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Original Article

    1. R Presidential Address—1967
    2. R "Telanthropus" and the Single Species Hypothesis1
      1. M. H. WOLPOFF
    3. R Cultural Factors and the Response to Pain: A Review1
    4. R Individual Ownership and the Sharing of Game in Hunting Societies1
      1. JOHN H. DOWLING
    5. R The "Psychological Reality" of American-English Kinship Terms: An Information-Processing Approach1
      1. PEGGY R. SANDAY
    6. R Metaphors of Hierarchy in a Mayan Ritual


      1. Wilhelm Dupré
    2. R PAUL HONIGSHEIM 1885–1963
      1. Paul Leser

Brief Communications

    1. R An Analysis of the Cause of Tooth Loss in an Ancient Egyptian Population1
    2. R Linguistic Choice and Levels of Social Change1
    3. R The Correspondence between Lord Monboddo and Sir William Jones
    4. R Behavioral Novelty—An Evolutionary Force
    5. R Cultural Relativity, Modern Research, and Melville Herskovits
      1. MORRIS E. OPLER
    6. R Comment on "Milpas and Milperos"1
    7. R Reflections on William Haviland's Comments
      1. RUBEN E. REINA

Letters to the Editor

    1. R "World Ethnographic Sample..." A Possible Historical Explanation
    2. R Reply to Haas's Comments on Bloomfield's "The Menomini Language"
    3. R Haas's Reply to Hockett
      1. MARY R. HAAS
    4. R On Haberland's Review of Lewis
    5. R Lombardi Satriani: In Memoriam
      1. Joseph Lopreato
    6. R Comment on Fernandez Review
      1. Erika Bourguignon

Book Reviews

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    2. R Stranger and Friend: The Way of an Anthropologist. Hortense Powdermaker.
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    3. R A Diary in the Strict Sense of the Term. Bronislaw Malinowski.
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    4. R Book Reviews
    5. R Comparative Family Systems. M. F. Nimkoff, ed
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    6. R International Bibliography of Research in Marriage and the Family, 1900–1964. Joan Aldous and Reuben Hill.
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    47. R Book Reviews
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    73. R Book Reviews
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Film Reviews

    1. R Holy Ghost People. Filmed in 1966–67 by Peter Adair with Nathan Gerrard as consultant. Produced in 1966–67 by Blair Boyd.
      1. Margaret Mead
    2. R The Stones of Eden. Written, directed, and photographed by William A. Furman
      1. William Trousdale
    3. R Afghanistan. Produced by F. Kussmaul, P. Snoy, and H. Schlenker.
      1. William Trousdale

New Publications Received

    1. R New Publications Received


    1. R ERRATUM