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Original Article

    1. R An Experimental Ninth-Grade Anthropology Course
    2. R Economic Analysis in an Anthropological Setting: Some Methodological Considerations1
    3. R Caste and Personal Rank in an Indian Village: An Extension in Techniques1
      1. PAUL G. HIEBERT
    4. R An Index of Sociocultural Development Applicable to Precivilized Societies
    5. R Visiting Trade Institutions1
      1. KARL G. HEIDER

Brief Communications

    1. R Chortí (Mayan) Ceremonial Organization1
      1. John Fought

    1. R Untitled

Brief Communications

    1. R Sibling Terminology and Cross-Sex Behavior: Data from the Southeastern Nuba Mountains1
      1. James C. Faris
    2. R Concepts of Time among the Ainu of the Northwest Coast of Sakhalin1
      1. Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney
    3. R Spiritualism, Psychoanalysis, and psychodrama
      1. Eduardo Seda Bonilla

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Sapir and Croce on Language
      1. Robert A. Hall
    2. R Modjeska on Sapir and Croce: A Comment
      1. Dell Hymes
    3. R Hayashi's Review of Kidder: A Comment
      1. J. Edward Kidder
    4. R English's City and Village in Iran: A Comment
      1. Philip C. Salzman
        Brian Spooner
    5. R Gray's Review of The Peoples of Greater Unyamwezi: A Comment
      1. R. G. Abrahams

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Culture and Society: An Introduction to Cultured Anthropology. Barton M. Schwartz and Robert H. Ewald
      1. Orvoell R. Gallagher
    2. R Claude Lévi-Strauss ou la "Passion de l'inceste": Introduction au structuralisme. Yvan Simonis
      1. Bob Scholte
    3. R Ethnologische Kulturkunde: Versuch einer universalen Systematik der Kulturwissenschaften. Theodor-Wilhelm Danzel
      1. Norbert F. Riedl
    4. R The Evolution of Political Society: An Essay in Political Anthropology. Morton H. Fried
      1. Lionel Tiger
    5. R Formation of the State. Lawrence Krader
      1. Merwyn S. Garbarino
    6. R The Changing Village Community. Joel M. Halpern
      1. W. Peter Carstens
    7. R Eskimo of the Canadian Arctic. Victor F. Valentine and Frank G. Vallee, eds
      1. James W. Stone
    8. R Ecological Factors in Changing Economy and Social Organization among the Rupert House Cree. Rolf Knight
      1. Eleanor Leacock
    9. R Indianer Nordamerikas 1760–1860: Aus der Sammlung Speyer. Helga Benndorf and Arthur Speyer
      1. Norman Feder
    10. R Mountain Arbiters: The Changing Life of a Philippine Hill People. Edward P. Dozier
      1. Michiko Takaki
    11. R The Curse of Souw: Principles of Daribi Clan Definition and Alliance in New Guinea. Roy Wagner
      1. Marie Lepervanche
    12. R The Lepchas: Culture and Religion of a Himalayan People, Part I. Halfdan Siiger
      1. Colin M. Turnbull
    13. R MYTH, RITUAL, AND RELIGION: A Formal Study of Myth. Ira R. Buchler and Henry A. Selby
      1. Pierre Maranda
    14. R Les Mythes chez les Selk'nam et les Yamana de la terre de feu. Mireille Guyot
      1. Dale Valory
    15. R The Drums of Affliction: A Study of Religious Processes among the Ndembu of Zambia. V. W. Turner
      1. John M. Janzen
    16. R Pigs for the Ancestors: Ritual in the Ecology of a New Guinea People. Roy A. Rappaport
      1. James B. Watson
    17. R Dance and Song Rituals of Six Nations Reserve, Ontario. Gertrude Prokosch Kurath
      1. John Witthoft
    18. R Ojibwa Religion and the Midéwiwin. Ruth Landes
      1. Edward S. Rogers
    19. R Burmese Supernaturalism: A Study in the Explanation and Reduction of Suffering. Melford E. Spiro
      1. E. Michael Mendelson
    20. R Shamanism: The Beginnings of Art. Andreas Lommel
      1. Dorothy Hammond
    21. R The History of Religions: Essays on the Problem of Understanding. Joseph M. Kitagawa, ed
      1. Annemarie de Waal Malefijt
    22. R MODERNIZATION: Rites of Modernization: Symbolic and Social Aspects of Indonesian Proletarian Drama. James L. Peacock
      1. Edward M. Bruner
    23. R The Modernity of Tradition: Political Development in India. Lloyd I. Rudolph and Susanne Hoeber Rudolph
      1. Harold A. Gould
    24. R Leadership in India. L. P. Vidyarthi, ed
      1. Leighton W. Hazlehurst
    25. R The Indian Minority of Zambia, Rhodesia, and Malawi. Floyd Dotson and Lillian O. Dotson
      1. Satish Saberwal
    26. R An Introduction to Asia. Jean Herbert
      1. David W. Plath
    27. R Regiones de Refugio: El Desarrollo de la Comunidad y el Proceso Dominical en Mestizo América. Gonzalo Aguirre Beltrán
      1. Robert C. Hunt
    28. R The Freemen of Meru. Anton Nelson
      1. David W. Brokensha
    29. R The Conquest of Nature: Technology and Its Consequences. R. J. Forbes
      1. Robert F. G. Spier
    30. R ARCHEOLOGY: Mesoamerica: The Evolution of a Civilization. William T. Sanders and Barbara J. Price
      1. Paul Tolstoy
    31. R Prehistory of North America. Jesse D. Jennings
      1. David A. Baerreis
    32. R Book Reviews
    33. R Pagan Scandinavia. H. R. Ellis Davidson
      1. Carl-Axel Moberg
    34. R Pleistocene Mammals of Europe. Björn Kurtén
      1. Karl W. Butzer
    35. R Dor el Gussa und Gebel ben Ghnema: Zur nachpluvialen Besiedlungsgeschichte des Ostfezzan. Helmut Ziegert
      1. Theodore Monod
    36. R Australian Archaeology: A Guide to Field Techniques. D. J. Mulvaney, ed
      1. Richard A. Gould
    37. R Man Discovers His Past. Glyn Daniel
      1. Robert Whallon
    38. R LINGUISTICS: An Introduction to General Linguistics. Francis P. Dinneen
      1. Joe E. Pierce
    39. R Anthropological Linguistics: An Introduction. Joseph H. Greenberg
      1. Marshall Durbin
    40. R *kite: Polynesian Insights into Knowledge. Aarne A. Koskinen
      1. Edward S. C. Handy
    41. R The Barito Isolects of Borneo: A Classification Based on Comparative Reconstruction and Lexicostatistics. Alfred B. Hudson
      1. J. J. Ras
    42. R OTHER: Absolutism and Relativism in Ethics. Shia Moser
      1. David Bidney
    43. R The Active Society: A Theory of Societal and Political Processes. Amitai Etzioni
      1. Ronald Cohen
    44. R Social Sciences and the Environment. Morris E. Garnsey and James R. Hibbs, eds
      1. Andrew P. Vayda
    45. R They Came for Sandalwood: A Study of the Sandalwood Trade in the South-West Pacific, 1830–1865. Dorothy Shineberg
      1. Marianne L. Stoller
    46. R The Apache Frontier: Jacobo Ugarte and Spanish-Indian Relations in Northern New Spain, 1769–1791. Max L. Moorhead
      1. Harry W. Basehart

Film Reviews

    1. R Doctor Leakey and the Dawn of Man
      1. Elwyn L. Simons
    2. R Dawn Ceremony for the House of Xas Koov. Filmed, edited, and produced by Benjamin N. Colby
      1. Duane Metzger

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received