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Original Article

    1. R Clans as Genetic Barriers1
      1. N. E. MORTON
        Y. IMAIZUMI
        D. E. HARRIS
    2. R A Social and Ecologic Analysis of Systematic Female Infanticide Among the Netsilik Eskimo1
      1. Milton M. R. Freeman
    3. R Evolutionary Implications of Changing Nutritional Patterns in Human Populations
      1. William A. Stini
    4. R Eastern Dakota Clans: The Solution of a Problem1
      1. Claude E. Stipe
    5. R The Structure of the Japanese Family1
      1. Hironobu Kitaoji
    6. R The Structure of the Peasant Family
      1. Walter Goldschmidt
        Evalyn Jacobson Kunkel
    7. R The Representative Mediator and the New Peasant1
      1. Reinhold Löffler
    8. R Are the Siriono Raw or Cooked?
      1. John M. Ingham
    9. R Rural Exodus in Two Spanish Basque Villages: A Cultural Explanation1
      1. William A. Douglass
    10. R The Leopard-Skin Chief: An Examination of Political Power Among the Nuer1
      1. Peter J. Greuel
    11. R Adaptive Aspects of Culture Shock
      1. Barbara Gallatin Anderson
    12. R Brazilian Racial Terms: Some Aspects of Meaning and Learning
      1. Roger Sanjek
    13. R Use of the Concept of the "Corporation": A Choice Between Colloquialism or Distortion
      1. Glynn Cochrane
    14. R Corporations: Reply to Cochrane
      1. Ward H. Goodenough
    15. R Juristic Persons, Group and Individual Land Tenure: A Rejoinder to Goodenough.1
      1. Glynn Cochrane
    16. R Early Upper Paleolithic Man and Late Middle Paleolithic Tools
      1. David S. Brose
        Milford H. Wolpoff
      1. L. G. Freeman
    18. R Another Look at the Australopithecine Cave Breccias of the Transvaal1
      1. Karl W. Butzer
    19. R Environment and Activity Patterning at Isimila Korongo, Iringa3
      1. Carl L. Hansen
        Charles M. Keller
    20. R Human Behavioral Differences in Southern Africa During the Later Pleistocene1
      1. J. Desmond Clark
    21. R Settlement Patterns and Intrasite Variability in the Central Negev, Israel1
      1. Anthony E. Marks
    22. R The Asturian of Cantabria: Subsistence Base and the Evidence for Post-Pleistocene Climatic Shifts1
      1. Geoffrey A. Clark

Discussion and Debate

    1. R On the Number of Taxonomies, or the Odds on "Structuralism"
      1. Peter J. Wexler
    2. R On "Cultural Evolution in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene of Southeast Asia"
      1. Wolfgang Marschall
    3. R A Peasant Is As a Peasant Does
      1. Ethel Nurge
    4. R Brown and Driver on Girls' Puberty Rites Again
      1. Harold E. Driver
    5. R Initiation Rites for Girls: A Further Reply
      1. Judith K. Brown
    6. R Belief Systems
      1. John Howard Moore
    7. R Magic and Semantics
      1. W. M. A. Brooker