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Original Article

    1. R A Deluge? Which Deluge?: Yet Another Facet of the Problem of the Copper Hoard Culture
      1. B. B. LAL
    2. R Adopt a Daughter-in-Law, Marry a Sister: A Chinese Solution to the Problem of the Incest Taboo
      1. ARTHUR P. WOLF
    3. R Maximizing in Jajmaniland: A Model of Caste Relations
    4. R Factionalism in a Haryana Village1
      1. J. S. YADAVA
    5. R The Harappan "Port" at Lothal: Another View1
        K. H. JUNGHANS
    6. R Impact of Christianity on the Uraon of the Chainpur Belt in Chotanagpur: An Analysis of Its Cultural Processes


    1. R MAURICE THOMAS PRICE 1888–1964

Brief Communications


Letters to the Editor

    1. R The Mohenjo-Daro Floods: A Rejoinder!
      1. GEORGE F. DALES
    2. R Further Comment on the Australian Subincision Ceremony
      1. J. E. Cawte
    3. R Correction of Voegelin Interpretation of Tauli
      1. Valter Tauli
    4. R On Opler on White on Boas: More Tradition
      1. Clifton Amsbury

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    23. R Book Reviews
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Film Reviews

    1. R Appeals to Santiago. Produced by Duane Metzger and Carter Wilson, written by Carter Wilson, enthnography by Duane Metzger and Robert Ravicz, filmed in 1966 by Arnold Baskin and Michael Swigert
      1. John Collier
    2. R The Wooden Giraffe. Photographed in 1966 and produced in 1967 by Kevin Duffy
      1. Barrie Reynolds