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Editorial Note

    1. R Editorial Note

Original Article

    1. R Sampling Methods and Interpretation of Correlation: A Comparative Analysis of Seven Cross-Cultural Samples1
    2. R World as View and World as Event1
      1. WALTER J. ONG
    3. R The Multiple Prediction of Phonological Variables in a Bilingual Speech Community1
    4. R Ends and Means in Political Control: State Organization and the Punishment of Adultery, Incest, and Violation of Celibacy1
      1. YEHUDI A. COHEN

Brief Communication

    1. R The Present Situation of The Nambiquara1
      1. P. David Price
        Cecil E. Cook
    2. R Anthropological Models of Incest Laws in the United States
      1. Karl G. Heider
    3. R Continuous Geographical Distributions of Musical Patterns: A Test Case from the Northwest Coast1
      1. Thomas M. Kiefer
    4. R A Comparison of Three Measures of Social Complexity1
      1. James M. Schaefer

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Orans' Review of Totemism in India: A Comment
      1. John V. Ferreira
    2. R Orans' Reply to Ferreira
      1. Martin Orans
    3. R Rousseau's Review of Material Culture of the Mistassini: A Comment
      1. J. G. E. Smith

Book Review

    1. R LINGUISTICS: The State of the Art. Charles F. Hockett
      1. Charles J. Fillmore
    2. R LINGUISTICS: The London School of Linguistics: A Study of the Linguistic Theories of B. Malinowski and J. R. Firth. D. Terence Langendoen
      1. John Lyons
    3. R LINGUISTICS: Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics. John Lyons
      1. Karl V. Teeter
    4. R LINGUISTICS: Language and Its Structure: Some Fundamental Linguistic Concepts. Ronald W. Langacker
      1. J. L. Fischer
    5. R LINGUISTICS: Explorations in Sociolinguistics. Stanley Lieberson
      1. Joan Rubin
    6. R LINGUISTICS: Readings in the Sociology of Language. Joshua A. Fishman
      1. William Bright
    7. R LINGUISTICS: Linguistics. Norman A. McQuown
      1. Mary Foster
    8. R LINGUISTICS: Comparative Tacanan Phonology: With Cavineña Phonology and Notes on Pano-Tacanan Relationship. Mary Ritchie Key
      1. Norman Zide
    9. R LINGUISTICS: The Syntactic Structure of Mezquital Otomi. H. Harwood Hess
      1. H. Russell Bernard
    10. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: One Hundred Years of Anthropology. J. O. Brew
      1. A. Irving Hallowell
    11. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Vanishing Tribes. Roy Pinney
      1. Elman Service
    12. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Kinship and Social Organization: An Introduction to Theory and Method. Ira R. Buchler and Henry A. Selby
      1. Stephen A. Tyler
    13. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Kinship and Social Organization. Paul Bohannan and John Middleton
      1. Martin G. Silverman
    14. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Marriage, Family and Residence. Paul Bohannan and John Middleton
      1. James C. Faris
    15. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Dialectic in Practical Religion. E. R. Leach
      1. A. Thomas Kirsch
    16. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Mythologiques: Origine des manières de table. Claude Lévi-Strauss
      1. Åke Hultkrantz
    17. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Indian Heritage of America. Alvin M. Josephy, Man's Rise to Civilization as Shown by the Indians of North America from Primeval Times to the Coming of the Industrial State. Peter Farb
      1. Nancy Oestreich Lurie
    18. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Mystic Lake Sioux: Sociology of the Mdewakantonwan Santee. Ruth Landes
      1. Charles Callender
    19. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Nevada Indians Speak. Jack D. Forbes
      1. Omer C. Stewart
    20. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Yqnomamö: The Fierce People. Napoleon A. Chagnon
      1. Christopher Crocker
    21. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Mapuche Indians of Chile. Louis C. Faron
      1. Mischa Titiev
    22. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: La sorcellerie canaque actuelle: Les "tueurs d'âmes" dans une tribu de la Nouvelle-Calédonie.Éliane Métais
      1. Ann Chowning
    23. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Negwa: Eine Papua-Gruppe im Wandel. Hans Fischer
      1. J. Baal
    24. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Korwars and Korwar Style: Art and ancestor worship in North-West New Guinea. Th. P. van Baaren
      1. Jane Goodale
    25. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The House of Lim: A Study of a Chinese Farm Family. Margery Wolf
      1. Jack M. Potter
    26. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: A Ceremonial Ox of India: The Mithan in Nature, Culture, and History, with Notes on the Domestication of Common Cattle. Frederick J. Simoons with the assistance of Elizabeth S. Simoons
      1. Paul Hockings
    27. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Shivapur: A South Indian Village. K. Ishwaran
      1. Mark Holmström
    28. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Land Tenure in Village Ceylon: A Sociological and Historical Study. Gananath Obeyesekere
      1. Martin Orans
    29. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Legends of the Hasidim: An Introduction to Hasidic Culture and Oral Tradition in the New World. Jerome R. Mintz
      1. Morris Freilich
    30. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Essays in Balkan Ethnology. William G. Lockwood
      1. Irwin T. Sanders
    31. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Ethiopian Royal Chronicles. Richard K. P. Pankhurst
      1. Herbert S. Lewis
    32. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Agiryama of Kenya. Arthur M. Champion
      1. Francis P. Conant
    33. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Social Theory and African Tribal Organization: The Development of Socio-Legal Theory. Kenneth S. Carlston
      1. Ronald Cohen
    34. R MODERNIZATION: Urbanism in World Perspective: A Reader. Sylvia Fleis Fava
      1. Peter C. W. Gutkind
    35. R MODERNIZATION: Culture and Society in India. Nirmal Kumar Bose
      1. William C. McCormack
    36. R MODERNIZATION: Asian Rural Society: China, India, Japan. Tadashi Fukutake
      1. Keith Brown
    37. R MODERNIZATION: Religious Attitudes of Japanese Men: A Sociological Survey. Fernando M. Basabe
      1. David Reid
    38. R MODERNIZATION: New Guinea on the Threshold: Aspects of Social, Political, and Economic Development. E. K. Fisk
      1. Michael P. Freedman
    39. R MODERNIZATION: Contemporary Art in Africa. Ulli Beier
      1. Daniel J. Crowley
    40. R MODERNIZATION: The Sociology of Political Independence: A Study of Nationalist Attitudes Among West Indian Leaders. Charles C. Moskos
      1. Frances Henry
    41. R MODERNIZATION: Black Intellectuals Come to Power: The Rise of Creole Nationalism in Trinidad & Tobago. Ivar Oxaal
      1. Richard Frucht
    42. R MODERNIZATION: Indianer von gestern, heute und morgen: Beobachtungen zum Kulturwandel in den Anden Boliviens. Hermann Trimborn
      1. Hans Buechler
    43. R MODERNIZATION: Las comunidades alteñas en la América Latina. William Mangin
      1. Douglas Butterworth
    44. R MODERNIZATION: Urbanização e Tribalismo: A Integração dos Indios Terêna Numa Sociedade de Classes. Roberto Cardoso de Oliveira
      1. William D. Hohenthal
    45. R ARCHEOLOGY: Prehistoric Culture in Oceania: A Symposium. I. Yawata and Y. H. Sinoto
      1. Peter W. Gathercole
    46. R ARCHEOLOGY: Bilbao, Guatemala: An Archaeological Study of the Pacific Coast Cotzumalhuapa Region. Volume I. Lee Allen Parsons
      1. Robert J. Sharer
    47. R ARCHEOLOGY: Fish, Amphibian and Reptile Remains from Archaeological Sites. Part I: Southeastern and Southwestern United States. Stanley J. Olsen
      1. Elizabeth Wing
    48. R ARCHEOLOGY: Pleistocene Studies in Southern Nevada. H. M. Wormington and Dorothy Ellis
      1. William J. Wallace
    49. R ARCHEOLOGY: Cremation Cemeteries in Eastern Massachusetts. Dena Ferran Dincauze
      1. Arthur H. Rohn
    50. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Iron Age in Northern Britain. A. L. F. Rivet
      1. John M. Coles
    51. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Social Organization of Hamadryas Baboons: A Field Study. Hans Kummer
      1. Stuart A. Altmann
    52. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Anthropologic des Métis Franco-Vietnamiens. Laboratoires d'Anthropologie de la Faculté des Sciences et d'Anatomie anthropologique de la Faculté de Médecine de Paris. Preface by G. Olivier
      1. Tran Anh
    53. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Desarrollo Somatico y Rendimiento Fisico del Escolar Peruano. Ernesto Esteban A. and Rolland G. Paulston
      1. A. Roberto Frisancho
    54. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: A Comparative Osteological Study of the Ainu and the Australian Aborigines. Bin Yamaguchi
      1. Eugene Giles
    55. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The human face: An account of the postnatal growth and development of the craniofacial skeleton. Donald H. Enlow
      1. Wilton M. Krogman
    56. R OTHER: Constructing Social Theories. Arthur L. Stinchcombe
      1. Marvin Harris
    57. R OTHER: Symbols in Society. Hugh Dalziel Duncan, Communication and Social Order. Hugh Dalziel Duncan
      1. James Peacock
    58. R OTHER: White over Black: American Attitudes toward the Negro, 1550–1812. Winthrop D. Jordan
      1. Johnnetta B. Cole
    59. R OTHER: Six Perspectives on the Philippines. George M. Guthrie, ed
      1. Richard W. Lieban
    60. R OTHER: The Why of Fashion. Karlyne Anspach
      1. Ruth M. Boyer
    61. R OTHER: Ethics, Politics, and Social Research. Gideon Sjoberg
      1. Ralph Beals
    62. R OTHER: Apeman, Spaceman: Anthropological Science Fiction. Leon E. Stover and Harry Harrison
      1. Yole G. Sills

Film Review

    1. R Miao Year. Photographed (1964–1967) and produced (1968) by William R. Geddes; edited by Rodric Adamson
      1. Asen Balikci
    2. R Africa Dances. Produced in 1967 by the United Nations; introduction by H. E. M. Achkar Marof, translated by Alistair Cooke
      1. Joann W. Kealiinohomoku
    3. R Now that the Buffalo's Gone. Written, directed, and produced by Burton Gershfield
      1. Jay Ruby

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received