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Original Article

    1. R Shrines, Ancestors, and Cognatic Descent: The Kwaio and Tallensi1
    2. R Price and Output Variability in a Peasant-Artisan Stoneworking Industry in Oaxaca, Mexico: An Analytical Essay in Economic Anthropology1
      1. SCOTT COOK
    3. R Hopewell, Middle Woodland, and the Laurel Culture: A Problem in Archeological Classification1
      1. RONALD J. MASON


    1. R FERNANDO ORTIZ 1881–1969
      1. William Bascom
    2. R PAUL DAVID PAVY m 1938–1968
      1. Munro S. Edmonson

Brief Communications

    1. R The Coyote and the Sequential Occupants of the Los Angeles Basin
      1. Don Gill
    2. R The Technique of Chordal Singing in the Tibetan Style
      1. Terry Ellingson
    3. R Grooved Stones from Zawi Chemi Shanidar, a Protoneolithic Site in Northern Iraq
      1. Rose L. Solecki
        Ralph S. Solecki
    4. R A Relational Analysis of American Kinship Terminology
      1. Anthony F. C. Wallace

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Heider's"Anthropological Models of Incest Laws in the United States": A Comment
      1. Bernard Farber
    2. R North American Gypsy Terms: A Comment
      1. Vladimir Markotic
    3. R Fieldwork Priorities in Oceanic Archeology
      1. Roger C. Green

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL: A Runaway World? Edmund Leach
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    2. R GENERAL: The Civilizational Process. Darcy Ribeiro. Foreword by Betty J. Meggers, trans
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    3. R GENERAL: Modem Cultural Anthropology: An Introduction. Philip K. Bock
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    6. R GENERAL: The Flight of the Wild Gander: Explorations in the Mythological Dimension. Joseph Campbell
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    7. R GENERAL: Belief, Magic and Anomie: Essays in Psychosocial Anthropology. Anne Parsons
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    45. R Book Reviews
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    81. R Book Reviews
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Film Reviews

    1. R Blades and Pressure Flaking. Produced by Clyde B. Smith, with François Bordes and Don Crabtree as consultants and demonstrators. 16mm., color, sound, 21 minutes
      1. Edwin N. Wilmsen
    2. R Soro. Filmed in 1968 by David Harford; researched, directed, and narrated by C. Edward Hopen; produced in 1969 by H. K. Davis and Associates. 16 mm., color, sound, 25 minutes
      1. Michael M. Horowitz

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