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Original Article

    1. R Microcosm-Macrocosm Relationships in North American Agrarian Society1
      1. JOHN W. BENNETT
    2. R Death as a Way of Life: The Increasing Resort to Homicide in a Maya Indian Community1
      1. JUNE NASH
    3. R Semantic Aspects of Linguistic Acculturation1
      1. KEITH H. BASSO
    4. R The Parameters of an Ethnic Group: A Method for Studying the Total Tribe1
    5. R A Refinement of the Concept of Household: Families, Co-residence, and Domestic Functions1

Brief Communications

    1. R "Chopunnish" and "Green Wood Indians": A Note on Nez Perce Tribal Synonymy
      1. HARUO AOKI
    2. R The Causal Interpretation of Correlation in Cross-Cultural Studies1

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Native Concepts and Cross-Cultural Surveys
      1. Raoul Naroll
    2. R Reply to Naroll
      1. Michael Moerman
    3. R On the Importance of Cultural and Biological Determinants in Human Behavior
      1. J. Merritt Emlen
    4. R In Re "Tooth Size Reduction: A Hominid Trend"
      1. Armand M. Oppenheimer
    5. R Reply to Oppenheimer
      1. Howard L. Bailit
        John S. Friedlaender
    6. R Concerning Kutsche's Review of "The Shadow of Sequoyah"
      1. Jack Frederick Kilpatrick
        Anna Gritts Kilpatrick
    7. R Kutsche Responds
      1. Paul Kutsche

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL AND ETHNOLOGY: Conrparative Functionalisnr: An Essay in Anthropological Theory. WALTER GOLDSCHYIDT
      1. Morris Freilich
    2. R Roles: A n Introduction lo the Stirdy of Socid Rdalions. MICHAEL BANTON
      1. Owen M. Lynch
    3. R The Cotnmunity: An Inlroduclion Lo a Social System. IRWIN T. SANDERS
      1. John Gulick
    4. R Honour and Shaate: The Values of Medilerranean Society J. G. PERISTIANY, ed
      1. Frederick O. Gearing
    5. R Coast Lapp Society II: A Study of Economic Development and Social Values. ROBERT PAINE
      1. Pertti J. Pelto
    6. R Hill Farms and Padi Fields: Life in Mainland Sputh-east Asia ROBBINS BURLING. Englewood Cliffs, N.J
      1. Lucien M. Hanks
    7. R Gaon: Conjlicl and Colaesion in an Indian Village HENRY ORENSTEIN. Princeton, N.J Princeton
      1. Michael M. Ames
    8. R Family and Kinship: A Study of the Pandits of Rura1 Kashmir. T. N. MADAN. With a foreword by J. A. Barnes
      1. Stephen A. Tyler
    9. R The Place of the Hidden Moon: Erotic Myslicism in the Vaisnava-sahajiya Cult of Bengal EDWARD C. DIMOCK, JR
      1. Agehananda Bharati
    10. R Ulithi: A Micronesian Design for Living WILLIAM A. LESSA
      1. Thomas Gladwin
    11. R Bushmen and other Non-Bantu Peoples of Angola: Three Lectures ANTONIO DE ALMEIDA
      1. Richard B. Lee
    12. R Le Renard Pâle: Tome I. Le Mythe cosmogonique, Fascicule I: la Création du monde MARCEL GRIAULE and GERMAINE DLETEBLEN
      1. James W. Fernandez
    13. R The New Elites of Tropical Africa: Studies Presented and Discussed at the Sixth Internelional African Seminar at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, July 1964 P. C. LLOYD, ed
      1. Pierre L. Berghe
    14. R Völkerkundliche Forschungen in Südamerika WANDA HANKE
      1. Aryon D. Rodrigues
    15. R Indians of thc North Pacific Coast TOM MCFEAT, ed
      1. Ronald P. Rohner
    16. R Indian Legends from the Northern Rockies ELLA E. CLARK
      1. Dell Skeels
    17. R American Indians in California: Progress Report to the Governor and the Legislature on Indians in Rural and Reservation Areas: American Indians in Small Cities: A Survey of Urban Acculluration in Two Northern Arizona Commntunities ROGER E. KELLY and JOHN 0. CRAMER
      1. John A. Price
    18. R ARCHEOLOGY: An Introduction to American Archaeology. Volume One: North and Middle America GORDON R. WILLEY. Englewood Cliffs
      1. Richard S. MacNeish
    19. R Ecuador BETTY J. MEGCERS
      1. Richard E. W. Adams
    20. R Izobrazheniya cheloveka v paleoliticheskom iskusslve Evrazii [Portrayals of Man in the Paleolithic Art of Eurasia.] Z. A. ABBAMOVA
      1. Richard G. Klein
    21. R Men and Monuments on the East African Coast JAMES S. KIRKMAN
      1. Conrad Reining
    22. R Excavations at Langhnaj: 1944-63. Part I: Archaeology: HASMUKH DHIBAJLAL SANKALIA. Excavations at Langhnaj: 1944-63. Part II: The Fauna: JULIET CLIJTTON-BROCK. Excavations at Langhnaj: 194463. Part III: The Human Remains SOPHIE EHRHARDT and KENNETH A. R. KENNEDY
      1. Walter A. Fairservis
        Gregory Possehl
    23. R Early Civilization in China WILLIAM WATSON Preface by Stuart Piggott
      1. Kwang-chih Chang
    24. R PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY: Human Palaeopathology SAUL JARCHO, ed
      1. Charles F. Merbs
    25. R Guide to Fossil Man: A Handbook of Human Palaeontology MICHAEL H. DAY. Foreword by J. S. Weiner
      1. John T. Robinson
    26. R The Human Body in Equipment Design ALBERT DAMON, HOWARD W. STOUDT, and Ross A. Mc-FARLAND
      1. Richard G. Snyder
    27. R Somatometria de los indios triques de Oaxaca, México JUAN COMAS and JOHANNA FAULHABER
      1. J. Lawrence Angel
    28. R Craniometry and Multivariate Analysis: The Jomon Population of Japan: A Study by Discriminant Analysis of Japanese and Ainu Crania W. W. HOWELLS
      1. Walter H. Birkby
    29. R Craniofacial Variations in a Central Australian Tribe: A radiographic investigation of young adult males and females T. BROWNS
      1. Daris R. Swindler
    30. R The Distribution of Genetic Markers in Australian Aborigines R. L. KIRK
      1. R. A. Littlewood
    31. R History and Geography of the Most Important Diseases ERWIN H. ACKERKNECHT Preface by George Rosen
      1. Alexander Alland
    32. R Readings in Physical Anthropology THOMAS W. MCKERN, ed. Englewood Cliffs, N.J
      1. William M. Bass
    33. R LINGUISTICS: Language Conflict and Language Planning: The Case of Modern Norwegian EINAR HAUGEN
      1. Nathan Keyfitz
    34. R Language Loyalty in the United States: The Maintenance and Perpduation of Non-English Mother Tongues by American Ethnic and Religious Groups JOSHUA A. FISHMAN, ed., and VLADIMIR C. NAHIRNY, JOHN E. HOFMAN, ROBERT G. HAYDEN
      1. Joan Rubin
    35. R Communication and Culture: Readings in the Codes of Human Interaction ALFRED G. SMITH, ed
      1. Oswald Werner
    36. R Studies in Comparative Austroasiatic Linguistics NORMAN H. ZIDE, ed
      1. Laurence C. Thompson
    37. R Indo-Pacific Linguistic Studies. Purl I: Historical Linguistics; Part 11: Descriptive Linguistics G. B. MILNER and EUGÉNIE J. A. HENDERSON, eds
      1. Ward H. Goodenough
    38. R Ekoid Bantu Languages of Ogoja, Eastern Nigeria. Part I: Introduction, Phonology and Comparative Vocabdary DAVID W. CRABB
      1. Hans Wolff
    39. R Description and Classifiation of Sirimó: A TuplGuarant Language HOMER L. FIRESTONE
      1. Englebert-K. Giertler
    40. R OTHER: The Hidden Dimension EDWARD T. HALL. Garden
      1. Alfred G. Smith
    41. R Human Geography: An Introdirction to Man and His World EMRYS JONES
      1. Fred Kniffen
    42. R Human Ecology: Collected Readings JACK B. BRESLER, ed
      1. Marston Bates
    43. R Microcosm: Structural, Psychological and Rdigious Evolution in Groups PHLIP E. SLATER
      1. Marvin K. Opler
    44. R Social Psychology ROGER BROWN
      1. Francis L. K. Hsu
    45. R The Study of Child Behavior and Development in Primitive Cultures: A Research Archive for Ethnopediatric Film Investigations of Styles in the Patterning of the Nervous System E. RICHARD SORENSON and D. CARLETON GAJDUSEK
      1. Ray Lee Birdwhistell
    46. R Mental Illness in the Urban Negro Community SEYMOUR PARKER and ROBERT J. KLEINER
      1. Ruth Blumenfeld McKay
    47. R The American Male MYRON BRENTON
      1. M. F. Ashley Montagu
    48. R The ArcLic Frontier R. ST. J. MACDONALD, ed
      1. Charles C. Hughes
    49. R Land Under the Pole Star: A Voyage to the Norse Settlements of Greenland and the Saga of the People that Vanished: HELGE INGSTAD. The Vinland Sagas, the Norse Discovery of America: Graenlendiga Saga and Eirik's Saga MAGNUS MAGNUSSON and HERMAN PÁLSSON
      1. Rosalie H. Wax
    50. R The Jesuits and the Indian Wars of the Northwest ROBERT IGNATIUS BURNS, S.J
      1. Verne F. Ray
    51. R Indian Police and Judges: Experistents in Accrrlturation and Control WILLIAM T. HAGAN
      1. Bruce B. MacLachlan
    52. R The Way of the White Clouds: A Buddhist Pilgrim in Tibet LAMA ANAGARIKA GOVINDA
      1. Robert J. Miller
    53. R A Mission to Gelele King of Dahome SIR RICHARD RURTON: First Footsteps in East Africa SIR RICHARD RURTON
      1. Harold Schneider
    54. R The Historian in Tropical Africa: Studies Presented and Discussed at the Fourth International African Seminar at the University of Dakar, Senegal 1961 J. VANSINA, R. MAUNY, and L. V. THOMAS, eds
      1. Jean Herskovits

Film Reviews

    1. R Okan, Sun Dance of 1he Blackfoot. Filmed and produced in 1966 by the Glenbow Foundation under the direction of BILL MARSDEN; technical advisor HUGH DEMPSEY. 16 mm., in color, optical sound track, running time 64 minutes
      1. William K. Powers
    2. R Washoe. Written and directed by VERONIKA PATAKY. Filmed in 1966 and produced by Western Artists Corp. 16 mm., black and white, optical sound, running time 56 minutes
      1. Stanley A. Freed
        John A. Price
    3. R Digging Up the Past. Filmed and produced in 1964 by Northern Films, Inc. Authenticated by KOB-ERT E. GREENGO, University of Washington, and RICHARD D. DAUGHERTY, Washington State University. Study guide provided with the film. 16 mm., in color, optical sound, running time 23.5 minutes
      1. Jay Ruby

New Publications

    1. R New Publications Received

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