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Original Article

    1. R Sequencing in Conversational Openings1
    2. R The 150% Man, a Product of Blackfeet Acculturation1
      1. MALCOLM McFEE
    3. R From American Indian to Indian American: The Changing Identity of the Hupa1
    4. R Social Identity and Expressive Symbols: The Meaning of an Initiation Ritual1
    5. R Notes on the History and Adaptation of the Apache Tribes
      1. M. JEAN TWEEDIE
    6. R Wabanaki "Family Hunting Territories"1
      1. DEAN R. SNOW
    7. R The Medicine Fight: An Instrument of Political Process among the Beaver Indians1


    1. R JAMES ALFRED FORD 1911–1968
      1. Clifford Evans
    2. R JANE BELO TANNENBAUM 1904–1968
      1. Rhoda Metraux

Brief Communications

    1. R Masking and Matrilineality in North America1
    2. R Computer Analysis of Genetic Behavior at the Chromosomal Level1

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Navaho Automotive Terminology
    2. R Indians Illustrated
      1. JOHN A. PRICE
    3. R A Genetic Relationship

Book Reviews

    1. R HISTORY OF ANTHROPOLOGY: Democritus and the Sources of Greek Anthropology. Thomas Cole
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    2. R Traces on the Rhodian Shore: Nature and Culture in Western Thought from Ancient Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century. Clarence J. Glacken
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    3. R Origins of the American Indians: European Concepts, 1492–1729. Lee Eldridge Huddleston
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    4. R A Reader in Nineteenth-Century Historical Indo-European Linguistics. Winfred P. Lehmann
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    6. R Evolution and Society: A Study in Victorian Social Theory. J. W. Burrow
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    7. R The Evolution of Society: Selections from Herbert Spencer's Principles of Sociology. Robert L. Carneiro
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    8. R Myth, Religion, and Mother Right: Selected Writings of J. J. Bachofen. J. J. Bachofen
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    19. R ETHNOLOGY: Population and Political Systems in Tropical Africa. Robert F. Stevenson
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    22. R Töpferei in Africa: Technologie. Dietrich Drost
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    24. R The Material Culture of the Peoples of the Gwembe Valley. Barrie Reynolds
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    25. R Witchcraft and Sorcery in Rhodesia. J. R. Crawford
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    26. R The African Witch: With Particular Reference to Witchcraft Beliefs and Practice Among the Shona of Rhodesia. Michael Gelfand
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    29. R The Structure of Traditional Moroccan Rural Society. Bernard G. Hoffman
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    30. R The Hebrew Goddess. Raphael Patai
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    31. R Kubanskie stanitsy: Etnicheskie i kul'turnobytovye protsessy na kubani [Cossack Villages in the Kuban: Ethnic and Cultural Processes in the Kuban]. L. N. Chizhikova
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    32. R Tibet's Terrifying Deities: Sex and aggression in religious acculturation. F. Sierksma
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    48. R Indian Art in South America: Pre-Columbian and Contemporary Arts and Crafts. Frederick J. Dockstader
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    52. R Pre- and Proto-history of the Berach Basin, South Rajasthan. Virendra Nath Misra
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    58. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Behavior-Genetic Analysis. Jerry Hirsch
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    59. R An Atlas and Dissection Manual of Rhesus Monkey Anatomy. Orville M. Berringer, jr., Freddie M. Browning, and Charles R. Schroeder
      1. Neil Tappen
    60. R Book Reviews
      1. Russell H. Tuttle
    61. R The Future of Human Heredity: An Introduction to Eugenics in Modern Society. Frederick Osborn
      1. William J. Schull
    62. R DEVELOPMENT AND UNDERDEVELOPMENT: The Latin American Tradition: Essays on the Unity and the Diversity of Latin American Culture. Charles Wagley
      1. Karl H. Schwerin
    63. R Colombia: The Political Dimension of Change. Robert H. Dix
      1. Miles Richardson
      1. David G. Epstein
      1. Sidney W. Mintz
    66. R Poverty U.S.A. Thomas Gladwin
      1. Charles A. Valentine
    67. R Peasants No More: Social Class and Social Change in an Underdeveloped Society. Joseph Lopreato
      1. Constance Cronin
    68. R The New Indians. Stan Steiner
      1. Clark Johnson

Film Reviews

    1. R What Color Are You? Produced in 1968 by Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation, directed by HERMAN D. TAUBERT, written by LYNDA GOTTLIEB, with AMRAM SCHEINFELD as collaborator
      1. Marcus S. Goldstein
    2. R Chopi Africa. Photographed in 1965 by KEVIN DUFFY, written and produced by WILLIAM EDGAR
      1. Gordon D. Gibson

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received