthology. DONALD P. VERENE
    11. R General and Theoretical: Giambattista Vico: An International Symposium. GIORGIO TAGLIACOZZO, ed. and HAYDEN V. WHITE
    12. R General and Theoretical: The Sociology of Religion: A Study of Christendom. Vol. IV. Types of Religious Man. WERNER STARK
    13. R General and Theoretical: Personality in Japanese History. ALBERT M. CRAIG and DONALD H. SHIVELY
    14. R General and Theoretical: Mental Health Research in Asia and the Pacific. WILLIAM CAUDILL and TSUNG-YI LIN
    15. R General and Theoretical: Remaking an Organization: Innovation in a Specialized Psychiatric Hospital JAY SCHULMAN
    16. R General and Theoretical: The Unheavenly City: The Nature and the Future of our Urban Crisis. EDWARD BANFIELD
    17. R Ethnology: Families and Their Relatives: Kinship in a Middle-Class Sector of London. RAYMOND FIRTH, JANE HUBERT, and ANTHONY FORGE
    18. R Ethnology: Readings in Kinship in Urban Society. C.C. HARRIS
    19. R Ethnology: The Abyssinians. DAVID BUXTON
    20. R Ethnology: The Sting of Change: Sicilians in Sicily and Australia. CONSTANCE CRONIN
    21. R Ethnology: Gypsies: Wanderers of the World. BART MCDOWELL
    22. R Ethnology: Le Chant Kasala des Luba. PATRICE MUFUTA
    23. R Ethnology: Tradition, changement, histoire: Les "Somba" du Dahomey septentrional. PAUL MERCIER
    24. R Ethnology: Journey to Horseshoe Bend. T. G. H. STREHLOW
    25. R Ethnology: Rank and Religion in Tikopia: A Study in Polynesian Paganism and Conversion to Christianity. RAYMOND FIRTH
    26. R Ethnology: An Analysis of Malay Magic. KIRK MICHAEL ENDICOTT
    27. R Ethnology: The Journals of Joseph N. Nicollet: A Scientist on the Mississippi Headwaters with Notes on Indian Life, 1836–37. MARTHA COLEMAN BRAY
    28. R Ethnology: When the Tree Flowered: A Fictional Biography of Eagle Voice, a Sioux Indian. JOHN G. NEIHARDT
    29. R Ethnology: The Modern Sioux: Social System and Reservation Culture. ETHEL NURGE
    30. R Ethnology: The Pueblo Indians of North America. EDWARD P. DOZIER
    31. R Ethnology: Noticias de Nutka: An Account of Nootka Sound in 1792. JOSÉ MARIANO MOZINO
    32. R Ethnology: Florentine Codex, Book One: General History of the Things of New Spain. FRAY BERNADINO DE SAHAGUN
    33. R Ethnology: Los Lienzos de Tuxpan: JOSÉ LUIS MELGAREJO VIVANCO
    34. R Ethnology: Kultura Drevnikh Maya. R. V. KINZHALOV
    35. R Ethnology: The Thrice Shy: Cultural Accommodation to Blindness and Other Disasters in a Mexican Community. JOHN L. GWALTNEY
    36. R Ethnology: Children of the Barriada: A Photographic Essay on the Latin American Population Problem. J. MAYONE STYCOS
    37. R Ethnology: La Patria del Criollo: ensayo de interpretación de la realidad colonial guatemalteca. SEVERO MARTINEZ PELAEZ
    38. R Ethnology: Xingu, Os Indios, Seus Mitos. ORLANDO VILLAS BOAS and CLAUDIO VILLAS BOAS
    39. R Political Anthropology: Political Anthropology. GEORGES BALANDIER. A.M
    40. R Political Anthropology: Mau Mau from Within: Autobiography and Analysis of Kenya's Peasant Revolt. DONALD L. BARNETT and KARARI NJAMA
    41. R Political Anthropology: Toward "Uhuru" in Tanzania: The Politics of Participation. G. ANDREW MAGUIRE
    42. R Political Anthropology: Kalahari Village Politics: An African Democracy. ADAM KUPER
    43. R Political Anthropology: Guyana: Race and Politics Among Africans and East Indians. ROY ARTHUR GLASGOW
    44. R Political Anthropology: African Elite: The Big Men of a Small Town. JOAN VINCENT
    45. R Political Anthropology: Big Men and Cargo Cults. GLYNN COCHRANE
    46. R Political Anthropology: The Nadars of Tamilnad: The Political Culture of a Community in Change. ROBERT L. HARDGRAVE, JR
    47. R Political Anthropology: Lord and Peasant in Peru: A Paradigm of Political and Social Change. F. LAMOND TULLIS
    48. R Political Anthropology: Agrarian Revolt in a Mexican Village. PAUL FRIEDRICH
    49. R Development and Change: The Challenge of World Poverty: A World Anti-Poverty Program in Outline. GUNNAR MYRDAL
    50. R Development and Change: Socio-Economic Results of Land Reform in Taiwan. MARTIN M. C. YANG
    51. R Development and Change: Religion and Society in Modern Japan: Continuity and Change. EDWARD NOR-BECK
    52. R Development and Change: Socio-Cultural Implications of Industrialization in India: A Case Study of Tribal Bihar. L. P. VIDYARTHI
    53. R Development and Change: Land and Social Change in East Nepal: A Study of Hindu-Tribal Relations. LIONEL CAPLAN
    54. R Development and Change: The Village Culture in Transition: A Study of East Pakistan Rural Society. S. M. HAFEEZ ZAIDI.: Change and Continuity in India's Villages. K. ISHWARAN
    55. R Development and Change: Shaykh and Effendi: Changing Patterns of Authority Among the El Shabana of Southern Iraq. ROBERT A. FERNEA
    56. R Development and Change: Eastern Africa Review. Vols. I & II. DHARAM P. GHAI
    57. R Development and Change: Système de relations èconomiques et sociales chez les Wogo (Niger). JEAN-PIERRE OLIVIER DE SARDAN
    58. R Development and Change: African Food Production Systems: Cases and Theory. PETER F. M. McLOUGHLIN
    59. R Development and Change: Urbanization in Nigeria. AKIN L. MABOGUNJE
    60. R Development and Change: Report on the Iban. DEREK FREEMAN
    61. R Development and Change: Tradition and Economic Progress in Samoa: A Case Study of the Role of Traditional Social Institutions in Economic Development. DAVID PITT
    62. R Development and Change: Koro: Economic Development and Social Change in Fiji. R. F. WATTERS
    63. R Development and Change: The Maori People in the Nineteen-Sixties. ERIK SCHWIMMER
    64. R Development and Change: Latin America: Underdevelopment or Revolution. Essays on the Development of Underdevelopment and the Immediate Enemy. ANDRE GUNDER FRANK
    65. R Development and Change: Crucifixion by Power: Essays on Guatemalan National Social Structure, 1944–1966. RICHARD NEWBOLD ADAMS
    66. R Development and Change: Modern Transformations of Moenkopi Pueblo. SHUICHI NAGATA
    67. R Development and Change: Navajo Political Process. AUBREY W. WILLIAMS, JR
    68. R Development and Change: Indian Families of the Northwest Coast: The Impact of Change. CLAUDIA LEWIS
    69. R Development and Change: Northern Plainsmen: Adaptive Strategy and Agrarian Life. JOHN W. BENNETT
    70. R Development and Change: Greek Peasants, Ancient and Modern: A Comparison of Social and Moral Values. P. WALCOT
    71. R Development and Change: Reluctant Pioneers: Village Development in Israel. ALEX WEINGROD
    72. R Development and Change: The First Million Sabras: A Portrait of the Native-born Israelis. HERBERT RUSSCOL and MARGALIT BANAI
    73. R Development and Change: A Integraçö do índio na sociedade regional: a funçäo dos postos indígenas em Santa Catarina. SILVIO COELHO DOS SANTOS
    74. R Development and Change: Economic Development and Social Change: The Modernization of Village Communities. GEORGE DALTON
    75. R Development and Change: Peasants in Cities: Readings in the Anthropology of Urbanization. WILLIAM M ANGIN
    76. R Development and Change: Society and Economic Growth: A Behavioral Perspective of Social Change JOHN H. KUNKEL
    77. R Development and Change: Journey to Aboriginal Victoria. ALDO MASS OLA
    78. R Linguistics: The Growth, of Word Meaning. JEREMY M. ANGLIN.: Meaning and the Structure of Language. WALLACE L. CHAFE
    79. R Linguistics: Linguistic Variability and Intellectual Development. WILHELM VON HUMBOLDT
    80. R Linguistics: Method and Theory in Linguistics. PAUL L. GARVIN
    81. R Linguistics: A Contribution to the General Theory of Comparative Linguistics. RADOSLAV KATIČIC
    82. R Linguistics: Diversions of Bloomsbury: Selected Writings on Linguistics. R. H. ROBINS
    83. R Linguistics: Language Behavior: A Book of Readings in Communication. JOHNNYE AKIN, ALVIN GOLDBERG, GAIL MYERS, and JOSEPH STEWART
    84. R Linguistics: Approaches to Animal Communication. THOMAS A. SEBEOK and ALEXANDRA RAMSAY
    85. R Linguistics: Towards a Semantic Description of English. GEOFFREY N. LEECH
    86. R Linguistics: Basic Course in Haitian Creole. ALBERT VALDMAN
    87. R Linguistics: A Transformational Grammar of Igbo. PATRICIA L. CARRELL
    88. R Linguistics: Proto Lolo-Burmese. ROBBINS BURLING
    89. R Linguistics: The Pengo Language: Grammar, Texts, and Vocabulary. T. BURROW and S. BHATTACHARYA
    90. R Linguistics: Ayacucho Quechua Grammar and Dictionary. GARY J. PARKER
    91. R Linguistics: West African Pidgin-English: A Descriptive Linguistic Analysis with Texts and Glossary from the Cameroon Area. GILBERT DONALD SCHNEIDER
    92. R Linguistics: The Languages of a Bilingual Community. J. R. RAYFIELD
    93. R Archeology: The First Civilizations: The Archaeology of Their Origins. GLYN DANIEL
    94. R Archeology: Cambridge Ancient History. Volume One, Part One: Prolegomena and Prehistory. I. E. S. EDWARDS, C. J. GADD, and N. G. L. HAMMOND
    95. R Archeology: The First European Agriculture: A Study of the Osteological and Botanical Evidence Until 2000 B.C. JACQUELINE MURRAY
    96. R Archeology: The Prehistory of Africa. Ancient Peoples and Places. 72. J. DESMOND CLARK
    97. R Archeology: Papers in African Prehistory. J. D. FAGE and R. A. OLIVER
    98. R Archeology: African Art: An Introduction. FRANK WILLETT
    99. R Archeology: The Hunter and His Art: A Survey of Rock Art in Southern Africa. JALMAR RUDNER and IONE RUDNER
    100. R Archeology: The Art of the Wandjina: Aboriginal Cave Paintings in Kimberley, Western Australia. I. M. CRAWFORD
    101. R Archeology: Art of the Americas: Ancient and Hispanic, with a comparative chapter on the Philippines. PAL KELEMEN
    102. R Archeology: Studies in Classic Maya Iconography. GEORGE KUBLER
    103. R Archeology: Materielles para la arqueología de Teotihuacan. JOSE L. LORENZO
    104. R Archeology: Proyecto Cholula. I. MARQUINA
    105. R Archeology: Monographs and Papers in Maya Archaeology. WILLIAM R. BULLARD, JR.
    106. R Archeology: Cautantowwit's House: An Indian Burial Ground on the Island of Conanicut in Narragansett Bay. WILLIAM SCRANTON SIMMONS
    107. R Archeology: The Miller Field Site, Warren County, NJ: A Study in Prehistoric Archaeology. Part One: The Archaic and Transitional Stages. HERBERT C. KRAFT
    108. R Book Review
    109. R Archeology: The Archaeology of Michigan: A Guide to the Prehistory of the Great Lakes Region. JAMES E. FITTING
    110. R Archeology: The Leavenworth Site Cemetery: Archaeology and Physical Anthropology. WILLIAM M. BASS, DAVID R. EVANS, and RICHARD L. JANTZ
    111. R Archeology: The Hoe and the Horse on the Plains: A Study of Cultural Development among North American Indians. PRESTON HOLDER
    112. R Archeology: Painted Ceramics of the Western Mound at Awatovi. WATSON SMITH
    113. R Archeology: Reconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo Societies. WILLIAM A. LONGACRE
    114. R Archeology: The Arctic Small Tool Tradition in Manitoba. RONALD J. NASH
    115. R Archeology: The Directing of Archaeological Excavations. JOHN ALEXANDER
    116. R Archeology: Surveying and Mapping: A Manual of Simplified Techniques. ROBERT F. G. SPIER
    117. R Archeology: Ice Ages: The Nature and Effects. IAN CORNWALL
    118. R Physical Anthropology: Human Biology in Oceania.
    119. R Book Review
    120. R Physical Anthropology: Physical Growth and Body Composition: Papers from the Kyoto Symposium on Anthropological Aspects of Human Growth. JOSEF BROŽK
    121. R Physical Anthropology: Hair Growth. WILLIAM MONTAGNA and RICHARD L. DOBSON
    122. R Physical Anthropology: Primate Behavior: Developments in Field and Laboratory Research. Volume One. LEONARD A. ROSENBLUM
    123. R Physical Anthropology: Immunbiologische Untersuchungen bei Primaten. JAKOB SCHMITT
    124. R Physical Anthropology: Baboon Ecology: African Field Research. STUART ALTMANN and JEANNE ALTMANN
    125. R Physical Anthropology: The Chimpanzee: Volume III: Immunology, Infections, Hormones, Anatomy, and Behavior of Chimpanzees. G. H. BOURNE
    126. R Physical Anthropology: Genetics of the Evolutionary Process. THEODOSIUS DOBZHANSKY
    127. R Physical Anthropology: Evolution des vertebres: De leur origine a l'Homme. GEORGES VANDEBROEK
    128. R Physical Anthropology: The Roots of Mankind. JOHN NAPIER
    129. R Physical Anthropology: The Future of Man. ROBERT KLARK GRAHAM
    130. R Physical Anthropology: The Original Australians. A. A. ABBIE
    131. R Other: Claude Lévi-Strauss. EDMUND LEACH
    132. R Other: Applied Anthropology: Readings in the Uses of the Science of Man. JAMES A. CLIFTON
    133. R Other: Winckelmann. WOLFGANG LEPPMANN
    134. R Other: Old Wive's Tales: Life-Stories from Ibibioland. IRIS ANDRESKI
    135. R Other: The Africa That Never Was: Four Centuries of British Writing about Africa. DOROTHY HAMMOND and ALTA JABLOW
    136. R Other: Architecture in Northern Ghana: A Study of Forms and Functions. LABELLE PRUS-SIN
    137. R Other: Blacks in Antiquity: Ethiopians in the Greco-Roman Experience. FRANK M. SNOWDEN, JR
    138. R Other: A View of the Nile. ELIZABETH WARNOCK FERNEA
    140. R Other: The Family of Ralph Josselin, A Seventeenth-Century Clergyman: An Essay in Historical Anthropology. ALAN MACFARLANE
    141. R Other: Chambrettes des Procençaux: une maison des hommes en Méditerranée septentrionale. LUCIENNE ROUBIN
    142. R Other: Irrigation and Society in Medieval Valencia. THOMAS F. G LICK
    143. R Other: Technology in the Ancient World. HENRY HODGES
    144. R Other: Rural Craftsmen and Their Work: Equipment and Techniques in the Mer Village of Ratadi in Saurashtra, India. EBERHARD FISCHER and HAKU SHAH
    145. R Other: Indian Talk: Hand Signals of the American Indians. IRON EYES CODY
    146. R Other: Patterns of Educational Philosophy: Divergence and Convergence in Culturological Perspective. THEODORE BRAMELD
    147. R Other: From Child to Adult: Studies in the Anthropology of Education. JOHN MIDDLETON
    148. R Other: The Culture of Childhood: Child's-Eye Views of Society and Culture. MARY ELLEN GOODMAN
    149. R Other: Preparing to Teach the Disadvantaged: Approaches to Teacher Education. BRUCE W. TUCKMAN and JOHN L. O'BRIAN
    150. R Other: Hightown Grammar: The School as a Social System. COLIN LACBY
    151. R Other: Can the Red Man Help the White Man?: A Denver Conference with the Indian Elders. SYLVESTER M. MOREY
    152. R Other: My Friend the Indian. JAMES McLAUGHLIN

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received

Film Review

    1. R The Man Hunters. Directed by NICHOLAS NOXON with F. CLARK HOWELL and PHILLIP TOBIAS
    2. R !Kung Bushman Hunting Equipment. Photographed and narrated by JOHN MARSHALL
    3. R Man in Ethiopia. Produced by ROBERT CITRON
    4. R The Mulga Seed Ceremony. Directed by ROGER SANDALL
    5. R Microcultural Incidents in Ten Zoos. By RAY L. BIRDWHISTELL
    6. R Lecture on Kinesics by Ray L. Birdwhistell at the Second Linguistic-Kinesic Conference Nov. 4–7, 1964. By RAY L. BIRDWHISTELL and JACQUES D. VAN VLACK
    7. R The Market's Edge. A film by C. EDWARD HOPEN
    8. R N/um Tchai: The Ceremonial Dance of the !Kung Bushmen. Produced by Marshall Films in 1966. Photographed and narrated by John Marshall
    9. R Shunka's Story. Photography, editing, and script by STEPHANIE KREBS
    10. R Yanomamö: A Multidisciplinary Study. Produced by JAMES V. NEEL, TIMOTHY ASCH, and NAPOLEON CHAGNON
    11. R Film Review

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Erratum
    2. R Comment on the Review of: THE STUDY OF LITERATE CIVILIZATIONS
    3. R Directions—Old and New
    4. R Finney's CULTURE CHANGE, MENTAL HEALTH AND POVERTY: Comments on a Review
    5. R Finney's CULTURE CHANGE, MENTAL HEALTH AND POVERTY: Response to Comments on a Review
    6. R Comment on Benson Saler's Review of ZINACANTAN
    7. R A Reply to Vogt
    8. R Williams' A BORNEO CHILDHOOD: Comments on a Review

Original Article

    1. R Analytical Dimensions in the Comparison of Social Organizations
    2. R On the Entangled Problems of Selection and Conceptual Organization1
    3. R Familingual and Familinear Relationships: Two Patterns of Control by the Invoking of Family Roles1

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Comment on "The Cure and Feeding of Windigos: A Critique"
    2. R Windigo Psychosis
    3. R F. D. E. van Wouden and P. E. de Josselin de Jong