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Original Article

    1. R On the Modesty of Women in Arab Muslim Villages: A Study in the Accommodation of Traditions1
    2. R The Etiquette of Bargaining in the Middle East1
      1. FUAD I. KHURI
    3. R Early Upper Pleistocene Adaptations in the Levant1
    4. R Elite Groups in Peasant Communities: A Comparison of Three Middle Eastern Villages1
    5. R Change, Barriers to Change, and Contradictions in the Arab Village Family1


      1. Tatiana Proskouriakoff
    2. R MORRIS SWADESH 1909–1967
      1. Norman A. McQuown

Brief Communications

    1. R Exchange of Cattle in Africa
    2. R Comment on "Exchange of Cattle in Africa"
    3. R The Bruce Effect and Malinowski's Hypothesis on Mating and Fertility1

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Concerning Nicholas' Review of "Divisiveness and Social Conflict"
      1. A. R. Beals
        B. J. Siegel
    2. R A Reply to Beals and Siegel
      1. Ralph W. Nicholas

Book Reviews

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Film Reviews

    1. R African Village Life. Eleven films on the Bozo, Dogon, and Fulani of Mali. Photographed in 196667 by HERMANN SCHLENKER and produced in 1967 by JULIEN BRYAN. 16 mm
      1. Nicholas S. Hopkins
    2. R Ishi in Two Worlds. Written, directed, and produced in 1967 by RICHARD C. TOMKINS; based on the book by THEODORA KROEBER, and made with her cooperation. 16 mm
      1. Arnold R. Pilling

New Publications

    1. R New Publications Received