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Original Article

    1. R On the Study of Social Change*
    2. R Multilingualism in the Northwest Amazon1
    3. R Mushahara: A Nubian Concept of Supernatural Danger and the Theory of Taboo1
      1. JOHN G. KENNEDY
    4. R Kinship and Property Rights in a Buddhist Monastery in Central Ceylon1
    5. R Children and Conduct in a Ladino Community of Chiapas, Mexico1
    6. R A Design for the Study of Archeological Characteristics1


    1. R DOROTHY WAY EGGAN 1901–1965
    2. R CAROL ANN FISHER 1929–1967
      1. Douglas G. Haring

Brief Communications

    1. R The Relation between Discipline Experiences and the Expression of Aggression
    2. R Hominid Uprightness and Primate Display
    3. R Computer-Assisted Instruction for Introductory Anthropology Courses1
      1. R. E. TAYLOR

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Franz Boas: Religion and Theory
      1. Morris E. Opler
    2. R Divergent Approaches to the Galla
      1. Ronald Cohen

Book Reviews

    1. R Book Reviews
    2. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Ethnologica: L'Uomo e la Civiltà. Vinigi L. Grottanelli. Milan
      1. Hugo G. Nutini
    3. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The American Indian: Perspectives for the Study of Social Change. Fred Eggan. Foreword by Alfred Harris
      1. William N. Fenton
    4. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Great Tree and the Longhouse: The Culture of the Iroquois. Hazel W. Hertzberg
      1. Elisabeth Tooker
    5. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Neighbor and Kin: Life in a Tennessee Ridge Community. Elmora Messer Matthews. Foreword by John Mogey
      1. Paul Kutsche
    6. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Catawba Indians: The People of the River. Douglas Summers Brown
      1. Charles Hudson
    7. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Karnee: A Paiute Narrative. Lalla Scott. Annotated by Charles R. Craig
      1. Nancy Oestreich Lurie
    8. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: People of Rimrock: A Study of Values in Five Cultures. Evon Z. Vogt and Ethel M. Albert
      1. Theodore D. Graves
    9. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: People of the Middle Place: A Study of the Zuni Indians. Dorothea C. Leighton and John Adair
      1. Triloki Nath Pandey
    10. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Navaho Neighbors. Franc Johnson Newcomb
      1. Jerrold E. Levy
    11. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Mexico: Land of Sunshine and Shadow. Donald D. Brand. Princeton
      1. Arden R. King
    12. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The New World Negro. Melville J. Herskovits. Edited by Frances S. Herskovits
      1. Joan D. Koss
    13. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Marriage and Kinship among the Indians in Surinam. Johan Dirk Speckmann
      1. Chandra Jayawardena
    14. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Industries et cultures en Côte d'Ivoire. B. Holas. Preface by Félix Houphouét-Boigny
      1. Leon Siroto
    15. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Kalabari Sculpture. Robin Horton
      1. Daniel J. Crowley
    16. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Dreams and Deeds: Achievement Motivation in Nigeria. Robert A. Le Vine
      1. Seymour Parker
    17. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Ideas in Barotse Jurisprudence. Max Gluckman
      1. Paul Bohannan
    18. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Fipa and Related Peoples of South-West Tanzania and North-East Zambia. Roy G. Willis. Foreword by Daryll Forde
      1. Marc J. Swartz
    19. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Rites of Birth, Marriage, Death and Kindred Occasions Among the Semites. Julian Morgenstern
      1. Richard T. Antoun
    20. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Arab Border-Villages in Israel: A Study of Continuity and Change in Social Organization. Abner Cohen
      1. Leonard Kasdan
    21. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Baytin: A Jordanian Village: A Study of Social Institutions and Social Change in a Folk Community. Abdulla M. Lutfiyya
      1. Herbert H. Williams
    22. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Towards a Sociology of Culture in India: Essays in Honor of Professor D. P. Mukerji. T. K. N. Unnithan, Indra Deva, and Yogendra Singh
      1. Edward J. Jay
    23. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Krishna: Myths, Rites, and Attitudes. Milton Singer, ed. With a foreword by Daniel H. H. Ingalls
      1. Agehananda Bharati
    24. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Caste and Kin in Nepal, India and Ceylon: Anthropological Studies in Hindu-Buddhist Contact Zones. Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf
      1. John T. Hitchcock
    25. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Andaman Islanders. Lidio Cipriani. Edited and translated by D. Tayler Cox. Assisted by Linda Cole
      1. Peter M. Gardner
    26. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Person, Time, and Conduct in Bali: An Essay in Cultural Analysis. Clifford Geertz
      1. Gregory Bateson
    27. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Music in Bali: A Study in Form and Instrumental Organization in Balinese Orchestral Music. Colin McPhee
      1. Richard A. Waterman
    28. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Religion and Politics in Rural Central Java. Robert R. Jay
      1. Peter Goethals
    29. R Book Reviews
    30. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Fishermen of South Thailand: The Malay Villagers. Thomas M. Fraser, Jr.
      1. Steven Piker
    31. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Muslim Matrimonial Court in Singapore. Judith Djamour
      1. Luther P. Gerlach
    32. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: The Batak of Palawan: A Culture in Transition. Charles P. Warren
      1. Harold C. Conklin
    33. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Okinawan Religion: Belief, Ritual, and Social Structure. William P. Lebra
      1. Douglas Haring
    34. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Japan's Invisible Race: Caste in Culture and Personality. George De Vos and Hiroshi Wagatsuma
      1. Harumi Befu
    35. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Social Mobility in China: Status Careers Among the Gentry in a Chinese Community. Chow Yung-Teh. Introduction by W. Lloyd Warner
      1. Leon E. Stover
    36. R ARCHEOLOGY: Archaeology Under Water. George F. Bass
      1. Mendel Peterson
    37. R ARCHEOLOGY: Prospections géophysiques à faible profondeur: applications à l'archéologie. A. Hesse
      1. Robert F. Heizer
    38. R ARCHEOLOGY: Red Land, Black Land: The World of the Ancient Egyptians. Barbara Mertz
      1. Bruce G. Trigger
    39. R ARCHEOLOGY: Southern Africa: During the Iron Age. Brian M. Fagan
      1. Glynn Ll. Isaac
    40. R ARCHEOLOGY: Chalcolithic Chandoli. Shantaram Bhalchandra Deo and Zainuddin Dawood Ansari
      1. Lawrence S. Leshnik
    41. R ARCHEOLOGY: Los Mayas: Su Civilizacion—Su Historia, Sus Vinculaciones Continentales. Rafael Girard
      1. T. Patrick Culbert
    42. R ARCHEOLOGY: Excavaciones en Arroyo del Palo, Mayari, Cuba. Ernesto E. Tabío and J. M. Guarch
      1. Ripley Bullen
    43. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Fire Heart Creek Site. Donald J. Lehmer
      1. Dee C. Taylor
    44. R ARCHEOLOGY: The Archaeology of New York. Robert C. Suggs. Illustrated by Leonard Everett Fisher
      1. Marian E. White
    45. R LINGUISTICS: Studies in Socio-Linguistics. A. Capell
      1. Mary Catherine Bateson
    46. R LINGUISTICS: Structural Tendencies in Uralic Languages. Valter Tauli
      1. C. F. Voegelin
    47. R Book Reviews
    48. R LINGUISTICS: Quiché-English Dictionary. Munro S. Edmonson
    49. R OTHER: Philosophy of Social Science. Richard S. Rudner
      1. I. C. Jarvie
    50. R OTHER: Men and Apes. Ramona Morris and Desmond Morris
      1. A. Irving Hallowell
    51. R OTHER: Culture and Alcohol Use: A Bibliography of Anthropological Studies. Robert E. Popham and Carole D. Yawney
      1. Dwight B. Heath
    52. R OTHER: Liquor License: An Ethnography of Bar Behavior. Sherri Cavan
      1. L. L. Langness
    53. R OTHER: Médicine populaire d'hier et d'aujourd'hui. Marcelle Bouteiller. Preface by H. V. Vallois
      1. Weston Barre
    54. R OTHER: Prehistoric and Primitive Man. Andreas Lommel
      1. Phillip Lewis
    55. R OTHER: Selected Reports. Mantle Hood
      1. Alan P. Merriam
    56. R OTHER: Urban Blues. Charles Keil
      1. John F. Szwed
    57. R OTHER: Social and Historical Data on Population
      1. Ethel Boissevain
    58. R OTHER: Education and Social Change in Ghana. Philip Foster
      1. Francis X. Sutton
    59. R OTHER: A Guide to Manuscripts Relating to the American Indian in the Library of the American Philosophical Society. John F. Freeman, compiler, and Murphy D. Smith
      1. Jacob Gruber
    60. R OTHER: The Southwestern Journals of Adolph F. Bandelier 1880–1882. Charles H. Lange and Carroll L. Riley
      1. Leslie A. White
    61. R OTHER: Explorer, Linguist and Ethnologist: A Descriptive Bibliography of the Published Works of Alphonse Louis Pinart, with Notes on His Life. Ross Parmenter
      1. Bernard L. Fontana
    62. R OTHER: Brazza explorateur: L'Ogooué, 1875–1879. Henri Brunschwig
      1. Martin Klein
    63. R OTHER: New Guinea: The Last Unknown. Gavin Souter
      1. James B. Watson

Film Reviews

    1. R Film Reviews
    2. R Film Reviews