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Original Article

    1. R Marital Relations in the Jos Plateau of Nigeria: Women's Weapons: The Politics of Domesticity among the Kofyar
    2. R Going Home to Mother: Traditional Marriage among the Irigwe of Benue-Plateau State, Nigeria1
    3. R Preferential Marriage among the Rukuba of Benue-Plateau State, Nigeria
    4. R Structural and Decision-Making Models: A Political Example
    5. R Fusion and Frustration: Dimensions in the Cross-Cultural Ethnopsychology of Suicide1
    6. R Goal Attainment Through Factionalism: A Guatemalan Case1
      1. Norman B. Schwartz


    1. R Obituary
      1. William Mulloy

Brief Communications

    1. R Indices of Sociocultural Development and Cultural Accumulation: An Exponential Cultural Growth Law and a "Cultural Surgency" Factor
      1. Edgar Bowden
    2. R Presumed Behavior: Modification of the Ideal-Real Dichotomy
      1. Cara E. Richards
    3. R The Midland Complex: Is It Valid?
      1. George Agogino

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Promiscuity and Fertility: Comments on Greenfield's "The Bruce Effect and malinowski's hypothesis on Mating and Fertility"
      1. Moni Nag
        J. Michael Bedford
    2. R The Fertility of Melanesian Girls, Laboratory Mice, and Prostitutes: A Comment on the "Bruce Effect"
      1. Ann Chowning
    3. R Factor Analysis and Artifact Typology
      1. James R. Sackett
    4. R Anthropology And Museums: Only Art?1
      1. Philip J. C. Dark
    5. R Lord Monboddo, Sir William Jones, and Sanskrit
      1. E. L. Cloyd

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL: Peasants. Eric R. Wolf
      1. Sidney W. Mintz
    2. R GENERAL: The Community. René König. Edward Fitzgerald
      1. Solon T. Kimball
    3. R GENERAL: Village Planning in the Primitive World. Douglas Eraser
      1. Alfonso Ortiz
    4. R GENERAL: Comparative Kinship Systems: A Method of Analysis. Bernard Farber
      1. Henry A. Selby
    5. R GENERAL: Cultural Ways: A Compact Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Robert B. Taylor
      1. Mary W. Helms
    6. R GENERAL: Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology. John Middleton
      1. George H. Fathauer
    7. R GENERAL: Personality in Culture. John J. Honigmann
      1. Theodore Schwartz
    8. R GENERAL: L'Ethnologue et son ombre. Michel Panoff and Françoise Panoff
      1. Gillian Sankoff
    9. R ETHNOLOGY: Anthropological Studies in Theravada Buddhism. Manning Nash, Gananath Obeyesekere, Michael M, Ames, Jasper Ingersoix, David E. Pfanner, June C. Nash, Michael Moerman, May Ebihara, and Nur Yalman
      1. Robert B. Textor
    10. R ETHNOLOGY: The Rush Hour of the Gods: A Study of New Religious Movements in Japan. H. Neill McFarland
      1. Howard Wimberley
    11. R ETHNOLOGY: A Chinese Lineage Village: Sheung Shui. Hugh D. R. Baker. Stanford
      1. Myron L. Cohen
    12. R ETHNOLOGY: Garo and Khasi: A Comparative Study in Matrilineal Systems. Chie Nakane
      1. F. K. Lehman
    13. R ETHNOLOGY: The Kingdom of the Young. Verrier Elwin
      1. Hugh S. Plunkett
    14. R ETHNOLOGY: Investigations in a Shi'a Village in Bahrain. Henny Harald Hansen
      1. Brian Spooner
    15. R ETHNOLOGY: Beduin of the Negev: Eight Demographic Studies. H. V. Muhsam. Jerusalem
      1. G. J. Obermeyer
    16. R ETHNOLOGY: Al-Tha'r: Dirasah Anthropologia bi Ihda Qura Al Sa'eed. [Revenge: Anthropological Study in One of Saeed's Villages.] Ahmed Abu Zaid
      1. Ayad Al-Qazzaz
    17. R ETHNOLOGY: Art and Artifacts of the 18th Century: Objects in the Leverian Museum as Painted by Sarah Stone. Roland W. Force and Maryanne Force. Honolulu
      1. Audrey E. Hawthorn
    18. R ETHNOLOGY: Winbaraku and the Myth of Jarapiri. Charles P. Mountford: Rock Art of the Pilbara Region, Northwest Australia. Bruce J. Wright. Foreword by F. D. McCarthy
      1. Nancy Munn
    19. R ETHNOLOGY: Guests Never Leave Hungry: The Autobiography of James Sewid, A Kwakiutl Indian. James P. Spradley
      1. Helen Codere
    20. R STRATIFICATION: Homo hierarchicus: Essai sur le système des castes. Louis Dumont
      1. McKim Marriott
    21. R STRATIFICATION: Patterns of Caste Tension: A Study of Inter-caste Tension and Conflict. K. K. Singh. Foreword fay Hadley Cantril
      1. Ruth S. Freed
    22. R STRATIFICATION: Hindu Society—An Interpretation. Irawati Karve
      1. Victor Barnouw
    23. R STRATIFICATION: African Women: Their Legal Status in South Africa. H. J. Simons
      1. Aidan Southall
    24. R STRATIFICATION: Family and Colour in Jamaica. Fernando Henriques
      1. Keith F. Otterbein
    25. R STRATIFICATION: Social Stratification. J. A. Jackson
      1. Sydel Silverman
    26. R HUMAN ECOLOGY: The Subversive Science: Essays Toward an Ecology of Man. Paul Shepard and Daniel McKinley
      1. Marco Bicchieri
    27. R HUMAN ECOLOGY: The Fitness of Man's Environment. Introduction by Jennie Lee. Foreword by Hubert H. Humphrey
      1. Luther P. Gerlach
    28. R HUMAN ECOLOGY: Ecological Psychology: Concepts and Methods for Studying the Environment of Human Behavior. Roger G. Barker
      1. Edward T. Hall
    29. R HUMAN ECOLOGY: Hill Farmers of Nigeria: Cultural Ecology of the Kofyar of the Jos Plateau. Robert McC
      1. Donald R. Bender
    30. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Human Variation and Origins: An Introduction to Human Biology and Evolution. W. S. Laughlin and R. H. Osborne
      1. Stephen Molnar
    31. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Readings on Race. Stanley M. Garn
      1. George J. Armelagos
    32. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Way to Modern Man: An Introduction to Human Evolution. Fred T. Adams. Foreword by Solon T. Kimball
      1. Peter S. Miller
    33. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Zoonoses of Primates: The Epidemiology and Ecology of Simian Diseases in Relation to Man. Richard Fiennes
      1. Frederick L. Dunn
    34. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Evolution in Changing Environments: Some Theoretical Explorations. Richard Levins
      1. Carter Denniston
    35. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Health and Disease in Four Peruvian Villages: Contrasts in Epidemiology. Alfred A. Buck, Tom T. Sasaki, and Robert I. Anderson. Foreword by Ernest L. Stebbins
      1. Ozzie G. Simmons
    36. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Biomedical Challenges Presented by the American Indians. Pan American Health Organization
      1. William M. Bass
    37. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archaeology of Southern Mesoamerica: Part One, Part Two. Gordon R. Willey: Archaeological Frontiers and External Connections. Gordon F. Ekholm and Gordon R. Willey
      1. Pedro Armillas
    38. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archeological Investigations on the Rio Napo, Eastern Ecuador. Clifford Evans and Betty J. Meggers
      1. Kazuo Terada
    39. R ARCHEOLOGY: Cultural Chronology of the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama. Olga Linares de Sapir
      1. James C. Gifford
    40. R ARCHEOLOGY: Thoughts on the Meaning and Use of Pre-Hispanic Mexican Sellos. Frederick V. Field: Archaeological Explorations in El Petén, Guatemala. Ian Graham: The Iconography of the Art of Teotihuacán. George Kubler
      1. Christopher Jones
    41. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Lost Americans. Frank C. Hibben
      1. Edwin Wilmsen
    42. R ARCHEOLOGY: Men Met Along the Trail: Adventures in Archaeology. Neil M. Judd. Norman
      1. Robert H. Lister
    43. R ARCHEOLOGY: Excavations at Pot Creek Pueblo. Ronald D. Wetherington. Foreword by Fred Wendorf: An Archaeological-Geographical Survey of the Rio Grande de Ranches [Herold]. Site TA 32: A Deep Pit House and Surface Manifestations in North-Central New Mexico [Luebben]. Laurance C. Herold and Ralph A. Luebben. Foreword by Fred Wendorf
      1. Mark Leone
    44. R ARCHEOLOGY: Toward a Statistical Overview of the Archaic Cultures of Central and Southwestern Texas. Leroy Johnson, Jr: Livingston Reservoir, 1965–66: Late Archaic and Neo-American Occupations. Burney B. McClurkan: Archeological Investigations in the San Jacinto River Basin, Montgomery County, Texas. Harry J. Shafer: The Devil's Mouth Site: The Third Season—1967. William M. Sorrow
      1. Hallett H. Hammatt
    45. R ARCHEOLOGY: Contributions to Michigan Archaeology. James E. Fitting, John R. Halsey, and H. Martin Wobst. Foreword by James E. Fitting. Sections by Megan Biesel and Richard G. Wilkinson
      1. Michigan State University
    46. R ARCHEOLOGY: Saginaw Valley Archaeology. Fred Dustin
      1. James H. Kellar
    47. R ARCHEOLOGY: Historical Archaeology. Ivor Noël Hume
      1. John Cotter
    48. R ARCHEOLOGY: Dawn of the Gods. Jacquetta Hawkes
      1. Paul L. Mackendrick
    49. R ARCHEOLOGY: Mecklenburg Collection, Part I: Data on Iron Age Horses of Central and Eastern Europe [Bökönyi] and Human Skeletal Material from Slovenia [Angel]. Sándor Bökönyi and J. Lawrence Angel. Hugh Hencken
      1. Stephen Foltiny
    50. R ARCHEOLOGY: La Station du Paléolithique Moyen d'Érd—Hongrie. V. Gábori-Czánk
      1. Richard G. Klein
    51. R ARCHEOLOGY: La Dénomination des Objets de Pierre Taillée: Matériaux pour un vocabulaire des préhistoriens de langue française, Michel N. Brézillon
      1. James Sackett
    52. R ARCHEOLOGY: African Stone Sculpture. Philip Allison. Foreword by William Fagg
      1. Philip Dark
    53. R ARCHEOLOGY: Anthropology at the Eighth Pacific Science Congress. Wilhelm G. Solheim
      1. Stuart D. Scott
    54. R ARCHEOLOGY: Quaternary Paleoecology. E. J. Cushing and H. E. Wright
      1. William J. Mayer-Oakes
    55. R OTHER: Bankers, Bones and Beetles: The First Century of the American Museum of Natural History. Geoffrey Hellman
      1. Donald Collier
    56. R OTHER: Culture and Management: Text and Readings in Comparative Management. Ross A. Webber
      1. H. L. Lefferts
    57. R OTHER: Hypotheses and Evidence. William N. Stephens. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell
      1. Hans Hoffmann
    58. R OTHER: Caribbeana 1900–1965: A Topical Bibliography. Lambros Comitas
      1. W. E. Gocking

Film Reviews

    1. R Studies in Nigerian Dance, No. 1 "Tiv Women: The Icough Dance." Filmed in 1966 by Francis Speed, with Peggy Harper and Akwe Doma
      1. Charles Keil
    2. R Bryan Beavers: A Moving Portrait. Photographed in 1967 and produced by Richard Simpson
      1. John H. Bushnell

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received