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Original Article

    1. R More Complex Cultures for Anthropologists*
    2. R Acculturation, Access, and Alcohol in a Tri-Ethnic Community1
    3. R The Transfer of Cows in Gisaka (Rwanda): A Mechanism for Recording Social Relationships1
    4. R Correlational Analysis of Murdocks 1957 Ethnographic Sample1

Brief Communications

    1. R Preliminary Report on Field Work in Northeastern Arnhem Land
    2. R The Australian Subincision Ceremony Reconsidered: Vaginal Envy or Kangaroo Bifid Penis Envy1
    3. R Language and Taxonomy in Northwestern California
    4. R A Note of Inquiry on Hockett's Reconstruction of PCA1

Letters to the Editor

    1. R Two Corrections
    2. R L'Affaire Camelot
    3. R On the Reliability of the Ethnographic Atlas
    4. R Rejoinder to Goody
    5. R A Rejoinder to Adair
    6. R In Reply to Downs
    7. R The Uses of Pedagogical Materials
    8. R Reply to Wilder
    9. R On the Uses of Film-a Comment on Ewers' Review
    10. R Ewers' Reply to Tooker
    11. R A Further Reply to Conrad
    12. R Clarification??

Official Reports

    1. R American Anthropological Association Council Meeting, Saturday, November 19, 1966, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Book Reviews

    1. R GENERAL: Polarity and Analogy: Two Types of Argumentation in Early Greek Thought. G. E. R. Lloyd
    2. R An Introduction to Man and His Development. David Rodnick
    3. R Models of Social Organization. Fredrik Barth
    4. R Closed Systems and Open Minds: The Limits of Naïvety in Social Anthropology. Max Gluckman, ed
    5. R Power and Privilege: A Theory of Social Stratification. Gerhard E. Lenski
    6. R The Social Anthropology of Complex Societies. Michael Banton, ed
    7. R Johann Jakob Bachofens gesammlte Werke. Achter Band: Antiquarische Briefe. Johann Jakob Bachofen
    8. R ETHNOLOGY: Readings in Early Anthropology. J. S. Slotkin, ed
    9. R L'exotique est quotidien: Sar Luk, Viet-nam central. Georges Condominas
    10. R The Dusun: A North Borneo Society. Thomas Rhys Williams
    11. R Tradition and Economy in Village India. K. Ishwaran
    12. R Rebellious Prophets: A Study of Messianic Movements in Indian Religions. Stephen Fuchs
    13. R Wax & Gold: Tradition and Innovation in Ethiopian Culture. Donald N. Levine
    14. R A Nigerian Villager in Two Worlds. Dilim Okafor-Omali
    15. R Wayward Servants: The Two Worlds of the African Pygmies. Colin M. Turnbull
    16. R Schwarzafrika. Walter Hirschberg, ed
    17. R Contemporary and Traditional Prairie Potawatomi Child Life. Ann McElroy Searcy
    18. R All Things Common: The Hullerian Way of Life. Victor Peters
    19. R ARCHEOLOGY: New Roads to Yesterday: Essays in Archaeology. Joseph R. Caldwell, ed
    20. R The Advent of the Era of Townships in Northern Mesopotamia. Abdul Jalil Jawad
    21. R Eighteenth Century Navaho Fortresses of the Gobernador District: The Earl Morris Papers, No. 2. Roy L. Carlson
    22. R Book Reviews
    23. R Ancient Oaxaca: Discoveries in Mexican Archeology and History. John Paddock, ed
    24. R The Ceramic Sculptures of Ancient Oaxaca. Frank H. Boos
    25. R LINGUISTICS: Current Trends in Linguistics. Volume III: Theoretical Foundations. Thomas A. Sebeok and others, eds
    26. R Langiuge and Culture. Herbert Landar
    27. R Ancient Indo-European Dialects: Proceedings of the Conference on Indo-European Linguistics Held at the University of California, Los Angeles, April 25–27, 1963. Henrik Birnbaum and Jaan Puhvel, eds
    28. R Book Reviews
    29. R SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Modernization and the Structure of Societies: A Setting for International Affairs. Marion J. Levy, Jr
    30. R Social Change in Developing Areas: A Reinter pretation of Evolutionary Theory. Herbert R. Barringer George I. Blanksten, and Raymond W. Mack, eds
    31. R The Politics of Modernization. David E. Apter
    32. R Slums and Community Development: Experiments in Self-Help. Marshall B. Clinard
    33. R Communication and Development: A Study of Two Indian Villages. Y. V. Lakshmana Rao
    34. R Social Change in Modern India. M. N. Srinivas
    35. R The Emergence of an Industrial Labor Force in India: A Study of the Bombay Cotton Mills, 1854–1947. Morris David Morris
    36. R The Zande Scheme: An Anthropological Case Study of Economic Development in Africa. Conad C. Reining
    37. R Social Change at Larteh, Ghana. David Brokensha
    38. R Cultural Frontiers of the Peace Corps. Robert B. Textor, ed
    39. R Volunteers for Peace: The First Group of Peace Corps Volunteers in a Rural Community Development Program in Colombia, South America. Morris I. Stein

Film Reviews

    1. R Film Reviews: An Ixil Calendrical Divination. Filmed by Carroll and Joan Williams and directed by Benjamin N. Colby
    2. R The Monkeys of Mysore. Filmed in 1963 by Paul E. Simonds
    3. R Film Reviews