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Original Article

    1. R The Utility of the Equilibrium Model in the Study of Social Change*,1
    2. R Secular Reinforcement in Aymara Death Ritual1
    3. R The Ethnological Theories of Henry Sumner Maine1
    4. R Internal War: A Cross-Cultural Study1
    5. R Covert Categories and Folk Taxonomies
        PETER H. RAVEN
    6. R Evolution of Primate Vocal-Auditory Communication Systems1
    7. R Origin of Large Households and Duolocal Residence in Central Japan1
      1. HARUMI BEFU


    1. R ALFRED VINCENT KIDDER 1885–1963
      1. Robert E. Greengo
    2. R VERNE DUSENBERRY 1906–1966
      1. Carling Malouf

Brief Communications

    1. R Tribes and Traits: A Smallest Space Analysis of Cross-Cultural Data1
    2. R Intergenerational Value Differentials and Family Structure among the Wind River Shoshone1
    3. R Bwaidogan Descent Groups
    4. R An Extension of Naroll's Linked Pair Solution to Galton's Problem1
    5. R The Position of Women in Anthropology1
      1. ANN FISCHER
    6. R A Note on Unconscious Structure in the Anthropology of Edward Sapir1
      1. C. N. MODJESKA
    7. R A Possible Benefit from Tooth-Blackening1
    8. R Shamanizing on an Empty Stomach
    9. R Shamans, Schizophrenia, and Scientific Unity

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Personality and Religion in Burma
      1. Everett E. Hagen
    2. R Religion, Personality and Behavior in Burma
      1. Melford E. Spiro
    3. R The"Hole" Community
      1. Norman E. Whitten
    4. R Additional Clarification about a"Disadvantaged" Community
      1. Miles Richardson
    5. R On Sather's Review of Sopher
      1. Thomas R. Williams
    6. R Concerning Lamb's Review of Chomsky
      1. Karl V. Teeter
    7. R Lamb's Reply to Teeter
      1. Sydney M. Lamb

Book Reviews

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    2. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Use of Computers in Anthropology. Dell Hymes, ed
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    3. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Primitive and Peasant Economic Systems. Manning Nash
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    4. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Dahomey and the Slave Trade: An Analysis of an Archaic Economy. Karl Polanyi
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    5. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Culture and Ethnology. Robert H. Lowie: The Method and Theory of Ethnology: An Essay in Criticism. Paul Radin
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    7. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: La Vida: A Puerto Rican Family in the Culture of Poverty—San Juan and New York. Oscar Lewis
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Film Reviews

    1. R Brazil: Field Research Guide in the Social Sciences. Robert M. Levine
      1. David G. Epstein
    2. R Early Stone Tools. Produced in 1967 by the University of California Extension Media Center, with François Bordes
      1. F. Clark Howell
    3. R Desert People [Australia] (2 reels) and People of the Western Desert
      1. Norman B. Tindale

New Publication Received

    1. R New Publication Received: As of December 9, 1967