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Original Article

    1. R The "Hawaiian Cultural Revolution": Some Political and Economic Considerations
    2. R Linked Changes in Values and Behavior in the Out Island Bahamas1
    3. R Democracy in a Traditional Society: Two Hypotheses on Role
    4. R Misconstruction and Problems in Communication
      1. BRIAN M. TOIT
    5. R Le Rôti et le Bouilli: Lévi-Strauss Theory of Cannibalism1

Brief Communications

    1. R The Logic of Some Concepts in Lévi-Strauss1
      1. frances korn
    2. R The Myth of P: Epistemology and Formal Analysis1
      1. Stephen A. Tyler
    3. R Crown-Size Profile Patterns and Presumed Evolutionary "Trends"1
      1. Stanley M. Garn
        Arthur B. Lewis
        Arline J. Walenga
    4. R Extensions of Meaning and Use for Kinship Terms1
      1. John A. Ballweg
    5. R Institutionalized Male Transvestism and Sex Distinctions1
      1. Robert L. Munroe
        John W. M. Whiting
        David J. Hally

Discussion and Debate

    1. R Concerning "People of the Middle Place"
      1. Esther S. Goldfrank
    2. R Reply to Goldfrank
      1. John Adair
    3. R Evolution of Primate Vocal-Auditory Communication Systems: A Comment
      1. Hoyt S. Alverson

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL: From Anxiety to Method in the Behavioral Sciences.
      1. Melford E. Spiro
    2. R GENERAL: Societies: Evolutionary and Comparative Perspectives. Talcott Parsons
      1. Richard N. Henderson
    3. R GENERAL: The Concept of the Primitive. Ashley Montagu
      1. George W. Stocking
    4. R ETHNOLOGY: American Kinship: A Cultural Account. David M. Schneider
      1. Anthony F. C. Wallace
    5. R ETHNOLOGY: Social Structure and Social Life of the Tlingit in Alaska. R. L. Olson
      1. Peter Stone
    6. R ETHNOLOGY: Cheyenne Memories.: Howling Wolf: A Cheyenne Warrior's Graphic Interpretation of His People. Karen Daniels Petersen
      1. E. Adamson Hoebel
    7. R ETHNOLOGY: Navaho Folk Tales. Franc Johnson
      1. Katherine Spencer Halpern
    8. R ETHNOLOGY: The Autobiography of Delfina Cuero. A Diegueño Indian. Florence C. Shipek
      1. Isabel Kelly
    9. R ETHNOLOGY: The View from the Barrio. Lisa Redfield Peattie
      1. Judith G. Goode
    10. R ETHNOLOGY: Los Warao: Indigenas del Delta del Orinoco.
      1. Peter G. Rivière
    11. R ETHNOLOGY: Mythologiques: du miel aux cendres. Claude Lévi-Strauss
      1. David Maybury-Lewis
    12. R ETHNOLOGY: The Pedi. H. O. Mönnig
      1. Grace Harris
    13. R ETHNOLOGY: Infancy in Uganda: Infant Care and the Growth of Love. Mary D. Salter Ainsworth: East African Childhood: Three Versions. Lorene K. Fox
      1. Robert A. LeVine
    14. R ETHNOLOGY: Strangers to the City: Urban Man in Jos, Nigeria. Leonard Plotnicov
      1. Simon Ottenberg
    15. R ETHNOLOGY: Urbanization of an African Community: Voluntary Associations in Bamako. Claude Meillassoux
      1. Nicholas S. Hopkins
    16. R ETHNOLOGY: Society at the Time of the Buddha. Narendra Wagle
      1. Martin Orans
    17. R ETHNOLOGY: Structure and Change in Indian Society. Milton Singer and Bernard S. Cohn
      1. Alan R. Beals
    18. R ETHNOLOGY: Les Gurungs: une population himalayenne du Népal. Bernard Pignède
      1. John T. Hitchcock
    19. R ETHNOLOGY: Ethnographica Carpathica. Béla Gunda
      1. B. C. Maday
    20. R LINGUISTICS: Klamath Dictionary. M. A. R. Barker: Maidu Texts and Dictionary. William F. Shipley: Lake Miwok Dictionary. Catherine A. Callaghan: English-Wappo Vocabulary.: Achumawi Dictionary. D. L. Olmsted: Nisenan Texts and Dictionary. Hans Jørgen Uldall and William Shipley
    21. R LINGUISTICS: The Squamish Language: Grammar, Texts, Dictionary. Aert H. Kuipers
      1. Laurence C. Thompson
    22. R LINGUISTICS: Obligatory Construction of Isthmus Nahuat Grammar. Howard W. Law. Janua Linguarum: Los Mil Elementos del Mexicano Clásico: Base Analitica de la Lengua Nahua.
    23. R LINGUISTICS: Essays on Linguistic Themes. Yakov Malkiel
      1. Henry M. Hoenigswald
    24. R LINGUISTICS: The Linguistic Relativity Principle and Humboldtian Ethnolinguistics: A History and Appraisal. Robert L. Miller
      1. Harry Hoijer
    25. R LINGUISTICS: Language and Symbolic Systems. Yuen Ren Chao
      1. Paul Friedrich
    26. R LINGUISTICS: Learning, Language, and Cognition: Theory, Research, and Method for the Study of Human Behavior and Its Development. Arthur W. Staats
      1. Wilbur A. Hass
    27. R PREHISTORY. Background to Evolution in Africa. Walter W. Bishop and J. Desmond Clark
      1. Hallam L. Movius
    28. R PREHISTORY. Atlas of African Prehistory. J. Desmond Clark
      1. Glen Cole
    29. R PREHISTORY. Reconstructing African Culture History. Creighton Gabel and Norman R. Bennett
      1. William A. Shack
    30. R PREHISTORY. Tarquinia, Villanovans and Early Etruscans. Vol. I and II. Hugh Hencken
      1. R. J. Rodden
    31. R PREHISTORY. Archaeology at the Eleventh Pacific Science Congress: Papers presented at the XI Pacific Science Congress, Tokyo, August-September, 1966. Wilhelm G. Solheim
      1. Kenneth Starr
    32. R PREHISTORY. Peruvian Archaeology: Selected Readings. John Howland Rowe and Dorothy Menzel
      1. James B. Richardson III
    33. R Earl Morris & Southwestern Archaeology. Florence C. Lister and Robert H. Lister
      1. Bernard L. Fontana
    34. R PREHISTORY. Utaztekan Prehistory. Earl H. Swanson, Jr
      1. William J. Wallace
    35. R PREHISTORY. Water, Weather, and Prehistory. Robert Raikes
      1. H. E. Wright
    36. R PREHISTORY. Pleistocene Extinctions: The Search for a Cause. P. S. Martin and H. E. Wright, Jr
      1. H. B. S. Cooke
    37. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Science and the Concept of Race.
      1. C. Loring Brace
    38. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Genetic Diversity and Human Behavior. J. N. Spuhler
      1. B. J. Williams
    39. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: La diversité humaine en Afrique subsaharienne: Recherches biologiques. Jean Hiernaux
      1. Frank B. Livingstone
    40. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: The Skeletal Biology of Earlier Human Populations. D. R. Brothwell: Miscellaneous Papers in Paleopathology: I. William D. Wade
      1. Charles F. Merbs
    41. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Diseases in Antiquity: A Survey of the Diseases, Injuries and Surgery of Early Populations. Don Brothwell and A. T. Sandison
      1. Lent C. Johnson
    42. R OTHER: Island Populations of the Pacific. Norma McArthur
      1. Jane Hainline Underwood
    43. R OTHER: Sir William Jones: A Study in Eighteenth-Century British Attitudes to India. S. N. Mukherjee
      1. Bernard S. Cohn
    44. R OTHER: Formal Education and Culture Change: A Modern Apache Indian Community and Government Education Programs. Edward A. Parmee
      1. Keith H. Basso
    45. R OTHER: Colombia: Social Structure and the Process of Development. T. Lynn Smith
      1. Alicia Dussan Reichel

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received