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Original Article

    1. R Physical Anthropology: The Search for General Processes and Principles
    2. R Navajo Filmmakers
      1. SOL WORTH
        JOHN ADAIR
    3. R The Personal Adjustment of Navajo Indian Migrants to Denver, Colorado1
    4. R A New Look at Navajo Social Organization1
    5. R The Psychological Interdependence of Family, School, and Bureaucracy in Japan
    6. R On Mexican Folk Medicine
      1. JOHN M. INGHAM


    1. R Obituary
      1. John Witthoft

Brief Communications

    1. R Northern Iroquoian Sociopolitical Organization1
      1. Elisabeth Tooker
    2. R A Nutritional Factor in Windigo Psychosis1
      1. Vivian J. Rohrl
    3. R The Retention of Folk Linguistic Concepts and theti'yčir Caste in Contemporary Nacireman Culture
      1. Willard Walker

Discussion and Debate

    1. R The Limited Nutritional Value of Cannibalism
      1. Stanley M. Garn
        Walter D. Block
    2. R Late Pleistocene Extinction: A Note
      1. Donald L. Wolberg

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL: Johann Jakob Bachofens Gesammelte Werke. Zehnter Band: Briefe. Johann Jakob Bachofen
      1. Lawrence Krader
    2. R GENERAL: The Conflict in Modern Culture and Other Essays. Georg Simmel. K. Peter Etzkorn, ed
      1. Donald N. Levine
    3. R GENERAL: On Max Weber. Paul Honigsheim. Joan Rytina, trans. Foreword by J. Allan Beegle and William H. Form
      1. Leo A. Despres
    4. R GENERAL: Local-Level Politics: Social and Cultural Perspectives. Marc J. Swartz, ed
      1. Ronald Cohen
    5. R GENERAL: Man and System: Foundations for the Study of Human Relations. Harry Holbert Turney-High
      1. Beth Dillingham
    6. R GENERAL: Culture & Social Psychiatry. Marvin K. Opler. Foreword by Thomas A. C. Rennie
      1. Robert B. Edgerton
    7. R GENERAL: Trance and Possession States. Raymond Prince, ed
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    8. R GENERAL: From Primitives to Zen: A Thematic Sourcebook of the History of Religions. Mircea Eliade, comp, and ed
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    9. R GENERAL: Readings in Missionary Anthropology. William A. Smalley, ed
      1. William C. McCormack
    10. R ETHNOLOGY: L'Ethnologie. Jean Cazeneuve
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    11. R ETHNOLOGY: Islam Observed: Religious Development in Morocco and Indonesia. Clifford Geertz
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    12. R ETHNOLOGY: Kambuya's Cattle: The Legacy of an African Herdsman. Walter Goldschmidt
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      1. Richard N. Henderson
    15. R ETHNOLOGY: Escultura Africana no Museu de Etnologia do Ultramar.
      1. Leon Siroto
    16. R Book Reviews
    17. R ETHNOLOGY: Tibet. Thubten Jigme Norbu and Colin M. Turnbull
      1. Beatrice D. Miller
    18. R ETHNOLOGY: Cultural Anthropology in Japan. Committee for the Publication of Cultural Anthropological Studies in Japan, ed
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    19. R ETHNOLOGY: Astronomy and Navigation in Polynesia and Micronesia: A Survey. KjellÅkerblom
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    21. R ETHNOLOGY: Studies in a Hawaiian Community: Na Makamaka o Nanakuli. Ronald Gallimore and Alan Howard, eds
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    22. R ETHNOLOGY: Hindu-Javanese Musical Instruments. Jaap Kunst
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    23. R ETHNOLOGY: Conflict and Schism in Nez Perce Acculturation: A Study of Religion and Politics. Deward E. Walker, Jr
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    24. R ETHNOLOGY: Ethnomusicology of the Flathead Indians. Alan P. Merriam
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    25. R ETHNOLOGY: Frances Densmore and American Indian Music: A Memorial Volume. Charles Hofmann, comp, and ed
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    26. R ETHNOLOGY: Music in Aztec and Inca Territory. Robert Stevenson
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    27. R ETHNOLOGY: I Could Talk Old-Story Good: Creativity in Bahamian Folklore. Daniel J. Crowley
      1. Munro S. Edmonson
    28. R ETHNOLOGY: Slavery in the Americas: A Comparative Study of Virginia and Cuba. Herbert S. Klein
      1. Orlando Patterson
    29. R MODERNIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT: Economic Development, the Cultural Context. Thomas R. De Gregori and Oriol Pi-Sunyer
      1. Cyril Belshaw
    30. R MODERNIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT: The Process of Modernization: An Annotated Bibliography on the Sociocultural Aspects of Development. John Brode
      1. Manning Nash
    31. R MODERNIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT: Industrialisierung in Schwarzafrika: Eine soziologische Lotstudie zweier Grossbetriebe in Sambia. Lars Clausen
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    39. R MODERNIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT: Aborigines and Europeans in Western Victoria. Peter Corris
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    40. R MODERNIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT: The Hero and the Crowd in a Colonial Polity. A. W. Singham
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    49. R Book Reviews
    50. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Custer Road Dump Site: An Exercise in Victorian Archaeology. David S. Brose
      1. Robert L. Schuyler
    51. R ARCHEOLOGY: Ohio Hopewell Ceramics: An Analysis of the Extant Collections. Olaf H. Prufer
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    52. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Southeastern Ceremonial Complex and Its Interpretation. James H. Howard
      1. Jon D. Muller
    53. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Cochiti Dam Archaeological Salvage Project. Part I: Report on the 1963 Season. Charles H. Lange, assembler
      1. Alfred E. Johnson
    54. R Book Reviews
    55. R LINGUISTICS: Current Trends in Linguistics. Volume II: Linguistics in East Asia and South East Asia. Thomas A. Sebeok, ed
      1. Mary R. Haas
    56. R LINGUISTICS: Pronominal Reference in Thai, Burmese, and Vietnamese. Joseph R. Cooke
      1. Laurence C. Thompson
    57. R Book Reviews
    58. R LINGUISTICS: Die Ortsnamen der Ainu. Alexander Slawik
      1. Fred C. C. Peng
    59. R LINGUISTICS: Tzeltal Numeral Classifiers: A Study in Ethnographic Semantics. Brent Berlin
      1. John B. Haviland
    60. R LINGUISTICS: National Bilingualism in Paraguay. Joan Rubin
      1. P. David Seaman
    61. R LINGUISTICS: Jaqaru: Outline of Phonological and Morphological Structure. M. J. Hardman
      1. Kenneth M. Kensinger
    62. R LINGUISTICS: The Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland: An Ethno-Linguistic Study. E. R. Seary, G. M. Story, and W. J. Kirwin
      1. Bernard G. Hoffman
    63. R LINGUISTICS: Ethiopians Speak: Studies in Cultural Background. III. Soddo. Wolf Leslau
      1. Harold Fleming

Film Reviews

    1. R Film Reviews
    2. R Walbiri Ritual at Gunadjari. Directed filmed, and produced in 1968 by Roger Sandall for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, with Nicolas Peterson as consultant
      1. W. E. H. Stanner

Review Comments

    1. R Procedure for Submitting and Selecting Book Reviews
      1. Beverly Litzler-Chi[nmacr]as
    2. R Seger's Review ofThe Hebrew Goddess: Was She"Orthodox" OR "Legitimate" in Hebrew-Jewish Religion?
      1. Raphael Patai
    3. R Newman's Review ofTally's Corner: A Correction
      1. Stanley M. Newman
    4. R Johnson's Review ofThe New Indians: A Comment
      1. Bruce Cox
    5. R Johnson's Reply to Cox
      1. Clark Johnson
    6. R Scotch's Review ofEssays on Medical Anthropology: A Comment
      1. Thomas Weaver
    7. R Carsten's review ofThe Changing Village Community: A Comment
      1. Joel M. Halpern

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received