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Editorial Note

    1. R Editorial Note

Original Article

    1. R Linguistics and Ethnographic Description1
    2. R Conceptual Styles, Culture Conflict, and Nonverbal Tests of Intelligence
    3. R Toward a Prehistory of the Na-Dene, with a General Comment on Population Movements among Nomadic Hunters
      1. D. E. DUMOND
    4. R A Dimensional Model of Multilinear Sociocultural Evolution


    1. R Obituary: JOHN ALDEN MASON 1885–1967
      1. Linton Satterthwaite

Brief Communication

    1. R Anthropology, Psychiatry, and Communication1
      1. John H. Weakland
    2. R An Exception to the "Image of Limited Good"
      1. Michael Kearney
    3. R The Social Conditioning of Syntactic Variation in French1
      1. Jacqueline Lindenfeld
    4. R Female Initiation among the Maroni River Caribs1
      1. Peter Kloos
    5. R Girls' Puberty Rites and Matrilocal Residence
      1. Harold E. Driver

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Voget's Review of The Peyote Religion: A Comment
      1. Joseph G. Jorgensen
    2. R Voget's Reply to Jorgensen
      1. Fred W. Voget

Book Review

    1. R GENERAL: Man and Aggression. M. F. Ashley Montagu
      1. Weston Barre
    2. R GENERAL: Der Kulturelle Relativismus: Kritische Analyse einer Grundsatzfragen-Diskussion in der amerikanischen Ethnologic Wolfgang Rudolph
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    3. R GENERAL: A Cross-Cultural Summary. Robert B. Textor
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    4. R GENERAL: Atlas for Anthropology. Robert F. Spencer and Elden Johnson
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    5. R GENERAL: System, Change, and Conflict: A Reader on Contemporary Sociological Theory and the Debate over Functionalism. N. J. Demerath, III and Richard A. Peterson
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    6. R GENERAL: Communal Organizations: A Study of Local Societies. George A. Hillery
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    7. R GENERAL: Religion and Culture: An Introduction to Anthropology of Religion. Annemarie De Waal Malefijt
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    8. R GENERAL: Social Organization: Essays Presented to Raymond Firth. Maurice Freedman
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    9. R GENERAL: Tikopia Ritual and Belief., The Work of the Gods in Tikopia. Raymond Firth
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    12. R ETHNOLOGY: Tiv Economy. Paul Bohannan and Laura Bohannan
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Film Review

    1. R Undala. Photographed in 1967 by Marek Jablonko, with Allison Jablonko and Thomas Rosin as consultants
      1. Alan Beals
    2. R How We Learn About the Past. Produced by the Anthropology Curriculum Project of the University of Georgia; filmed by Edward Chang Sieg, with Francis J. Clune, and A. R. Kelly as consultants
      1. Charles H. Fairbanks
    3. R Evolution of Man. Compiled and written by Harold Nelson
      1. Lucile E. St. Hoyme

New Publications Received

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